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Frasi con telegraph (in inglese)

  1. The lamp on the telegraph.
  2. The Telegraph, Sydney, 20 out.
  3. Up and over the telegraph lines.
  4. And never telegraph your moves.
  5. Editor�s office, The Daily Telegraph.

  6. Office as she left the telegraph office.
  7. McLean toward the telegraph offices exit.
  8. He did not return to the telegraph office.
  9. There was no telegraph sent from the.
  10. I must not telegraph in front of this man.
  11. Morgan (late 4th Telegraph Construction Co.
  12. Then may I telegraph to the advocate?
  13. I also received a telegraph from Baton Rouge.
  14. You the only telegraph operator here?
  15. Before acting, telegraph what you think of it.

  16. Lots must be killed in storms, telegraph wires.
  17. Again Pete replied, Yeah, we sent a telegraph.
  18. Telegraph her en route so that she may be prepared.
  19. I checked down at the telegraph office when the.
  20. I have a new fellow on the telegraph now, stop—’.
  21. Flashing across the darkness on the telegraph machine.
  22. According to the telegraph operator’s very vivid.
  23. They passed to the third story; it was the telegraph room.
  24. Well, his father said, Wesley down at the telegraph.
  25. He told him: The telegraph is the profession of the future.

  26. I’d become accustomed to the clicking sound of the telegraph.
  27. I had to telegraph yesterday, or they would not have been here.
  28. With the steamship, the electric telegraph, the newspaper, the.
  29. As he arrived at the Telegraph Office, he stopped and cautiously.
  30. Then he explained, gesturing at the cable, It’s a telegraph.
  31. As we walked home together, Holmes stopped at a telegraph office.
  32. In terms of the telegraph, these services did not exist between.
  33. As Mary Catherine strode toward the telegraph office, she latched.
  34. It was full of lumpy papers pasted with raw telegraph transcripts.
  35. Streets disappeared below the ground, and telegraph poles snapped.
  36. That, coupled with the fact that the telegraph office in Carson had.
  37. Yep, Jed confirmed, careful not to mention that the telegraph.
  38. On Saturday I will tell you my impressions concerning the telegraph.
  39. She stopped at the door of the telegraph office and looked down the.
  40. Where's the archbishop's letter? It's to be repeated in the Telegraph.
  41. Their lean faces filled the door and the windows of the telegraph hut.
  42. Telegraph Office, which currently functioned as the post office as well.
  43. There were no airplanes, no telephones, no telegraph, and no television.
  44. Under their orders the telegraph companies refused to transmit the letter.
  45. The pores of open-grained wood such as oak and mahogany tend to telegraph.
  46. When she left the telegraph office, Hildebranda was on the verge of tears.
  47. First to a telegraph office, and then to the post office, Mac shouted.
  48. Another Union colonel, named John Beatty, said, ‘Every time the telegraph.
  49. But he wants a par to call attention in the Telegraph too, the Saturday pink.
  50. I’ve asked the telegraph office in Virginia City to wire me as soon as they.
  51. What telegraph do you intend visiting? that of the home department, or of the.
  52. Mail, telegraph, books, magazines, newspapers, and even pamphlets were censored.
  53. The telegraph operator in town was Harry Kelleher, who was also the stationmaster.
  54. The world’s growing telegraph network was kept busy by the accelerated march of.
  55. I could hear his voice in the hall, asking the way to the nearest telegraph office.
  56. I faked a complete calm so as not to telegraph what I was talking about.
  57. I remember seeing a billboard with an image of a woman crucified on a telegraph pole—L.
  58. Next day, there was a small item in the Daily Telegraph, in the ‘news in brief’ column.
  59. I tell you it is too late; early this morning the telegraph was employed, and at this very.
  60. If you run off the sheriff will have an alert out for you by telegraph in a very short time.
  61. He’d make his move, telegraph it, and wait for the man down the line to send his move back.
  62. I will telegraph to him, and he will immediately send me pictures of the latest French models.
  63. A technical feature of the American Telephone and Telegraph convertible issue deserves mention.
  64. The telegraph is not marked urgent and is only delivered four hours after the attack had begun.
  65. Example: American Telephone & Telegraph 2 5/8s, due 1986, sold as low as 51 in 1970; Deere & Co.
  66. Olin Collins, here present as you know, had sometime previously sent a telegraph message to a Mr.
  67. Colling asked the Post Office clerk if he could telegraph some funds to an address in Wisconsin, U.
  68. Dix, the general manager of Pacific Telephone and Telegraph, signed on as chairman of the campaign.
  69. There would be no office or telegraph calls, no duties, no sounds to disturb the hard-earned hours.
  70. Martin's-le-Grand, and, while I sheltered in the cabmen's hut, had contrived to telegraph to Paris.
  71. The Captain also attempted to dissuade him, arguing that the telegraph was the science of the future.
  72. DAVY STEPHENS: Messenger of the Sacred Heart and Evening Telegraph with Saint Patrick's Day supplement.
  73. During my mid-shift break, I would chat with Harv and it was fun for me to watch him play by telegraph.
  74. Or a telegraph post by the side of the road, seen against the long horizontal line of a hill at sunset.
  75. Morse’s telegraph code would have faded into history by now, but that was how they were communicating.
  76. Wireless telegraph and radio communications were used by all the belligerent governments and armed services.
  77. As Jozef remembered, the mess hall was erected on wood supports, the girth of telegraph poles and a yard high.
  78. War Department sends out an alert but uses a commercial telegraph because radio contact with Hawaii is faulty.
  79. Thaniel sighed and sat down at the telegraph, automatically sideways, and drew out the transcript paper gently.
  80. Almost the same information was vouchsafed by different generals, telegraph operators, and dealers in groceries.
  81. They exploded any stores of powder they came upon, cut every telegraph, and wrecked the railways here and there.
  82. Three cheers for dear Father! Brooke was a trump to telegraph right off, and let us know the minute he was better.
  83. Whilst we were speaking we were startled by a knock at the hall door, the double postman's knock of the telegraph boy.
  84. Sometimes they superimpose a telephone conversation over the proper arrangement of telegraph messages and vice versa.
  85. Your suggestion about the telegraph station has put a practical idea into my brain, and I am thankful for that, John.
  86. We had a telephone, telegraph and tele-printer set up within the first half-hour, and we had all the housing up in two.
  87. Every man has a devouring passion in his heart, as every fruit has its worm; that of the telegraph man was horticulture.
  88. Olin then walked down to the telegraph office and had a message sent by wire to Benjamin Butler in Lowell, Massachusetts.
  89. Along this hand there are certain signs, and by means of these signs they write from one place to another on the telegraph.
  90. Grabbing with curiosity the morning edition of the Daily Telegraph, she immediately caught on the big title on the front page.
  91. The telegraph wires were still, no trains came in on the one remaining railroad from the south and the mail service was broken.
  92. There was a short piece on the Telegraph website that said that a man in his thirties is helping police with their inquiries.
  93. When he arrived at the office, he stopped at the corner of his desk and looked down at the sleek telegraph machine for a long time.
  94. Hildebranda had accepted, hoping to mock forgetfulness as her cousin had done before her, and she had arranged with the telegraph.
  96. This point is illustrated by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company Convertible 4½s, due 1939, which sold above 200 in 1929.
  97. This example establishes the soundness of American Telephone & Telegraph, but not the intrinsic attractiveness of convertible bonds.
  98. The fifth column in the Daily Telegraph shows the price change from the previous day’s closing level, also at the mid-market price.
  99. Our job, mine and your grandfather’s, was to knit telegraph wires from command positions at the rear to field officers at the front.
  100. One night the telegraph in the next office began its string of clicks, but it wasn’t some other telegrapher wanting to play checkers.
  1. He has been telegraphing for you.
  2. It is an overreaction and he is telegraphing anxiety, thinking too quickly to be certain of his next step.
  3. However, over the final six months of the uptrend, the new highs were not confirmed by the underlying technicals, telegraphing some key negative divergences.
  4. Lucy had meant to do exactly as Wemyss said and keep her marriage secret, creeping out of the house quietly, going off with him abroad after the registrar had bound them together, and telegraphing or writing to her aunt from some safe distant place _en route_ like Boulogne; but on saying good-night the evening before the wedding day, to her very great consternation her aunt, whom she was in the act of kissing, suddenly pushed her gently a little away, looked at her a moment, and then holding her by both arms said with conviction, 'It's to-morrow.
  1. That’s why I telegraphed.
  2. We telegraphed to the police.
  3. The Emperor of Russia telegraphed:.
  4. Of course I telegraphed back that I should not be here.
  5. He then telegraphed Grant, Let the thing be pressed!.
  6. The women telegraphed their approval to one another, and Mr.
  7. Then it was over, and her face telegraphed equal parts shame.
  8. The President of France in his reply telegraphed as follows:.
  9. I must have telegraphed my disbelief, because he scowled again.
  10. Melanie, strangely calm now, telegraphed him money and instructions to come home.
  11. We telegraphed to Weimar to ask about it, and the ever kind owner immediately agreed.
  12. When a pair of telegraphers agreed to play each other, two numbers would be telegraphed for each move.
  13. Several foreign governments telegraphed to the British Government messages of condolence for the sufferers.
  14. Melanie telegraphed Colonel Sloan a dozen times and finally a letter arrived, full of and had not returned.
  15. In vain Amy telegraphed the word `talk', tried to draw her out, and administered covert pokes with her foot.
  16. His face must have telegraphed it, because Regan and Venus had tensed, too, like teenagers in a monster flick.
  17. Sergey Ivanovitch had not telegraphed to his brother to send to meet him, as he did not know when he should be.
  18. I've known of it a long time; I telegraphed to Moscow to inquire, and heard long ago that the money had not arrived.
  19. In the middle of it Rex just telegraphed to papa: Julia and I prefer wedding ceremony take place by Protestant rites.
  20. She had telegraphed her train from Paddington, but that, of course, was no reason why any one should be on the doorstep.
  21. When the special was arranged for, my agent instantly telegraphed to me and warned me how soon I should have everything ready.
  22. He telegraphed a roundhouse punch, which I blocked; I teed up one of my own, and as my brother pulled back, I grazed his chin.
  23. On the Monday morning Holmes had telegraphed to the London police, and in the evening we found a reply waiting for us at our hotel.
  24. The rumour has just reached Cayta, and the man in charge of the cable station there has telegraphed the news to his colleague here.
  25. Something of my intense anger telegraphed out of me into the big Trican beneath me, who began to grunt aggressively and stamp its feet.
  26. They had received a wire from London, in answer to Lord Godalming's telegraphed request, asking them to show us any civility in their power.
  27. Early one morning he became so ill that the hospital chaplain was sent to administer the Last Sacrament and the little Londoner's parents were telegraphed for.
  28. You don’t believe it? Well, I can assure you it was entirely on my account that Pirogoff telegraphed to Paris, and left Sebastopol at the greatest risk during the siege.
  29. His aunts had expected Nekhludoff, had asked him to come and see them in passing, but he had telegraphed that he could not come, as he had to be in Petersburg at an appointed time.
  30. That's the best thing you can do, he responded, as though he had expected to hear it; except that you can always be telegraphed for from Moscow, if anything should happen here.
  31. At eleven o'clock that night, having secured a bed at one of the hotels and telegraphed his address to his father immediately on his arrival, he walked out into the streets of Sandbourne.
  32. After the first several movements, for which he had telegraphed to them a posture, they began to react instinctively in self-protection, which saved his voice and breath and allowed him even greater focus in his unrelenting attack.
  33. Nekhludoff had arranged to stay only a day and night with his aunts, but when he had seen Katusha he agreed to stay over Easter with them and telegraphed to his friend Schonbock, whom he was to have joined in Odessa, that he should come and meet him at his aunts’ instead.
  34. The cause of his delay was that Alyosha, not knowing his Moscow address, had to apply to Katerina Ivanovna to telegraph to him, and she, not knowing his address either, telegraphed to her sister and aunt, reckoning on Ivan's going to see them as soon as he arrived in Moscow.
  35. Nor did it matter that the coming of age festivities were thrown into hopeless confusion by Tussie's illness, that the guests must all be telegraphed to and put off, that the whole village would be aghast at such a disappointment, that all her plans and preparations had been wasted.
  1. It telegraphs what you want to.
  2. Sound telegraphs through the frame.
  3. And how will you do that? No telegraphs or telephones.
  4. In the meantime, he sent telegraphs to Confederate President Davis to begin the evacuation of Richmond.
  5. The presence of other buyers just under the level where the institutions were buying telegraphs real interest.
  6. This format clearly telegraphs the link’s ultimate destination, making it easier for your user to decide whether to click or not.
  7. Since the lad who usually tapped out the telegraphs was away to lunch, he sidled around the counter and deftly tapped out his message himself.
  8. I shall, therefore, not visit either of these telegraphs, but one in the open country where I shall find a good-natured simpleton, who knows no more than the machine he is employed to work.
  9. There wasn’t telegraphs and telephones and railroads handy in them days, so that I could stop you or catch you, but I didn’t need any telegraphs to tell me she had gone away with handsome Mounseer Hercules, of the curly hair.
  10. The more men are raised above want, the more telegraphs, telephones, books, newspapers, and reviews they possess, the more numerous will be the channels for the diffusion of falsehood and hypocrisy, and the more at variance and miserable will men become,—and it is even so at the present time.
  11. The more people shall have to eat, the more there shall be of telegraphs, telephones, books, newspapers, journals, the more means will there be for the dissemination of discordant lies and of hypocrisy, and the more will men be disunited and, therefore, wretched, as is indeed the case at present.
  12. The more men are freed from privation; the more telegraphs, telephones, books, papers, and journals there are; the more means there will be of diffusing inconsistent lies and hypocrisies, and the more disunited and consequently miserable will men become, which indeed is what we see actually taking place.
  13. And so this governor—precisely as the governor of Toula was doing on that day—with a battalion of soldiers with guns and rods, hastily brought together by means of telegraphs and telephones and railways, proceeded by a special train to the scene of action, with a learned doctor whose duty it was to insure the flogging being of an hygienic character.
  14. We have invented telegraphs, telephones, phonographs, but what improvements have we made in the life of the people? We have catalogued two millions of insects! but have we domesticated a single animal since biblical times, when all our animals had long been domesticated, and still the elk and the deer, and the partridge and the grouse and the wood-hen, are wild?
  15. And so the governor, like the Governor of Túla, arrived on a special train with a battalion of soldiers, with guns and rods, having made use of the telegraph, of telephones, and of the railway, and brought with him a learned doctor, who was to watch the hygienic conditions of the flogging, thus fully personifying Dzhingis Khan with the telegraphs, as predicted by Herzen.
  16. The governments in our time—all governments, the most despotic and the most liberal—have become what Herzen so aptly called Dzhingis-Khans with telegraphs, that is, organizations of violence, which have nothing at their base but the coarsest arbitrary will, and yet use all those means which science has worked out for the aggregate social peaceful activity of free and equal men, and which they now employ for the enslavement and oppression of men.
  17. Railways, telegraphs, telephones, photographs, and the great perfection of the means of getting rid of men for years, without killing them, by solitary confinement, where, hidden from the world, they perish and are forgotten, and the many other modern inventions employed by government, give such power that when once authority has come into certain hands, the police, open and secret, the administration and prosecutors, jailers and executioners of all kinds, do their work so zealously that there is no chance of overturning the government, however cruel and senseless it may be.
  18. The railways, telegraphs, photographs, and the perfected method of removing people, without killing them, into eternal solitary confinement, where, hidden from men, they perish and are forgotten, and many other modern inventions, which governments employ more freely than any one else, give them such strength that as soon as the power has fallen into certain hands, and the visible and the secret police, and the administration, and all kinds of prosecutors, and jailers, and executioners are earnestly at work, there is no possibility of overthrowing the government, no matter how senseless or cruel it may be.
  19. If all were forced to till the soil, those vast results would not have been attained which have been attained in our day; there would have been none of those striking successes which have so greatly augmented man’s power over nature, were it not for these astronomical discoveries which are so astounding to the mind of man, and which have added to the security of navigation; there would be no steamers, no railways, none of those wonderful bridges, tunnels, steam-engines and telegraphs, photography, telephones, sewing-machines, phonographs, electricity, telescopes, spectroscopes, microscopes, chloroform, Lister’s bandages, and carbolic acid.
  20. Railroads, telegraphs, telephones, photography, the improved method of disposing of criminals by imprisoning them in solitary confinement for the remainder of their lives in cells, where, hidden from human view, they die forgotten, as well as numerous other modern inventions upon which governments have the prior claim, give them such power, that if once the authority fell into certain hands, and the regular and secret police, administrative officials, and all kinds of procureurs, jailers, and executioners labored zealously to support it, there would be no possibility whatsoever of overthrowing the government, however cruel or senseless it might be.
  21. I see the electric telegraphs of the earth,.

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