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Frasi con subcontract (in inglese)

1. Navy, I terminated Westinghouse’s subcontract for their default.
2. To-wit: Ingalls accepted in both its prime contract from SEA 02 and in its massive subcontract with RCA Defense Electronics in Cherry Hills, NJ, Cancellation clauses which did not afford it the protection against a not-for-default total or partial termination (for the government’s convenience).
3. I prepared the TAA with a little help from my (EB Legal) friends, got the TAA approved, and moved on to negotiating a CRADA (cooperative research and development agreement) with the Naval Underwater Warfare Center, Newport Division, for a desperately needed subcontract to furnish expertise which YTP did not possess.

1. All other activities involving subcontracting, hired equipment, etc.
2. Here we will have to study possible subcontracting for pressing operations.
3. Moreover, penalty clauses shall be provided for in the contract to cover additional expense involved in subcontracting.
1. He was also subcontracted by the Vatican to assist in the Messiah project.
2. A specialised company is subcontracted with 6 workers and the required equipment (JCB + skip hire).
3. The only decider accountable to break the sin climate is using our conscience to stay on the moral line, while we are allowing our physical body to deal with temptation, subcontracted by our conscience in other word, if you want to do sin you can, we are already living under a secular materialistic life.
1. I spent far more time in Stevenson’s office and working on purely legal matters than I did helping Maria with my half of the prime- and subcontracts which we had divided amongst ourselves upon my arrival.

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