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    1. Ditton said he was scared shitless which was why he hadn’t come forward

    2. He sneers at Ahmed and Ricci, standing in the tub scared shitless and noticeably naked

    3. ‘Yes, I suppose so … though Gran did write about cars – she was scared shitless the first time she saw one

    4. scared shitless and my brain came up with no other plan

    5. Johnny was scared shitless of Coach

    6. Or, when he scared Blackrock shitless, that he would leave me for the authorities, or

    7. Immigrants, they were always scared shitless of anyone in a uniform, any person with the symbols of authority

    8. Is bravery the absence of fear? Or is bravery when a man is scared shitless, and goes over the top when ordered, or asked, by his commander?

    9. The government knew it, and was scared shitless

    10. The others are in the back, scared shitless, a bit deaf probably but otherwise in one piece

    11. Maybe she had been scared shitless

    12. "What the fuck y’all want from me?" Loosey asked scared shitless

    13. He also was scared shitless of Raekwon so that made him even more of a candidate to trust him with guarding Aquana

    14. I am scared shitless

    15. Besides being scared shitless, I am

    16. “But I’m scared shitless

    17. “Despite the scared shitless part

    18. He was scared shitless but resolved to continue, because of his promise to George Bryant and his feeling of responsibility for Carla

    19. ‘’Oh yes, Jenny! We saw enough there to scare you shitless, but we have it all on camera

    20. Shitless is the correct term

    21. At ten thousand feet, he was scared shitless, but knew if he was going to save Cassidy again, he had to jump

    22. She was scared shitless

    23. “They’re in the holding cells,” Chalmers said, “Bartlett’s scared shitless but Maude’s putting on a brave face

    24. I feel that in my bones and I’m scared shitless

    25. “You scared Robert shitless and humbled his egotistical brother

    26. Then of course everyone’s scared shitless and decides that something has to be done

    27. And I was scared shitless

    28. AS THEY WALKED hand in hand toward her Castro apartment, Cindy admitted to herself that she was scared shitless

    29. Maybe he’d been scared shitless back there, too

    30. You would have been scared shitless

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