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Frasi con tab (in inglese)

  1. Tab B into Slot C.
  2. Tab A into Slot B.
  3. Bomb and put it on my tab.
  4. He ran up a tab of $76,000.
  5. I did this and my tab was $51.

  6. Navigate to the Advanced tab.
  7. Now click on the Advanced tab.
  8. Click the Advanced Settings tab.
  9. Then click on the Exclusions tab.
  10. I’ll add that to your tab, Stan.
  11. He drops a tab of acid in each mouth.
  12. The typed tab read: FERN HAVEN: TANDOORI.
  13. She had already dropped an Ecstasy tab.
  14. Now, click on the tab Template Tab.
  15. I really love this one; you can surf in tab.

  16. In the new window, go to the Advanced tab.
  17. Click on Paint on the background tab.
  18. Copy the URL and click over to your Yahoo tab.
  19. The File Formats tab configures output options.
  20. She raised her hand "Git out, Tab!" said Lucy.
  21. Tab silently smiled and headed toward the buffet.
  22. Yes, I can pay my tab at the end of the month.
  23. Click on the TABLE tab at the top of this window.
  24. Ignore the rest of the settings on the Quality tab.
  25. With Google by going under the tab of more, click.

  26. When he did return to the meeting Tab was with him.
  27. You'll now need to click over to the report view tab.
  28. Joe had made a present to them of paying the bar tab.
  29. I forget what my name is, it was written on the tab.
  30. At the end of the fourth day, Tab sought out Timothy.
  31. We'll then click on the report tab to view the results.
  32. I went ahead and pulled the tab off from the second can.
  33. Open Auslogics BoostSpeed and go to the Advanced Tools tab.
  34. We should expect spies keeping a close tab on us all the time.
  35. Under this tab you will see the size, border and advanced edit.
  36. He tossed a tip onto the table as he’d already paid their tab.
  37. Click the Letters tab and select to Retrieve Published Campaign.
  38. If they cannot pay the tuition, the parishioners pick up the tab.
  39. His credit card sat on the cash register—collateral for the tab.
  40. In the styling tab, you can freely adjust the options of the slider.
  41. Find the tab about a third of the way in and start reading there.
  42. To the right of the screen, is a large window with has a tab called.
  43. Click the Commands tab, and then click Macros in the Categories list.
  44. A blue folder with a white tab, different from all the green and tan.
  45. Once you have one box highlighted – click on the precisely tab.
  46. Switch to the Quality tab, and choose 44,100 Hz as the Default Sample.
  47. She paid her tab and got the barman to send a small beer down to Adam.
  48. After learning the creation of region, tab , breadcrump we shall try to.
  49. Click on this small tab next to Background to choose whatever color you.
  50. Audio I/O tab, verify that your sound card is selected as the device for.
  51. I hit send order, and it appears in the bottom pane under the orders tab.
  52. As long as it’s on the government’s tab, I’ll have a gin and tonic.
  53. Janice gently insisted that Tab occupy that spot for remainder of the day.
  54. The Strategy Manager is open, and the Position Strategies tab is selected.
  55. Navigate to the Location tab, select Move and browse to the new location 3.
  56. Also - please note the former Untitled tab on Kompozer – has also had its.
  57. In the menu, click on Tools, click on Folder Options and go to the View tab.
  58. Once is finished processing, we can click over to the report view tab as shown.
  59. They dulled out the part of my brain that kept a running tab on my unhappiness.
  60. Use the Text Box Tools tab to change the formatting of the pull quote text box.
  61. Once again click on Tools, select Internet Options and select the Content tab 2.
  62. Select the general options from the Tools Tab and the following screen appears:.
  63. Claire handed me a manila folder with a name printed on the tab: Tracey Pendleton.
  64. Closing tab without making sign out, it should ask for the password for the next.
  65. TAB in the Protea Hotel and by Gordie Jestin and Jono Shepherd of Cottonfields to.
  66. I don’t even have enough money to pay this bar tab, Hudson said and laughed.
  67. Holding up the lighter to Ed’s face, Dennis flicked the tab and nothing happened.
  68. We will of course pick the tab for your hotel and restaurant bills in the meantime.
  69. How long will it take to figure out who pays how much on a six-way tab? An eternity.
  70. That’s nice of you to pick up the tab, Scout, she said with a friendly smile.
  71. I have asked Faye Anne and Tab to research it so we can solve it, Saul replied.
  72. Once is finished processing, click over to the report view tab and look at the column.
  73. Theme Options or some such tab, click it and see what different options it gives.
  74. The Apps tab is where you will see which tools you have approved to access your account.
  75. Last year alone, Rogers spent a total of two weeks traveling on the association’s tab.
  76. Twitter provides a list of default backgrounds in the Design tab that you can choose from.
  77. The Stop Strategies tab allows the trader to create a single stop or a trailing stop.
  78. Tab finally tracked down her suspect and collected a group of station police to collect him.
  79. When it's finished running, let's click on the "report view" tab to view some of the results.
  80. Click on the Advanced tab and then click on the Settings button in the Performance section.
  81. One thing we can be sure of: The twenty-first century will pick up the tab for the twentieth.
  82. He doubted the man was coming to ask for a week-long bar tab just like those other jokers got.
  83. Step 3- Throughout the Day when you add each friend and leave them a nice message, close that tab.
  84. By removing the seal, and pulling out the tab – he was instantly on line with the satellite far.
  85. The dealer holds two large capsules of white powder, which he claims are pure THC, and a tab of LSD.
  86. Whatever, said Sullivan, and paid his tab, gave the barber a tip, and got the hell out of there.
  87. One is to keep tab on the points of resistance in the leaders and play on them for fractional profits.
  88. A couple headed over to the bar to see if they start a tab, even though the answer was usually ‘no’.
  89. You will then be taken to the Processes tab and the process related to the application will be highlighted.
  90. Bernie, pass me one of those drinks and put it on our tab, bro, said Brian, reaching through the window.
  91. Picking up another, he pulled the tab with a hiss then dropped it back inside the can, taking a long deep pull.
  92. I lost the can, off my belt, one of the zombie vampires must have picked it up and pulled the tab on accident.
  93. Once you’ve reviewed the current market conditions, use the Find Stocks tab to look for new investing ideas.
  94. A new page will be opened in a new tab; this page shows all module positions of the template, like the figure below.
  95. The G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator includes a Taylor's Equation calculator on the Hardware Profile tab, under Setup.
  96. I had a couple of valiums as I was very nervous, invoked protection from my guides, and then popped a Red Dragon tab.
  97. After their meal, Mitchell paid the $43 tab, and then left the remaining $7, as gratuity for their responsive server.
  98. At that time, we didn’t belong to the Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) and, in fact, had no association memberships at all.
  99. Consumer spending conditioned by ―easy credit‖ will one day leave the taxpayer with an enormous tab to settle…….
  100. Ellen picked up the bar tab at six-thirty-two, Cindy said, and he has her signature on the credit-card receipt.

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  1. Dozens of texts, some open, some not, many annotated and tabbed and scribbled on, were scattered all over the room.
  2. He not only found hard-core exculpatory evidence—Miranda, he had the whole thing highlighted and sticky tabbed as thoroughly as I would.
  3. The university had message tubes thruout the whole complex, there was one in her quarters into which she dropped their lunch order, tabbed to route to the kitchens of this building.
  1. Give me two tabs in that case.
  2. Yeah, I have a couple of tabs.
  3. Rod would be around to keep tabs.
  4. She kept close tabs on her mother.
  5. He feels the sorrow in Tabs heart.
  6. Then three more tabs as follows:.
  7. Claire clicked on some of the tabs.
  8. HootSuite allows you to create tabs.
  9. They shouldn't be hard to keep tabs on.
  10. Ecstasy tabs were passed around, as was.
  11. They will help us to keep tabs on the man.
  12. On the latest styles, he always kept tabs.
  13. Chin Lee keeps close tabs on the Heineken.
  14. No doubt, he had been keeping tabs on Donald.
  15. Tabset name for this menu/ tabs is Master_menu.
  16. Global Configuration is divided into five tabs.
  17. Through the years, I’ve kept close tabs on you.
  18. Letters poured into his office and he kept tabs.
  19. I’m assigned to keep tabs on you, that’s all.
  20. No dividers or tabs separated the stack of papers.
  21. First Tabs fell wounded, and they continued the fight.
  22. Trim tabs would have made it easier to fly the machine.
  23. Keeping tabs of your save backups will also help a lot here.
  24. Sheila knew that Jerry had been keeping close tabs on Dominex.
  25. Five hundred people is a lot of tabs, he said reluctantly.
  26. Bernie had hired a private detective to keep tabs on Lorraine.
  27. Tabs, bleeding heavily from several deep wounds, held it down.
  28. They assigned a keeper to me, to keep tabs on what I was doing.
  29. Just Below there is a menu Bar which has Tabs (Menu Item ) such.
  30. I’ve had a few government agencies keeping close tabs on me.
  31. It was Presley in New York, who was supposed to keep tabs on Jack.
  32. He got up and went over to him, kneeling down he patted Tabs head.
  33. Here you will have three tabs (Configuration, Database & Overview).
  34. This helps you keep tabs on how well your site is designed and the.
  35. Secure in their friendship now, Andrew finally asked him about Tabs.
  36. When you add all of that number of friends, those tabs will be closed.
  37. I need to know that he is still around and that you have tabs on him.
  38. He hoped his men would use their brains and keep tabs on the Germans.
  39. We need to create four tabsets and tabs within that tabset as Menu as.
  40. There are also books where there are tabs with hidden gems underneath.
  41. Forward of the rear sights there were two tabs that laid into the top.
  42. I just want you make contact with them, and keep tabs on their progress.
  43. Just knowing he really did want to keep tabs on me was soothing already.
  44. The tabs are broken down into Straight, Bi, Queer, Punk, Goth, and Vamp.
  45. Though Lydia hadn’t spoken to her mother since, she still kept tabs on her.
  46. For this we require Tabset (which is a holder for tabs /menu items ) Tabset.
  47. There were several blue tabs of what I assumed was more XTC on the nightstand.
  48. Barrons and Ryodan are brothers! Ryodan’s been keeping tabs on Dani for years.
  49. He knew I was keeping tabs and every once in a while would give me a finger wave.
  50. There are Ecstasy tabs, speed and cocaine available in them for both you and our.
  51. My parents weren’t very strict about keeping tabs on those of us over the age 12.
  52. I turned the handle and opened the door while Dave stood on the porch keeping tabs.
  53. A common clash of will he later told the regular bartender keeping tabs on escapism.
  54. I stayed in communication with all the volunteers and kept tabs on their progress.
  55. And who exactly is keeping tabs on how long I’m spending in local businesses?
  56. So the Czechs would have to watch every car coming out of that garage to keep tabs with.
  57. A trail lead into a swarm of insects you couldn’t keep tabs on the order and wildness.
  58. She was changed too! She was larger than Tabs & Ash; she had been enhanced like Sally!.
  59. GPS indicator, that also allowed the Agency to keep tabs on where Kareem was at all times.
  60. It would be easier to keep tabs on Barclay if he did know he was under our protection.
  61. There must be places in his club he likes to keep tabs on that he prefers no one else see.
  62. He carried a large stack of folders with our names on the tabs, and several bulky reports.
  63. Sonia had made it her personal duty those many years ago to keep tabs on Matai and Lord Boras.
  64. Do not forget to check how sensitive Pyparsing is regarding spaces, tabs, or unexpected input.
  65. Summers sat in the CO's chair watching the bridge crew work, keeping tabs on the ship's systems.
  66. Continue to keep tabs on the length of time these people were on the drug before termination.
  67. I think I’ve uncovered something shady at the Kassikan and they’re trying to keep tabs on me.
  68. Michael looked at Tabs and Ash, realization dawning on him as he saw they too were matted with blood.
  69. Brutus and Cesar are running around with Tabs; they flushed out a couple of rabbits, but that was all.
  70. Servers, I’m begging you: Assume separate checks every time unless you are told to combine the tabs.
  71. But they’ve grown beyond their origins into one of the most important ways by which They keep tabs on Us.
  72. Her phone’s GPS was active and if anyone was keeping tabs on her, they’d track her phone to the airport.
  73. She’d been keeping tabs on you and she could tell you were becoming increasingly dissatisfied with your job.
  74. The page setup screen comes up which has four tabs: page (wherein paper size, orientation, compression mode, etc.
  75. Made life a bit easier for Bunty though, that did, meant she didn’t have to keep tabs on her mother quite so much.
  76. Diagnostic tabs, which facilitate the work of the surgeon, were wanting at the front, and to save time and confusion.
  77. She didn’t acknowledge him as she leafed through a weathered notebook with faded alphabetical lettering on red tabs.
  78. As a good boss, you should keep close tabs on them: fire the unproductive ones and replace them with more eager workers.
  79. Sarah’s eyes darted in all directions keeping tabs on her squad members and also searching for Jackson and Lady Isabol.
  80. They donned their night clothes, inflated their mattress by pulling the well marked tabs and crawled in to bed to spend.
  81. You are probably wondering how we kept tabs on you while you were on the colony since you spent most of the time hiding.
  82. When planning your investments in the oil market, another pair of numbers to keep close tabs on is export and import figures.
  83. Charles Greenfield, who is the prosecutor in this case, has been keeping close tabs on the status of the kid you had dealings with.
  84. Not that he thought a pathological liar like him would make such an obvious mistake, but it made sense to keep close tabs on the man.
  85. As he came up the side of the mountain, Tabs was lying across the path, his body was covered in dried blood from several open wounds.
  86. And I think we’re close, I think that’s why Padraigan was keeping tabs and how he knew when the time was right to get into the lab.
  87. Birchall radioed his reports back to the admiralty; they in turn sent intermittent messages telling him to keep tabs on the boat which he did.
  88. All during the 3 months since Becky died, Collin had thrown himself into keeping tabs on the Big Black; he practically lived at the Riders Hall.
  89. There were loud shouts of Well done! Go Tabs! The children all stared at this huge animal with bandages wrapped about his legs and torso.
  90. The blast from the propeller hits the aircraft in a helical motion, and most of our aircraft still didn’t have trim tabs or any such consideration.
  91. An enterprising stockbroker kept tabs on one of his stocks, Jones Soda, by chatting up baristas at Starbucks, one of the outlets where Jones was sold.
  92. Adrenaline made me want to pace the tight confines of the truck, but I stayed with Simon, my hand locked with his, and kept tabs on the state of his mind.
  93. She had the cabinet unlocked in a jiffy and was thumbing through the files with their neatly typed tabs, when she heard footsteps coming from down the hall.
  94. If you notice – there are quite a few menu tabs at the top and when you hover over them – they will show you other various subjects within that category.
  95. Back in ’74, he said, before the Post-Humanists were Post-Humanists, Nicky started having them keep tabs on the members of his favorite band, Ex Post Facto.
  96. The color of the arms displayed under the corporal’s shoulder straps and collar tabs is wine-red, but Werner can’t remember what that is supposed to signify.
  97. The nice stationery, the fancy letterhead bearing the name of the private investigator hired by Holden VI, with tabs behind the letter, supporting documentation:.
  98. Sometimes, as a kind of art-school exercise, he attempted mentally to disentangle them, but the grimy little tabs of masking tape marking Channel 1 and Channel 2 were useless.
  99. Children are fascinated with computers, and teens use email to communicate with friends next door! If you keep tabs on their lives via email, you will be a modern grandparent.
  100. To keep tabs on global shipping rates, you don’t need a savvy uncle in the ship brokering business—all you need to know is what’s happening with the Baltic Dry Index (BDI).

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