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    1. Sewer sludge can be processed correctly with an end result of good, clean, safe compost7

    2. However, studies around the world have shown that such a process is not the one used by most of the world’s sewer treatment plants

    3. the Sewer Rats and the King of the Sewer Rats loves rain and dirt

    4. Drain: was the sewer the water-human interface?

    5. “Not another word out of you mister get out of my pub and don’t ever come back we don’t need the likes of you using the Intack Inn so just crawl back into which ever sewer you came from

    6. up, I realised that I was in the sewer next to a dead body

    7. A sewer odor rolled off him and assaulted her nose

    8. Hundreds of tons of waste have now been destroyed, new sewer connections put in, and the worst quarters of the city demolished entirely

    9. noted it, and wondered if there could be sewer gas in the apartments

    10. "Calling the Sewage Department wasn’t a very good idea though, because they left the house in a frightful mess, what with ripping up the floors in a search of a non-existent broken sewer pipe

    11. a veritable sheet of blood, slowly pooling up and then making its way toward the sewer grating in the center of the lot

    12. You can probably guess that he’s offering top dollar for your ass, so they’ll be crawling through every sewer looking for you – and you’re way too easy to find – so get your ass in gear and move on out of here, now! That’s all the advice I have for you, old buddy

    13. then we were accused of being the ones to stop up their sewer lines

    14. AJ tapped my shoulder with a wide mouthed smile and said, “Yo Phil, they ought to call him Shock Socks, cuz he’s shocking the hell out of me with his sewer socks

    15. I had the sewer tongs in my hands, but I was sort of hiding them

    16. But after a while, they all started avoiding me like the plague; a sewer shoe plague

    17. Of course I was going to give Bob his shoes but I also wanted to show Bob the flip flops, so he could see them as I told him the sewer sock story

    18. The city sewer lines became overwhelmed with rain/sewer water, and

    19. sewer water was several inches deep

    20. informed that it would not be safe to stay in the home for fear of sewer

    21. The sewer and

    22. cramped sewer walls around them, and a sense that something

    23. They pay for garbage service, sewer service, gas and electricity

    24. Some of the coins rolled into the sewer grate and disappeared

    25. at the height at which the sewer walkways had been set above the

    26. dank sewer walls arced around them, their bricks oozing with

    27. The sewer opening was located between a series of abandoned

    28. electric sewer machine in Amarillo and one

    29. Although I should flee from this place before all the sewer dwellers respond to their comrade's cry for help, my rage consumes me and I hack into my attacker until blood and chunks of flesh are splattered everywhere

    30. was through the sewer tunnels

    31. Hopping up off the side of the cylindrical sewer wall where

    32. draining down the sewer

    33. Joyce was—unsurprisingly—the best sewer between the

    34. I can scour the gutter press for evidence that this man is corrupt, that he is lower than me and really belongs in the sewer

    35. What was the name of that town with the sewer pipe? Should we call it Village X? When you bought the train ticket to Village X, where did you say you wanted to go? Who tipped you off about the safe crossing there? It’s impossible to forget these details so fast and so thoroughly and still remember the lyrics to a hundred songs in five languages

    36. It must have been described to you in detail - how else could you have found your way around, known about and located that sewer pipe with all those suspicious border guards milling about, eyeing every visitor, asking for identification and reason for being there in the first place? How come your clothes were bought in West Germany but had tags from the East and fit so perfectly? How did you anticipate that the police would give you the train fare? How would you have carried on without and with only East German money in your pocket? Why exactly a sewer outlet? The Berlin Wall had not been built yet so, with all your connections, why could you not have gotten a visitor’s pass? Others could, why not you?

    37. His wife’s beautiful pearls scattered, some rolling into the sewer

    38. The bandana went cruising down the stream and landed by the sewer drain

    39. The store-room could also be accessed via a hinged, lockable sewer cover, on the outside wall of the building

    40. This was where the “Ubisi” tankers unloaded their secret cargo, which went to the underground storeroom via the sewer cover

    41. The keys for the sewer cover, were held by various trusted lieutenants, always attired in overalls bearing the “Sewer Maintenance Company” logo, who knew about and handled distribution of stock, from the hidden store-room

    42. 'Here, deaf one; cast that in the nearest sewer

    43. For several months Grailem remains underground learning the maze of sewer pipe work

    44. Using the sewer systems he was able to move freely around the industrial areas and using their equipment like before, he improved his armaments and protective shielding

    45. The end result is a ‘humiliating shower’ that not even a sewer

    46. select body of water, and that includes the sewer

    47. her to know where she belongs; in a stinking sewer system!

    48. I was knocked all the way to the basement, clinging to a sewer pipe below the old farmhouse

    49. they’re ready to chase you into a sewer to bring you back to the

    50. The air smelt of wild flowers mixed with the stink of civilization; things coking, materials burning and the unmistakable stink of a sewer

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