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    spinning top

    1. There were spinning tops for Daniel and a doll for Leah

    2. Once I was close enough I saw Kid Mojo bangin’ windmills and Blazin' was twisting spinning top backspins right next to him; they were tornadoes of gray and black on the shuffleboard courts, rotating shades of gray were taking over the pavement

    3. The fish swam in small circles, hour by hour, day by day, a spinning top in a world without gravity, until one day it bored a hole into the water itself and therein vanished

    4. The crimson cloud balanced like a spinning top for an instant, whirling in a dazzling sheen on its point

    5. They both watched the screen as the destroyer, while wobbling like a spinning top when it slows down, started to ascend toward the roof of the building

    6. I could hear a whirring sound, like a spinning top, but nobody said anything

    7. The spinning tops bounced and shot all over the room

    8. Viewed from the correct angle, with the palace spire behind it, the Old Theatre gave the impression of an enormous child’s spinning top

    9. Time runs a little line as I indicated forming singularity and runs through the centre of the spinning top as an axis, while it in itself is motionless, eternally with all ells spinning

    10. Seeing our spinning top from the top, there are four quarters opposing each other and by that opposing one another

    11. This is because the Earth's axis is not steady but is subject to a slow wobble, just as a spinning top while spinning will also begin to sway drunkenly as it moves around the floor

    12. This method will eliminate days that might appear more as Spinning Tops when viewed with the surrounding data

    13. Even though the candle following the Engulfing candle was an unimpressive Spinning Top, a small rising window along with the close over the high of the Engulfing candle showed enough strength to confirm the reversal

    14. As %K reached the presignal buy area, notice that a Spinning Top and a Hanging Man formed

    15. As price continued its decline, a Spinning Top formed on July 1, followed by a Doji on July 2

    16. The Tri Star patterns break down into Spinning Tops, which are indicative of the market indecision (Figure 3-83 and 3-84)

    17. The third day is a Spinning Top and most probably a star

    18. However, the third day is a Spinning Top, and most likely a star

    19. After an uptrend, a series of days such as a Shooting Star, Spinning Tops, or Gravestone Doji can produce topping tendencies

    20. Doji, Hanging Man, Shooting star, Spinning Top, or some other indecision candle, the message is indecision and loss of traction at a pivot point

    21. In fact, if it were not for the small white Spinning Top day, a Morning Star bullish reversal pattern would have represented the bottom

    22. There are three types of indecision candles worth discussing: doji, Harami, and Spinning Top

    23. In this example, the candlesticks were also signaling the potential for a reversal with two Spinning Tops (dojis with long upper and lower shadows) in the first one and a very long upper shadow on the second

    24. With a Spinning Top doji on that level, a move higher Monday could confirm another reversal back higher

    25. Time! Time is all! So I have made an engine that, like Leviathan, can twist all Time like a spinning top

    26. Tornadoes can sound like a spinning top or engine and have been heard up to 40km (25 miles) away

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