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Frasi con seriously (in inglese)

1. He was seriously put out.
2. He is seriously bad news.
3. No one took her seriously.
4. He took the war seriously.
5. He looked at her seriously.
6. My aunt is seriously ill.
7. I didn't take her seriously.

8. He looked her over seriously.
9. M: You take it too seriously.
10. I mean that quite seriously.
11. But nobody took him seriously.
12. He was taking this seriously.
13. But to speak seriously, Tess.
14. It was a seriously boring day.
15. She glanced at him seriously.
16. Only Una was seriously upset.
17. What? Seriously? For moms? Yes.
18. Kiera looked at him, seriously.
19. Some of them seriously hate me.
20. He looked at me very seriously.
21. You didn’t take me seriously.
22. You couldn't take it seriously.
23. Did he seriously have to ask?
24. He took the question seriously.
25. Jonno would take him seriously.
26. You are seriously in trouble.
27. Tom wanted to be taken seriously.
28. Dolokhov began to deal seriously.
29. You have to take this seriously.
30. Seriously I couldn't believe it.
31. He took it more seriously than I.
32. Thom was clearly seriously vexed.
33. Dólokhov began to deal seriously.
34. Seriously, you need to know this.
35. Seriously?! This is really great.
36. She is seriously a heartless bitch.
37. In the meanwhile think seriously.
38. So yes it must be taken seriously.
39. They take bears very seriously here.
40. It does have to be taken seriously.
41. We don't have to take it seriously.
42. Did he seriously just ask me that?
43. No, hours, she said seriously.
44. I answered it seriously and bravely.
45. Both of them are seriously wounded.
46. First, the novice took it seriously.
47. He must have been seriously worried.
48. Yeah, this is seriously messed up!.
49. I seriously doubt that, I said.
50. He stopped and regarded me seriously.
51. But seriously, I couldn’t find one.
52. If nothing happens I’ll seriously.
53. We are seriously concerned about her.
54. So I seriously didn’t want to come.
55. It's important, he said seriously.
56. Seriously though, David, my parents.
57. Holly seriously needed a cold shower.
58. All of this is taken quite seriously.
59. She was looking at him very seriously.
60. Yahata eyed the firefighter seriously.
61. You are seriously a good writer.
62. Seriously though, the quality of your.
63. It was done too seriously to be funny.
64. Seriously, this gets worse every year.
65. I could have seriously injured you.
66. He couldn’t take anything seriously.
67. It was hard to take her too seriously.
68. He had been wounded, but not seriously.
69. This is some seriously trippy stuff.
70. If I had taken this vision seriously I.
71. They were taken very seriously by the.
72. Something was seriously wrong with her.
73. Perhaps they won’t take us seriously.
74. You'd seriously consider taking over.
75. Half a dozen children played seriously.
76. They were seriously breaking the „no.
77. They took their fighting very seriously.
78. Good, he nodded, slowly, seriously.
79. They were all very seriously frightened.
80. It had obviously been seriously injured.
81. How could I, Suraj? I said seriously.
82. The soldiers behind her were seriously.
83. Stephen said she had been seriously ill.
84. Seriously Natalie, it's pretty old news.
85. I seriously doubt that this is possible.
86. Researchers who have seriously studied.
87. Why is that? Gulab asked seriously.
88. He wasn’t seriously going to…here?
89. There is something seriously wrong with.
90. Seriously, let Rev Schwartz deal with it.
91. I enjoyed it without taking it seriously.
92. Why should I take you seriously now?
93. This type of thinking is seriously flawed.
94. Celeste had never taken that seriously.
95. Effort, although not taken seriously in.
96. Something was seriously wrong with this.
97. You can’t seriously stay here, Nancy.
98. This will seriously offend Bob's dignity.
99. She will be angry He said seriously.
100. Some are beginning to take you seriously.

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