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Frasi con shoring (in inglese)

  1. They return to shoring up the cargo containers as Unks just cradles Cass’ head above the slowly retreating water.
  2. The smell of the bacon cooking was heavenly and the cleaning and shoring work had given us an appetite and this would fill the hole.
  3. At breakfast 8 said, The thumps you heard were caused by the staff shoring up the frame of the house because of the effect of the medical equipment.
  4. We turned down a sunken road and on into the beginning of a communications trench as we walked along we would sometimes stumble over shoring planks or broken duckboards.
  5. Anticipating credit issues and the need for shoring up its capital base in Q4 2008 the company had issued preferred stock along with warrants and a small amount of common stock.

  6. The list of needs is a long one, but each year it is getting shorter as volunteer teams are shoring up the leaks and reducing poverty and improving the lives and health of Hondurans.
  7. In our own day, after having excavated the gallery of Clichy, with a banquette to receive the principal water-conduit of Ourcq, a piece of work which was executed in a trench ten metres deep; after having, in the midst of land-slides, and with the aid of excavations often putrid, and of shoring up, vaulted the Bievre from the Boulevard de l'Hopital, as far as the Seine; after having, in order to deliver Paris from the floods of Montmartre and in order to provide an outlet for that river-like pool nine hectares in extent, which crouched near the Barriere des Martyrs, after having, let us state, constructed the line of sewers from the Barriere Blanche to the road of Aubervilliers, in four months, working day and night, at a depth of eleven metres; after having—a thing heretofore unseen—made a subterranean sewer in the Rue Barre-du-Bec, without a trench, six metres below the surface, the superintendent, Monnot, died.
  1. Of how Athena went to Telemachus, shored up his confidence, and.
  2. What Medraut did next shored it with me that he was cracked as a broken plate.
  3. The empty space on the street left by the demolished house is half-filled by a fence of rotten boards, shored up by five stone posts.
  4. Sandhya’s fear of water shored up by his assurances en route, sunk her heart as she saw the mighty river in its lean summer course.
  5. Picking up old cigarette packets and other litter as well as any debris that had fallen into the trench we also shored up any part that needed it.
  6. She had already pulled all the tools she thought she would need at her last stop, shored up her power as much as possible with the resources at hand.
  7. These buildings were so decrepit that, in the Rue de la Chanvrerie and the Rue de la Petite-Truanderie, the fronts were shored up with beams running from one house to another.
  8. We have shored it up better and used more sandbags out front we have erected more wire and have put more duckboards down on the trench floor, he passed us our teas and continued.
  9. They sleep in a once stately Old World suite with the furniture shored up against the walls and chicken feathers clogging the marble sinks and newspapers tacked clumsily across the windows.
  10. It’s an attractive and drizzly winter’s night, scraps of melting snow shored up against the edges of the Place de la Concorde, the city looking ghostly, its windows jeweled with raindrops.
  11. We numbered off and started our journey to the trench we had to mend and when we got there we set to it was hard going but we had now got most of the walls shored back up and the trench cleared so we were not far off finishing.
  12. They contain round archipelagoes of romantic isles, even as the Polynesian waters do; in large part, are shored by two great contrasting nations, as the Atlantic is; they furnish long maritime approaches to our numerous territorial colonies from the East, dotted all round their banks; here and there are frowned upon by batteries, and by the goat-like craggy guns of lofty Mackinaw; they have heard the fleet thunderings of naval victories; at intervals, they yield their beaches to wild barbarians, whose red painted faces flash from out their peltry wigwams; for leagues and leagues are flanked by ancient and unentered forests, where the gaunt pines stand like serried lines of kings in Gothic genealogies; those same woods harboring wild Afric beasts of prey, and silken creatures whose exported furs give robes to Tartar Emperors; they mirror the paved capitals of Buffalo and Cleveland, as well as Winnebago villages; they float alike the full-rigged merchant ship, the armed cruiser of the State, the steamer, and the beech canoe; they are swept by Borean and dismasting blasts as direful as any that lash the salted wave; they know what shipwrecks are, for out of sight of land, however inland, they have drowned full many a midnight ship with all its shrieking crew.
  1. On one of the shores.
  2. The ocean ate at our shores.
  3. Ski Shores of Old Jackson Hole.
  4. Its shores seemed covered with.
  5. On those cruel and hostile shores!.
  6. It will be upon our sanctified shores.
  7. Watching for signs of him upon the shores.
  8. Now and henceforth flaunt from these shores.
  9. We used to live in a forest near its shores.
  10. When they were all between the shores, God.
  11. Then probably I will head for distant shores.
  12. The boat glided along the shores of the islands.
  13. Her body was born on the shores of North Lake.
  14. It did not all happen on the shores of Lake Como.
  15. Its shores were steep and rocky, but I scrambled.
  16. Land of the ocean shores! land of sierras and peaks!.
  17. On the further shores the woodlands still marched on.
  18. The dancing palace was situated on the shores of the St.
  19. Ken's brother is less inclined to dream of foreign shores.
  20. A small possession on the shores of Como belonged to her.
  21. Columbus and Cortes landed on the shores of this hemisphere.
  22. The ripples broadened and rebounded off the opposing shores.
  23. In fact, the populous shores offered ready refuge everywhere.
  24. They live on the shores of Lake Zuad, near the border of Kush.
  25. On the white shores and the dark shores under the stormy sky;.
  26. Soon they reached the shores of Kotipally to cross the Godavari.
  27. She prays day and night that her brother reaches the shores of.
  28. Give me the shores and wharves heavy-fringed with black ships!.
  29. And along the shores, in mire (now fill'd over) came again and.
  30. After spending the night on the damp, hard shores of Hobo Creek.
  31. The events swirled around him like an angry ocean without shores.
  32. Quicksands: To be stuck and stranded upon the shores in quicksand.
  33. Of course many of the houses near the shores were now under water.
  34. See forts on the shores of harbors, see ships sailing in and out;.
  35. And lives went on between the shores of sacrifices and compromises.
  36. Look off the shores of my Western sea, the circle almost circled;.
  37. And all between those shores, and my ever running Mississippi with.
  38. But still we fight on, holding all the west shores of Anduin; and.
  39. There are around 6 pools of elemental water in the shores of Azshara.
  40. See them pray thanks on the shores of sight, Men of muse once sheer.
  41. The spread of the Baltic, Caspian, Bothnia, the British shores, and.
  42. Then there are submarine signals to tell of near-by vessels or shores.
  43. She heard the sea rolling off on yellow shores a thousand miles away.
  44. I found it by the 9th parallel off the northwestern shores of Ceylon.
  45. The gamble had failed and the empire was now reduced to their shores.
  46. All blood split on these shores no longer in vain for this year the.
  47. He had a fabulous view of the river and railroad lines on both shores.
  48. The great blue water washes the shores of the place I go to in my dreams.
  49. It has a beautiful small bay and the shores are washed by the Andaman Sea.
  50. Even the dragonflies on the shores seemed to be fascinated by it, rushing.
  51. Steering away from the shores as fast as they could get their crafts to go.
  52. Two days later, the Shrine of Remembrance on the shores of the northern sea.
  53. He still hoped that behind all that fog there lay those shores he longed for.
  54. Then warning trumpets were suddenly sounded, and echoed along the rocky shores.
  55. And this brings me to environmental issue on our own shores and the recent.
  56. The first ones traveled on the shores of Asia until they ended up in Australia.
  57. Far from the shores there was just one village close by, and so the monastery.
  58. The crew settled on the shores of the Azul Sea, speculating on where to go next.
  59. My race has gone from the shores of the salt lake and the hills of the Delawares.
  60. But after many ages a fierce and brutish people appeared on the shores of the sea.
  61. They got something to eat and relaxed on the shores, until it was fully daylight.
  62. Her soul made its way to heavenly shores and I returned to my portrait and slept.
  63. Then, moving on, dashed themselves upon the mainland shores of Greece and Anatolian.
  64. As my guest, and a visitor to these shores, it’s only proper I loan you my caravan.
  65. So, after Christmas? she prompted, steering the conversation back to safer shores.
  66. Besides, they generally hug the shores in their galleys, and we have come a long way.
  67. There were busy docks along both shores, fronted by two or three stories of workshops.
  68. We may have left the shores of these lands, but these lands are still our true home.
  69. No foreign power would ever be mad enough to attempt to land their forces on our shores.
  70. But the only water she could hear were waves breaking along the shores of Silver Strand.
  71. Star’s great ocean-going yacht had steamed along the southeastern shores of Patagonia.
  72. He said the great blue water fell upon the shores of the place he goes to in his dreams.
  73. He got to his feet and walked through the trees that met the shores of the Campbell River.
  74. Richardson, also, speaks of the reappearance on the shores of New Zealand, Tasmania, etc.
  75. But I dwelt in my palace by the shores of Lake Zuad and the passing years touched me not.
  76. Anduin the Great flows past many shores, ere it comes to Argonath and the Gates of Gondor.
  77. Rocky shores, if their cliffs are not too sheer, trap pools of water when the tide recedes.
  78. But he is all booted and spurred and they reside on the opposite shores of the world again.
  79. These identically sized shells were found only on the shores of their ancestral territory.
  80. I was looking forward to the excitement of stranding a big ship on the shores of Australia.
  81. There were harsher enemies and other shores of life to be afraid of, Duncan Gelahn, for one.
  82. Those parents came down to the shores of Penzance and sent their kids to Tresco by ship.
  83. Breezes of land and love set from living shores to you on the living sea, to you O sailors!.
  84. On this side of the island, at least, the shores were rocky, jagged, and utterly forbidding.
  85. Through these shores amid the shadows, with the apparitions pressing, Pioneers! O pioneers!.
  86. Those that rolled south drowned the northern shores of the large island of Crete, virtually.
  87. The shores were all lined with bright and colorful buildings, often with six or eight floors.
  88. I questioned the sea-birds around the shores to find out if he had left the island in a canoe.
  89. Why does not this take place? Have we seen sea withdrawal from Tartous` or Lattakia`s shores?
  90. We have come from across the sea to ask for your aid in fighting the black menace on our shores.
  91. It is noticeable that people of mountains have natures different from those of shores and islands.
  92. Beyond that river lay a huge forest, which approached jungle-like density along the spongy shores.
  93. Roger and Joe took walks along the shores of the Langer See, skipping stones, clearing their minds.
  94. They’d been on this island located off the shores of Greece in the Mediterranean for three weeks.
  95. She had ridden all night, and dawn found her with a foundered steed on the swampy shores of the sea.
  96. Since then, these beautiful but cruel and unpredictable shores have claimed ships on a regular basis.
  97. One tribe of bi-pedal apes walked along the shores of all the way around Asia to end up in Australia.
  98. After giving the Canadian a glimpse of American shores, was he about to show me the coast of France?
  99. One of the forests came down to the very shores of the great water, and it had waters running from it.
  100. The storm-tossed sea of European history had subsided within its shores and seemed to have become calm.

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1. Save us to the shore.
2. Naked on the Shore is.
3. We trudged up the shore.
4. The shore was empty now.
5. At the North Shore Mall.
6. And on the Hither Shore.
7. Who are on the shore? 5.
8. A wave fell on the shore.
9. As it comes to the shore.
10. Water lapped at its shore.
11. Cove on the opposite shore.
12. Its rose above the shore!.
13. Spitting me upon the shore.
14. Cheers rise from the shore.
15. And watch the sunset shore.
16. He looked towards the shore.
17. And scrambling to the shore.
18. As Alan Shore said in one.
19. Last Watchman on the Shore.
20. Waiting for me on the shore.
21. The shore seems miles away.
22. We hurried down to the shore.
23. The boat slid into the shore.
24. Of the imperial Neva's shore.
25. Or by the ocean's rocky shore.
26. Washing the seaweed to shore.
27. She motioned toward the shore.
28. Awaiting on the shore I roam.
29. I invest the money off shore.
30. Or at least, my Jersey Shore.
31. How oft to the Crimean shore.
32. A mild breeze blew from shore.
33. Of those piggies on the shore.
34. On the moonlit shore of dreams.
35. To waves breaking on the shore.
36. Jesse glanced toward the shore.
37. To help her to the other shore.
38. The Buckland shore drew nearer.
39. Amroth beheld the fading shore.
40. The shore, crush into sand and.
41. He was on solid ground, on shore.
42. Put in to shore, I shouted.
43. Tom sat on the shore and watched.
44. Upon the dismal shore of Acheron.
45. Then he went on the shore armed.
46. As waves lap on the shore then go.
47. A woman was crawling to the shore.
48. It’s the ocean beyond the shore.
49. Silently, I walked along the shore.
50. I shore I have never walked before.
51. Captain Hawes went on shore with.
52. Jersey Shore was the name of the.
54. Each other as the shore we climb!.
55. Then they struck out for the shore.
56. The boat was heading towards shore.
57. I barely made it to shore with you.
58. Leivers about the shore and the sea.
59. To the shore with gallant strength.
60. I heard a wave come along the shore.
61. The captives of the Salguir's shore.
62. Finally they reached the far shore.
63. Meet me this evening on the shore.
64. Oh, uh, shore thing Brother Jacob.
65. The ocean washed empty on the shore.
66. Rests the sapient being on the shore.
67. He approaches the shore like a child.
69. The stranger on the shore disappears.
70. Behind it, cat-tails lined the shore.
71. This I hauled up partly on the shore.
72. Laurence waving his hat on the shore.
73. In the house in the sun by the shore.
74. He then got carried toward the shore.
75. Neo turn and walked back to the shore.
76. The opposite shore formed the horizon.
77. The other Lakellers were now on shore.
78. That had been along the eastern shore.
79. Oh rhythmic sea, that rumbles to shore.
80. Onto me like a wave caressing the shore.
81. SHELLS gather in piles along the shore.
82. We could be miles from shore, though.
83. They played like children on the shore.
84. The first to reach the shore was Jacques.
85. Conan scowled across at the other shore.
86. But now I had made my home by the shore.
87. I’ll be able to make it back to shore.
88. The ox was heading for the suburban shore.
89. And the sea moved her back down the shore.
90. His world was a blur when he got to shore.
91. He managed however, to swim to the shore.
92. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
93. They saw a crowd gathered along the shore.
94. I looked around desperately for the shore.
95. It was near the NW shore of Lake Texcoco.
96. The life-guard boat pulled up on the shore.
97. The mouth shuts and Archan swims to shore.
98. You can expect to pay $20-100+ for shore.
99. Royal North Shore Hospital, to be precise.
100. Should I have stayed down near the shore?

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