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Frasi con sonorous (in inglese)

Sharma said with her sonorous voice.
Surprisingly deep and sonorous for such a small man.
Raskolnikoff recognized the young man's sonorous accents.
The commandingly sonorous quality of his deep bass voice.
But there can be no question that the Latin is more sonorous.
Deep in the vehicle could be heard a youthful, sonorous laugh.
His firm, sonorous, and unexpected voice made every one start.

Act II, SceneIII, of which the first is in the sonorous, high-.
Campoamordisliked Byron and he disliked still more the sonorous.
Homer’s voice is very sonorous, but I wouldn’t say it’s overloud.
Power into His hands and raising it above His head, utters in a few sonorous.
My lord bishop, men of Kingsbridge, friends, he said in his sonorous voice.
Still Sunita’s sweet and sonorous voice was reverberated in my ears again and again.
The words which characterize it in administrative language are sonorous and dignified.
And sometimes in the middle of the night I would awake to hear the snore of the sonorous.
She sang the reprise and her alto voice was rich and sonorous, as her speech was soothing.
The party passed among amusing pleasantries, very sonorous laughs and interesting anecdotes.
Some few words passed between them in that sonorous language in which Homer makes his gods converse.
Jonathan now placed himself behind the lectern, cleared his throat and announced in a sonorous voice:.
It was a sonorous, harmonious, flexible dialect whose vowels seemed to undergo a highly varied accentuation.
His voice was a fine one, sonorous and sympathetic, and there was something genuine and simple in the very sound of it.
He recalls having pronounced enthusiastically not a silent “Lord, let it be so”, but a sonorous “Lord, it is so”.
The commandingly sonorous quality of his deep bass voice still ringing in Moshe’s mind made him feel somehow diminished.
One of Lydgate's gifts was a voice habitually deep and sonorous, yet capable of becoming very low and gentle at the right moment.
Thinking Stone's deep and sonorous voice rang cleanly through Danny's mind, ‘What you saw actually happened - but over millennia.
Haidee looked up abruptly, as if the sonorous tones of Monte Cristo's voice had awakened her from a dream; and she resumed her narrative.
Sonorous birdsong is all there is to be heard, a poetry of twittering, unpretentious stanzas, a ballad, a littany, a war against silence.
And this way, when more bewildered I was, I listened to the authoritarian and sonorous voice of the young that was claiming the presence of the guard.
You are here at last, Sandra Nox! announced Lady Chimaera in a sonorous voice, her long blond hair slightly waving at the graceful motion of her arms.
Shop-boys in caps were cleaning up the shop-fronts, and women with baskets against their hips, at intervals uttered sonorous cries at the corners of streets.
So rain on my parade – Then its your treat at Crabby Bills today, I said trying unsuccessfully to capture the deep sonorous rumble of Langdons voice.
This sound, faint at first, then precise, then heavy and sonorous, approached slowly, without halt, without intermission, with a tranquil and terrible continuity.
I sat, therefore, beside the empty fireplace, and listened to a sonorous chiming clock somewhere down the passage which gurgled and struck every quarter of an hour.
Lord Grimsby had not yet entered the room, but from behind the curtains that covered the door of Lord Grimsby’s private apartment rolled Lord Grimsby’s sonorous voice.
But instead of these words a bray came from his throat, so sonorous and so prolonged that all the spectators laughed, and more especially all the children who were in the theater.
I could see that the unfortunate doctor was in the last stage of indecision, from which he was rescued by the deep, sonorous voice of the red-bearded Duke, which boomed out like a dinner-gong.
Emma carved, put bits on his plate with all sorts of coquettish ways, and she laughed with a sonorous and libertine laugh when the froth of the champagne ran over from the glass to the rings on her fingers.
He chanted as he flew, and the car responded with sonorous drone; the miles were eaten up under him as he sped he knew not whither, fulfilling his instincts, living his hour, reckless of what might come to him.
Colonel Aureliano Buendía released a sonorous belch which brought back the acidity of the soup to his palate and which was like a command from his organism to throw his blanket over his shoulders and go to the toilet.
Forward, with God! said Bagratión, in a resolute, sonorous voice, turning for a moment to the front line, and slightly swinging his arms, he went forward uneasily over the rough field with the awkward gait of a cavalryman.

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