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    1. It burns with an invisible fire, we symbolize it with mirror

    2. 'The nine stripes in our flag symbolize the nine Muses, the goddesses of art and civilization although we have many theories like that, if you are interested,' Alessandra put her arms round her brother

    3. His eyes took in the sky, the light, and the vastness beyond it that she had projected to symbolize it

    4. In my vision, the caves symbolize the

    5. they found in the way, as stones symbolize the bones of

    6. Patio doors symbolize the merging of your mental and spiritual state

    7. They symbolize the past and things that you have put behind you or have forgotten

    8. Consider the reaction and behavior of the audience as they symbolize your social circle and support system

    9. The thrift shop may also symbolize ideas or skills that you have forgotten and can draw from in a current situation

    10. Low tides indicate that you energies are being drained, whereas high tides symbolize high energy

    11. Alternatively, the tides symbolize your emotional ups and downs

    12. These white cloths of tobacco, offerings for Sharon’s passing would later be brought into the sweat lodge to honor her passing and symbolize her presence

    13. The pianist’s fingers symbolize the execution of the Usuarist Projects when they compose and they play the score

    14. It will symbolize everything that exists,

    15. In addition, he believes that its surroundings, decorated with apple trees and good vines of much succulent food, symbolize the dreams of the farmers of the village

    16. “They symbolize undying love

    17. "Forest and the beasts symbolize the powers of darkness and demons

    18. The mountains symbolize the authority of darkness giving hindrances to God’s work and ministries

    19. Hence they symbolize these stories, making you afraid of the sun

    20. The Crucifixion and Resurrection which symbolize the actual Initiation are

    21. 1 Tony’s cat may symbolize a core love, or fear

    22. 3 At the conclusion of this early morning service Jesus continued to teach the multitude, saying: "Have you not read in the Scripture: `Behold, as the waters are poured out upon the dry ground and spread over the parched soil, so will I give the spirit of holiness to be poured out upon your children for a blessing even to your children's children'? Why will you thirst for the ministry of the spirit while you seek to water your souls with the traditions of men, poured from the broken pitchers of ceremonial service? That which you see going on about this temple is the way in which your fathers sought to symbolize the bestowal of the divine spirit upon the children of faith, and you have done well to perpetuate these symbols, even down to this day

    23. company that these horses symbolize is on their bad list

    24. similar in a way that it symbolize an arrival, a coming to the birth of Jesus

    25. I took a small piece of bread that symbolize the

    26. One white star over a black background to symbolize one powerful emperor over all

    27. Leaves are used to symbolize the ‘covering’ of the tree or as discussed above the grace of

    28. twelve brilliantly shinning white stars that symbolize the glory

    29. George, all surrounded by the brilliant stars that symbolize the

    30. Yet the man who had come to symbolize the spirit of the Polish nation during the war was suddenly lost

    31. I began to yawn, to symbolize that I was tired and Charles winked his eye and gave me a silent look of approval, which I know so well!

    32. button to symbolize his ambiguous feelings about the endeavor he

    33. We do need a grounding in the basics – an intuitive feel for what the different horoscope factors symbolize – and this implies study

    34. All aspects between two and three degrees of exactitude symbolize friendliness – "the expanding element of simple co-operation in being

    35. Angular planets symbolize strategies of control, and the four angles symbolize four different types of social relationships: casual, face-to-face relationships (Ascendant); formal and group relationships (Midheaven); intimate relationships and partnerships (Descendant); and standing alone (Nadir)

    36. The retrospective tax, in particular, was seen to symbolize corporate India’s discomfiture with the UPA government

    37. ‘Individually they picture contrasting charms but together they symbolize beauty itself,’ he analyzed his own state of mind

    38. Anyway, the Pyramids symbolize to us how an idea can exist, then get covered up over time

    39. Alexandar the great was horned to symbolize his power and genius who established his kinship with the Gods

    40. be focused on the Kaurav, who symbolize the ungodly forces of negat-

    41. But the wedding night, if it has any meaning other than contractual, then isn't it supposed to symbolize and actualize the intimacy that is interdependent feeling into the other?”

    42. What does the sorceress Circe symbolize? The depth of feminine wisdom?

    43. The Suitors symbolize many different realities all put together: hybris, arrogance, greed, envy, stealing, homicidal and suicidal urges, the devouring mother and the phallic assassin mother

    44. Rainstorms can symbolize times of testing

    45. Each penny had a cross not only to symbolize Christianity but also to be used as a guideline for cutting the pennies into halves and quarters

    46. As the newly crowned Queen of the Shumi I chose Prince Alaric as my life mate to symbolize the union between the Shumi people and the Crystal Palace Alliance

    47. asked the sticks be bent to symbolize a shepherd’s crook

    48. “Whatever’s the case, idolized poles symbolize

    49. The red lines near symbolize the stabbing fears that can paralyze a person once they have developed this free floating anxiety

    50. Candlesticks, which symbolize Truth and Justice ( Righteousness)

    1. The children symbolized

    2. They symbolized the limits that we place on ourselves

    3. in this mortal life, and they also symbolized death

    4. symbolized by French Revolution in 1789

    5. I symbolized everything that was wrong with the world—his world

    6. Winston symbolized hidebound thinking

    7. How it ‘stirred her blood’! You’ve got two hours in a film to pull off this transformation in a woman, from skepticism, even repulsion for this ‘savage,’ to submission, then passion and finally love, as symbolized by their

    8. I asked why horses and the doge said they symbolized the power and glory of the Republic

    9. The reasons we have symbolized in the past have been due to the

    10. ,” That name spoken so matter-of-factly symbolized the rising tidal wave that carried Ken toward a destiny over which he had no control

    11. the sun rising, as it symbolized nothing but defeat for

    12. car symbolized her independence, and therefore could

    13. A rock is symbolized in Christianity in a few different ways, but there is one in general

    14. The Martyr Road symbolized the suffering, persecution, and death of a martyr

    15. Commercial lumbering, fishing, and the coal and iron ore docks symbolized the economic significance of these venerable Great Lakes ports

    16. this problem is symbolized by the two questions: should we keep the group

    17. To anyone who is sensitive enough to feel the presence of this spiritual being, the character of the Holy Spirit is feminine in nature: gentle, loving, compassionate and tender, often symbolized in the scriptures as a dove

    18. Christ on the cross this symbolized God

    19. He was the only member of the family to be born in England and they all felt in some way that he had finally symbolized their arrival in their new home

    20. symbolized by the various events that are said to have taken place during

    21. Each of the earlier Initiations was symbolized

    22. The number SIX is symbolized in the non-being, the ultimate mystery

    23. This is why the sign of Gemini is symbolized by twins: Geminis have a dual nature

    24. And the subconscious of the procreative process, symbolized by gives and takes, would have shaped his initial conduct

    25. The ceremony of the outpouring of the water symbolized the outpouring of the divine spirit

    26. symbolized the growing tension between hackers and AI Lab

    27. His nose was very straight, and he wore a bright red necklace which symbolized that he was from the royal family

    28. On the left of his chest was a large, blue badge that symbolized his supremacy as the mechanics captain in Onn’s entire fleet

    29. body of Christ, and dipped it into the chalice of wine that symbolized the

    30. The oil symbolized the huge profits that the corporations made and the people, well they got the shaft

    31. As such her husband may have symbolized her concrete fears that she easily expressed and given substance to the abstract emotions surrounding the ghost story

    32. The man in black with the white hair symbolized Preacher Cooper, the judge, sentencing Terence Underwood for his foul actions

    33. to be held in complete disdain, an object that symbolized hatred

    34. Good or goodness is symbolized as Jesus

    35. Truth is symbolized as Christ

    36. Goodness as it pertains to Truth is symbolized as Jesus Christ

    37. And Truth as it pertains to goodness is symbolized as Christ Jesus, and the Son of man is the Mary side of Jesus that has overcome

    38. Our emotional nature, within the tarot, is often symbolized by water

    39. These inner and outer worlds are symbolized on the card by the

    40. The space brothel was chosen as a target because it had no effective defenses against such a ramming attack and because it symbolized for the African Union the supposed decadence and extravagant waste of us Spacers

    41. Symbolized in all the Worlds Religions which Speed up the Path of

    42. the blows of life by slaps on the face, the normal life of the soul infused being, symbolized by the Koan, "What is your face before you are born?"

    43. Our higher self is a state of unfettered limitlessness, just as our lower self is a state of crabbed dissatisfaction and torpor, symbolized by the prison of the body

    44. As a point of departure it is suggested that you look to the rulers of the horoscope houses (the connections which the rulers make by aspect and reception with the rest of the horoscope) as an augury of how the affairs symbolized by the houses will go

    45. Mercury symbolizes the child within who can never get very far away from its parent, symbolized by the sun

    46. Indeed, this is fundamentally what is symbolized by Mercury’s synodic cycle – different ways that different types of people respond to toilet training (see drawing below)

    47. Kan is the snake, the plumed serpent (symbolized by the rainbow) which ties together the Heart of Heaven and the Heart of the Earth

    48. But their variants, too, could be symbolized by these four

    49. When I told Jane about Joan’s comments on the boar-faced man in the mirror, that he symbolized my rebirth, she looked at me as if I had just accepted two nickels for a quarter

    50. Since the religious loss of face is something that the Musalmans dread the most, so, what would have salvaged the Islamic prestige than a separate nation for the Musalmans? Besides, a ‘here’ they can call their own would enable the Indian Musalmans to take home their fond memories of the past glories that the two-hundred-year Mughal rule symbolized

    1. Field: A green field symbolizes a great improvement in your social status

    2. Observatory: It symbolizes the growth of your business and your social life

    3. Silver: This metal symbolizes inspirations which will give you good earnings and social recognition

    4. Straw: It symbolizes success and wealth, followed by the jealousy of people around you; a straw hat shows modesty

    5. When we wrestle with these other aspects of the cross and what it symbolizes, it all falls apart if we are unwilling to recognize the Godhead in the midst of it all

    6. ” David symbolizes the man of faith – which is ironically the one that always gets trampled upon by men of the world, whether religious or otherwise

    7. To dream that you are caught in barbed wire symbolizes oppression and confinement

    8. To see canned foods in your dream symbolizes the emotions that you are keeping inside

    9. To dream that someone is a Cancer sign symbolizes your tendency to keep and hold on to everything

    10. Alternatively, a carpet symbolizes luxury, comfort or richness

    11. Alternatively, a cast symbolizes a time of healing and discipline

    12. If you do not have a daughter, then it symbolizes the feminine aspect within yourself

    13. To dream of the Earth’s core symbolizes suppressed anger

    14. It also symbolizes emotions and thoughts that are emerging out of and submerging into your subconscious

    15. To dream that the elevator is out of order or that it is not letting you off symbolizes that your emotions have gotten out of control

    16. To see an elk in your dream symbolizes strength and endurance

    17. It symbolizes fruitless labor, an emotional void, or loneliness

    18. To see your father in your dream symbolizes authority and protection

    19. To see a fence in the water symbolizes an emotional barrier that you are building up around you

    20. To dream about something fermenting symbolizes a spiritual transformation

    21. To dream that you are at festival symbolizes happiness, celebration and joviality

    22. To see a geode in your dream symbolizes the beauty within

    23. If the hall is empty, then it symbolizes the unexplored and untapped aspects of your character

    24. Alternatively, it symbolizes tears and sadness

    25. To see a keg in your dream symbolizes your struggles against adversity

    26. To see an oak tree in your dream symbolizes longevity, stability, strength, tolerance, wisdom and prosperity

    27. Alternatively, an oven symbolizes the womb

    28. Alternatively, the pagoda symbolizes the phallus and thus have sexual connotations

    29. To see paint in your dream symbolizes expression of your inner emotions

    30. To see a pall in your dream symbolizes death or the end of something

    31. Alternatively, it symbolizes your curiosity, your subconscious thoughts and your need to express them

    32. To dream that something is sacred symbolizes the things that you hold close and value

    33. To dream that you are salting meat symbolizes longevity

    34. Items that you put into storage symbolizes the past

    35. To dream that you are providing a service symbolizes your willingness to share or help others

    36. To dream that you are in the shade symbolizes protection

    37. To dream that you are sharing something symbolizes your generosity toward others

    38. To see baby shoes in your dream symbolizes purity, innocence, vulnerability, tenderness and the desire for love

    39. To see a shroud in your dream symbolizes death or the end of something

    40. To see silver in your dream symbolizes the moon, intuition and the feminine aspects of yourself

    41. To see a green colored sky in your dream symbolizes high hopes

    42. To see a smiley face in your dream symbolizes approval and validation of your actions

    43. To dream that you are at tea house symbolizes your social life

    44. To see thread in your dream symbolizes your life path and destiny

    45. A bus or train ticket symbolizes the price you pay to get ahead in life, while a movie ticket represents your need to be more objective in a situation

    46. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes some sort of insult

    47. To see or wear tourmaline in your dream symbolizes healing, potential, and purity

    48. To dream that you are on a train symbolizes your life’s journey

    49. Alternatively, a trapdoor symbolizes discovery of something that you have repressed or stored in the subconscious

    50. Twine also symbolizes what is holding your relationship together

    1. Anti-Heroes have always fascinated our imaginations symbolizing, as many of them do, wayward lifestyles and manners in contrast with conventional customs (seemingly) common and lacking spontaneity and originality

    2. America was uniquely conceived in the principle manner it has been able to embrace and assimilate a variety of cultures forming unqualified or hybrid expressions symbolizing the normative elasticity of its people; of ―old world‖ customs and manners that gradually introduced themselves to the American Mainstream over the years

    3. So where does that leave us today? What can be said of who Jesus is to us in the here and now? In the previous chapter I discussed Jesus as a Parable (symbolizing or prefiguring a larger occurrence), and how that idea had worked regarding past history

    4. We previously saw that the horses in Zechariah 1 were probably all red and white, symbolizing blood/warfare and victory/conquering

    5. So much for the neo-revisionists who claimed that Captain Samuels was an archetype symbolizing

    6. That was the traditional place for the Chief Lector, symbolizing his role as

    7. 2 My brother, good and evil are merely words symbolizing relative levels of human comprehension of the observable universe

    8. mathematical symbol for infinity—above his head, symbolizing his

    9. Therefore writing will continue to consist of letters symbolizing fairly broad sound ranges for a long time to come

    10. in-the-Box symbolizing the original ace and jack of spades

    11. In his right hand he held a branch-like cluster of the myrobalan plant, revered for its healing properties, while in his left he held a blue alms bowl symbolizing herbal medicine in the form of medicinal nectar

    12. ” When he spoke he touched one wrist to another, symbolizing the handcuffs he was bound with during practically all of that time

    13. Meanwhile, the mangalasutrams, symbolizing the nuptial knot, were taken around by the chota purohit to enable the married women to bless them

    14. Why can’t he realize that it’s but a mere slip of the tongue, symbolizing the gulf between my feelings and expression?’

    15. At the auspicious time, Ranga Reddy was accorded the honor to unveil the name-plate, symbolizing the inauguration of the enterprise

    16. And as Roopa shoved her ear to the receiver, symbolizing the harmony of their love for their man, Sandhya shared it with her

    17. Drupad, symbolizing consistency and steadfastness on the path of spir-

    18. and then to Ikshwaku (symbolizing aspiration)

    19. relatively small in width and length, this throne room stretched high in height, symbolizing that though they are small in number, they have reached the pinnacle of power

    20. symbolizing death of the old self and rising to a new

    21. “ Purple is receptive and spiritual in its color energy, symbolizing the ambition of your will power

    22. It’s the Fourth Power of the Rainbow, symbolizing the healthy grounding elements of luxuriant growth and conception

    23. holds a crystal mala, symbolizing that he can free all living beings

    24. This brings a picture of a long arm symbolizing strength and protection

    25. The four angels in The Apocalypse are also symbolizing this length of time

    26. grand crosses unequivocally herald year 5760, by symbolizing the equation 4 x 4 x 360, and all the

    27. seven, thereby symbolizing the third part or three parts, hence an alternate to the truth

    28. Abaddon, symbolizing the Vatican as the herald of evil and the Strong Lie and bottomless pit

    29. This is not symbolizing a physical place, but a gathering together of organizations and philosophies under or within the same conceptual midst and round about the same central ideals and principles

    30. Clay– A mixture of earth and oil, symbolizing the heavily religious aspect (anointing oil, etc

    31. The cup of gold in the hand of the harlot (Papacy/Christianity) is opposed by the cup of God’s wrath, symbolizing the dual

    32. Eagles fly in the midst of mountain tops and clouds, symbolizing a philosophy about wisdom itself

    33. Furthermore, 1+7+1+2=11, symbolizing the truth and justice described in verses 17:13 and 17:14

    34. This is a purely symbolic statement symbolizing that the Seven Spirits of God, as symbolized

    35. symbolizing that time (which we currently visualize and measure as twenty-four hour days) is the

    36. this understanding by symbolizing the four cornerstones of a structure ( house), hence a framework

    37. metal, and is thereby symbolizing a crucible that purifies character, temperament, and integrity

    38. Since the color of golden refers to character and ideals, this is symbolizing creating an idol based on false morality and materialistic ideals (gold), hence a mixture of money

    39. Both heaven and air are symbolizing different aspects of existence characterized by the Seven Spirits of God

    40. Heavens–The stars and the universe, thereby symbolizing the upper reaches of the air, hence truth

    41. Notice that light is truth, the sun is Truth and Justice, and the moon is false or reflected light, symbolizing falsehood, false knowledge, delusion, illusion, etc

    42. symbolizing the foundational states of the universe by symbolizing the nature of thought along a

    43. ( stones) of a house, this tells us that the scorpions are hidden by the foundations and cornerstones of the Vatican’s house, symbolizing they are obscured by money, religion, politics and mystery

    44. correspond to and directly follow the seven trumpets, thereby symbolizing their direct association

    45. Therefore, the two sickles and two clouds are symbolizing

    46. symbolizing Truth and Justice, each being wielded from a separate cloud

    47. Star(s)–A heavenly (of the Seven Spirits of God) source of light (truth) further symbolizing the Creator’s primary servant(s) whose ultimate mission is to deliver great enlightenment ( truth and

    48. notice that symbolizing two sets of seven cycles directly models the Doctrine of Two Spirits and the

    49. Since this is directly symbolizing the Great Red Dragon, it is important to know that the Babylonian

    50. Ten Horns–Ten conceptual instruments of power and authority, symbolizing the Ten

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