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Frasi con spy (in inglese)

  1. A spy, a spy! '.
  2. Unseen by the spy, Mr.
  3. He was the rebel spy.
  4. That makes you a spy.
  5. The Spy and the Robot.
  6. The SPY got above 138.
  7. They had a spy in camp.
  8. A spy with a conscience.
  9. Perhaps he was a spy.
  10. Did he spy on her, Mr.
  11. Again to spy on her?’.
  12. If you came here to spy.
  13. Let’s say I am a spy.
  14. He wanted to spy on Sorren.
  15. Old Tomnoddy can't spy me!.
  16. It can't be, said the spy.
  17. This spy says he is an Elf.
  18. But you spy on them?
  19. I hope he’s not a spy.
  20. I sent you to spy on them.
  21. I could be a spy for the King.
  22. The stranger, but not the spy.
  23. The spy was beginning to panic.
  24. If you spy anything else you.
  25. SPY | Same as the S&P 500 (1x).
  26. Gabby had been used as the spy.
  27. If you came here to spy on.
  28. A spy network in the hospital.
  29. Then when the SPY got above 138.
  30. She was a spy, Colonel Vashti.
  31. The SPY option prices in Figure 7.
  32. That she is a spy for the King.
  33. You’re a Nazi whore and a spy.
  34. Chart The chart of SPY in Figure 7.
  35. My spy could not tell me anything.
  36. Who sent you to spy on me?
  37. I’m a spy for the Resistance.
  38. You’re not here to spy on us.
  39. BLOOM: (Ooints to the navvy) A spy.
  40. The Glass Beacon a WW2 spy thriller.
  41. It seems we have a spy amongst us.
  42. He also implied there would be spy.
  43. Have you come to spy upon us?
  44. To spy an I can hear my Thisby's face.
  45. She was using me to spy, she sobbed.
  46. Eyre? Victor said she was a rebel spy.
  47. We'll go up the cliffs and spy on her.
  48. SPY had a moderate implied volatility.
  49. Lathgertha had declared her to be a spy.
  50. There were two major spy rings in the U.
  51. Charisian spy, he repeated softly.
  52. The Agent and spy stopped at the doorway.
  53. I’m not a spy, he returned hotly.
  54. Now should he go and spy out the house?
  55. One spy looked at the other with a smile.
  56. In the S&P 500 (SPY) example in Figure 13.
  57. I’m a spy! There, I’ve admitted it.
  58. Imagine you are a spy behind enemy lines.
  59. Or that I wasn’t a spy for either side.
  60. At one hundred feet, he was able to spy.
  61. Next, a new spy probe was launched, 848.
  62. Chart Example The chart of SPY in Figure 7.
  63. On the daily, SPY is in an uptrend channel.
  64. Could be a spy, said Flower, quietly.
  65. There was a spy hole between two boulders.
  66. Meanwhile, Tris will be playing the spy.
  67. The Spy returned immediately, with two men.
  68. According to him, I was Pougatcheff’s spy.
  69. Santa Spy and the Merry Elves of Eavesdrop.
  70. She wasn’t there to spy on drug smuggling.
  71. You don't know him, said the spy, quickly.
  72. They said my Mum was a foreigner and a spy.
  73. She is dressed like she is some sort of spy.
  74. So you were nothing but a nasty spy?
  75. Shall we kill him, sir? Perhaps he is a spy.
  76. And then a week later, FDR hung him as a spy.
  77. There is no eye of spy to witness except God.
  78. Finding the Third Force spy may be difficult.
  79. We can launch the spy probe when you wish.
  80. By 1919 he was employed by the Army as a spy.
  81. She was to blame that a spy had been admitted.
  82. It was a Russian spy, who’s been kicked out.
  83. His little spy was about to take his last trip.
  84. You spy your sister at the center of the storm.
  85. Fair enough… I am here because I was a spy.
  86. You can also use it to spy on your competition.
  87. I want to be the spy who came in from the cold.
  88. In The Spy Next Door: The Extraordinary Secret.
  89. I didn’t say anything about her being a spy.
  90. Businesses used them to spy on other businesses.
  91. I realize that spy ware and viruses create jobs.
  92. Ash walked towards cover, silently, in spy nature.
  93. He has come to spy out our works, the cursed.
  94. Nurian, yes, Larocka said, but not a spy.
  95. We will discuss the most important levels in SPY.
  96. He can be used as a spy, or as a super soldier.
  97. What tells me that you are not here as a spy?
  98. She is no more a spy for the Germans than you are.
  99. The spy wouldn’t be answering any more questions.
  100. Action/adventure? Spy movies? Horror? Bewitched?
  1. You are not spying on.
  2. I wasn't spying on them.
  3. Ralph liked spying on women.
  4. When Irish eyes are spying.
  5. Why are you spying on us!’.
  6. Corey wasn't spying on Cynthia.
  7. He suggests a system of spying.
  8. Are you spying on the Hall?
  9. Of course, she’s spying on us.
  10. Well, maybe he was spying on her.
  11. Spying from the rooftop he saw a.
  12. No one was spying on him this time.
  13. No one had mentioned spying before.
  14. She was going to spying on him too.
  15. Will you stop spying on me?
  16. You’ve been spying on me?
  17. Spying on this one and that one.
  18. Was he spying on you before?
  19. I’m not spying, Montse said.
  20. She smiled, "Are you spying on me?".
  21. It was as if she were spying on him.
  22. I have put up with your spying on me.
  23. What if he begins spying upon you?’.
  24. That sounds a little like spying on.
  25. Spying carries a mandatory death sentence.
  26. They’d never entrust a spying mission to.
  27. They could be spying on them for all I know.
  28. Mouffetard, and was spying on his proceedings.
  29. I thought she was spying on us, or had come.
  30. He looked around the room, at the spying eyes.
  31. They were constantly snooping and spying on U.
  32. You have been spying on her, and have the tapes.
  33. Vanity was better than spying for Special Branch.
  34. Could not write you earlier on account of spying.
  35. But Othello did not begin hiding, spying, peeping.
  36. I didn't want they thought I was spying on them!.
  37. Yigal, upon spying Moshe, charged up to him in the.
  38. Curse that dirty little hound! he's simply spying me.
  39. Denunciation and spying have poisoned the atmosphere.
  40. She's spying on us, but she's one of the Devil's own.
  41. He mentioned spying on a number of occasions, unless.
  42. Why is mummy spying on you? What is this spying?
  43. But, spying, as I advanced, the spire, peeping over the.
  44. I didn’t trust Michael not to try his spying game again.
  45. The penalty is death for spying at Stavka, you know that.
  46. When they returned from spying out the land, at the end of.
  47. What were you little twit doing there? Spying on me?
  48. Daniel didn’t want her to think he had been spying on her.
  49. Jeff said, Yes, I’m dead serious about this spying stuff.
  50. We don't need it and I want this spying eye off my department.
  51. Spying on the boys had certainly proved to be very educational.
  52. The penalty for spying is death, but that is too good for you.
  53. More than once we suspected someone of following or spying on us.
  54. Stunning Insights into Bush's lies about illegal domestic spying.
  55. I find the idea of a child spying on her classmates to be pitiful.
  56. Evidently, he was spying on her from the alley behind their house.
  57. Were those bastards spying on Caitlin? Were they filming her?
  58. Who said anything about spying? asked the King, triumphantly.
  59. Spying Nekhludoff he looked up without rising and extended his hand.
  60. Jeremy Foster was spying for me, why would he kill Dan Arkin? He.
  61. As he left, I realized that I should also start spying on our father.
  62. I wouldn’t want the two of them to think I had been spying on them.
  63. I think you are spies, spying on Aramell and the forces of the right.
  64. Shireen said they charged my brother with spying under Article 106.
  65. If we can catch him spying then we can hang him and the Germans will.
  66. He does not know the difference between spying and washing windows’.
  67. I think Reynolds has been spying on us for a long time, said Knox.
  68. She entered the restaurant, and spying us, she walked over to the table.
  69. Spying on the American program is fair game but I draw the line at that.
  70. Spying the two of them from across the room, Samantha signaled a greeting.
  71. Spies were always sniffing around, spying and prying and trying to break in.
  72. The eternal vigilance of liberty is apparently 24/7 spying on your neighbor.
  73. Jonathan finishes his thoughts, I didn’t want to risk spying any longer.
  74. He’s probably been spying for his government for the last year, maybe more.
  75. But that has nothing to do with spying or war or bravery, Chestnut said.
  76. They did say that the abductors had been spying on us since ‘who knows when.
  77. This is what spying on citizens not only creates in the watched, but also is, i.
  78. He seemed to be looking around in a daze spying for the three who stayed behind.
  79. Sinking to the floor, groaning, she realized that someone had been spying on her.
  80. But it’s not my predilection to go spying on single men in their private moments.
  81. She said that she had called the police complaining about her neighbor spying on her.
  82. I was in trouble – he’d caught me spying on his daughter and was obviously upset.
  83. Lars knew what it felt like when someone was spying on you and it felt more like that.
  84. There is no one for spying on people's actions like those who are not concerned in them.
  85. She was however too polite and respectful of others to try anything like spying on them.
  86. The old man is not out spying this afternoon by the looks of it, he said to Walden.
  87. I think it was her idea to keep the help from spying on her when she walked in the garden.
  88. The next morning some angry townsfolk, who had been spying on them, tore her from her bed.
  89. We found out today that Laplante is a psyonic and was spying on the debates of the council.
  90. I was growing fond of Medusa, despite that fact that she was spying on me and everyone else.
  91. The sun hovered directly overhead spying with its great orange eye over the O’Grady stead.
  92. But he lost it when he started calling in sick and accusing his colleagues of spying on him.
  93. He leered about at the cowering individuals before spying Koke and saying, Times up matey.
  94. He was spying on us! I didn’t have any choice! Molloy would have done it, if I hadn’t.
  95. Did you question the boy? Perhaps it was one of the children she had seen spying on her.
  96. Was he spying on me? Eavesdropping on my conversation with Hawke? I wouldn’t put it past him.
  97. Oh yeah, Kurt? What about you hiding in a secret room spying on me, huh? What about that?
  98. He stops in his tracks and looks around to see if any of the other guests or reporters are spying.
  99. The others on probation are spying on one another with jealous eagerness, and bring reports to me.
  100. Because in spite of being a treacherous, spying, and quite possibly thieving blaggard, you aren’t.
  1. Being spied on riled him.
  2. He spied the syringe on the.
  3. I can't bear to be spied upon.
  4. The Lord on His throne I spied.
  5. In fact, I confess that I spied.
  6. I spied on them from the stairs.
  7. Dakin, going up her yard, spied Mrs.
  8. Beyond the wall Elowen spied roofs.
  9. He turned and spied around the corner.
  10. This was what happened when you spied.
  11. He spied a small collection of crumbs.
  12. I soon spied the village in the distance.
  13. But Grandma Lucy spied their conversation.
  14. She opened one eye, spied him, and then.
  15. We spied him through a hole in the floor.
  16. He spied in the distance several figures.
  17. Fear of tracking/being spied on with HTML 4%.
  18. As I entered the Stores grounds I spied Roy.
  19. As soon as he spied his next great love and.
  20. All those girls you spied on, said Arin.
  21. Then she spied something shimmer over his head.
  22. Soon enough, to the west, they spied a dreary.
  23. Deek spied his fellow officer almost immediately.
  24. Then he spied another maid sweeping with a broom.
  25. Whoever it was could have spied on her for hours.
  26. Was he chained to a floor somewhere, being spied.
  27. The stranger should not be followed or spied upon.
  28. Very few guards could be spied on the battlements.
  29. He spied two shadows stretched over the icy ground.
  30. I even spied on the two of you but nothing happened.
  31. They were horrified that they were being spied upon.
  32. Adjusting her dress she spied herself in the mirror.
  33. She had been spied upon for some time, but by him?
  34. Looking quickly around, he spied a small rodent as.
  35. The first time, he spied me, took a quick look, and.
  36. How would the victims know they were being spied on?
  37. Inside they spied their host picking herbs for lunch.
  38. In the barrenness of the terrain, he spied a single.
  40. Large numbers could be seen streaming in as he spied.
  41. Once they spied upon me, they seemed satisfied and left.
  42. With water rising higher he spied a tall gum-tree nearby.
  43. In the dim light he spied the top of a fire escape ladder.
  44. Just then Reverend Keller spied three men entering the bar.
  45. Garcia spied the table where Kletsova and Niki were sitting.
  46. She spied above several butterflies in formation above her.
  47. Billy squirmed away with a shout of delight as he spied the.
  48. They're probably the same scouts that spied on us yesterday.
  49. Like the last time he spied a plate of food in the microwave.
  50. Teller spied it from some distance but did not cross the road.
  51. Veronique spied a patch of olive trees a few hundred feet away.
  52. They carefully peered around the edge of the rocks and spied.
  53. Elowen spied a few anchored trawlers and barges, the low line.
  54. The ghost seems to have spied us and probably won't come to-.
  55. They’re probably the same scouts that spied on us yesterday.
  56. His Korean friend had spied a gathering of larger plants, the.
  57. A short distance down the road he spied the trail that he had.
  58. In the osiers which fringed the bank he spied a swallow sitting.
  59. Billy had been looking thoughtful since he had first spied the.
  60. I"m probably paranoid, but I think I"m being watched, spied on.
  61. As she neared the edge of a clearing she spied the music maker.
  62. Locke spied the stun gun in the corner opposite Hamilton’s cell.
  63. Andore spied it first, the slow coalescing of the distant darkness.
  64. He spied Lord Tarak on the balcony, watching Lady Rayne ride away.
  65. Laws spied on Cassie at dinner and made sure she knew he was there.
  66. Scanning the countryside, Doran spied a farmhouse with the lights on.
  67. At last he spied her, but there was a sudden falling of his mercury.
  68. He spied Olin engaged in the work of repairing a passenger car step.
  69. It was close to dinnertime when Kate spied him returning to the mesa.
  70. Up ahead, he spied between the rows of parked cars, an alley cutting.
  71. As Credit attempted to see through the throng, he unexpectedly spied.
  72. It was Smitty who first spied the little cart coming down the hallway.
  73. Encased in a polka dot bathrobe she fretted as she spied the policeman.
  74. On the way in, I spied a gentleman carrying groceries looking perplexed.
  75. Coming from the mountains foothills, we spied the whiteness of the sand.
  76. From this high vantage, he spied a lady making her way across the square.
  77. When they reached the edge of the ravine, they spied Credit at the bottom.
  78. She thought she spied a stolen glance or two from him but couldn't be sure.
  79. I spied you at college once or twice but you scuttled away obviously not.
  80. Then she spied him, darting behind a tree, moving toward her in the darkness.
  81. I followed the scent and sounds, found it, and spied on it for a few moments.
  82. As we moved closer to these hills, I spied caves seen on our earlier journey.
  83. Panic took hold for just a moment before he spied Max not four foot from him.
  84. Over his shoulder he spied the colorful lights adorning the house on the hill.
  85. Then suddenly one of the slave-drivers spied the two figures by the road-side.
  86. Shouting in alarm, the four took to their heels, and then the black spied Tarzan.
  87. He spied a particularly irritating slab of cement that was close to the bank and.
  88. I spied a beautiful young lady with auburn tresses standing near the end of my bed.
  89. I had no intensions of being spied, as it would’ve spoiled the rather marvel ous.
  90. As he scanned the mountain flanks for a canyon that might contain water, he spied a.
  91. Scott spied one that looked woven from the same kind of bamboo used for the skylight.
  92. Clayton spied the black plastic garbage bags where they lay torn and open on the ground.
  93. Rancid spied what looked like a long metal shank, or screwdriver between Charles fingers.
  94. Looking quickly around, he spied a small rodent as it rapidly scurried into a nearby hole.
  95. Scanning the rough outbuildings, they spied the small lean-to barn occupied by a single cow.
  96. She brought the brandy, and over her shoulder he spied Tom's champagne cases in the corridor.
  97. On their way back out of the barn, Andrea spied a sturdy wooden ladder set back in the corner.
  98. Notice that Bush's and his cohorts' assertions that the NSA only spied on communications with.
  99. Gloria let out a sigh of relief when she spied her friend carrying a huge tray of baked goods.
  100. Once, as the little troop frolicked on the lawn, Mitzi spied a bulldog coming down the street.
  1. I had my spies check.
  2. He must rely on spies.
  3. The Orcs and spies of the.
  4. I know you both have spies.
  5. We are supposed to be spies.
  6. Heaven has it's spies too.
  7. I have news from our spies.
  8. Joshua said to the two spies:.
  9. Damn paper has spies everywhere.
  10. These people could all be spies.
  11. You think he spies on us?
  12. She asked the spies to save her.
  13. The note was signed, August Spies.
  14. His spies had warned him how the.
  15. I had spies watching you, Tobias.
  16. We're not spies! We were only on a.
  17. The caller said he was August Spies.
  18. An outside company might have spies.
  19. Who the hell are you, August Spies?
  20. Ten of the spies filled the people.
  21. They're all spies, infiltrating all.
  22. Spies eh? That’s the usual charge.
  23. He sent out spies to all the tribes:.
  24. Only he knows who the spies are, and.
  25. I see, we could use some good spies.
  26. He was in league with the rebel spies.
  27. They have spies, it seems, everywhere.
  28. The spies were not only his eyes and.
  29. When the spies returned to the people.
  30. Government spies are sent to trap them.
  31. I propose to sent two spies to Jericho.
  32. Beaufort had spies in places like this.
  33. Soon I became aware that spies of many.
  34. These children are not spies, my Lord.
  35. My spies will be there in various guises.
  36. By the phoney spies, The Ghoul said.
  37. Inez and Isaac though- they're the spies.
  38. Two of the spies contradicted this advice.
  39. Many are the spies and agents of the enemy.
  40. What were August Spies going to pull now?
  41. But there were two spies who were different.
  42. Many former slaves worked as scouts or spies.
  43. Spies, moles, whatever you want to call it.
  44. As you can see, my spies are better than his.
  45. It was a feast for the spies of the Dark One.
  46. What does she have to do with August Spies?
  47. Russian spies in Canada and all that nonsense.
  48. Spies are among the smartest liars in the world.
  49. My spies report three of them in the Forest.
  50. Of course it’s secret, we’re super spies.
  51. One of them was a teacher named August Spies.
  52. He told you that he had spies in Anahuac?
  53. Spies were sent to investigate the Promised Land.
  54. She spies a stray cookie crumb fall to the floor.
  55. Has not my brother scented spies in the woods?
  56. The name August Spies hadn’t been released yet.
  57. His spies had been at work in the Gascoigne manor.
  58. When he is Khan, he will probably renew the spies.
  59. Joshua sent two spies into the city of Jericho to.
  60. This was where father’s spies had been tortured.
  61. Even spies should have respect for the elders, he.
  62. She was being watched but the spies assumed that T.
  63. His spies had warned him how the clever Anointed on.
  64. Maybe she travels with a whole gang of Russian spies.
  65. So, he had his most trusted and loyal spies working.
  66. I would much prefer if you let us handle the spies.
  67. One of the ways that Underworlder spies communicated.
  68. Next, she stands on his tongue and spies the littlest.
  69. Scouts or spies were sent out ahead of the main force.
  70. His occupation was the management of Government spies.
  71. She’d been killed, not by Steve but by August Spies.
  72. Two of the twelve spies brought back a positive report.
  73. Practically speaking it is the temporary power of spies.
  74. She’s a bit of a knock-out from what my spies tell me.
  75. With that decision the spies left early the next morning.
  76. The Overload showed no fear of the possibility of spies.
  77. Our first mission will be to eliminate their five spies.
  78. I continued to send out spies, but fewer were returning.
  79. Everywhere there are spies and servants of the Redeemers.
  80. Have 'em out, there! Spies! Pull 'em out, there! Spies!.
  81. They were found guilty of treason—of being rebel spies.
  82. I have thought that Conan might well be one of his spies.
  83. You are spies making it all up to try and save your necks.
  84. Having INWARD SPIES, making use of officials of the enemy.
  85. Since the dwarfs had no other spies, being spy-chief was.
  86. The Russian spies have discovered where the nuclear ware-.
  87. Later on, Spies was shown not to have even been at Haymarket.
  88. I have made your net of spies into a sanctuary for seekers.
  89. So now you’ve moved on to spies? she said skeptically.
  90. We should expect spies keeping a close tab on us all the time.
  91. I did wonder if they were spies and who might have sent them.
  92. I’ve sent spies to find out exactly what they’re up to.
  93. Spies and messengers surrounded the king from the front lines.
  94. The people were swayed by the negative report of the ten spies.
  95. Beggars placed spies in every port across the Known World, but.
  96. This performance was watched by Egyptian spies and demons alike.
  97. The spies went in, saw the goodness in the land, and yet came.
  98. The spies also found out about the patrol that had disappeared.
  99. But the spies seized upon this as a pretext for assailing Jesus.
  100. Spies! with many compliments too numerous and forcible to repeat.

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