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    1. overnight skin miracle, it will at least stymie the effects of free-radical

    2. He creates online pages and forums to spread spam and false or misleading information meant to confuse or stymie other research projects

    3. Historic allocations of capital, timeliness in the business cycle, and honoring contractual demands can all stymie the best intentions of management

    4. overnight skin miracle, it will at least stymie the effects of free-radical

    5. That would stymie any further investigation into her activities

    6. The enduring hatred of the Jews that Muhammad had inculcated in the followers of his cult would forever stymie the psyche of the Arabic towards their cousins in Israel, so it seems

    7. Stymie hears Frenchy's warning as he makes his way in, while carrying and stirring his large pot

    8. Cass asks Stymie what he is planning on making in his pot

    9. Wong notices, and then turns towards Stymie before leaving the “mess galley

    10. Stymie the Stutterer comes out of the “galley’s” kitchen carrying a pot by one of its handle, and using a ladle hooked through the pot’s other handle

    1. stoked his rage ever since Lady Phyllis stymied him at the auction

    2. “He’d like to, but he’s stymied

    3. What time was it now? Midnight? Maybe the soldiers had been unable to get to the caves at all, had been stymied by the men on the wall or another force beyond their control

    4. The only problem was, what the hell was he supposed to do with it? He found himself totally stymied by that question, which was a little bit unusual for him

    5. The water mounded up, its forward progress stymied, before falling in a rush, away and down both sides of the first level, creating raging whirlpools as eddy currents spun away against the brick facings

    6. If the discipline that brought about those discoveries had been successfully stymied, we would still be seeing them as unfathomable mysteries

    7. Then we would appear to be stymied by the Bio Bio

    8. Most to the press ignores the truth that the federal government was stymied and hampered by the slow state-level requests and approvals (required

    9. own agency after it stymied his attempts to obtain transcripts of

    10. away in a stymied silence

    1. Since inflation is a lagging indicator in itself, the Fed must be wary of stymieing business growth

    2. P Singh come a number of scams and corruption, eventually stymieing the development process of the nation

    1. But dawns not reason on the bigoted minds; Inshah Allah, if the child were to pick up the Islamic threads religiously and grow up into a believing musalman, still he would have developed a prejudiced psyche that stymies his awareness in our age of openness

    2. So, they get habituated at seeing things from the pan-Islamic prism, which stymies their Indian vision besides sullying their national image, and sadly for them, there would be incessant alerts of ‘Islam in danger’ from around the world, which keep their psyche forever stressed by their kafir enigma

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