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Frasi con sheikh (in inglese)

  1. Oh sheikh! Please, push me a push.
  2. The Magician Sheikh and His Jinn-Companion.
  3. The sheikh decided to visit his disciple at home.
  4. So, Sheikh Emin looked at his disciple and said:.
  5. Accept this, O Sheikh, she said, at my hands.

  6. When she asked to meet the sheikh, his wife replied:.
  7. A terrible feeling of dread overwhelmed the sheikh and.
  8. About what?! What is the matter? asked the sheikh.
  9. Jamil sheikh ordered them not to speak any word onward.
  10. Jamil Sheikh the local commander of MFP, addressing you.
  11. The sheikh continued, How many children have you got?
  12. Yes, I have got it! I know the solemn sheikh Ahmed Al-Haroon.
  13. Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh banned forced marriages within his.
  14. Then Sheikh Emin answered loudly, amazing all of those present:.
  15. You all know Sheikh Shams-edin, the messenger of our holy leader.

  16. He was satisfied with how he’d managed to con the stupid Sheikh.
  17. There inside the tunnel, they found the sheikh sitting comfortably.
  18. The disciple said: If you were not my sheikh, I would not inform you.
  19. The friend advised him to seek out a certain sheikh called Amin Keftarou.
  20. But how could you know that he is the greatest magnate? the sheikh asked.
  21. I am descended from Sheikh al-Rifa’i (his soul has been sanctified by Al’lah).
  22. So, she said: Oh Sheikh! You eat chickens whereas my son eats barley bread!.
  23. While they were in this perplexity the voice of Jamil sheikh emerged on speaker again.
  24. On reaching sea surface Jamil Sheikh whispered to Sunny as to what was to be done next.
  25. For the past two weeks on the Plain of Al-Ghab, a sheikh had been sitting underwater, 2.

  26. Sheikh Mahmood Shultoot disproves of such heresy because there is no proof to confirm it.
  27. Dam and Miguel were due to meet with Sheikh Mohammed Del Alaz’s most trusted aid, Abdul.
  28. The head of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Sheikh Abdullah al-Janabi—had his headquarters in the city.
  29. But our officer did not utter a single word, which made the sheikh blink and avert his eyes.
  30. Because of this, I went to a sheikh that deals in black magic to ask him to make you impotent.
  31. And this is what you are returning us for our loyalty? asked Abhay Pratap to Fardeen Sheikh.
  32. Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan (UAE) created an outsized, motorized model of a Willy Jeep 13.
  33. The features of the Sheikh showed nobility and loyalty and his speech was quiet yet perfectly clear.
  34. According to the CBI, Sheikh had been extorting money from marble traders in neighbouring Rajasthan.
  35. Such was the state of the noble sheikh and his followers when our officer saw them for the first time.
  36. The head of al-Qaeda in Iraq, Sheikh Abdullah al-Janabi—had his headquarters in the city.
  37. The sheikh then turned his attention inwards and set about studying this case and considering it carefully.
  38. Sheikh Al-Had'dad was very famous in Yemen, his family still has a great position among Sufis there, why?
  39. The Sheikh of the school laughed loudly and was about to faint from laughter, and his disciples imitated him.
  40. Jamil Sheikh also kept robot Sunny with him and now put its system on as it was off in the whole journey yet.
  41. In addition, it demands Friday prayer at the mosque where the sheikh will indoctrinate the layman thoroughly.
  42. He was followed by the cleric Sheikh Shams-edin, the representative of Ayatollah Khomeini in the armed forces.
  43. On the other hand the Marine Star and Marine Queen both in control of Jamil Sheikh had reached Zulimistan coast.
  44. He was accepted and instructed by the sheikh to strive against his spirit’s whims and to follow his ancestors.
  45. The Sheikh of the school gaped as though thunderstruck, and was immediately at his wit’s end and found no reply.
  46. Sheikh Shams-edin stepped forward and stared at us with an expressionless face, then spoke in a low tone of voice:.
  47. When I arrived I was surprised to find the tomb open, with Sheikh Abdul-Kadir lying inside it, all dressed in white.
  48. But they said: Oh, sheikh! Oh sir! Do not touch her with your hand; only massage her with your stick from afar.
  49. For you, the reader, to give more clarity to this matter, we shall give further examples as explained by the sheikh:.
  50. The burly man spoke to me in Arabian accented Arabic and told me, Etfadal ya Sheikh, a very gracious and formal welcome.
  51. Grimes laid out his evidence and convinced the Sheikh he could, with a small deposit for tools and bribes, get hold of the grail.
  52. He turned to Sheikh Emin Keftaro for help (may God have mercy upon him), as he was well known to be a man of faith and uprightness.
  53. Sheikh Amin Keftarou remained silent for a short while, deep in thought, then he said, ‘Now I can see what is behind your request.
  54. He told the sheikh (imam), the mayor, and the two elders to sit, each one, behind the counter of a different shop and face outwards.
  55. I had merely to give myself up to the magician sheikh and he would allow me to perform these miracles whenever and wherever I wanted.
  56. He started to call upon the people inside the mosque to fight to aid Islam, shouting in a tremulous voice: O, sheikh! O, sheikh!.
  57. Verily, the sheikh had been responsible for great magic, but he achieved nothing by it, as the truth of the situation had been uncovered.
  58. She loved to hear the call to prayer, and soon converted to Islam, which entailed being given her new Muslima name, Maryam, by a sheikh.
  59. But how strange it was! This rich man thought that the sheikh was just testing him, because this was a secret matter that he had to uncover.
  60. Sheikh Ahmed asked him to stand at the edge of a big pool that was in the middle of the outer square of the mosque, and then to close his eyes.
  61. With firm confidence, Sheikh Keftaro smiled and turned calmly to his disciples, and said, A perforation does not cause any damage to a sieve.
  62. When he caught up with him he addressed him, saying, My Sheikh! I ask you to fulfill my purpose, and he that asks you will not be frustrated.
  63. When the sheikh saw those men, he was shocked and filled with horror at their criminal appearance especially as he recogised and knew some of them.
  64. When the sheikh saw those men, he was shocked and filled with horror at their criminal appearance especially as he recognised and knew some of them.
  65. This war is a truth, though bitter, but no one can stop it now, said Fardeen Sheikh to me in the meeting while his supporters hailed on his note.
  66. Thereupon, Sheikh Emin Keftaro (may God have mercy upon him) said: Then, search it tonight, for I think that he will spend the night inside it.
  67. When Sheikh Ahmed Hejab was confused how to come to Allah, by remembrance or by Koran? He heard my sir Ahmed from his grave saying: Koran Koran Koran.
  68. The victims of this attack said: If we escape, let us then devote some of our money to Sheikh Abdul-Kadir so that we may regain our belongings.
  69. The sheikh asked: Do you swear by God that you will divorce your wife in a final divorce in the case that you reveal my secret or tell anybody?
  70. Sheikh Emin Keftaro (may God have mercy upon him) and his disciples heeded this in astonishment as the man was interrupting the purity of their session.
  71. Amin sent for the seventy men telling them to gather at a specific time that afternoon in the square of al-Juma market near the Sheikh Muhyiddin Mosque.
  72. He feared lest he be cursed by Sheikh Abdul-Kader Al Jaylany (who was called a falcon) because of his rejection of any religious basis for these actions.
  73. Before Abbottabad he’d been in Haripur and before that hidden away in our own Swat Valley, where he met Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, the mastermind of 9/11.
  74. Professor Grimes flew out to Saudi and presented the Sheikh with the exact location of this long lost treasure, showing photocopies written in ancient text.
  75. The magicians ascribed miracles to Sheikh Abdul-Kadir Al-Jaylani, considering them to be indications and proof of his true sainthood and nearness to Al’lah.
  76. The sheikh went out of the mosque and left that stupid rich man sunk beneath the ice that had formed on the surface of the pond, which was about half a meter deep.
  77. Then, the sheikh told him, Tomorrow, a quarter of an hour before the dawn call to prayer, come to meet me at the Souleimanieh Religious Institute (Al-Teki’ya).
  78. The sheikh did not feel at ease about his absence! He wondered about what it was that was engaging him, although he had devoted himself to the meetings of citation.
  79. The sheikh knew that the superstitions and drivel that are related by the devils had enticed this stingy rich man, and had entrapped him in illusions and deceptions.
  80. Our man began speaking to the sheikh and was soon relating the details of the two events he had seen for himself: the condition of two bodies buried many years apart.
  81. Officer Mohammad Amin sent for the seventy men telling them to gather at a specific time that afternoon in the square of al-Juma market near the Sheikh Muhyiddin Mosque.
  82. There could be heard the sound of footsteps coming along the street! A man was walking with regular, even steps towards the mosque of the great Sheikh Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi.
  83. In 2010, Shah was arrested by the CBI and accused of killing a criminal, Sohrabuddin Sheikh, his wife Kauser Bi and their associate Tulsiram Prajapati, in a staged encounter.
  84. She remains in a state where she is groaning and pretending, seeming to derive no benefit from any medicine until such a point as her family turn to a magician sheikh for help.
  85. At the appointed time, he came to the agreed place having wrapped himself in fur and woolen clothes due to the cold winter, and there he found that the sheikh was waiting for him.
  86. Even Sheikh Al-Rifa’e himself (God had mercy upon him) would never take part in such deeds, and he is absolutely innocent of any such things that may have been ascribed to him.
  87. Sheikh Emin asked this man, who was a relative of his, to put him together with the Sheikh who was now the head of the school of thought in which this group of young men studied.
  88. Sheikh Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi Mosque is well-known in all the cities of the state of al-Sham At that time, al-sheikh Amin Kharbutli was the preacher and imam of this well known mosque.
  89. The room was rather dark, so it was lit by means of a few candles spread here and there and a simple oil-lamp which enabled our officer to see the sheikh sitting surrounded by three men.
  90. Sheikho came to the conclusion that the sheikh had become a sultan by virtue of the fact that he followed the way of the Prophet Mohammad (cpth) who was descended from the sons of Adam.
  91. The sheikh was still in a shocked, miserable state when our beloved officer Mohammad Amin came in from behind that numerous crowed of horrible men whose ugly shapes matched their ugly past.
  92. Then, he set his plan in motion: his hand shot out and grabbed a chair which he put down suddenly in front of the sheikh who was seated, as ordered, behind the counter of one of the shops.
  93. So it was not long before the rich man returned to wait for another opportunity which would enable him to be alone with the sheikh, so as to repeat his request to him truly, firmly, and seriously.
  94. As for Sheikh Ahmed, who was friendly and nice in his speech, he was not able to keep that joke secret, and so he told people about it, laughing and mocking those who believed in such superstitions.
  95. Yet the sheikh turned his back on him, feeling annoyed at his silliness, stupidity and foolishness, and left him alone while repeating the statement, there is no might or power except with God.
  96. And so everyone turned around to see what was going on, and they, too, seemed to become fixed in that position, but with their necks twisted backward and overcome with shock as their sheikh had been.
  97. Officer Sheikho sat there facing him, his back to the people of the village, and began to stare straight into the eyes of the sheikh, while the latter looked at him fearfully waiting for him to speak.
  98. In breach of his usual habit, it happened that one of the disciples of Sheikh Emin Keftaro did not attend the meeting of citation (reminding ourselves of God’s Attributes) for a number of successive days.
  99. To reveal the reason that magic is inserted in the category of polytheism and disbelief, Sheikh As-Sa’dee (may Al’lah have mercy upon him) says: Magic comes under the heading of polytheism in two regards.
  100. According to their claim we could conclude that it would be possible for each disciple of the Sheikh to have the ability to create a hen, making its bones come back to life after it has been eaten and swallowed.

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