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Frasi con sn (in inglese)

  1. The station complement included BM3 Josh Christensen, BM3 Daniel Gallagher, BM3 Kyle Dupree, MK3 Les Swenson, Seaman (SN) Richard Chaney, SN Melissa Braun, and Chief Petty Officer (BMC) Michael Briner, Officer in Charge (OIC).

  1. The Benefits of Snacking.
  2. Snacking on bowls of nuts.
  3. Snacking isn’t bad, bad.
  4. This is not the time for snacking.
  5. While it is a good idea to avoid snacking in.
  6. Again, your snacking may not be the result of actual.
  7. Much of the time this snacking style of eating involves fruit.
  8. His two Guardians had been snacking close by and they quickly followed.
  9. Speed your metabolism up by snacking on foods that are calorie negative.
  10. Learning what bad snacking would cost you grants you the choice to avoid it.
  11. The debris of an evening spent slouching and snacking on the couch littered the room.
  12. Klowa used up the last of his funds snacking on the tasty morsels the Plaz's cooks turned out.
  13. The bird had been tasty, but this snacking before dinner had taken the edge off Chica's hunger.
  14. With proper portions and the correct food choices, snacking will enhance, not hinder, your diet.
  15. Snacking on apple slices with some peanut butter is an effective method to keeping your body burning fat.
  16. They returned to his place around supper time, but they had been snacking too much from the munchies to think about more food.
  17. They cooked dinner together after snacking, then Zoleka phoned Chinedu saying that she was going home, and taking Emeka with her.
  18. They pulled Ginny up and grabbed her around the waist, when the other zombie, who was snacking on Barbara Jean, decided to intervene.
  19. He filled a tankard for the redheaded man beside him; Vex, also sharing their table, only continued silently snacking on a small 59.
  20. It also helps reinforce mindful eating (the opposite of mindless snacking) because five days of meals are completely planned ahead of time.
  21. It was Agent What’shisname, the one everyone called Scooter, of all absurd things—Scooter, with the eager eyes and constant snacking on sugared carbs.
  22. For instance, I’m almost certain I suffer from undiagnosed cases of paranoia, irrational snacking, abrupt rage, and borderline clinical-level superficiality.
  23. But exercise snacking is great for days when you’re strapped for time or when you’ve planned a Zero Guilt meal that’s high in insulin-surging carbohydrates.
  24. The family was gathered in the large room with its high ceiling talking, working on a myriad of crafts and snacking on fruits that had been harvested earlier in the week.
  25. In the rest of the Universe, it is common knowledge that investment bankers are the most worthless organisms ever to exist, so I saw no reason for me to refrain from snacking on one.
  26. It helps us to recharge our energy levels in the morning, which if not boosted will make us feel tired and hungry and could end up snacking on high calorie snacks or overeat at lunch.
  27. With his ability to most of her time doing at work is snacking on strawberries,.
  1. She snacked on her dried fruit and drank from her water skin.
  2. She had taken two hard rolls from the kitchen and she snacked on them through the early morning.
  3. Oh, for sure, I ate determination for breakfast every morning, snacked on little bites of encouragement for lunch, but I drank a half bottle of wine the minute I walked into my house at 4:30PM every afternoon.
  1. Use them as a snack.
  2. That was just a snack.
  3. We just wanted a snack.
  4. Have a mid morning snack.
  5. Eating the best snack items.
  6. Try grated carrot for a snack.
  7. Where was the dam snack bar?
  8. I picked up a snack to eat it.
  10. We’ve prepared a snack for you.
  11. Grated carrot makes a great snack.
  12. We’ll go check by the snack bars.
  13. It would have made a nice snack.
  14. So she put me up a snack, and says:.
  15. Meanwhile Oztooa served a small snack.
  16. I was lucky to come across a snack bar.
  17. Good boy, Rover! Here’s a Scooby Snack.
  18. The news and snack dealer was much better.
  19. Hank called Kendra on the snack bar phone.
  20. Rebecca, we should rest up for a snack.
  21. I got home and made some Ramen for a snack.
  22. A quick snack at the pub would have to do.
  23. Snack on peanuts instead of chips or candy.
  24. It's is an addictive snack akin to popcorn.
  25. My trip back to the snack room was a breeze.
  26. I could do with a snack, said the dog.
  27. She had her arms full of salty snack foods.
  28. Tip #2: NEVER keep snack foods in the house.
  29. There are no special meal and snack timings.
  30. You wouldn’t take long to snack on anyway.
  31. She walked over to the snack bar and entered.
  32. His stomach growled a bit begging for a snack.
  33. She had bittersweet memories of that snack food.
  34. Come on then, lets fix you a late night snack.
  35. Anything else in the area would just be a snack.
  36. They are the perfect snack food; sweet and salty.
  37. Heather probably ate better for a midnight snack.
  38. Yes, of course, our family owns this snack bar.
  39. Ted prefers yoghurt as a bedtime snack these days.
  40. Alexa followed me out of the snack bar and to the.
  41. This is a great Peruvian beer snack spelled habas.
  42. Luckily there was a hole in the snack shop window.
  43. OK, thanks for the snack, the next one’s on me.
  44. You may, with this recipe create more than one snack.
  45. As long as there’s a snack bar without monsters.
  46. Corey and I went to the snack bar with high hopes of.
  47. Lily brought Nathan two water bottles and some snack.
  48. They ordered another round and something to snack on.
  49. He tried to order a cheese sandwich at the snack bar.
  50. He ate snack food and watched an '80s sci-fi marathon.
  51. There are tons of foods to snack on throughout the day.
  52. As stated earlier, I was in a snack room and not in a.
  53. The three of us exited Hank’s snack bar from the back.
  54. A snack? Why in the world would I want a snack?
  55. Naturally, I ran to the snack bar and entered it in a.
  56. Corey and I exited the snack bar and then headed to the.
  57. The snack bar was about the size of your average Burger.
  58. As soon as I entered the snack shop, I searched for food.
  59. How about some wine and a snack? I’m suddenly starving.
  60. Keith, Rhonda and Fiona trouped upstairs to the snack bar.
  61. This doesn’t mean you can’t eat it as midnight snack.
  62. Two customers entered the snack bar while we were waiting.
  63. We slowly walked to the snack bar but on our way there I.
  64. Sometimes he brings candies for the children to snack on.
  65. We entered Hank’s snack bar together then headed to the.
  66. The same can be said of chewing gum and other snack items.
  67. After his snack, which could have passed for a banquet in.
  68. I carefully carried Alexa to the nearest snack bar, which.
  69. A snack of tomato soup and tuna melt sandwiches is enjoyed.
  70. To my horror, they walked into the snack bar, not giving a.
  71. There was a liquor and soft drink bar and a snack bar area.
  72. Though I did enter a snack bar and had my fill of food and.
  73. Rhonda turned to Brian and said, Meet us in the snack bar.
  74. I walked to the nearest snack room, not kitchen located at.
  75. I had a snack down in the valley, but yes, I’m famished.
  76. As soon as I entered the snack bar the first thing I notice.
  77. As soon as we entered the snack bar I told Alexander to sit.
  78. When they are served separately they are like a fresh snack.
  79. Can we stop somewhere for a late snack on the way home?
  80. Allowing approximately 2-3 hours between each meal and snack.
  81. Finishing my snack, I paid the man who wore armbands on his.
  82. Once your blood sugar returns to normal, eat a meal or snack.
  83. Which of the following is suitable for a between meal snack?
  84. Tofu is a poor man’s snack, but that also makes it prevalent.
  85. A cute Halloween snack that is fun for kids to make and eat.
  86. This little bit of hunger is easily overcome by a healthy snack.
  87. I wanted a snack, she said, rummaging through the cupboards.
  88. You can set your watch by him: When it’s snack time at 11:00 a.
  89. It was the last time he would steal a snack from that supermarket.
  90. Low-fat dairy products may also be included with your snack foods.
  91. Those half-size pizzas are very tasty and ideal for a snack lunch.
  92. It is not wise to wait until you are starving to look for a snack.
  93. Raisins are also a very good healthy snack, but be mindful of the.
  94. For a side snack she had brought prunes with peanut butter on them.
  95. Put those bowls away, and use nuts as a garnish instead of a snack.
  96. However, being that I didn’t know anyone and could use the snack.
  97. Our hostess disappeared behind the snack counter and started cooking.
  98. Chow mein noodles form the core of this delicious and easy snack.
  99. As you reach for that snack do you grab the carrots and broccoli to.
  100. After, would you see if anyone else wants a snack? Mother asked.
  1. They also ate fewer snacks.
  2. And packets of snacks and nuts.
  3. Be selective about your snacks.
  4. Try to avoid eating late-night snacks.
  5. Let’s have our snacks and take rest.
  6. I wanted to shove the spiral snacks up his.
  7. It was very hard to eat 3 meals and 3 snacks.
  8. This has turned into one of my favorite snacks.
  9. I went to have tea and snacks in the dining hall.
  10. There were snacks, nibbles, laid out on a table.
  11. Then move on to something else, like healthy snacks.
  12. And the moms throw half the snacks they bring away.
  13. He handed around snacks which they took gratefully.
  14. The spiral-shaped, brown-coloured snacks resembled.
  15. Of course planning your snacks is the key to success.
  16. Keep healthy snacks on hand for when you give in to.
  17. After we eat our snacks, Sally was called by a student.
  18. She placed a large plate of unusual snacks on the table.
  19. She must have been very fond of snacks, for I saw a few.
  20. The sales head enjoyed his snacks as the general manager.
  21. After everyone got their snacks together, it was time to leave.
  22. There is likely to be far, far more than snacks and coffee, but.
  23. Throughout the day, you can have any number of meals and snacks.
  24. Eat healthy snacks in between and reduce your main meal portions.
  25. Mark and I were sitting inside the room with the coffee and snacks.
  26. We were seated in the drawing room; they served us teas and snacks.
  27. What’s more, it is best to respond to hunger with healthful snacks.
  28. One of the most popular snacks for weight watchers are diet smoothies.
  29. I will search the pantry for snacks and beverages as was suggested.
  30. We had our evening refreshment with a tea and snacks in Manu’s house.
  31. Literally fried foods, gorengan are the most prolific snacks in.
  32. He ate plenty in the morning so he would have no more need for snacks.
  33. The best types of foods for your snacks would be fruits and vegetables.
  34. Visit the nearest convenience store, and buy some snacks and beverages.
  35. This family better go buy more snacks – they’ll need a credit card.
  36. They come with recommendations on snacks, replacement foods and drinks.
  37. Servers dressed in candy costumes began to bring them treats and snacks.
  38. After several drinks and a few snacks, Sam invited everyone to the study.
  39. He made sure it was always stocked with bottled water and healthy snacks.
  40. That’s a lie, you were trying to steal my snacks the little boy says.
  41. She gave Gulab a nudge; she found it hard to part from the addictive snacks.
  42. Once we’d settled in, I walked back to the store in the rain to buy snacks.
  43. Chensa was in their place cluttering what would be the keg room with snacks.
  44. When we ate our snacks, Sally kept talking about my relationship with Kyoshiro.
  45. The girl with the towels suggested they came with her to the bar and for snacks.
  46. Instead, you should list some affordable and fun snacks you could give yourself.
  47. Mama's snacks? The rent is not that cheap, I thought as I left the shop with a.
  48. A pile of money and snacks grew between them, spoils in their ongoing card game.
  49. Snacks soon followed; more bread, this time potato filled, served with aubergine.
  50. The foods that are printed in red should not be eaten as snacks in between meals.
  51. This time they weren't eating snacks or drinking beverages or laughing nervously.
  52. Bridget had brought along some snacks and some soft drinks in the boot of the car.
  53. There were short rows of snacks and fishing lures and a cooler with drinks inside.
  54. After a second drink and a plate of excellent snacks, James started to really relax.
  55. This comes in processed foods, such as cheese, processed meats, breads, snacks, etc.
  56. We had brought some snacks and a bit of rum and coke and sat down to await the sun set.
  58. They decided to leave Blaze with me, along with a few snacks and a couple bottles of water.
  60. Ann was always buying snacks and then telling me to help eat them because she shouldn’t.
  61. Speaking of computers and chips, don’t you want any snacks? I have pretzels and cashews.
  62. It was easy to recognize him: he was the first one to treat himself to the snacks and coffee.
  63. Aromas of coffee and snacks filled the room and laughter resounded like the tinkle of anklets.
  64. She blinked her eyes a hundred times in protest, brought snacks from the kitchen and sat with.
  65. They crinkled wrappers belonging to candy bars and chips and various other snacks and ate them.
  66. When you go to the park, visit friends, the movies or just away from home -bring our own snacks.
  67. People were in and out picking up snacks all day, but on the plus side the coffeepot was nearby.
  68. The foods from the chart that are printed in red should never be eaten as snacks in between meals.
  69. Ed said to Madeline, Why don’t you have snacks in your bag? What sort of woman are you?
  70. Dionysus waved his hand and supplied snacks: Cheez Whiz, crackers, and several bottles of red wine.
  71. There is nothing wrong with snacks and junk food as long as they form only a small part of your diet.
  72. Consume high quality lean protein sources in all your Nutrition Plan meals and snacks during the day.
  73. I cleared some space in the shop and put up folding chairs and a trestle table for snacks and bottles.
  74. While they sat in their seats, they chatted with their neighbors and ate the snacks prepared for them.
  75. Eat small snacks throughout the day instead of large meals and eat only when you are physically hungry.
  76. We’ve covered the basics for preparing meals to be used in your 5-day meal plan, but what about snacks?
  77. There were six or seven of them and took turns offering hospitality and snacks in their homes for the game.
  78. As the children took the capsule to the center of the school, they were offered many healthy morning snacks.
  79. Peter and his friends gobbled down the desserts and fruit snacks, but he couldn’t help looking out the window.
  80. There was no sign of blood, just wet towels, snacks, and a couple of floating chairs still drifting in the water.
  81. Step 9 – Buy groceries to cover all of your planned meals and snacks for the upcoming week (Chapter 11 and 12).
  82. After paying for a shower, laundry, the Snapple, and a few snacks and incidentals, I had about fourteen bucks left.
  83. One of the main problems dieters have is that they tend to grab quick snacks on the go that are not healthy choices.
  84. In a 2013 study published in the journal Appetite, women were fed low-, moderate-, or high-protein afternoon snacks.
  85. Arriving back at the International they parked both vehicles and walked to a nearby restaurant for coffee and snacks.
  86. It is much easier to pass on the treats when you have eaten a good meal and have snacks prepared, ready to be eaten.
  87. The other new recruits had an assortment of snacks and beverages laid out on the floor around their sunken pods, too.
  88. One of the things that can get you off track is eating snacks items that are unhealthy, especially during nighttime.
  89. There was enough food to feed an army; the vessel was stacked from floor to ceiling with the children’s favorite snacks.
  90. He took a few snacks and a couple of water of bottles, he would leave with her and ask her if she wanted to be his mother.
  91. This is because, when you prolong the intervals between having a meals and snacks, it can actually encourage binge eating.
  92. I laughed with her, then shared my salty snacks as we talked about Olsen, that psycho with the twenty-four-karat-gold balls.
  93. Sweet drinks, confectionery, crisps and snacks containing refined carbohydrate, sipping acidic drinks for prolonged periods.
  94. The pavements were crowded with Zorbans hurrying past the shops and the many stalls selling newspapers, hot food, and snacks.
  95. Dean offered the children a few snacks that they could take with them; cotton candy worms, mac-A-doodles, and crackling eggs.
  96. This will not only save time preparing additional snacks, it will ensure that you have something healthy to grab between meals.
  97. Sally and I study few terms for the test while eating our snacks, while Kyoshiro, on other hand, is sitting down doing nothing.
  98. Well in the meantime, there’s coffee, cold drinks and snacks over there, as he pointed to a small room off to the right.
  99. Then he thought about getting some drinks and snacks for the hotel room, as he knew it had a small refrigerator and a microwave.
  100. Often I saw trays going up to him at odd hours, laden with meagre nursery snacks - rusks, glasses of milk, bananas, and so forth.

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