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Frasi con sourness (in inglese)

  1. A line of peppered sourness began to uncurl in his stomach.
  2. I dragged myself into the house and my insides squirmed, sourness from the day’s events eating me from the inside out.
  3. Ferrars was a little, thin woman, upright, even to formality, in her figure, and serious, even to sourness, in her aspect.
  4. Once more the evening lifted and it wasn't long before enchantment came again, pushing away the sourness of the afternoon and for a moment I felt there was only me and Alessandra in the room.
  5. And sure as I stood there, Lancelot’s Hands play’d about my Thighs, his Fingers began to twine in my womanly Vegetation whilst his Tongue danced along my Scar, cooling its Rage and sweetening its Sourness.

  6. There was probably a little sourness in that, Duchairn thought, given what a huge percentage of new rifle production had been poured into the task of rearming the vast Harchongese army wintering along the Holy Langhorne Canal.
  7. Cole was gone, he seated me near him, when now his face changed upon me, into an expression of the most pleasing sweetness and good humour, the most remarkable for its sudden shift from the other extreme, which I found afterwards, when I knew more of his character, was owing to a habitual state of conflict with, and dislike of himself, for being enslaved to so peculiar a lust, by the fatality of a constitutional ascendant, that rendered him incapable of receiving any pleasure, till he submitted to these extraordinary means of procuring it at the hands of pain, whilst the constancy of this repining consciousness stamped at length that cast of sourness and severity on his features: which was, in fact, very foreign to the natural sweetness of his temper.

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