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    1. People were regrouping, their cold and spiritless faces turned to Alessandra

    2. He looked up at her with wearied, spiritless eyes as she gently took hold of him and lead him to one of the bedrolls to sit more comfortably

    3. Rosemary went without another word, pale and spiritless

    4. These works are said to awaken the bourgeoisie, sluggish and spiritless, out of their stupor of complacency

    5. The sense of possible becomes spiritless

    6. I read lying down, too spiritless to sit up; and Johanna in the kitchen, who has dined on pig and beer, washes up with the clatter of exuberant energy, singing while she does so in a voice that shakes the house that once she _liebte ein Student

    7. Her distant German home and its spiritless inhabitants were objects only of her good-natured shrugs

    8. "But I suppose," Ingeborg said to herself as she crept into her bed that night in the spiritless mood called philosophical, for Ilse was her stay and refuge, and to have her not speaking to her, to feel she had hurt her, was a grievous thing, a thing when one is weary very like the last straw--"I suppose it's all really only a part of B

    9. Her eyes were red, her eyelids heavy with tears, her face was pinched and narrower, the corners of her mouth had a most piteous droop, her very hair, pushed back off her forehead, seemed sad, and hung in spiritless masses about her neck and ears

    10. He sighed, and then said, in a spiritless tone, "Just as you like, Sir

    11. He was incapable of heroism, weak, banal, more spiritless than a woman, avaricious too, and cowardly

    12. And who would have thought that spiritless old Frank would get himself mixed up in the hot-headed doings of the Klan? Even at this minute, he might be dead

    13. If it were only a boy! A fine boy, not a spiritless little creature like Wade

    14. At the further end the great churn could be seen revolving, and its slip-slopping heard—the moving power being discernible through the window in the form of a spiritless horse walking in a circle and driven by a boy

    15. By the time they reached home she was contrite and spiritless

    16. The soup would be sent round in a most spiritless manner, wine drank without any smiles or agreeable trifling, and the venison cut up without supplying one pleasant anecdote of any former haunch, or a single entertaining story, about “my friend such a one

    17. Oh! mama, how spiritless, how tame was Edward’s manner in reading to us last night! I felt for my sister most severely

    18. Everything has always been petty and spiritless

    19. I should have jeered at myself ever afterwards: "So you funked it, you funked it, you funked the real thing!" On the contrary, I passionately longed to show all that "rabble" that I was by no means such a spiritless creature as I seemed to myself

    20. What could ail the lad to be so changed, so spiritless? Was his love so deep that to be weaned from Judith for even a few short hours could break his spirit thus? Or was it possible that the duel and the fatigues of that midnight encounter had been too much for his strength? Lindley could answer none of these questions, so the lover’s thoughts soon strayed back to Mistress Judith, and the player’s lad was forgot

    21. From every sort of evidence, I confess I am myself of the same opinion, and am fully persuaded that this farce, which has been acting at Washington, will terminate in a full proof of imbecility and spiritless temper of the actors

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    meek spiritless abject subservient debasing disheartening humiliating