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    1. in the goings on in the ‘Big Suitor House’

    2. That Andrastus adored her, not as a brother, but a suitor

    3. Although the face was more of a suitor

    4. She had thought each suitor would be more and more alike as they got to the end, but to her surprise she was finding their level of malfeasance to be escalating

    5. Her parents tried to find her another suitor, but the men she met were old, disrespectful and dirty

    6. It seemed as if she had chosen me to be her suitor for

    7. Exploited and abused, she was finally old enough to marry the handsome, red-cheeked suitor she'd met at a fair

    8. “Other than a moonstruck suitor, I suppose you appear to be a warrior who has either volunteered or been hired to protect a doddering old merchant from the dangers of the road

    9. She hadn’t attempted to contact her husband over the last few days; instead, she saw an opportunity for wickedness with her ever able suitor

    10. ” She asks, enthused by her prospective suitor

    11. Cruising for casual sex was subtle and omnipresent… a sly smile in shops, a wink and turn of the head on the street, the accidental touch of a hand on the bus, the not so subtle groping among crotchless trousers, business suits and fashion plates in the meat markets of gay pubs where patrons chattered to their ‘in’ group, eyeing outsiders and prospective partners with practised disdain, then hovering alone on the footpath after closing time having rejected one suitor too many

    12. Rauros witnessed the demise of the Dire Queen and her suitor

    13. While Cecilia was occupied with world affairs, Charles married another beautiful foreign Princess although the first story he passed down to his sons was that of a long dead Princess who was the fairest of them all and that he, Charles Pendragon, was the favored suitor

    14. King Charles was my suitor and during the overthrow everyone thought me to be dead until somehow somebody stumbled into the hedge and heard the story from one of my faerie godmothers… probably Luisa

    15. she would surprise her suitor

    16. her suitor was a thief and with

    17. One Au-gust afternoon, overcome by the unbearable weight of her own obstinacy, Amaranta locked herself in her bedroom to weep over her solitude unto death after giving her final answer to her tenacious suitor:

    18. Evelyn discreetly sidestepped toward her suitor

    19. She had a very lovely young suitor whom she was going to marry

    20. have her and he had killed her chosen suitor and had also killed his own wife so he could be free to marry her, a dowry of 100 head of

    21. She was interested at first, even elevating her large breasts so that her suitor could have a better look at what she was selling, but eventually her back slumped and her face went into an involuntary state of scrunching

    22. The fact was that more and more people who ventured into the Forest seemed to be aware of their innocent little habit of devouring their lover, and it had reached the stage where as often as not their potential suitor turned them down

    23. As she wondered whether man-woman attraction could be bound by sentimentality, she ventured on the path of adultery, ‘should Roopa itch for a romantic escapade, then Raja could easily out-tempt every other suitor of hers, given his personality as well as proximity to her

    24. But when the just-weds returned home from their honeymoon, the lost suitor chose to prejudice her man’s mind through an anonymous letter

    25. The journey continued in this fashion until they reached Istanbul where the mother, who was extremely pleased with her daughter’s suitor, set about writing the journey report and filled it with statements of great praise and gratitude to her son-in-law, the leader of the trip, the dignified, high- born officer, Mohammad Amin

    26. mentioned involved a reluctant suitor

    27. This development might negatively affect my chances of finding another suitor because those who may wish to seek my hand in marriage could be scared by this development

    28. As they settled down, our elders and Austin’s family elders went into exclusive discussion to negotiate and agree on bride price and other items the suitor should present as required by our custom

    29. “ Maybe when you return to DuMond House, Annelle and your Aunt can find a royal suitor for your hand

    30. Her suitor was a man of God – the assistant pastor of her church where my father was the organist

    31. “He is not my suitor,” Anne said through gritted teeth

    32. The plantation owner confronted the rejected suitor at the tomato plant, but alas and alack, the despondent lad had already consumed one of the supposedly deadly fruits

    33. The fact that a suitor was eligible was not enough—not nearly enough

    34. Once he’d bitten a chunk out of an overly forward male suitor who could now only sit on one cheek

    35. took it upon herself andpunished her suitor with the death she

    36. lackey suitor of doña María, known to himas Isabel, is the

    37. Transferring to Branton had put a damper on any prospective Division 1 suitor

    38. “It means when a lady is in the presence of a suitor, she is to have a chaperone

    39. “What is a suitor then?”

    40. “I wish he was my suitor,” the child giggled, flopping back on the bed

    41. “Our secret, because he would be the most perfect suitor

    42. Yvette sat at her side, in her own small way silently grieving the loss of her lovely, pretend suitor

    43. He told me he heard that another eligible young man was about to propose to her and if I were interested he would go talk to her father to forestall the other suitor

    44. herself in the company of a possible suitor

    45. No honest maiden could reject a handsome suitor if

    46. Gasping she looked up to behold the face of her Suitor, who had never ceased from His ardent pursuing of her

    47. I asked her one time why it was that she refused any other suitor and she told me simply that my

    48. * Could it have been difficult to perceive the meaning of this significant action? or was it possible for a serious and thinking mind to avoid recognizing and deeply feeling principles such as these?—that sin is an offence against the blessed God; that the essential righteousness of JEHOVAH renders it necessary that sin should be punished; —that death, in all its tremendous meaning and extent, is the proper punishment of sin;—that the sinner is totally unable, by any power or resources of his own, to escape the punishment due to his offences; yet that God is full of mercy, and graciously willing to pardon the guilty offender;—that the way of pardon is through the substitution an([ sufferings of a peculiar victim;—and that, on the part of the suitor for pardoning mercy, there must be such a proprietorship in the victim as to create a beneficiary interest; and such a moral disposition as

    49. Jennings was delighted with her gratitude, and only wondered that after hearing such a sentence, the Colonel should be able to take leave of them, as he immediately did, with the utmost sang-froid, and go away without making her any reply!--She had not thought her old friend could have made so indifferent a suitor

    50. Isabella and he had had an hour's interview, during which he tried to elicit from her some sentiment of proper horror for Heathcliff's advances: but he could make nothing of her evasive replies, and was obliged to close the examination unsatisfactorily; adding, however, a solemn warning, that if she were so insane as to encourage that worthless suitor, it would dissolve all bonds of relationship between herself and him

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