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    shell out

    1. “What do you think hun, would you shell out your money to fuck me?”

    2. Meredith's sermons, and Norman Douglas was always willing to shell out if he got his brains tickled up

    3. fuse in a shell outside its core

    4. ends in the core but begins in a shell outside the core

    5. intermediate-mass star, hydrogen fuses in a shell outside that

    6. element that had been fusing there continues to fuse in a shell outside

    7. Neither of these solutions will restore your files, and both will still require you to shell out some cash

    8. Krome and Kimberly blew their last brown shell out of their hands

    9. "What do you say, Harry? It's bloody luxury compared to the buck-private's pay Mainwaring will shell out

    10. In one instance when someone informed me of the billing rate that this consulting firm charged for their services, I could not believe that any person would shell out that much money for this inferior software

    11. The only problem with this idea is that many people will not shell out the extra cash, even though it may only be a dollar a week or less

    12. Property taxes might be higher than you care to shell out, so that needs research, as does the cost of heating and cooling

    13. Some investors try to get by with just giving the property a once over before they shell out the bucks and sign on the dotted line

    14. Nevertheless, Wall Street has continued to shell out millions to research firms that proclaim the ability to

    15. shell out the cash for it

    16. or is it healthy for the common man to shell out huge

    17. You had to go to a prostitute, or you to pay money to go to a movie and pay money to go to a restaurant with a girl before they would shell out and have sex with a boy, or you had to get married, and make enough money so your wife could stay home and raise children from the sex you had with her; and that is very expensive

    18. You can expect to shell out around $1,000 to $3,000 if you build your own, compared to buying a model for $5,000 to $10,000

    19. In about half the cases, identity theft victims did not have to shell out any money at all

    20. Each semester, most students shell out hundreds of dollars for

    21. Frankly, she’s asking for far less than what you’re going to have to shell out to the others

    22. For a number of years, Ed Leader, who succeeded Hiram Conibear as the Washington crew coach, had suggested that Pocock try making a shell out of the native western red cedar that grew so abundantly, and so large, in Washington and British Columbia

    23. An investor in a company that meets all its performance targets may still find that the market is depressed and unwilling to shell out

    24. Why not just buy the stock? Because they don’t want to shell out a lot of money to buy the actual stock

    25. In other words, you were able to participate in AAPL’s rally without having to shell out all the money required to buy the stock

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