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Frasi con slicing (in inglese)

1. Cool 5 minutes before slicing.
2. Of course! No fish, no slicing.
3. You can also do slicing with negative positions.
4. Theresa slicing a meatball in half with her fork.
5. Lena stopped slicing vegetables and closed her eyes.
6. Pascal handed over three wooden-handled slicing knives.
7. He began slicing chunks off the remaining piece of stone.

8. When he got sick of slicing up cats and dogs, he started.
9. Oleon cut into Onn’s left hand, slicing off two fingers.
10. Kitchen knives should only be used for slicing and cutting.
12. Curved swords flashed, severing heads, slicing chests and arms.
13. Nord launched into motion, slicing and stabbing at the young one.
14. Her blades began slicing through the air faster than ever before.
15. He was swallowed by vortexing angular intersections slicing 698.
16. It bit onto Karit's leg, its serrated beak slicing into his flesh.
17. Remembering my old master slicing my skin and back as he fucked me.
18. As neatly as if he were slicing a melon, he slit the man’s throat.
19. I did a slicing motion across my neck at her for asking that question.
20. I immediately came back at him from the right, slicing at a diagonal.
21. Tony fell through the barb wire fence, slicing his calf in the process.
22. One of the Warriors had caught her in the side, slicing into her torso.
23. You’re not wearing your glasses, I cried, slicing through the.
24. Within seconds he had crossed the room and was slicing down at Michael.
25. I dropped, pulling the barb free and slicing it off with my rear talons.
26. Late in his last lap, there was an abrupt slicing sensation in his ankle.
27. Helen and cut her clothes off by the simple expedient of slicing up the.
28. Taliesin swung his weapon in arching strokes, slicing and maiming at will.
29. Davidson’s hand, framing it and slicing pale and flat across the bones.
30. Then all that was left was the creamy white wake slicing through the dark.
31. Another of his horde decided to attack, this time slicing my left forearm.
32. She could feel something slicing her heart seeing the two in front of her.
33. The harness wasn’t necessary, so there was no point slicing it to ribbons.
34. The sound was piercing, like a sliver of glass slicing open Claire’s heart.
35. Like dicing, slicing is a broad term and generally consists of the following.
36. Looking down, I observed that the huge saw had been slicing through my chest.
37. Tarak watched as she took out two more neatly slicing thru their mid sections.
38. They began slicing heads as the zombies turned their attention to the person.
39. He scrambled to his feet, the glass slivers slicing deeper with every movement.
40. The axes crashed back and forth, slicing and gnawing the old, staunch timbers.
41. I keep thinking about the feeling of the knife slicing open the skin and flesh.
42. Have you ever thought you cut yourself with a sharp knife, maybe while slicing.
43. I'd call it a shovel nosed, flat bellied, corner slicing, ground loving hoorah.
44. A big options trader shared with me his technique of slicing the bid-ask spread.
45. I hear voices outside and draw my dagger, slicing through the ropes that bind her.
46. Thought creates things by slicing up reality into small bits that it can easily grasp.
47. As Hal watched, Fenton glanced over at him and made a slicing motion across his throat.
48. Finally Tomz’s struck her, slicing her across the chest as she fell back out the way.
49. I held the axe over my head and swung it sideways, slicing through the dry, rotting skin.
50. I made some French onion soup and commented that the hardest part was slicing the onions.
51. Johnny’s back with her powerful talons, slicing though tweed and cotton and skin as if.
52. When he only started slicing the pepper, she relaxed and read with a bit more confidence.
53. Before the notes had whispered away Max was up and slicing for himself a slab of partridge.
54. She noticed that the one who was slicing the pulley was also looking her over and noticing.
55. Behind at the entrance, a brilliant fan of light was aglow, slicing its way into the pitch-.
56. Now faster this time, Slicing Icicles, into Morning Storm, then finish with Heart Weaver.
57. Ben watched the sharks swimming with their fins breaking the water like a knife slicing meat.
58. Horatio was adept at slicing Noses and Ears with great Display of Blood but few Mortal Wounds.
59. Reese dismounted in a moment, drawing his dagger, slicing a length off the bottom of his tunic.
60. Knofahgginarebagz slashed at me, the diamond blade slicing through the outer layers of my suit.
61. She soared over the warriors and came down behind two of the Scathers neatly slicing them in two.
62. Once activated by an intruder, the rings shoot off non-stop, slicing through anything in their way.
63. Slicing it into thin strips, she laid it out on the rocks the caught the sun, drying it into jerky.
64. Meanwhile, the crew scrubbed the slicing table and all surrounding areas while chattering in Chinese.
65. The clock chimed its loud, clear tone, slicing through the darkness and echoing around the tiny cell.
66. The slicing operation is used by specifying the name of the sequence followed by an optional pair of.
67. The Zeros flew at the bombers head-on, cannons firing, slicing between planes that were just feet apart.
68. He was slicing the bread when he heard voices in the other room--Dalynara was talking with their mother.
69. Understanding is the inward motion of a net; rationalizing the world and slicing it with Ockham's razor.
70. The villager screams and covers his face as the king brings the blade slicing through the air toward him.
71. A few seconds passed and the wheels happily rolled with them, a soft sound slicing through the rainwater.
72. Breakfast over, I expected to be shown the slicing operation, but the crew lingered over extra cups of tea.
73. The boat checked on the catches and bounced in the rough water rather than slicing efficiently through it.
74. Are you joking with me because I joked with you about the mirror reflection slicing bread? Olin asked.
75. He tried to duck, but the metal caught him in the arm, slicing it open and knocking the gun out of his hand.
76. She pounced upon the thing tearing and slicing; her strength had increased in size to match that of her rage.
77. As he fell, Henry hit his temple on the sharp edge of the spade, slicing a long piece of flesh from his scalp.
78. Karlov walked a few paces back into the orchard and picked an apple from a tree, slicing it open with his knife.
79. He flipped the sword in his fingers to an upward position, and brought it down, slicing off the gufder’s head.
80. That altercation ended with Loco slicing El Fuego's face with a sharp blade he had concealed in his jail uniform.
81. It was easy; I put some duct tape over her mouth and just started slicing pieces off her with a straight razor.
82. While he rode on Thedes, he even got good at slicing off tree branches that Thedes would purposely put in his way.
83. First the elder child -- her body transparent and ethereal, the beams of light from above slicing right through her.
84. After he handed me two blankets and a box of matches for the oil lamp, he left with the comment, No slicing today.
85. With a couple quick flicks of his wrists, X’ander let fly his daggers, slicing through several of the black threads.
86. She had just popped open a beer when Truman pointed to the Coast Guard cutter slicing the water on her way out to sea.
87. He grabbed the blade of the gladius as he died, slicing open his hands on the razor edges and blood ran down his wrists.
88. He watched him come up from behind each one, his knife slicing their throats, his hands cracking their necks with ease.
89. She moved forward to a man sitting near the stage, and grabbed his tie, yanking him forward before slicing the tie off.
90. The gorilla reacted with savagery by reaching up and slicing its talons into the backs of the bear’s front shoulders.
91. The force of Nord's swing was so strong that it pushed down through Lov's block, slicing the tip from one of Lov's ears.
92. I fired up the jigsaw again and tried slicing off thin layers, it was like trying to peel a potato with a hedge trimmer.
93. The ninja vault the counter and I back into a corner, slicing at them with the force and speed of a man not ready to die.
94. Then she moved forward slicing and cutting her way towards the warriors, (all the while keeping her attention on her rear).
95. The cutting edge of the razor is a little dull, so he runs it over the leather strap before slicing off his morning whiskers.
96. Sebastian looked at Hans’s side where the belt for the radio was, but it had been destroyed by the slicing claws of the demon.
97. Then the wolf, with Abby riding atop it, was running, a black blade slicing through the curtain of white that fell from the sky.
98. The blade sunk into his cheek-bone, slicing a flap from his face, but it was still just a flesh-wound, albeit a disfiguring one.
99. The Hag dives headfirst, slicing through the night, mouth twisted with rage, black holes where her eyes should be narrowed in fury.
100. A two-ended, eight-headed knife a full one and a half metres long was useless in anyone’s galaxy, at least for slicing tomatoes.
1. It was sliced in half.
2. His words sliced my heart.
3. A chill sliced through me.
4. Two were sliced and diced.
5. I asked about sliced fingers.
6. Her stomach was sliced open.
7. Matt fried some of the sliced.
8. He just sliced open my stomach.
9. Man, a sliced finger could hurt.
10. They sliced through the air and.
11. When they pop, add sliced onions.
12. Serve the sliced steak with the.
13. He had sliced off one of her toes.
14. You mean sliced loafs love.
15. He sliced directly across the lake.
16. Spear after spear sliced open his.
17. His hatchet sliced through the air.
18. A dagger-point sliced his right ear.
19. Something sharp sliced into my back.
20. He saw nothing that had been sliced.
21. Something jagged sliced into his arm.
22. A scalpel sliced the alien’s throat.
23. Top with equal amounts of sliced beef.
24. Finally, I want two loaves of sliced.
25. He lowered the blade and sliced into her.
26. These dividends are likely to be sliced.
27. She sliced the air with her wand, and a.
28. His second blade sliced across her wrist.
29. I cooked the meat, sliced it up as part.
30. They swung and sliced, blocked and dodged.
31. He sliced deeply into Tommit’s shoulder.
32. The prospect of having her throat sliced.
33. Pour half the pudding over the sliced cake.
34. The ships sliced forward with a faster speed.
35. It burned where she had sliced her hand open.
36. What was the best thing before sliced bread?
37. Pierre fell to his knees as the blade sliced.
38. I shrugged it off and sliced its head in half.
39. Onions for frying should be sliced and floured.
40. The condemnation sliced through internal organs.
41. Ma sliced salt pork into her second frying pan.
42. With a plethora of sliced, diced, and chopped.
43. The knife was sharp; he sliced up one leg then.
44. Anyway, after they killed him, they sliced and.
45. The harsh winds sliced right through his clothes.
46. Janelle sliced of a huge chunk of the bread and.
47. Mix the thinly sliced garlic into the oil mix and.
48. I did it again, and sliced through more empty air.
49. This was hell to pay, no matter how you sliced it.
50. One sliced through a sail, but no one was injured.
51. His axe spun up and sliced through the wooden haft.
52. They sliced off my flak vest and with it my shirt.
53. She sliced the tip of the finger he held out to her.
54. He sliced it in half, letting it drop to the floor.
55. A bullet tore through his earlobe, another sliced.
56. Soneji’s knife had sliced into my upper shoulder.
57. The chisel almost silently sliced through the gold.
58. Spread sliced apples in a 9” x 10” baking dish.
59. Rasha held Sam’s hand as Josh sliced the chip free.
60. Ingwe jerked as the needle-teeth sliced into her ear.
61. Wings almost sliced bushes and overhanging branches.
62. I ran up to the closest one and sliced off its head.
63. While Vinny's mother sliced her meatballs she mused.
64. It was on the south bank of a deep wadi that sliced.
65. I sliced off its head with my dive knife and dumped.
66. They slaughtered the Muslims, they sliced up the Jews.
67. It sliced my left shoulder, causing me to drop the gun.
68. They sliced the panips with strips of karga over them.
69. We went to the kitchen and sliced a grapefruit in half.
70. I sliced a bright yellow kite with a coiled white tail.
71. The left ear and part of the scalp had been sliced off.
72. She sliced them open with her lasers and they detonated.
73. Kevin took the bag of sliced bread, ripped it open and.
74. He sliced his head across my gut, ripping open my shirt.
75. I yanked her head back by her hair and sliced slow and.
76. Nangong Ping felt like his heart was being sliced opened.
77. Served with sliced fresh almonds and roasted cocoa beans.
78. He just sliced into him as if he were any common rooster.
79. Susan always left a sliced bagel in a zip loc bag on the.
80. Heat ghee and oil in a large saucepan and fry the sliced.
81. Pain sliced through his bones as they reshaped themselves.
82. The meat was served tender already sliced on a meat board.
83. Well…, she said and took a bite of her sliced mango.
84. Chickens may have their claws or part of their toes sliced.
85. He stepped in, and sliced the hideous bridle from her face.
86. Salic sliced through the air and deflected all of the blows.
87. As night surrounded me, a cold wind sliced right through me.
88. PT: Serve with very thinly sliced raw beef—carpaccio style.
89. This time, you start with vegetables that have been sliced.
90. Maybe it was the Fae who had sliced his blade along my thigh.
91. The ripping sound of her underwear sliced through the silence.
92. Add sliced cucumbers to the hot syrup for a few seconds, then.
93. Serve ceviche with a slotted spoon and top with sliced avocado.
94. As the airplane sliced through the sky, Helga recalled how the.
95. It was a scissoring of wings that sliced his musings to ribbons.
96. Then I took the edge of my fork and sliced off a piece of the.
97. A study that said [TDFs] are the best thing since sliced bread.
98. Holly's hands stung where the rough ground had sliced them open.
99. Masamune sliced across Tifa’s chest, the brutality of the blow.
100. He sliced a loaf of bread and placed portions on the plates also.
1. Cut into 1/8 inch slices.
2. Cut each half into 4 slices.
3. Cut the fruit into 8 slices.
4. Two slices of that cake.
5. Top with 2 to 3 apple slices.
6. Cut tomatoes into thin slices.
7. Arrange four bacon slices on top.
8. You got cheese slices last time.
9. The sixth and seventh slices vanish.
10. You offer up the last slices of pizza.
11. In that split moment, the bread slices.
12. Your laser slices off 1 end to open it.
13. Garnish with tomato slices and parsley.
14. Peel carrots and cut into ¼-inch slices.
15. He might be getting slices at idle level.
16. Cut very thick slices of bacon into cubes.
17. Cut moderately thin slices of white bread.
18. Put slices of food on a rack/ mat/ tray.
19. Prepare the bacon slices in a frying pan.
20. Remove the pel and cut into 2 inch slices.
21. Grilled slices of white bread, scrambled.
22. Included were small bite size slices of a.
23. Garnish with thin slices of orange and/or.
24. And the waiter insisted we have two slices.
25. Ma moved the thick slices about with a spoon.
26. It was ham and Swiss cheese on two slices of.
27. Have the eggs hard-boiled, and cut into slices.
28. She placed three slices of bread on each plate.
29. Cover the breast with thin slices of salt pork.
30. He also took two slices of chocolate cream pie.
31. Remove chops and orange slices to a small dish.
32. Now grate or cut into slices and sprinkle with.
33. Cut bread slices with heart-shaped cookie cutter.
34. The forced karga slices set his stomach roaring.
35. The cuts were deep and with no hesitation slices.
36. Thoroughly rinse the eggplant slices and pat dry.
37. Brown the onion slices and remove them from the.
38. Glaze when cool and sprinkle almond slices on top.
39. In the same pan brown the meat slices briefly on.
40. An electric razor can't take the slices of woo off.
41. The slices of life he caught a glimpse of from his.
42. Put a few slices of artichoke heart here and there.
43. He brought a plate piled up with slices of ham and.
44. Add slices of tomato, avocado, and onion as desired.
45. Slices of lemons and ice cubes were floating inside.
46. The pizza boxes are opened and slices are handed out.
47. In all there were a total of 8 large slices of pizza.
48. Layer 4 slices of the cheese, the meat mixture, the.
49. The next day so thick that you could cut it in slices.
50. Peel and core the apples and cut into very thin slices.
51. Yum poured pop into the bowl, and placed two slices of.
52. Cut out lemon slices and set them on top of the salmon.
53. Put chicken slices in the container; add the salt and.
54. In the Feeds and Web Slices section, click on Settings.
55. Then the slices don’t come apart properly and cleanly.
56. After a while, he cut slices of bread and started eating.
57. Raw chicken and the few remaining slices of wafer-thin ham.
58. Line mold with lady fingers or slices of stale sponge cake.
59. They picked up the slices of bread and jam and began eating.
60. These numbers are broken up into equity and nonequity slices.
61. Cut these slices further by approximately 1 to 2 millimeters.
62. When the oats are finished, top with almonds and fruit slices.
63. Use individual slices of Angel Food, preferably slightly stale.
64. For the finale, there were two large slices of chocolate cake.
65. Place half of the apple slices in the form and spread crumbs.
66. Arrange slices of tomatillos, tomatoes, and red onions in between.
67. Slice bread vertically into 10 slices without cutting completely.
68. He selects three slices of lunchmeat and one of the seven oranges.
69. Bring the milk to a boil and pour piping hot over the bread slices.
70. She poured some oil in the pan and dropped in two slices of bread.
71. Raising his eyebrows, he said, You should try the cheese slices.
72. Apollo looked at Johnny, then at Roman, and then at the apple slices.
73. Just a couple of slices of cheese pizza and two iced teas, please.
74. She returned a few minutes later with two slices of pie and a tiara.
75. While the meat is cooking, slice the french bread into eight slices.
76. Fresh bread slices -4 (made into crumbs without toasting the bread).
77. She stuffed the slices of bread and the jams into one of her parkas.
78. Bring water, onion, celery, salt, pepper, and lemon slices to a boil.
79. Goldhersh was surprised that Shapiro ate only two slices of rye toast.
80. DO NOT STIR!!!!! Dot with slices of butter and sprinkle with cinnamon.
81. Peel and wash the apples, remove the stones and cut into small slices.
82. Place the coated apple slices on each parchment covered baking sheet.
83. Three slices of pizza and a cola later, he was ready for more research.
84. The panip slices were reduced to chips by the time the karga was ready.
85. He cut off the end, and then made two slices off the rest of the stone.
86. Six slices white bread with crusts removed and soaked in a ½ cup water.
87. Spread butter over both sided of bread and cut slices of bread into half.
88. Place the apple slices in the bottom of a buttered baking dish, sprinkle.
89. The slices are beautiful because you slice into the whole fruit and nuts.
90. Scoop the silver onion blend on top of half the slices and glue together.
91. Finger size slices are dipped into a mixture of salt, sugar and chillies.
92. He jumps into the pool with her and a stab of jealously slices through me.
93. Top with about 6 slices of strawberries and a teaspoon of chocolate chips.
94. When I need a slice or two, I cut perpendicular to the way the slices run.
95. Cover with the apple slices, raisins, almonds, bread crumbs and lemon peel.
96. Cut thin slices of cheese and put them with a little butter into a saucepan.
97. Rows of sweet apple slices are topped with tart cranberries in this pretty.
98. Top with a portion of the onions and then arrange the tomato slices on the.
99. Could you cut them in slices as appetizers for your children’s supper?
100. Place slices of pork down the middle, then add a little cucumber and carrots.

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1. Slice it using a wet.
2. And he cut a huge slice.
3. Wash, cut of ends, slice.
4. Slice the top at an angle.
5. Place one slice of turkey.
6. A small slice of the future.
7. Ras was precise in his slice.
8. He got the other slice later.
9. Peel, core, and slice apples.
10. A slice of experience can be.
11. We ordered coffee and a slice.
12. String, slice thinly, and steam.
13. Thinly slice the celeriac bulb.
14. Wouldnt mind a slice of bread.
15. He ate another slice of orange.
16. Wash peel and slice the carrots.
17. You took a slice of my reality.
18. Core, peel and slice the apples.
19. Drain and slice artichoke hearts.
20. Just a small slice of the breast.
21. I took a second slice of meatloaf.
22. But there’s only one slice left.
23. Method: Slice beef into thin, 1 in.
24. Place the slice with corned beef.
25. She put the slice down and smiled.
26. A big slice, if not the whole thing.
27. Hurt myself with a slice of lettuce.
28. Nice with a slice of banana as well.
29. Within seconds the slice healed over.
30. Dig out the long roots, slice, boil.
31. Slice bananans and arrange over glaze.
32. Spread mayo on the top slice of the.
33. Tomorrow will show how to slice fish.
34. Spread mayo on the top slice of bread.
35. Slice rhubarb thinly and dry in an oven.
36. Serve with whipped cream and slice of.
37. A slice of the pie or the whole thing?
38. He scoffed the rest of the vanilla slice.
39. Slice into wedges and serve immediately.
40. He then put another slice into his mouth.
41. A slice off the roast? the boy said.
42. It wasn’t a fatal slice, but it would.
43. Slice the leek, and cut celery into dice.
44. Should've cut myself a slice of that, too.
45. Thinly slice half the onions and set aside.
46. Slice pork thinly and arrange on a platter.
47. Wash, peel, and slice thickly the potatoes.
48. They get the same guy to slice her throat.
49. A brittle slice of bread lay next to the.
50. There were cannon waiting to slice them up.
51. Indeed you may want that slice of apple pie.
52. She pulled the fat slice of bread in half.
53. He was shovel ing the next slice into his.
54. And said, 'Can I have a slice of Vaj-pie?'.
55. Damon thrust a slice at me and I dry heaved.
56. A small slice of grilled meat and vegetables.
57. Slice a chillie on one side of the chillies.
58. They had to slice off her hair to get to it.
59. The sharp edge, could slice anything in half.
60. He’d slice you in two given the slightest.
61. That is 18 calories of fat per slice of meat.
62. All he ever longed for was a slice of heaven.
63. Between the energy that swings in funny slice.
64. Peel off the foil, slice into bars and serve.
65. I prefer mine over ice with a slice of lemon.
66. This is a thin slice of his punishment for me.
67. It is best served black with a slice of lemon.
68. It is then served on a slice of Italian bread.
69. Wash, peel and slice the onion, carrot and leek.
70. He raised his eyebrows over his slice of pizza.
71. Wash and slice eggplant and sprinkle with salt.
72. Slice the bananas and sprinkle with lemon juice.
73. Yet the money game is only a slice of the story.
74. Any way we slice it this whole thing is unique.
75. He could slice it off in an instant, if need be.
76. Bev smiled at him and took another slice of meat.
77. Wishful is a little slice of Southern Americana.
78. Peel onions, chop 3 onions finely and slice the.
79. Okay daddy will give you another slice of cake.
80. When cool, slice thin and rinse under water and.
81. With a slice of luck, it might still be possible.
82. Any way you slice it, the annual rate of.
83. Fred Barnes had seen a real slice of human nature.
84. Wash and scrape and slice the carrots and turnip.
85. Decorate with the slice of pineapple and a cherry.
86. One can cut off a slice of bread, but not an army.
87. Peel and slice the apples and stir them into the.
88. He sat down, cut and buttered a slice of the loaf.
89. Cut the bacon into small dices and slice the onion.
90. Wouldn’t want the boy to slice a finger off, eh?
91. You can remove the seeds if you slice the cucumber.
92. Add a lemon slice and the remaining mint, and serve.
93. Ori offered him a slice of the bacon she was holding.
94. Slice the onion into rings and spread over the meat.
95. Slice London broil into thin slivers and sprinkle 3.
96. He swallows his bite and sets the slice on the plate.
97. Slice ice-cold butter over the form, using a cheese.
98. Slice the cucumbers very thin, 1/8 of an inch or less.
99. Unwrap and slice thinly, about 1/8-inch thick pieces.
100. Grate cucumber and slice mint leaves into thin pieces.

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