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    1. Without it we will not become seasoned, nor

    2. The seasoned policeman took a breath and felt the adrenaline flow

    3. Travis lifted his gaze from the shop floor and looked into Theo's eyes with a malice that took even the seasoned investigator by surprise

    4. It was, especially for a seasoned reporter, quite possibly one of the dumbest questions that could be asked

    5. in the seasoned timbers slammed shut at the insect call

    6. Wandering slowly through the concourse trying to kill time before takeoff I tried to give the impression of being a seasoned traveller with my hold-all draped casually over my shoulder whilst clutching a boarding pass to the land of mystery and imagination in my trouser pocket

    7. I was picturing you for coated karga strips on seasoned greens

    8. He knows that most of it is bluster, done for effect, but he carries it well, a seasoned campaigner with scrambled egg on his shoulders

    9. He was near the front lines of an intense battle and in front of him was a seasoned intercessor holding the front

    10. Listen to what seasoned prophets are saying and see if it confirms what you are hearing

    11. For more gifted and seasoned

    12. meat he could afford was tender and well seasoned

    13. They had a way of scrapping and lunging from the shadows like cornered beasts and even the most seasoned warriors could be caught unaware amid their carelessness

    14. haired Imperial still smiled amid the pain, grinning through his injuries like a seasoned soldier

    15. For reduction of harmful extractive materials quantity, initial product for wood aggregates production are seasoned in the storages for a certain time (soft wood

    16. was now twenty-one years old, and a seasoned veteran of the

    17. and a seasoned veteran of the seas

    18. He smiled roguishly as he imagined the fur flying in that closed room of seasoned military

    19. Major Piggott received the temporary appointment as Resident in Kumassi; and though he was very unwell, he returned a few days later with a force of Houssas to relieve the West India troops, who were already suffering very much from the climate, though they should be well seasoned from their previous training

    20. Bear followed them upstairs, placing his prize fish on alfoil, already buttered, peppered and seasoned

    21. one would have thought we had been seasoned friends

    22. One law abiding citizen against a seasoned criminal!

    23. ~ con tomate toasted bread rubbed with tomato & seasoned with olive oil & salt

    24. Finally, a more seasoned looking doctor appeared

    25. remembered this and eight years later sent an army of twenty-six thousand seasoned

    26. All we ate was dried meat and centli meal seasoned with whatever we had, chili in my case and salt in his

    27. Serve with a brush of melted butter and seasoned with garlic salt

    28. seasoned water with a few root vegetables and some game

    29. Feeling like a seasoned globe-trotter, she went home and, unable to rest, went through her wardrobe one more time and sorted the bad from the few serviceable clothes that could still be used

    30. The inside was well seasoned with many bouts with melting butter

    31. Its meat is highly prized as seafood and sturgeon eggs or roe, is salted, seasoned and served as caviar

    32. So much for adventure! Looking back on it, I felt stronger, certainly more seasoned, enriched by knowing the Connors and the LaTrue family too

    33. and seasoned with grace

    34. Prior to his prison term, he was a seasoned drug dealer and jewel thief, and he had been living on his own as an adult at fifteen years old

    35. Unfortunately for Bellack, their mindless assaults had failed to breach the thick reinforced doors and the most seasoned of troops defended the gate

    36. Once our car met the road, I knew that Jan was a seasoned driver … in riding on the

    37. What's the difference? What is the most important factor separating the seasoned traders from the amateurs? The answer is money management

    38. begin trading with, one seasoned trader says: "Choose a number that will not materially impact your life if you were to lose it completely

    39. Fresh air seasoned with wildflowers and sunshine

    40. Yes! There, Severa really shone and shone with her own light! Trough the coffee vapors she liked to talk of the virtues of the marinated bread, while at the same time, daubing the virtuous bread with a generous layer of butter seasoned with parsley; then, she passed to comment on the benefits of parsley and with exquisite sharpness exalted its diuretic properties and effectiveness for the slow digestion and intestinal spasms

    41. Who are the people comprising the audience? What do they think,if anything, about thetopic of presentation? What are their backgrounds, educational and social status and cultures? Why are theylistening to this speech or what is their motivation level? How does one reach them effectively? It may seem difficult to address these questions, but keen observation of people’s behavior and regular practice give us a seasoned impulse; which means we can understand people better and make letter mistakes while making our mistakes

    42. By making use of our seasoned impulse we can understand people’s sentiments and maneuver them so as to engage them

    43. His feet were bare, but the soles were as hard as seasoned leather and Reginald heard the snap of several bones seconds before shrieks of agony tore along the quiet street

    44. “Therefore, salt is good; but if even salt has become tasteless, with what will it be seasoned? 35

    45. Gaspar couldn’t decide which made him feel more foolish: admitting to a seasoned assassin that he had risked his life to acquire a clockwork toy, or confessing the same thing to a pretty thiefess

    46. His first impression was one of comfort: the seasoned blend of early 1900’s charm with flashes of contemporary art and architecture

    47. seasoned user of the

    48. " And Andrew would calm Peter now and then with his more seasoned and philosophic counsel

    49. And when that which is valued for its saltiness has lost its savor, wherewith shall it be seasoned? Such a condiment is useless; it is fit only to be cast out among the refuse

    50. And like Robin Hood, I gathered a crew of seasoned savvy woodsmen

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