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Frasi con sterilize (in inglese)

  1. Sterilize the water by boiling it.
  2. Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?
  3. Sterilize scissors or a knife and three 20cm (8in) lengths of string.
  4. And so we have this day to hunt out all his lairs and sterilize them.
  5. The blast and heat is intended to sterilize the surface of the island.

  6. There are two ways to sterilize the soil; by Heat and Chemically.
  7. He knew they would have to completely sterilize the planet to beat them.
  8. Because it doesn’t have the precision and you can’t properly sterilize it.
  9. Not that your record shows any evidence that you ever even attempted to sterilize it.
  10. She changed course when her commander was informed the rebels intended to sterilize Earth.
  11. Except their processing factory is not a slaughterhouse, but neat little sterilize cubbyholes.
  12. The vet first began to clean and sterilize the old wound on his side that seemed to have torn loose.
  13. But while her brother had managed to sterilize his memories, she had only managed to make hers more scalding.
  14. Nay, more, in all probability, he does not know that such a power exists to us as can sterilize his lairs, so that he cannot use them as of old.
  15. The life of your world is in its prime, and except for the first attack of the demons here, you have never had to face a disaster that threatened to sterilize all life here.

  16. The unwillingness of investors to set and follow minimum standards for stock selection reminds me of doctors years ago who were ignorant of the need to sterilize their instruments before each operation.
  17. We must trace each of these boxes, and when we are ready, we must either capture or kill this monster in his lair, or we must, so to speak, sterilize the earth, so that no more he can seek safety in it.
  18. Your growing ability to sterilize your observations down to their true natures came by way of highly damaging experiences, and arduous retraining utilizing your enormous energy to access and accept ‘what is’ as a matter of course.
  19. Exposure to clear thinking, to new ideas and to possible solutions should be our duty and privilege, not something to consider an annoyance! I would bet any money you are a curfew breaking Creationist! You dribbling ninny! Your license to breathe should be revoked without further hesitation! They should sterilize you with rusty garden implements before you have the chance to share your genes! Is there a pull string in your back that gets you to say such unconsecrated drivel? You should be flogged with dead horse cocks in front of a laundry! You should be gagged with cow patties and pissed on by yaks! What is this world coming to?
  20. We must sterilize this earth,.
  1. Syrup of diacodium, she said and dropped the spoon into a sterilizing bath.
  2. The vent must be fitted with a sterilizing filter to prevent the air entering the tank from.
  3. His process of sterilizing substances by applying enough heat to kill microorganisms became known 88.
  4. She was sterilizing a Petri dish and some test tubes, moving them in the air with a gesture of her hand.
  5. Those who seek health by sterilizing the environment are making the world more lethal with every sanitizing hand wash.
  6. Sterilizing the wound and dressing it will also cause pain for the child, but this is only done for the purpose of healing.
  7. She began to wipe on a sterilizing agent, covering a much larger area of Garcia’s skin than needed, but then, she was just trying to be thorough.
  8. Pronouncing Al’lah’s Name had a great miraculous effect in sterilizing the meat and releasing the blood, contrary to the meat of the animals over which Al’lah’s Name was not pronounced, for it was full of germs and congested with blood.
  9. Once having lit a fire, ALWAYS have something boiling on it—unless water is in short supply—for hot water is always an asset: hot drinks are always cheering and you will find a multitude of uses from sterilizing wounds to making poultry plucking easier.
  10. If Pasteur had never invented his process for sterilizing milk: humans would today be a thousand times healthier and the entire industry of mass manufactured food products would not have exploded leaving us with hundreds of new diseases which never existed in Pasteur’s time.
  11. Graveyards are the life killing golf courses of the dead, with greens between tombstone flags marking the holes for one manicured and fumigated by the petrochemicals of mower, fertilizer and herbicide poisoning the lawns choking on the off gassing toxic chemical coffins seeping with the sterilizing fluids of an uninhabitable decomposition.
  1. He had probably never sterilized it.
  2. This world is slowly being sterilized.
  3. Tie it securely with the sterilized thread.
  4. She probably blames me that she’s sterilized.
  5. Mac cut the cord with a sterilized pocket-knife.
  6. Combine arame and vegetables in a sterilized jar.
  7. She must have sickened after Phyllis had her sterilized.
  8. These have been sterilized so there is no likelihood of weeds.
  9. We both sterilized our hands and then glanced down at our patient.
  10. Female slaves as well as male could be sterilized for sexual activity.
  11. Where my part in it has been whitewashed and sterilized of the actual truth.
  12. All chemical reactions complete, the sheet was sterilized and moved to a clean room.
  13. Why is its ‘story’ written as: ‘stereo’?… Because it is a sterilized story.
  14. So about that time some lab got concerned and released a virus that sterilized everyone.
  15. These burgers are all medium to medium well, and the franks have been sterilized, folks.
  16. Milk bottles were re-used for decades because they were glass and could be easily sterilized.
  17. I put on my doctor’s gown, sterilized my hands with alcohol and began to treat the wounded.
  18. People would not believe the other one and the children would not be getting a sterilized story.
  19. This Machine, this Path, your clothing and bodies, were sterilized, as you know, before the journey.
  20. Pots, boxes, and other seed growing mediums have to be sterilized first to raise healthier seedlings.
  21. But affluent humans live in a sterilized consumer culture where everything must be sealed at the factory.
  22. It was agreed universally, that the drill site would be sterilized and the virus buried again for eternity.
  23. That means as many as 16 million nonwhites may be sterilized, executed, or have to flee, hide, or pass as white.
  24. With a sterilized needle and thread or gut, make each stitch individually, beginning across the mid-point of the wound.
  25. Some of those governments even forced the non-psyonics to be sterilized, considering them remnants of an inferior race.
  26. Often they were given a choice between continuing to receive public assistance for their children, or being sterilized.
  27. Once sterilized and tested, the male ejaculate was pumped into the female and delivered right to her biological doorstep.
  28. Its cellular structure began to break down as soon as every square inch of accessible surface had been polished and sterilized.
  29. The pinpricks on her arm were real and had been made with a sterilized needle, followed by an application of freshly cut chili.
  30. He had a spot sterilized and an IV hooked up at a fast drip within moments, as adeptly, as any experienced nurse could have done.
  31. It is ‘my sterilized story, my mis-stated story… where I have selectively left out every truth that might reflect badly upon me.
  32. I need you to write out for me the scriptures that make this story real, instead of the sterilized form it has taken on for thousands of years.
  33. Do you not think that it would be a good idea to tie her fallopian tubes so that she would be permanently sterilized ? Please go and talk to her.
  34. It was very carefully sterilized to have no biological contaminants other than some human zygotes, of which only one was ever germinated, she told him.
  35. Generosity and Kindness and Compassion for their own sake or for the sake of others we love or care for, have no place in the movement‘s sterilized environment.
  36. Wanting to rub his stinging cheek but unable to, he watched the doctor turn and walk into another room—where, he knew, the man kept his sponges and sterilized water.
  37. Deep wounds may have to be drained and occasionally it may be beneficial to open an abcess (an accumulation of pus) and insert sterilized loose packing in the form of a bandage or a cloth.
  38. Even the seabird chicks that do not develop testicular cancer while still inside their shells; are found to be chemically neutered and sterilized, by the pesticides that their mother ate before laying her eggs.
  39. For the professional, scientifically inclined houseworker, the most beautiful kitchen may be the white porcelain one, with cold, snowy cleanliness suggesting sterilized utensils and carefully measured food calories.
  40. In the 1960s and 70s, the Indian Health Services, the federal agency responsible for healthcare on reservations, forcibly sterilized from between one out of four Native women to as many as two out of five, often without even their knowledge.
  41. It seems that our society‘s consummate pursuit of Material Things proportionate to its increasing indifference to Spiritual Things has sterilized our souls in a manner that has left many of us intellectually and morally barren and susceptible to whimsical notions of corporeal designs.
  42. Different sorts of examples could be cited out when these kinds of strings of heritage had been broken and the cords that were linked to our ancestors had left no mark for future generations to trace out their genes, due to this synthetic line that had sterilized their image inside a dream.
  43. Relying on the findings and results we have got, we can say that pronouncing Al’lah’s Name over the animals to be slaughtered when slaughtering has a miraculous effect, and this reality caused the scientists to be astonished! How can this animal—after being slaughtered with pronouncing Al’lah’s Name over it—have meat that is sterilized?! Whereas the blood of the animal slaughtered without this pronunciation remained inside it so that in most cases this meat was clearly and obviously full of germs!.
  1. Before any of this, as a precaution against tampering, the complex is flooded with cyanide gas, followed by an inflammable vapor that ignites and sterilizes the inside of the complex.

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