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    1. creating the mindset that you need to be successful

    2. Easy accessibility, undivided attention, proper 'listening', showing of real care and the faith developed over a period of time are the major aspects of successful consultation

    3. Any type of counseling can only be successful in cooperation with the recipient of the advice

    4. Empathy is a core condition for successful counseling

    5. terms of their workload, but when a company is successful and produces quality

    6. He'd been faithful, industrious and modestly successful monetarily

    7. "What proportion of the population would we consider a successful conversion?" Khalid asked

    8. It Is beyond the possibility of successful denial that the majority of the most loyal

    9. That he is pleased with his CD is very clear, and he immediately starts looking through the book, following me into the kitchen and reading out bits to me as I carry on with my turkey checking … Christmas is proving successful so far

    10. That explains it: I have heard about certain persons lately who, although they are illiterate, have become successful travelling salesmen and earn up to 700,000 drachmas per month! Taking into account that a salesman's commission is no higher than 10%, how do they manage to make sales of 7,000,000 drachmas every month? What do they really sell? Encyclopedias? Come on now! Nowadays you can find cheap and voluminous encyclopedias in bookstores or, even, on offer in newspapers! Why would anyone pay dearly a commercial traveller? Unless they sell other things, other ''services'', instead of books

    11. Any organization must have vision, or purpose, in order to be successful! When a

    12. It also meant that we were being held in the heart of enemy territory, well away, as far as we knew, from any government agency or army, and so our proffered location offered us little hope of successful escape

    13. ‘It was typical Joris … he was clowning around after a particularly … exacting if successful job

    14. Too many books are written every year about how to become a better you and different “Christian” tips on how to be successful

    15. How many of us truly believe that God is out for our ultimate good? How many of us are able to whole-heartedly believe that God the Father means that His greatest desire is to see us successful? And what is success in His eyes? I believe that success in His eyes would be from the realm of eternity

    16. successful at creating with Law of Attraction

    17. Despite the halt on the missile project, South Africa still has space infrastructure knowledge and experience from the successful missile project

    18. He would get no more willing cooperation from these natives, why make the situation worse? Even though they were primitive, he respected some things about these people and hoped some day there would be contact with them, more successful contact than this had been

    19. and was successful too with a

    20. I should hear shortly whether they have been successful in their search

    21. She knew they wouldn't remember any details from three hundred centuries ago, but knew their behavior patterns were based on the successful patterns from all the ages of their lives

    22. What had been successful for her? She looked back at that and saw that when time was as long as hers, everything is destined for failure

    23. I try to look as though I understand what he is talking about, though the amused look Berndt throws in my direction suggests that I am not as successful as I hope

    24. "By then most successful people were able to prolong their lives indefinitely

    25. That we cannot keep relationships or hold down jobs or be successful

    26. On their way back home the young couple stopped off in New York, where a wealthy business tycoon lived, who was rumoured to have found true happiness in a long and successful marriage

    27. And tell me, who will be more successful in life?

    28. Tarak too showed the signs of a successful mating, doting on Rayne at the table

    29. If the P is Philip Stevenson, which is a reasonable assumption, then it could be extrapolated that Margaret's visit to the clinic was not successful

    30. All the girls laughed, Yellelle was still on the maidenstand and tried not to, but wasn’t completely successful

    31. An alchemist will be successful at obtaining the desired result

    32. it appears to have been reasonably successful as a business because they maintained this house and when Bunty came back she was able to find sufficient cash to repair the house

    33. Generally speaking, successful applicants fall into two categories – the qualified ones who merely need somewhere to be for a short period and those who will use the shelter of the Foundation as a spring board

    34. Successful Internet Marketers focus

    35. successful online business, what it takes is training, but when it comes to

    36. behind every successful internet marketer

    37. have found true happiness in a long and successful marriage

    38. You’ve told me Tdeshi was socially successful

    39. One of her more successful ideas was a sausage casserole

    40. The girls were no less spectacular and each successful deflection, dodge, duck, leap, handspring, or somersault gradually brought them nearer to each other in order to unite their force and neutralize the near invisible staff that Harry wielded like a master

    41. On a related topic, your mother had no idea how successful Mr

    42. but was not successful

    43. He was paired with a successful fashion designer and they were expecting a child

    44. ) A provisional teacher has been arranged and initial textbooks ordered from and according to the curriculum established in successful suburban schools of San Francisco

    45. Initial exemptions shall be made by 'dire need of the family,' or by successful completion of graduation examination---even should this be incident prior to the usual age and class of qualification for general candidacy of same

    46. Unfortunately, I was not successful either

    47. They kept at it for the space of perhaps three quarters of an hour in alternating failed and successful attempts

    48. " She’d been successful in changing the subject

    49. "What?" she whirled to look up at his unshaven face It was apparent that his night hadn't been much more successful, than hers had

    50. Her escape had been successful, she returned rested and full of a renewed energy

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    successful conquering unbeaten winning victorious exultant flourishing fortunate auspicious fortuitous thriving