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    1. Tania and Poly made a simultaneous grab and leap, a little like lifting horizontal fence planks actually but exponentially quicker, their hands grasped the ends of the pole and they used it as a trapeze to vault over Harry head, never letting loose of the pole

    2. With a collective, simultaneous sigh, the travelers relaxed and one by one essentially said

    3. The hail of gunfire was simultaneous, and while their

    4. Eyes stinging, he shook with simultaneous rage and despair, sick at heart that no one had been able to save the child or any of the others

    5. The creatures had frozen her in place, her simultaneous disgust and fear of them seizing her fast

    6. and 9 limits the number of simultaneous connections per server to 6

    7. Increasing the number of simultaneous connections can significantly speed up page loading and, therefore, speed up browsing

    8. Here is how you can use Auslogics Tweak Manager to increase the number of simultaneous connections: 1

    9. William heard the shot being fired and the simultaneous loud shattering of glass

    10. From this secluded vantage, she seldom missed the nighttime adventure of observing the multitude of human interactions playing out in the bar, the adjoining lounge and, by peering over the plastic foliage, the casino – three simultaneous stages of live performance

    11. He heard the murmur of dozens of simultaneous conversations echoing through corridors of time and, rising above them, the baritone voice of Raul: “Well, you look like shit, cousin

    12. The results are immediate because that new systematics accomplishes the wealth and the well-being in a simultaneous way and it causes the appearance and the circulation of products and services with abundance and equable distribution of the income

    13. With a simultaneous shriek the girls followed him

    14. simultaneous pounding of boots ringing out into the morning; a

    15. increase the more powerfully by reason of this simultaneous rearing, and by daily intercourse, and by other education, and exercise in

    16. It’s just fire all over the place, nothing could withstand a simultaneous blast like that, sir

    17. He similarly swore me to secrecy, said that she was already Stage Four (terminal), and recommended simultaneous chemo and radiation

    18. Is it the evaluation process that limits the simultaneous multiplicity of values within the

    19. It led to the simultaneous collapse of the Russian, Austro-Hungarian, German, and Ottoman empires (1917–1919)

    20. The monsters have cooperated in thousands of simultaneous brutal attacks against our brothers living in society

    21. He was interrupted by a blinding flash and a simultaneous CRACK of sound that was painfully loud

    22. He frantically cast three simultaneous Links to Hilsith, Yazadril, and Somonik, and in a wordless rush he sent them what he knew and saw, as well as his horrified realizations that Talia had been obliterated by the bolt of wizardry, that he’d been saved because he’d de-activated the tine band, and that even now the curse was trying to draw Talia’s matter back together again

    23. “Thus we will be able to heat and reshape the surfaces of the rest of the pieces of the lining of the crater in a single, simultaneous operation

    24. 20 In which these brothers having remained an equal time and having been formed for the same period and been increased by the same blood and having been perfected through the same principle of life 21 and having been brought out at equal intervals and having sucked milk from the same fountains hence their brotherly souls are reared up lovingly together; 22 and increase the more powerfully by reason of this simultaneous rearing and by daily intercourse and by other education and exercise in the law of God

    25. If I have learned anything from my experiences with the entities who channeled through Marjie, it is that all of us are multidimensional beings who manifest in a variety of simultaneous forms, each of which follows a somewhat similar path in the search for enlightenment

    26. He concludes, ‘There must be a deeper meaning in these physical facts, a deeper truth about the simultaneous interconnection of all things

    27. As for taking those areas, coordinating two simultaneous strikes would be best

    28. "Open a simultaneous line to the Major and engineering

    29. Simultaneous with the Chaotic Dragon’s assault the firbolgs and minotaurs rushed at the fighters

    30. The techniques included group facilitation, entry into a computer of jobs work diagrams, use of an LCD projector to project same, conflict resolution methods and simultaneous grading of the jobs by the HR department in another room at the off-site hotel that was used

    31. Conan's sight and action were simultaneous

    32. Instinctively action followed recognition so spontaneously that sound, impulse and action were practically simultaneous

    33. Dedicate your life, Simon, to showing how acceptably mortal man may fulfill my injunction concerning the simultaneous recognition of temporal duty to civil powers and spiritual service in the brotherhood of the kingdom

    34. Eat without engaging in any other simultaneous activity

    35. The ever-present flood of memories spilled from his shallow subconscious simultaneous with Stump‘s low warning growl

    36. The simultaneous sound of single gunfire came and the Nycarmans fell flat on their faces…silent

    37. The coach has a simultaneous and holistic awareness of

    38. As won as the shot was heard he was brought down by two simultaneous bullets whose origin was never established and a shout of many voices shook the night

    39. For the rest of his life he would remember the livid flash of the six simultaneous shots-and the echo of the discharge as it broke against the hills and the sad smile and perplexed eyes of the man being shot, who stood erect while his shirt became soaked with blood, and who was still smiling even when they untied him from the post and put him in a box filled with quicklime

    40. She had not spoken again nor would she do so for the rest of her life from the time that she heard the shot in the backyard and the simultaneous cry of pain from Mauricio Babilonia

    41. In the meantime, do not become fixated with the solution residing in the concept of time, for all times are simultaneous and reason has a penchant for creating that which it does not grasp

    42. The inner senses from which emotions are translated are by far more influential—packed with simultaneous knowledge that emerges as a single word outside

    43. ” With a shake of her head, Bonnie said, “Time is simultaneous

    44. As a simultaneous thought the totality of my journey manifest and I claimed my lessons as my own knowledge

    45. Nancy then repeated herself in Hebrew before switching on the simultaneous translation system and continuing in English

    46. However, Nancy’s personal style, which she called Juko, called for many simultaneous moves that were both defensive and offensive at the same time

    47. He interpreted the simultaneous start of 'the anti-Soviet campaign' in the German and Polish press as 'indubitable evidence of contact and collusion between Hitler and the Sikorski Government' a view he saw further supported by the close correspondence of line taken by the respective press campaigns

    48. The simultaneous loss of the three top American military officers, along with the wave of discontent that was bound to go through the ranks of the armed forces, was going to seriously perturb the military chain of command

    49. There were six simultaneous explosions below, and the floor came up and hit him

    50. Simultaneous attacks would be launched on Java and Sumatra with the intention of isolating Australia and New Zealand

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    co-occurrent coincident coincidental coinciding concurrent cooccurring simultaneous concomitant collateral attendant