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    school principal

    1. To avoid the school principal calling your parents, be reasonable about

    2. Many religious ministers and school principals were part of this evil and made sure that the white folk kept believing in their cr-p for you will never find me defending Apartheid

    3. Hughes is a school principal of an elementary school in Mount pilot, North Carolina

    4. A school principal had approached him to ask if he could contact me: she’d heard I was now in Pretoria, she had a small school in Pretoria

    5. A retired school principal and his wife, a retired teacher, they had lavished their skills and diligence on the fertile soil around their house on the corner so that every available surface was full to bursting with bright annuals and perennials, trees and climbers, giving colour every day of the year

    6. Charly gained composure at this proof even school principals could put themselves in the wrong—she had a comeback prepared

    7. ‘No High School Principal trusts a relatively new student who has only recently turned sixteen, with responsibility for looking after groups of boys at a bush camp, unless there are exceptional circumstances

    8. As you know he’s bringing a couple of friends and his school principal who’s just retired

    9. So as Sebastian‘s neighbours were Indians and he liked them; his best friend was an asocial, super-intelligent eco freak; and the school principal wore glasses to read, he‘d always imagined there was no logic in any of the insults

    10. That was a good one, wasn’t it: calling in a pizza order, pretending to be a high school principal

    11. It would be better if he appeared to any viewers as a man with a mission, a high school principal on the job, a mighty hunter with his elephant gun…er, megaphone…shooting at the cruise ships as he swam with the sharks

    12. Now, it was the desk of whoever the high school principal might be: not him

    13. “Yeah, according to Evette! When that school principal called and asked me can Diane and the girls perform at their High School dance, I hesitated! I wasn’t sure if Diane deserved to perform anywhere for a while, but when I heard that the students really wanted Diane and the girls to perform there, I gave in! Now that I gave in to that decision and decided to let Diane and the girls perform there, this is what happens!”

    14. It was Mr Clarence, the school principal

    15. After lightly knocking on school Principal’s door, Mr

    16. from the school principal was nothing compared to what her mom was going to do to her

    17. He nodded in recognition – of her school principal and the wisdom of the advice

    18. David was in conflict with his school principal

    19. "Surely, as a respected educator you can distinctly perceive how the education of women could actually, think about it man, actually bring about the destruction of our country! They will be the enemy from within if we allow it! As a school principal it is your duty as ordained by God to prevent this plague, and I Sir, will offer up all assistance that the good Lord gives me the strength to provide

    20. To arrange for the boy's schooling Olin went on Thursday, June 2, 1854, to visit the local school principal Mr

    21. He is making a reference to Revelations 13:18," Olin informed the school principal

    22. The mayor could not argue that an explanation from the barrister or the school principal would be other than satisfactory

    23. At a minimum I would suggest the doctor, the school principal, the mayor, the storeowners Mr

    24. I have found that public school principals and teachers are glad

    25. were both school principals and they were supporting his time in Europe

    26. The school principal, Jesse Harris, a male black around his mid 50's tells Missy, "Raymond didn't show up to the school this morning! His girlfriend Kathy was found murdered!"

    27. "Yeah Raymond?" School principal Jesse Harris asks

    28. Sure enough, as I found out later, after Bobby had been out in the hall only a minute, there was our school principal, Dr

    29. Her heart twisted at the thought of Ziggy’s being questioned by the school principal without her there

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