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    1. He continued to curse the dog that dared to stalk his halls

    2. He continued to curse the dog that dared to stalk his halls this early in the day, but thought better of raising his voice in anger when he saw the shaggy shape of the bear that marked Citizen Danton out from the usual visitors

    3. "How long will it stalk us?" he asked

    4. She wondered if she could stalk another step closer

    5. Ken steps back out into the corridor and watches Maggie stalk back to the bar

    6. The flat spray of flowers waved at the end of its long stalk as though protesting at such cavalier treatment

    7. On the banks of this brook I found many pleasant savannahs or meadows, plain, smooth, and covered with grass; and on the rising parts of them, next to the higher grounds, where the water, as might be supposed, never overflowed, I found a great deal of tobacco, green, and growing to a great and very strong stalk

    8. the sapling’s base, severing its thin stalk in one stroke

    9. They can stalk me all day for all I care

    10. I saw a man strip an ear of corn from a stalk, open it, then check its growth

    11. He was as thin as a wheat stalk and the hair on top of his head was almost nonexistent

    12. The flower is cut and then distilled or dried, and the stalk is - for distillation purposes - thrown away

    13. 'But, when you did what you did, did you think you were trying to cut the flower from the stalk? The head from the body?' She shook her head

    14. “I stalk the darkness and serve to dispose of

    15. The West African medal may well be hung on a ribbon of yellow and black, as fever and death stalk hand in hand in effective combination

    16. If she could have found a stalk of wheat to chew on, it would be dangling from her mouth

    17. For as the scythe cuts through the stalk,

    18. My well-favored stalk of wheat, set up as an oak in the midst of this polluted and diseased field

    19. ‘The leopard is an agile climber and will often stalk monkeys in the trees, or it will lie in wait on a limb and wait for some terrestrial animal to pass

    20. So he used what he thought was a quite practical way of keeping track of his whereabouts: he took off his cloak and cloth shirt and hanged the white linen shirt on a tall yet thin green stalk; he decided he would stray only as far as he could keep an eye on his shirt

    21. When the first one got to a certain height and distance, I figured it was a stalk, or cane of some plant material

    22. a stalk of my mother-of-millions —

    23. change our pants, we continued the stalk

    24. 5 And he awoke, and he slept again and he dreamed a second time, and he saw and note seven ears of corn came up on one stalk, rank and good, and seven thin ears blasted with the east wind sprang, up after them, and the thin ears swallowed up the full ones, and Pharaoh awoke out of his dream

    25. 10 And that which you did see in the second dream of seven full good ears of corn coming up on one stalk, this is their interpretation, that you will build to yourself in the latter days seven cities throughout the land of Egypt; and that which you saw of the seven blasted ears of corn springing up after them and swallowing them up while you did see them with your eyes, is for a sign that the cities which you will build will all be destroyed in the latter days, in the life-time of the king

    26. “But his aptitude as a Sentry is even greater! His woodscraft in particular is almost miraculous! With no use of the power, he can stalk close enough to a rabbit to catch it by hand!”

    27. 5 And he awoke and he slept again and he dreamed a second time and he saw and note seven ears of corn came up on one stalk rank and good and seven thin ears blasted with the east wind sprang up after them and the thin ears swallowed up the full ones and Pharaoh awoke out of his dream

    28. 10 And that which you did see in the second dream of seven full good ears of corn coming up on one stalk this is their interpretation that you will build to yourself in the latter days seven cities throughout the land of Egypt; and that which you saw of the seven blasted ears of corn springing up after them and swallowing them up while you did see them with your eyes is for a sign that the cities which you will build will all be destroyed in the latter days in the life-time of the king

    29. As soon as we were settled, Roy would stalk from behind his desk, walk toward the large oil painting of Duncan Hines at the end of his great office until he reached his seat at the head of the table

    30. After I finished with the petals, I ate its yellow center till down to the stalk

    31. The dead are out, I can sense them, As they stalk

    32. Hannaford seemed to find this response unsatisfactory, turning on his heel to stalk away

    33. If you know a perfectionist, you could use them as a persona to stalk

    34. Stalk each persona often for several weeks, living the part as if it were the real you

    35. Add onion 1 stalk of chopped celery, and garlic, then bring mixture to a boil

    36. I saw my sisters received the same treatment that they were giving me; Beatrice was shouting and grunting like an animal as an assaulted bull to which the horns were being grasped, but nevertheless her animal efforts were fruitless, as I could see across the leaf stalk of my eye

    37. She began pouring water, universal amalgam that reduces to brew all the elements that are placed in it; Then some dried herbs threadbare (later I knew it was "peppermint") and from a blue bottle she added a few drops of castor oil; from a stalk of Aloe tore off four crystals and also threw them to the stew along with a thin branch of cinnamon

    38. in front of her, was a full-grown stalk of Devil‘s Weed

    39. The stalk was long

    40. Without consulting her compass, she ran as fast as she could away from the stalk

    41. Nice sorcerers don’t stalk

    42. Her still-healing fingers dipped into a stalk and tugged out the almost fibrous substance, dropping it into a bowl by her side

    43. Avery: And who says I’ll actually show up tomorrow knowing that you’ll be here to stalk me?

    44. I stalk across the hard, barren ground of the eastern desert; we ran out of dunes and barrels of sand about two days ago

    45. They were winged and of heroic proportions; not a branch on the mysterious stalk of evolution that culminated in man, but the ripe blossom on an alien tree, separate and apart from that stalk

    46. Sliding down the shaft he lay still, the spear jutting above him its full length, like a horrible stalk growing out of his back

    47. There was no dagger in her fingers; they grasped a stalk of golden lotus, the crushed blossoms drooping on the bruised stem

    48. On one stalk of corn came up seven ears, without peers,

    49. When Conan saw Zaporavo stalk alone into the woodland, he felt that the chance he had watched for had come

    50. Stepping warily nearer, he marked the root-stem, a repulsively supple stalk thicker than his thigh, and even as the long tendrils arched toward him with a rattle of leaves and hiss, he swung his sword and cut through the stem with a single stroke

    1. really stalked the corridors of power in England’s green and

    2. Talk came in low murmurs of ghosts and hidden demons that stalked the countryside and the ruins dotting it

    3. The beast snarled and stalked closer

    4. To dream that you are being chased or stalked by the paparazzi indicates that your privacy is being violated

    5. Though the latter stalked the darkness, they lacked not ability to fight in the light

    6. it find a window as I stalked across the parking area beyond the gate

    7. total of my equipment as I stalked along the corridor

    8. He heard her high heels clipping the marble floor as she stalked towards him with fire in her eyes

    9. But our fearless Princess stalked the world through high grass

    10. Torin stalked like a large cat with balls of lightning hovering an inch below his downturned palms

    11. “I suspect he is rolling in the hay with one of the farmer’s daughters,” said the fair-haired woman with a sniff before she stalked out of the tent

    12. He encountered no one as he stalked the corridors of officer country

    13. He twisted it and stalked inside

    14. Sespian stalked the room, mind whirring

    15. If, with all his skill, he did not want to confront whatever stalked the streets, who else could?

    16. That labour was constant for fifteen hours per day for a week, and many a poor fellow unconsciously sowed the seeds of death, that soon stalked grimly through the ranks

    17. Mitsy stalked across the aisles

    18. Sicarius stalked out the door

    19. Fighting the temptation to brush the annoying badger to one side and continue arguing his case with the remaining Custodians, Brock gathered his dignity as best he could and stalked from the Great Chamber

    20. So saying, Cherva stalked off into the undergrowth, leaving his guards to carry out his orders

    21. Seeing the look of contempt in the giant badger's eyes as Cherva stalked forward and made ready to carry out the Preceptor's orders, Thesa's heart beat faster

    22. Without a backward glance, Karla stalked from the restaurant; head high, face expressionless, emotions held in check - until she was outside, where she burst into tears

    23. ” She stalked toward the Adele H

    24. He still had not even cast a look over his shoulder as he stalked along the arcade around the perimeter of the great room

    25. Mike stalked through the entrance barrel-chested, like an SS general goose-stepping into Paris

    26. “Just have to empty the bloody thing later,” he grumbled as he stalked off into the night, his torch lighting up the grass in front of him

    27. Vernon stalked down the slope and disappeared

    28. After a time, she looked at her papers again, and I rose and stalked the hallways back to my room

    29. Anita stalked along beside me in silence, alone with her own thoughts

    30. She just shook her head, morose with her aches and pains, but she gave him a casual wave as he stalked past

    31. One bandit stalked

    32. Faith accordingly stalked past Dan with her chin out and an expression of scorn that bit into his soul

    33. "If--if I was your father, I would give you a spanking that you would remember all your life, Miss," said a very angry reverend gentleman, as he stalked out of the study

    34. metal grating lines below his boots rattled noisily as he stalked

    35. stalked towards the narrow doorway at the end of the carriage

    36. Sephiroth stalked after them, shaking his head in frustration

    37. Up stairs and down corridors he stalked, passing long rows of windows that looked out on a brown, mountainous highland wilderness, until at last he had reached the double doors of a long-closed room

    38. With those words she turned and stalked into the kitchen, leaving the laird alone with Virginia

    39. Fear stalked the town, from the highest to the lowest, from the richest, to the poorest

    40. and Jack (6) held on from behind as we deftly stalked the wild and cagey

    41. How many times has death stalked me? How many times has the darkness threatened to consume me? How many times has the nothingness imperilled my mortality? Yet only now, with death's guarantee stamped on my soul, do I grasp the true meaning of this nonnegotiable contract: my time—my "I"ness—is almost concluded

    42. But these soulless teenagers are unaware that they are being stalked

    43. I hit a pumpkin six meters away on my very first shot, and I thought that was a very fine thing at the time! As for woodscraft, I once stalked a canny wolf who was becoming a pest, and got close enough to take him with my knife!

    44. She had never experienced the feeling of being stalked before until now

    45. The feeling of being stalked or watched shrouded her thoughts

    46. the table, grabbed his bottle of milk, and stalked out of the

    47. “You coming, or not?” With that, she stalked out

    48. With that, while Simon was still struggling for words to respond, Ralph turned in a swirl of threadbare, once noble, cloak, stalked out of the room and was gone

    49. He spun and stalked out

    50. I hit a pumpkin twenty feet away on my very first shot, and I thought that was a very fine thing at the time! As for woodscraft, I once stalked a canny wolf who was becoming a pest, and got close enough to take him with my knife!

    1. I find myself staring at the phone once I have put it down … what the hell is Dan playing at? Standing staring at my house for hours on end every evening? Is that legal? Thinking about it, I suppose there isn’t a law against it if he is standing on his property … would it count as stalking?

    2. It was all shown out of scale, of course, and the Lancers’ fighters were the size of pigeons as they spread out around the breaching ship, pretending they couldn’t see the stealthed alien stalking them

    3. In the distance I can see great woods stalking up the hills bordering the valley and flocks of black birds much like crows fill the air above the trees

    4. He was indicted for stalking, for abduction and for a host of other charges, which lead, with a nod and a wink and some party donations, to the minister responsible for such matters making stalking a capital offence

    5. He was indicted for stalking, for abduction

    6. matters making stalking a capital offence

    7. relating to a number of accusations of very persistent stalking

    8. Had the wolf tracked him, using his excellent sense of smell, stalking him, waiting till he was asleep?

    9. Now he knew that one of that race was stalking Ava, no doubt using the technology that she helped invent or bring over from YingolNeerie

    10. I didn’t like that his eyes were stalking her

    11. ”who the fuck do you think you are!” he shouted, stalking towards the two boys

    12. “I swear one this morning was stalking me and as soon as the chance came, it ran down the trench wall nicked the last bit of bacon off the tip of my bayonet and scarpered with it”

    13. Carl and Wil rode their mounts to either side of his horse, a swarm of Guardians surrounding them on foot with blades or bows ready like stalking leopards

    14. I was rewarded with the sight of Mother stalking down the sidewalk in my direction

    15. Floppy started sweating profusely, which he realized was probably the last thing he should do when a wild beast is stalking your scent

    16. And she suspected the cries for help that had come from the building had less to do with burning rafters than with a dark figure stalking the shadows

    17. It had been persistent, stalking its prey patiently, knowing its time would come, not now but soon

    18. The big cat was stalking him again, edging him nearer the door, almost as though the animal was somehow communicating with those outside, herding him towards them

    19. "I was practising my stalking mother, that's why you didn't see me

    20. As the attacking boars passed by on their way towards battle, the hidden defenders slipped quietly out of their hiding places to join with those already stalking the column from the rear, and by the time that Brokin had halted his badgers at the broken oak tree, he was already trapped between Grindel's superior forces in the sett and Cherva's boars in the rear

    21. In the real world, it is men, if they may be properly called men, who are stalking and routinely beating up on defenseless spouses and girlfriends at an alarming rate

    22. He went stalking farther up the trail by the babbling brook

    23. “No it’s not,” he answered, pulling away from her, then stalking around the room, collecting his clothes and pulling them on

    24. He is evidenced to have been charged with stalking a neighbour with criminal intent in the past and was relieved of various drugs, firearms, pornography and photographic equipment at that time

    25. Stalking was an old skill, perhaps grown rusty over the years

    26. Stalking! That's what it was! Yes, she would tell him what she thought next time

    27. Stalking a wounded animal is dangerous

    28. Having made a hundred-eighty degree turn, he began stalking the pursuit

    29. After supper cooked on the gas burner for his return, we sat in a small patch of lamp light, watching the gecko stalking moths

    30. They were stalking the victim right up to his death, and it took place on their turf

    31. We have also charged him with the theft of personal items belonging to the victim and the subsequent stalking of her, leading to the attempted murder

    32. “I can’t believe it either; how could she have ended up in his room in the first place?, your right, its fixation more than stalking but that’s the least of his worries

    33. You are also charged with the lesser crime of theft of certain personal items belonging to Miss Trevor and another count of stalking her leading up to the attempted murder, I would like to call for the opening statements of the prosecution and defense

    34. Then the stalking began again, and with it came a call from the Superintendent

    35. Apparently she had been stalking me for weeks

    36. All my motivation disappears into the darkness—the darkness that is always behind me, stalking me, and the darkness that is always ahead of me, lurking at my light's boundaries and waiting to ambush me

    37. emerged into the night and was stalking the gamers

    38. So the cops all knew him, and to them it appeared, so they said, that he was stalking Christie for about 100 yards

    39. Moving towards her like a lion stalking his prey Morgan drew closer to her

    40. He started stalking him until the next new flare yielded enough light to cup the man�s mouth, pull him backwards onto an upraised knee and reach around to slide the stiletto upwards through his belly into his heart

    41. At higher command levels found at MACV, Whitey had the distinct impression harassment and fear were stalking the corridors

    42. natural enough to back away, knowing that his stalking fate was

    43. But now, my scalp prickled as I spotted the largest cat I’d ever seen, stealthily stalking a doe

    44. slowly stalking what might have been a small animal at the spot of the sound

    45. “It's been stalking M

    46. started stalking Machinma shortly afterward – we saw at his

    47. So after awhile it gets to be uncomfortable—similar to stalking

    48. With a howl, it jumped to its feet and began to sniff the ground stalking its prey

    49. No longer having to waste time worrying about her stalking Harry, I took the

    50. I raised my shield instinctively; I had the feeling something was stalking me

    1. His keda by the name of BobbingTwo saw the harness coming out and strolled over toward it with his eyes dancing on their stalks

    2. His eye stalks should have bulged with muscle with all the exercise they got

    3. It's fur was shorter and woollier, it's three eyes were on unequal stalks, the big center one over a foot in length

    4. It's eyes were not on stalks, they were two big saucers right below it's jaws with blinking scales covering them

    5. I take hold of Adamant’s harness, anticipating some resistance, but without turning a hair, he majestically stalks along the deck in the wake of his counterpart

    6. There was one sobering moment when we came to a trampled clearing where stalks and weeds were flattened and the sandy soil was stained with a mess of dried blood, we fell silent and strode on without reference

    7. He had soon coaxed the stalks into the warming water and was matting them only a couple minutes later

    8. His eyes however, looked like they should almost be out on stalks like keda eyes, stalks that drooped downward

    9. I have mentioned that I had saved the few ears of barley and rice, which I had so surprisingly found spring up, as I thought, of themselves, and I believe there were about thirty stalks of rice, and about twenty of barley; and now I thought it a proper time to sow it, after the rains, the sun being in its southern position, going from me

    10. I think I just saw her pop her head out between the stalks of wheat and then disappear again!”

    11. The grass was green but had slightly furry sides to its stalks

    12. ” My eyes stood out on stalks and I nearly choked as I replied

    13. Horse that stalks other animals

    14. One took a bite of another, starting a flurry of activity, but they soon settled down again, their eye stalks turning towards the prey they could sense ahead of them

    15. The odour reached her and the Sycler moved, eye stalks elongating, like thin party balloons blown erect by a red nosed clown

    16. Two smaller tentacles below the eye stalks quivered, scenting the air

    17. He reached for the stalks, and the ship moved slowly forward and upward as the velocity increased smoothly

    18. Through the control stalks, with his hands resting lightly on them, he tried to get an idea of the stability, and how hard the ship was compensating for the load

    19. Soon the stem, roots, leaves, and stalks, made a loud cracking noise, as they turned into stone through the heat of the fire

    20. but when she walks the present stalks

    21. I expect her to lunge at me, or hit me, but she just turns on her heel and stalks out of the dormitory, and that is worse

    22. The headlights creep through the tall stalks, illuminating a leaf here, an ear of corn there

    23. stalks that house and surprises Kathryn Ross’s character? All of us in the audience think we’re about to witness a crime

    24. Boyd's field was the nearest, just between the valley and the village, so we climbed over his fence and pulled up some stalks

    25. Boyd did not put enough fertilizer on them and we had to pull up a lot of stalks before we got enough, and then they were not much bigger than marbles

    26. The slender stalks of coconut trees led up to a green blanket across the sky

    27. His wife’s eyes widened and bulged on stalks

    28. Tie in a bundle and stand in a deep saucepan with the stalks in water, so that the shoots are steamed

    29. Rub the currants in a cloth to get off the stalks, pick the stalks from the sultanas, and stone the raisins

    30. 6 But she had brought them up to the roof of the house, and hid them with the stalks of flax, which she had laid in order on the roof

    31. 3 But the hospitable Rahab having received them hid them in an upper story under the stalks of flax

    32. There is acidity to the liquid that eats away your wings, you are stripped to stalks

    33. JáhmWüd’s 219 eyeballs extend on their stalks, up into the sky, far above the trees

    34. rocks again, she noticed there were several more of the stalks in the distance, and the moss was

    35. ―Doctor Dupree‘s report indicated that the stalks she

    36. He stalks you -- at work, online, with GPS in your car

    37. fields pointed with stubbled stalks

    38. ‘When murder stalks its time to lay all the cards on the table

    39. A boat wallowed out of its hiding-place among the stalks

    40. From a cluster of green, curiously leafed stalks, great black blossoms nodded at him

    41. He sought to lift his sword, to hew down the serpentine stalks, but his arm hung lifeless at his side

    42. power! He STALKS her!!

    43. Suddenly tenser than a tiger who stalks his prey, Conan glided deeper into the thicket, and a moment later drew aside a leafy branch and glared at the face that had not moved

    44. Beavers and deer and skunks and squirrels, any animals that could break stalks, stopped 176

    45. The corn was being harvested with over a hundred acres a checkerboard of battered cornstalks contrasting the proud stalks standing next, totally oblivious to their fate

    46. Relieved, JY plowed through the meaty stalks dragging the twelve foot leash as if a sewing thread

    47. Samson followed the commotion and broke out of the standing stalks into a harvested section

    48. It included ornate flower sprays with rose diamond centres, gold stalks and leaves, golden eggs placed in garlands of green enamel decorated with diamonds and rubies

    49. Henry walked through the high stalks of wheat, but the more he walked, it seemed that Marie was farther away

    50. The boy had left the corn stalks and pastures behind years before and now a man stepped off the bus

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