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Frasi con scour (in inglese)

  1. We scour the area, but can't find a drop.
  2. We’ll scour the entire area between here and.
  3. After hearing their news, he promised to scour the.
  4. Both of us began to scour the area, hoping for a sign.
  5. Captain Altman and an associate began to scour the area.

  6. He began to scour the appropriate shop windows in Slough.
  7. They scour the area for a couple of hours and find nothing.
  8. As they began to scour the area I felt compelled to squash.
  9. I suggest we stop there briefl y and scour the road for.
  10. We’ll scour that alien mothership until we find him, said Mike.
  11. Revenge of the Nerds: Tech Firms Scour College Campuses for Talent.
  12. Aronka OPP had an officer scour the surrounding area, but saw no animal.
  13. Type your niche into Google and scour the websites to see which website.
  14. Every citizen would scour the news for fast-breaking corporate developments.
  15. Its flesh was a powerful scour, and Toughy had gathered some from the mountains.

  16. She knows more than any of us, and that boy will be the start of an ugly scour.
  17. Under ordinary circumstances they'd scour the woods for miles in every direction.
  18. You can scour the Internet for all sorts of different business ideas and opportunities.
  19. We shall have to scour the lands all round for many long leagues before any move is made.
  20. A search party was immediately sent out to scour the crater-laden surface for the cooler.
  21. As soon as Mayfair Medical was complete, she had had a team out to scour for the remains.
  22. We will scour the nearby beaches and bays of Prince William Sound, searching for a black bear.
  23. Half the regiments form bands and scour the countryside and put everything to fire and sword.
  24. There is an ugly moment while I scour around fruitlessly for a way to smooth over my faux pas.
  25. He wanted to flee to the place where her purse was found and scour the ocean to find her that instant.

  26. Gathering some guards together he sent them out to scour the sett, pacing back and forth in agitation.
  27. He brought his own knife, though I had two, and we used to scour them by thrusting them into the earth.
  28. Here and there, flocks of sheep scour the ground, they look undernourished and thin, their fleeces bitty.
  29. Do you remember how the action of the waves, flowing in and out, seems to scour the sand from under the.
  30. Identity thieves scour the obituary columns looking for information they can use to establish a new identity.
  31. And if the share price goes down and keeps going down, we will continue to scour the internet for more validation.
  32. Giving them orders to scour the crew quarters decks and appeal to whoever they thought would be sympathetic to their cause.
  33. A patrol could scour the ranch on horseback, following any of the herds without presenting the expected Melioran appearance.
  34. Find her! Scour the planet if you have to, but find her! he screamed at the man, who jumped up and ran out of the Hall.
  35. I can scour the gutter press for evidence that this man is corrupt, that he is lower than me and really belongs in the sewer.
  36. If properly encouraged, they would scour every sea, however distant, and ransack every port and harbor in search of the enemy.
  37. The power could easily have been employed to scour the cottage from roof to hearth, but hands on work kept the women focussed.
  38. Then the Dutch admiral drew up his government and left Henry Morgan in command while he went out to scour the world for recruits.
  39. The headmaster continued, The heads of each department were enlisted to scour your submissions for any flaw, whatsoever, to no avail.
  40. Leaning my elbows on the beacon housing, which jutted from the stern of the platform, I got set to scour that whole stretch of sky and sea.
  41. She learned to scour the woods for firewood, build fires from twigs, grass and scraps of paper, how and where to pick fistfuls of clover, 109.
  42. I turned off the video right about when the host was warning parents to scour their children’s rooms for He-Man action figures and Ouija boards.
  43. We quickly scour the upper floor ceilings and find a hatch – dragging a chair from one of the rooms, Gary stands on it and pokes his head through.
  44. White Clouds constantly scour the air and atmosphere of the Earth… removing dust and impurities from it, so the air we breath stays fresh and clean.
  45. She had finished school and was at that age when families, in our tight Greek community, activated their radars to scour the field for a suitable husband.
  46. They had begun to scour the lands pillaging, raping, and burning, before they dug their teeth in what they thought would be the grand feast of Pyr itself.
  47. Erlandr would bargain with the Riverraider for ownership of his boat, working off the cost with labour if necessary, or he'd scour Greenland for another boat.
  48. If you don’t have much time to scour for the seeds that you need, and your garden is already prepared for planting, then you should buy your seeds online.
  49. This can’t go on! You will all scour your own archives and files and identify to me those who are found with a suspect past, so that I can meet and interview them.
  50. As the rabbits stared down they could discern, here and there, a very fine scour, like smoke -- chalk and powdered gravel carried along by the river as dust is blown on the.
  51. Palin it was necessary to scrape and scour for every wart or carbuncle to be found in her public, private, or family life, and to enlarge anything found to hideous dimensions.
  52. Another group of raiders was going to take care of the transport and tanker aircraft parked on a more distant apron, while yet another group would scour the various aircraft hangars.
  53. Who would live there where a body can never think for the barking of Bose? And oh, the housekeeping! to keep bright the devil's door-knobs, and scour his tubs this bright day! Better not keep a house.
  54. And so it came, after much roving of the eyes, that I determined to pry myself from the initial fear that held me at bay, and contended, at least for the while, to scour about the middle level of this haunt.
  55. In fact, this rule embodies a certain level of truth in that it is your enemies who scour you and your activities, looking for any little flaw they can blow out of proportion to serve their ends, which is to bring you down.
  56. Why have the Teoti not sent out scouts to scour the country for us, why have they not responded to the threat we pose, something is not right Loka, but for the love of the gods I can’t understand what game the Teoti are playing.
  57. As for white armour, he resolved, on the first opportunity, to scour his until it was whiter than an ermine; and so comforting himself he pursued his way, taking that which his horse chose, for in this he believed lay the essence of adventures.
  58. It had been her intention to send Pork out with the But the fading hopes of the Confederacy weighed less heavily on Scarlett than his horse and wagon, the gold pieces and the United States money to scour the countryside for provisions and material for clothes.
  59. In fact, the mystery of that last afternoon when we were locked in prison and put to sleep, the captain's violent precaution of snatching from my grasp a spyglass poised to scour the horizon, and the fatal wound given that man during some unexplained collision suffered by the Nautilus, all led me down a plain trail.
  60. After analysing all the relevant data, Tony predicted that if we ever had a king tide accompanied by unusually high rainfall in the coastal ranges, coinciding with cyclonic winds from the sea, or something like that, then the canals would burst and join the river systems, drained land would revert to swamp, and silt would create a sandbar parallel to the coast, causing the river to sweep south and scour out the beach in front of us here.
  61. And so he went on naming a number of knights of one squadron or the other out of his imagination, and to all he assigned off-hand their arms, colours, devices, and mottoes, carried away by the illusions of his unheard-of craze; and without a pause, he continued, People of divers nations compose this squadron in front; here are those that drink of the sweet waters of the famous Xanthus, those that scour the woody Massilian plains, those that sift the pure fine gold of Arabia Felix, those that enjoy the famed cool banks of the crystal Thermodon, those that in many and various ways divert the streams of the golden Pactolus, the.
  62. All the good Things I had gain’d—leaving Lymeworth to seek my Fortune, making my Mutiny within the Brothel, insisting upon my own Terms for being kept by Lord Bellars, becoming Whitehead’s Scribe, altering Lancelot’s Pyrate Articles, learning the Craft of Pyracy itself—were gain’d thro’ killing the Lady in myself and playing the Pyrate! The Lady and the Pyrate! ’Twas as if two people battl’d for Supremacy within my very Soul: one a Vapourish Lady and one a Daring Pyrate, and they were so unlike each other they were scarce on speaking Terms! Whilst the Lady in myself was quiv’ring and quailing in Cowardice, the Pyrate was itching to breathe free! ’Twas the Pyrate who could command a Ship, scale a Shroud in a trice, climb to the Top of a Crow’s-Nest, and scour the Seas expertly with a Spying-Glass! ’Twas the Pyrate who had beguil’d Lord Bellars into keeping me, all unknowing of my True Identity; and ’twas the Pyrate who had earn’d Whitehead’s wary Trust by becoming his Amanuensis! ’Twas the Pyrate who had endur’d a Childbirth few endure, but ’twas the Lady who, in her Guilt and Vapourish Fear, allow’d a Wet-Nurse to tyrannize o’er her and steal the very Jewel of her Existence! ’Twas the Pyrate who amended Lancelot’s Articles, but ’twas the Lady who at first resented Bonny both for her Beauty and for her Freedom! O I must learn from Bonny, not resent her, I thought; for she is what all Women long to be! E’en Chaucer says it thro’ the Wife of Bath: The Fair Sex seeks that absolute Command / With all the Government of House and Land; / And Empire o’er his Tongue, and o’er his Hand!.
  1. The Scouring of the Shire.
  2. VIII - The Scouring of the Shire.
  3. They had taken their time scouring.
  4. Aleph spent hours scouring that document.
  5. The guards are scouring the sett for her now.
  6. We watched them scouring the hills until dusk.
  7. Packs of wolves were scouring desperately now.
  8. Outside the SOCO team were scouring the grounds.
  9. Martina was scouring the cliff beyond the meadow.
  10. Scouring tables hadn’t put me in a friendly mood.
  11. The police were no doubt already scouring the city.
  12. We have been scouring the hills looking for Bob too.
  13. Scouring the country in search of Charlotte! Heavens.
  14. Indeed, because so many investors are scouring the U.
  15. Lil’ B and E had been scouring the streets for hours.
  16. They should be scouring the blogosphere for knowledge.
  17. They left the car and began scouring the area for clues.
  18. Set men scouring the streets and searching the quarters.
  19. He walked in the house and quickly set out scouring the rooms.
  20. As dawn neared, they could hear the hiss of water scouring a reef.
  21. There's nothing unusual about vultures scouring the land for prey.
  22. Again she set off, scouring her memory for details of the subway.
  23. Scouring the ground around him, he caught sight of a weighty stone.
  24. Summer was back full, boiling the clouds and scouring the metal sky.
  25. We've had the Fairies scouring the forest and they've found nothing.
  26. I’m scouring the coastline for terrorist infiltration, he cracked.
  27. As you can imagine, we’ve been scouring the briefing books and Int.
  28. After numerous hours spent scouring the entire store, the search was finally.
  29. Despite scouring the net for several hours again - it definitely was not there.
  30. There are a few authority blog aggregators out there, scouring the sites on a.
  31. The two women made the turn down the gravel road, their eyes scouring the yard.
  32. Bane kept screaming in front, but why? Scouring the water for that grotesque.
  33. He whistled and continued scouring the latest reports as Lindsey choked back 171.
  34. We had two teams over there, scouring for shells, suspicious footprints, anything.
  35. We have two dozen men scouring the site of the abductions but I have another idea.
  36. I leaned over the table I was scouring to listen, but Paddy soon drowned them out:.
  37. Can be helpful when horses are scouring or have diarrhoea and helping reduce fever.
  38. She handed me some gloves, some scouring powder and a bucket of water, and I went to.
  39. Daniel went back to Gervais’s office and found several of his colleagues scouring it.
  40. Chapter 7 Homeward Bound Chapter 8 The Scouring of the Shire Chapter 9 The Grey Havens.
  41. I waved at them with a frown before scouring the funeral home for other familiar faces.
  42. I'd been scouring the skies for Santa and somehow I hadn't noticed that Molly had changed.
  43. Spending hours scouring over the huge vault of material online has positive and negative sides.
  44. At five, I was at my post, my shortsighted eyes scouring the four directions of possible approach.
  45. It's no use pouting and crying: that won't repay the trouble I've had, scouring the country after you.
  46. Bill is too busy to help me out and I am thrown back on scouring my way through recipes on the internet.
  47. Bob was busy scouring the site with his faithful torch which threw a red glow over the remaining debris.
  48. While the rest of Americans refused to look beyond US borders, John was scouring the world for opportunities.
  49. On the floor lay the prisoner, still alive but faceless, searching and scouring the floor for his missing face.
  50. Scouring the area for hints and clues, some dusted walls, while others took pictures and wrote on their clipboards.
  51. Werner runs the needle through the frequencies, switches bands, retunes the transceiver again, scouring the static.
  52. She went outside and was scouring down the B-B-Q grill, and she was pretty sure that they wouldn’t hear her inside.
  53. It turns out he was hiding in some caves in the Mountains of Death, while I was scouring the Northland looking for him.
  54. They continued their deep search to deck seven, opening every container, scouring every room, but they still found nothing.
  55. If you’re scouring stocks for the first time, your goal is to build your initial list with the 20 best stocks you can find.
  56. The only other person in the place was the chubby girl in overalls and a halter top scouring the rack of fanzines by the door.
  57. She lay back against the pillows and closed her eyes, scouring her brain for any clue as to what might have caused this situation.
  58. Evans spent six years scouring newly uncovered documents (Venona files, FBI records, informants’ testimony, and heretofore secured.
  59. Michael’s only response was the sound of heavy boots on the tin roof above, flashlight beams scouring the edges of the covered alley.
  60. She was scouring the room, searching for the words that were firing through her mind, destroying her very chance of happiness with Oak.
  61. At the end of the alleyway, Greg saw a gangster-type man poke his head from a bay door, his eyes scouring its dark recesses in a cold stare.
  62. They all burst out with applause and shouts of ‘bravo!’ She turned beet red, and dropped her scouring pad, and stood with her mouth open.
  63. The image of soldiers or actual technicians scouring the corridors trying to find the saboteur who'd knocked out their servers frightened him.
  64. And as the once magnificent tree screamed a last, dying protest, the wind rushed into the immense scar it left, scouring away every trace of life.
  65. Their gentle astringent action makes them ideal for animals prone to scouring and horses can be seen to select rosehips happily when given the opportunity.
  66. To answer your original question old friend, that’s what we’ve been up to all this time! We’ve been scouring Universes far and wide collecting Greegs.
  67. The men working the searchlight, after scouring the entrance of the harbour without seeing anything, then turned the light on the derelict and kept it there.
  68. I’d started in the kitchen, washing up the breakfast things and then taking the cooker to pieces, scouring the chrome rings and going wild with the oven cleaner.
  69. Both Matthew and Sarah were scouring the shops, looking for that special gift for their respective boyfriend and girlfriend, not to mention the rest of their family.
  70. The wind buffeted the building, whistling through an invisible gap in the window frame and making an eerie noise, high pitched, floating above the scouring of the rain.
  71. The six eyes of the Droch swiveled in their sockets, scouring every inch of the area as it knitted its way through the trees and under roots with amazing speed and grace.
  72. Failing to stop as his skin rubbed off beneath his scouring hands, not breaking as he felt his face begin to gruesomely peel and the blood began to cascade down his forearms.
  73. I had no interest in boating but worked side by side with Fred stripping the hull, scouring the cabin, waxing and polishing the wood, and sewing small curtains for the windows.
  74. She stepped behind me and whispered crossly, "Take yourself and your dusters off; when company are in the house, servants don't commence scouring and cleaning in the room where they are!".
  75. She stepped behind me and whispered crossly, ‘Take yourself and your dusters off; when company are in the house, servants don’t commence scouring and cleaning in the room where they are!’.
  76. The trade wind blew on unceasingly, and, when his scouring and peeling were done, Henry talked with the men while he laid hand to the ropes and went aloft and learned the names and workings of the ship’s gear.
  77. A few hours later, Sam and Meg had returned to the station and the lab boys were still busy searching and scouring the whole house with magnifying glasses, tweezers, microscopes and a variety of powders and chemicals.
  78. Soon he was scouring the Northwest for the highest quality cedar he could find, making long journeys to smoky sawmills out on the Olympic Peninsula and far to the north in the still-virgin forests of British Columbia.
  79. It is all very well, when you have a light heart, and a clear conscience, and money in your pocket, and nobody scouring the country for you to drag you off to prison again, to follow where theroad beckons and points, not caring whither.
  80. It is all very well, when you have a light heart, and a clear conscience, and money in your pocket, and nobody scouring the country for you to drag you off to prison again, to follow where the road beckons and points, not caring whither.
  81. By then, crowded with jellyfish, squid, and other devilfish, the oceans will have become huge centers of infection, because their waves will no longer possess these huge stomachs that God has entrusted with scouring the surface of the sea.
  82. In the first place, such a force as would be capable of contending with that which any other nation is able to bring on the ocean—a force that, boldly scouring every sea, would challenge to combat the fleets of other powers, however great.
  83. Slowly, majestically, the storm's forces built to a crescendo high above the Brockenhurst Mountains, the sheets of rain scouring the vegetation from the land below, stripping all life from its bedrock, driving even the smallest ant from its nest.
  84. It slowly overpowered the hissing howl of the ever-rising wind that blew sand from every hoof that beat upon the ground, scouring the undisturbed sand into a motion like unto an undulating sea of sand that blew steadily north toward the ever faster moving line of chariots.
  85. Calvin knew the Major probably had soldiers scouring the ship to recover any soldiers Pellew’s men had previously incapacitated, and he probably had men on their way to control the corridors around engineering, so his chances weren’t great—but Calvin had little choice.
  86. We’ve been scouring ancient books and scrolls for months, trying to find the spell to summon him, and the surgeon I need just arrived out of the blue! The one with butterfly fingers who creates and destroys worlds and can surely remove this great staining darkness inside me!.
  87. One day they buzzed so low over Iowa that the propellers kicked up a storm of sand, skinning the paint off the plane’s belly and scouring the legs of Pillsbury, who was sitting by the open hatch in the tail, trying to photograph their dummy bombs as they fell into target nets.
  88. But let that pass; all will come out in the scouring; for I have heard say 'he loves thee well that makes thee weep;' and moreover that it is the way with great lords after any hard words they give a servant to give him a pair of breeches; though I do not know what they give after blows, unless it be that.
  89. Here in this peninsular fortress just outside Saint-Malo, cut off from the retreating lines, it seems only a matter of time until Canadians and Brits and the bright American eyes of the Eighty-third Division will be swarming the city, scouring the homes for marauding Huns, doing whatever it is they do when they take prisoners.
  90. On the crowd's opening the coach doors, the one mourner scuffled out of himself and was in their hands for a moment; but he was so alert, and made such good use of his time, that in another moment he was scouring away up a bye-street, after shedding his cloak, hat, long hatband, white pocket-handkerchief, and other symbolical tears.
  91. With his footsteps in the sparse gravel that failed miserably to stifle weeds breaking the tranquility only mildly, Feltus proceeded down the main path, scouring the various plots and markers, some long neglected despite their ancestral significance to the descendants, in search of one that could possibly match the description of that from Elizabeth’s vision.
  92. No sooner do the Cabinet perceive that any potion, which they intend to administer, is loathed by a considerable part of the majority, and that their apprehensions are alive lest it should have a scouring effect upon their popularity, than certain under-operators are set to work, whose business it is to amuse the minds, and beguile the attention of the patients while the dose is swallowing.
  93. While our city has been fighting the ice monster, Barrons and I, trailed by my ghouls, have been wasting weeks at a time making trips into the ever-changing White Mansion, sorting through endless libraries, scouring old manuscripts and scrolls, hunting for a ghost of a whisper of a legend: an infamous spell to summon the Unseelie King back to Dublin, so he can strip his damned book out of me.
  94. This crisis of imergence clogging the flows of Eartheart's natural systems trigger her immune responses: expulsions of volcanic ash reducing planes in air, travel on ground, shutting down businesses reducing the destruction of her lungs; earthquakes tectonically shocking electrical grids offline reducing her EM poisoning; cycles of storms blowing rain and sand, enema cleansing and anti-organic scouring, with a single hurricane, blight or swarm eliminating the monocultural food systems that feed the mass that is consuming her.
  95. God has not been pleased to provide another valise for me with another hundred crowns, like the one the other day; but never mind, my Teresa, the bell-ringer is in safe quarters, and all will come out in the scouring of the government; only it troubles me greatly what they tell me--that once I have tasted it I will eat my hands off after it; and if that is so it will not come very cheap to me; though to be sure the maimed have a benefice of their own in the alms they beg for; so that one way or another thou wilt be rich and in luck.
  96. It had been hard visiting Abery before but Joris hadn’t been there and she’d been able to withdraw into herself to some extent … and the European trip had been hectic, demanding her full attention … and in London afterwards she’d been occupied in achieving Joris’s purpose … and the trip across had kept her mind busy, first with JJ and then Iain … and even coming back, being at The Centre and travelling on the wasteg … that too had been manageable … but now … with no purpose to drive her, no solitude to enfold her and no Joris but only the shadow of his memory imprinted in JJ’s face and voice … she felt naked, vulnerable and viciously exposed to the scouring of her grief.
  1. The beach would be scoured.
  2. Scoured means to scrub, or polish.
  3. I scoured the corridor for weapons.
  4. The Gadget Man quickly scoured the.
  5. Pale green tendrils appeared on scoured rocks.
  6. The agent scoured a map of the state of New York.
  7. In vain had she scoured the town for another job.
  8. The rain poured now, scoured at the roof of the car.
  9. He drew his sword, and scoured the trees around him.
  10. He climbed to his feet, and scoured the battle-field.
  11. I have scoured Western Tanaria and have found nothing.
  12. McBride explained how his men had scoured the local hotels.
  13. Paul and Arthur scoured the land for holly and evergreens.
  14. The biting sand grains scoured him, but caused him no pain.
  15. The flowing river scoured the earth from under the central.
  16. A jackdaw hopped around, its bright button eyes scoured the.
  17. Saldon scoured the buildings and found some oil flasks nearby.
  18. His soldiers and his sailors searched the heavens, scoured the.
  19. When they asked for my location, I frowned and scoured my memory.
  20. He scoured the reflection—the ivory carpet of the bedroom beyond.
  21. She scoured the treeline but even after a long pause no wolf emerged.
  22. He scoured the forest around him, still curious as to where Pine was.
  23. They scoured the world for anything that would keep them on top: Newer.
  24. Moist eyes scoured the vicinity, seeking to identify the furtive sounds.
  25. Daphne scoured the area from beneath the trees and tried not to be afraid.
  26. With lights beneath their guns they scoured around them in a sweeping arc.
  27. Loose stone scoured weals on her breasts and tummy and the fence zapped her.
  28. Sophie's people scoured Vienna but the stranger had disappeared without trace.
  29. The Captain quietly sipped his coffee while Jacques scoured the report intently.
  30. When she was through my skin felt as though it’d been scoured with a currycomb.
  31. We spent a day in Texcalla and scoured the market for gifts for all my relatives.
  32. Rewards had been offered, the country had been scoured, but no Injun Joe was found.
  33. It was as though the flesh had been scoured from his face and then doused in gasoline.
  34. Scoured by the desert wind, the paint had been all but been sandblasted off in places.
  35. I scoured my memory but other than recalling geographically my location at that time, I.
  36. For the next hour, they scoured the maps and Internet resources, seeking an alternative.
  37. They knocked over trash cans and scoured the neighborhoods for small dogs and errant cats.
  38. To their left a line of naked fence posts stood casting lumpy shadows over the scoured earth.
  39. Slightly ashamed of herself, she scoured the image for any sign of Mark Watney’s dead body.
  40. Myserrah scoured the City, endangering its security, to enlarge his troop far beyond what the.
  41. He soon found the page for the Electronic Shopping Mall and scoured the menu for what he wanted.
  42. Men were given a ration of four beers a week, but everyone scoured the landscape for alternatives.
  43. As novice investors we scoured the financial magazines for the best of the best mutual funds.
  44. They must be getting close and Roger kept his fingers crossed as the teams scoured the area nearby.
  45. She scoured my poor skin with the liquid soap, leaving my stomach and one buttock in painful tatters.
  46. The river was full and they swam in a series of deep holes scoured out between giant granite boulders.
  47. Offscouring: Someone rejected by society; something that is scoured off; that which is vile or despised.
  48. Over five years, thousands of policemen had scoured Japan in search of him, but they had never found him.
  49. I scoured the Internet and there was no news of an arrest, either, so I imagine he just ignored my email.
  50. I scoured the local cemetery that night, despite not hearing any rumors of bizarre behavior in the vicinity.
  51. Then the carbineers scoured the country in different directions, but in vain; then, after a time, they disappeared.
  52. For the next ten minutes they scoured the rocky wall for any type of clue that would show them how to enter the cliff.
  53. He pulled out a couple of books and, together, the two men scoured the pages for any references that could be relevant.
  54. For five days my patrols scoured the countryside and just when all hope seemed gone, a patrol noticed an unfrozen creek.
  55. The plane looked as if it had flown through barbed wire, its paint scoured off the leading edge of the engines and sides.
  56. The guest list appeared in The Washington Post the next morning and it was scoured to see who had attended and who had not.
  57. At one end of the room two elderly women sat at a terminal, hissing information at each other as they scoured the database.
  58. He scoured the internet from first light and logged into the site he required at the Bangkok Post and read that day’s news.
  59. I remembered the agonized look on Simon’s face when Molloy and Andre scoured his brain for the truth, and it wasn’t pretty.
  60. My broker scoured all the market makers and gave the market makers’ cages a good rattling but he simply could not find the stock.
  61. Get them! Have the whole country scoured for bulls! Let the men gather a thousand of them! But what are we going to do with them?
  62. Yet Sanders was a fine young fellow (here all the scraps went swirling round the sink, scoured after by her purple, almost nailless hands).
  63. In the interim, he scoured the Internet for any additional scrap of news about us he could find in a local paper or on my school’s website.
  64. He had not visited the north during the long years of ice, when the storms scoured the surface of the glacier, and the land beneath was remade.
  65. He scoured and polished it as best he could, but he perceived one great defect in it, that it had no closed helmet, nothing but a simple morion.
  66. It was almost too much to bear, but a team of pirates also scoured the woods and rounded up all the younglings again, including Wyll and Cheeryup.
  67. So Paul and Arthur scoured the coppices and woods and old quarries, so long as a blackberry was to be found, every week-end going on their search.
  68. They had travelled as fast as they could without risking the Naga’s life, as the angry Magadhans scoured the land for the killers of their prince.
  69. Trailing in this way from these iron glove makers, the resulting receptacles scoured the ocean floor and collected every marine exhibit in their path.
  70. Well Mitchell, we scoured your place for hours the other night, relayed prints to the lab among other things, but nothing conclusive even caught my eye.
  71. Knowing time conservation was essential, he scoured the lab cabinets for any venomous extractions, one's that could be readily used for anti-venom treatments.
  72. I started to purchase more books than I care to remember, I scoured countless articles on the web and had some fairly frank conversations with my male friends.
  73. Reaching out, he locked hands and slowly rolled off the slide area and onto what appeared to be more firm support as the water scoured the loose sand and rock close by.
  74. For an hour after dark, details scoured the valley for wounded, and surgeons worked on all night in the moonlight, while guerillas took pot-shots at them from the trees.
  75. I could see clearly a room with a sanded floor, clean scoured; a dresser of walnut, with pewter plates ranged in rows, reflecting the redness and radiance of a glowing peat-fire.
  76. Hey, why not? There was no big library in town, no university nearby, so he scoured websites like Instructables and Hack It! to teach himself electronics, programming, and mechanics.
  77. But I scoured the prisons looking for this girl––he pointed at me––and unless the princess was hiding in her shit bucket, we could both swear to you there isn’t one.
  78. Myserrah scoured the City, endangering its security, to enlarge his troop far beyond what the vizier had authorized, bringing it to the size of a corps in anticipation of the march ahead.
  79. So that was when I decided I needed a proper service! I scoured the web and found the service I recommend on the Home Page – they are professional and affordable too! For a little extra you can.
  80. With a steady hissing sound, that Moshe had earlier mistaken for a ringing in his ears, it scoured away the sand of the ridge that was still above its edge, revealing the rock-strewn base beneath it.
  81. So far, Clapper’s CSU team had scoured the area around the church with nothing to show for it, and the only thing we came back with on Aaron Winslow was that no one had a negative thing to say about him.
  82. After I scoured every room in the house, including the theater room and upper level where Kristie and Dan slept, my eyes began to fill with frustrated tears; the place appeared deserted and I had no idea what to do next.
  83. It was beautiful to hear that clock tick; and sometimes when one of these peddlers had been along and scoured her up and got her in good shape, she would start in and strike a hundred and fifty before she got tuckered out.
  84. As the earth scoured away from under this now-raging torrent, it morphed into an ever more towering waterfall which, in its turn, wore away the base of the natural dam until, with an earthshaking shudder, it collapsed entirely.
  85. In only a few hours’ time, cold, dry winds howling out of the north scoured from dry fields more than two times the amount of soil that had been excavated from the Panama Canal and lifted it eight thousand feet into the sky.
  86. They scoured the forest floor over the next half hour, looking for the minutest clue that might lead to the child's whereabouts but finding nothing nearby after awhile, they eventually decided to rest a moment beneath a large tree.
  87. The four great booster rockets lit the daytime sky as it lofted its live cargo above a landscape scoured barren by centuries of misuse, and when he cast a sideways glance at Nyreea the image of the soaring craft remained burned across his vision.
  88. He asked what would have happened had the problem not been discovered and I told him that it could have scoured the litho plate clean after only a few hundred sheets, and perhaps damaged the rubber litho blankets or even the stainless steel rollers.
  89. Bardi McLennan, my secretary, scoured the libraries for books, paid overdue fines when I was ashamed to show my face, practically memorized the Oxford English Dictionary checking archaic word usage, and typed the manuscript more times than I can say.
  90. They scoured the roads, they searched the woods and all quarters, and at the end of three days they found the flighty Leandra in a mountain cave, stript to her shift, and robbed of all the money and precious jewels she had carried away from home with her.
  91. When the ships had been careened and scraped, all the sails mended, the cannons scoured and tested, the holds filled with foodstuffs, then Henry Morgan called a meeting of his captains for the purpose of signing solemn articles and dividing the fleet into commands.
  92. The levies scoured the bush in advance of the prisoners in case there should be any attempt to assassinate the King, and several times disturbed waiting Ashantis, who were lurking in the trees to obtain a last glimpse of Prempeh, rather than lying in wait to kill him.
  93. Suddenly, he wondered if the combination of poor luck and the mental torture of crimes against him had subconsciously altered his mindset, to enter a liquor store, in such a random fashion? His glossy eyes then scoured the various rows, to match the craving he seemed to desire.
  94. Some of the world's greatest maritime explorers have scoured the hundreds of islands, reefs, sand bars, channels, coves and indeed, much of the continental shelf, searching for that wretched treasure ship, she said with a thin, sceptical smile, as if the searchers' antics amused her.
  95. Importing the destruction of volcanic devastation into a new land that had been cleaned and scoured by countless Ice Ages until it was so clean, so freshly alive and so innocent of evil; all the living creatures in North America were easy prey for the white Europeans to slaughter them.
  96. The hall, too, was scoured; and the great carved clock, as well as the steps and banisters of the staircase, were polished to the brightness of glass; in the dining-room, the sideboard flashed resplendent with plate; in the drawing-room and boudoir, vases of exotics bloomed on all sides.
  97. Several citizens had scoured their houses the evening before; tri-coloured flags hung from half-open windows; all the public-houses were full; and in the lovely weather the starched caps, the golden crosses, and the coloured neckerchiefs seemed whiter than snow, shone in the sun, and relieved with the motley colours the sombre monotony of the frock-coats and blue smocks.
  98. Tashtego's long, lean, sable hair, his high cheek bones, and black rounding eyes—for an Indian, Oriental in their largeness, but Antarctic in their glittering expression—all this sufficiently proclaimed him an inheritor of the unvitiated blood of those proud warrior hunters, who, in quest of the great New England moose, had scoured, bow in hand, the aboriginal forests of the main.
  99. Riding in a fan formation with Feltus and Terence in the center and the other two men flanking them, they headed south as they scoured the wild landscape that appeared to change dramatically each time the lightning exploded, even though they knew movement had been limited to only a few feet, and plowed quietly through the storm; the Ocean Forest Hotel disappeared completely behind them, leaving them alone and without that bastion of strength, like a lighthouse to lost ships, to support and encourage them.
  100. The old black, not in any very high glee at having been previously roused from his warm hammock at a most unseasonable hour, came shambling along from his galley, for, like many old blacks, there was something the matter with his knee-pans, which he did not keep well scoured like his other pans; this old Fleece, as they called him, came shuffling and limping along, assisting his step with his tongs, which, after a clumsy fashion, were made of straightened iron hoops; this old Ebony floundered along, and in obedience to the word of command, came to a dead stop on the opposite side of Stubb's sideboard; when, with both hands folded before him, and resting on his two-legged cane, he bowed his arched back still further over, at the same time sideways inclining his head, so as to bring his best ear into play.
  1. He sucked acidic urine and scours into his lungs and.
  2. This type of assistant scours the real estate pages looking for.
  3. He scours the trees like he knows and his mouth curves at one corner in a slow smile.
  4. This neighborhood was once an active port, but now feels, as she scours the dark, like a game preserve for muggers.
  5. She also scours the local papers to see if there are any visiting celebrities, but they rarely attend and almost never perform.
  6. The current swirls around the piers of a bridge and scours the mud out from underneath the pillars, leaving a depression filled only with water.
  7. Don Quixote, a Spanish gentleman, has his head turned as a result of excessive reading of romances, and, attended by his fat, vulgar squire, Sancho Panza, scours Spain, righting wrongs and rescuing fair damsels, in the fashion of the knights of old.

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