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Frasi con tempt (in inglese)

  1. They try to tempt you.
  2. He is trying to tempt me.
  3. If Allah wants to tempt you.
  4. Neither let us tempt Christ.
  5. He had tried to tempt Him, but.
  6. I hadn’t enough to tempt them.
  7. Tempt the waters from their bed;.
  8. Lying there naked to tempt me.
  9. Kronos will never tempt me again.
  10. He didn’t dare tempt fate again.
  11. WAVES tempt us to ignore the gales.
  12. Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy.
  13. Why do you tempt Me? Show Me a coin.
  14. Revealing their heart-glow to tempt.
  15. You brought me out here to tempt me to.
  16. And that will tempt you, Miss Marianne.
  17. Does such an offer tempt you? We hope not.
  18. Such tales as that will never tempt my tongue.
  19. Don’t tempt me, old man, Murphy hissed.
  20. You cannot tempt me with your foolish tricks.
  21. It's bad luck to tempt fate, she said quietly.
  22. It is the premium and the feast which tempt him.
  23. Follow him at foot; tempt him with speed aboard;.
  24. The shadows tug at me, insistent, and they tempt me.
  25. He faces many testing situations that tempt him to.
  26. He refused to look at her, no need to tempt his wolf.
  27. Don’t tempt him by a generosity he would only abuse.
  28. I know I’ll have to be more careful not to tempt you.
  29. Do not tempt me woman, He winked at her and smiled.
  30. Yes things will come into our life that will tempt us to sin.
  31. I wished I was hungry but the thought of eating did not tempt me.
  32. And those lips too; they were made to tempt a monk into oblivion.
  33. Do not tempt my sisters with arrogant words or foolish silence.
  34. Why do we tempt the hungry with dreams of everything? grinned MK.
  35. Mark 12:15-16 Why do you tempt Me? bring Me a coin so that I may see it.
  36. Douglas sighed and said she feared she had nothing to tempt my appetite.
  37. The fish are the only thing that will tempt the bears out of the forest.
  38. Over and over again a bright sunbeam would tempt the busy child outside.
  39. There’s no need to tempt the dark angel by doing risky kinds of things.
  40. The entire idea here is to tempt your visitor to want to know more about.
  41. Strictly keeping out all allurements that tempt the changeable and rest-.
  42. Boatmen from Campoalmas were there, hungry to tempt unsuspecting tourists.
  43. When trying to tempt Jesus, Satan showed Him all the kingdoms of the world.
  44. You're not from Miguelturra, but some knave sent here from hell to tempt me.
  45. Luke 4:12 Where it is written it says: You shall not tempt the Lord your God.
  46. Instinctively I cocked my head to the side to tempt him and shivered in his.
  47. She rolled on her back, her breathing became labored, How dare you tempt me.
  48. Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.
  49. Lead us not into temptation - God does not tempt us! He tests our faith and our.
  50. But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites?
  51. Besides, she said as though to tempt him, I hadn’t met a tempting one.
  52. Bland and insipid were not qualities to tempt anyone to eat more than necessary.
  53. Jesus said unto him, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the LORD thy God.
  54. This will also help you tempt the fish to bite into the hook for you to get them.
  55. She rolled downhill at Rialto bridge to tempt me with her flow of animal spirits.
  56. And Moses said to them, Why chide you with me? therefore do you tempt the Lord?
  57. Jesus answering said to him It has been said 'You shall not tempt the Lord your God.
  58. She drew as far as she could while bent over, then stood again to tempt the spear thrust.
  59. He found that he could not curse them so he counseled Balak to tempt them into sin instead.
  60. This pond has rarely been profaned by a boat, for there is little in it to tempt a fisherman.
  61. It is also written, do not tempt the Lord your God, He forced the words from His mouth.
  62. You would find cause for offense in me if you could tempt me to show mercy on the Sabbath day.
  63. Tempt me not with a nanny to wipe my face and ass, when my village needs sanitation and a well.
  64. Padlimaird eyed me from where he dangled a bit of sausage over the side to tempt the small green trout.
  65. They had no appetite so he would try to tempt them with ever more delicious dishes, custards and sweets.
  66. So never tempt me again, because I will break you in two, and you will die broken-hearted because of me.
  67. It was a simple quadrangular pyramid, set on a coral base, with no ironwork to tempt the natives' avarice.
  68. I may tempt you but when you come to my bed- and you will- it will be with you begging for me to touch you.
  69. The real-time streamers flashed red and green, tempting him in the way that Las Vegas lights tempt gamblers.
  70. It can even tempt you to buy foods that are loaded with fats and calories, when you give in to your cravings.
  71. Good is the one who voluntarily abstains from thoughts or actions that tempt toward any breach of that covenant.
  72. He had needed to allow the opening to his leg and tempt the man into a small prize in order to steal the victory.
  73. She loved those when she was about six and would often tempt me into doing that to her, so it wasn't unprecedented.
  74. I reminded myself again that I didn’t want to tempt providence by crossing the highest massif on Earth all alone.
  75. Can we suppose for a moment that he will let true Christians go quietly to heaven, and not tempt them by the way?
  76. Both parties are seeking to tempt the man to go over, with increasingly attractive offers of cash and fringe benefits.
  77. Do not tempt them! Do not heap up their growing hatred by a sentence justifying the murder of a father by his son!.
  78. She lowers her face close to his, watching him for any sort of reaction, hoping to tempt him with food and her cooing voice.
  79. Who was he to put himself in my path, haunt my nights, tempt me with his sadness and beauty, and then tell me to stay away?
  80. All agreed, that it was better to stay behind a strong stone wall, protected by cannon, than to tempt fortune in the open field.
  81. Yet Al’lah threatened those who try to tempt the believers, men or women, with the woe of Hell then with the torment of burning.
  82. But these things with Fred outside them, Fred forsaken and looking sad for the want of her, could never tempt her deliberate thought.
  83. If the dream partner didn’t intentionally tempt me with her seductive gray eyes, then this wouldn’t be a problem, he teases.
  84. His mindset tells me that he will not survive long because he will tempt the fates until he suffers a loss that wipes out his account.
  85. As a Christian, do not ever tempt your hand or your fate with the Lord by crossing over into this kind of forbidden territory with Him.
  86. It would rise again to tempt him with its beguiling promises of wonderful rewards, and all he had to do was listen; listen and let go.
  87. In His Book, God openly warns us of this when He says: Sons of Adam! Let Satan not tempt you, as he got your parents out of paradise.
  88. Those that tempt believers, men or women, and never repent shall be rewarded with the scourge of Hell and then that of conflagration.
  89. Why should you be anxious to conceal them? Your pride cannot blind God! You tempt Him to wring them, till He forces a cry of humiliation.
  90. The latter would take too long and if something was prone to blow up, I didn’t want to be staying in one place long enough to tempt fate.
  91. I may not believe in an epidemic of suicide, but if it's always catching my eye, there really are moments, you know, when it might tempt one.
  92. For it would keep thee mystified, would turn thy rock of Faith to sand and tempt thee with its boldest lies which is the game it loves to play.
  93. Fool! did you ever tempt those holy men who ate locusts and prayed seventeen years in the wilderness till they were overgrown with moss?
  94. Maybe that was because there were too few shares outstanding or because the company did not tempt the Street with fees on new-issue stock deals.
  95. Widowhood, and childlessness, and solitariness, tempt many to feel weary of life, though everything which money can obtain is within their reach.
  96. He found Mori trying to tempt Katsu from one of the top cupboards, where there was a new nest of stolen foil wrappers and springs from the workshop.
  97. A frisson of awareness rolled up his back at her ability to tempt him to the degree that his wolf alternately snapped and whined to savor her again.
  98. What I feel is, basically, you’re an alien dropped on a hostile planet, whose inhabitants are constantly trying to tempt you into depending on them.
  99. What people or social situations will tempt you to revert back to old habits that you’re trying to break? How will you deal with those situations?
  100. All were of opinion that it was better to stay behind a strong wall, their safety assured by cannon, than to tempt the fortune of war in the open field.
  1. A quick shot was tempting.
  2. This woman was too tempting.
  3. The offer was truly tempting.
  4. No point in tempting the Gods.
  5. How tempting to go back further.
  6. Though the last one was tempting.
  7. The person doing the tempting was.
  8. But it’s tempting to be Cool Girl.
  9. Giving up was so easy and tempting.
  10. The water was too tempting to refuse.
  11. Almost tempting his flagging appetite.
  12. Jericho looked sharper and more tempting.
  13. It was tempting, being ignored to continue.
  14. As you've seen, the cherubs can be tempting.
  15. He was there in Jesus’ day, tempting him.
  16. In a need for certainty, it is tempting to.
  17. It is tempting to automatically use ANYDTDTE.
  18. The idea was tempting, but my stomach rolled.
  19. Hell, Nancy, your offer is tempting indeed.
  20. To herself, individually, it was most tempting.
  21. She was so tempting and I couldn’t even stop.
  22. The idea was so tempting that I nearly said yes.
  23. Maybe he was innocent and you were tempting him.
  24. Anything else is arguable and tempting disaster.
  25. James Thornton’s offer was certainly tempting.
  26. As tempting as it was to lose my sanity and shut.
  27. I knew that was not safe but I was tempting fate.
  28. However tempting that option was I disregarded it.
  29. This was tempting, and Courfeyrac could not resist.
  30. The feeling to let go of everything is too tempting.
  31. He couldn’t let them down now, tempting as it was.
  32. The sweet contours of his body were far too tempting.
  33. She waded out of the pond and concealed her tempting.
  34. This they said, tempting him, that they might have to.
  35. Although it may be tempting, you should not skip meals.
  36. When confronted with such situations, it is tempting.
  37. His presence was frightening and tempting all at once.
  38. Someone, something, was tempting her, leading her away.
  39. I know, but it’s tempting for me, Moshe offered.
  40. It annoyed him but at the same time, it was so tempting.
  41. The documentary idea was tempting, but the young couple.
  42. These Siddhis are, no doubt, very tempting and alluring.
  43. How tempting it is to return back to the eyes of reality.
  44. Sarah didn’t want to ask, but the bait was too tempting.
  45. It was very tempting and a year later, I moved to Boston.
  46. It was a tempting offer, but the reality didn't escape me.
  47. It all sounded tempting but it would be far too dangerous.
  48. Oh, that’s very tempting, but… Tammas considered.
  49. Even without magic, they might be tempting to a young lady.
  50. In the square, Mick found the guys inspecting the tempting.
  51. You walked around the house in your underwear tempting him.
  52. In tempting Job, he was allowed to go so far and no farther.
  53. He held it up in a tempting manner to Thomas, who waved it.
  54. While it might be tempting to go for the program that pays the.
  55. The bed was soft and tempting, but he needed cleaning far worse.
  56. It’s a tempting offer, but I think I’m done saving the world.
  57. No response was the best answer, yet it was tempting to sass back.
  58. She didn’t have time for anything else, no matter how tempting.
  59. He had been on the point of kissing that too tempting mouth, but.
  60. Kyboe shifted this time, the rustling sound too tempting to ignore.
  61. Q: It is all very tempting, but how am I to proceed to realize my.
  62. It’s not a very tempting offer, but of course I leave them to it.
  63. Very tempting, but I had been warned not to pursue the flirtations.
  64. I just hope that Gino hasn’t been tempting him with the wine jug.
  65. It was a tempting offer, but I really wasn‘t scared of him anymore.
  66. It’s tempting to start each sentence with an apology or disclaimer.
  67. As tempting as that is, I think I’ll keep working awhile longer.
  68. It is tempting to roll a losing trade into a more distant expiration.
  69. Although the music and the dance were very tempting but the mood of.
  70. It is very tempting to use supplier credit to fund the business but.
  71. In such circumstances, apparent shortcuts look all the more tempting.
  72. It waited and then it backed up as if it were tempting them to follow.
  73. Alex cleared his throat and tried to ignore her deliberately tempting.
  74. She had a distinct aura that was nearly as tempting as her appearance.
  75. Shivering and broken as I am, it’s tempting to indulge in self-pity.
  76. By a wanton shameless woman; tempting a man lusting to grasp her flesh.
  77. It was really tempting to spend more time with that lovely teacher also.
  78. I was told to avoid slippery places and that open bar could be tempting.
  79. That tempting blush was alluring and revealing, but not revealing enough.
  80. You have been tempting me in ways that I cannot bring myself to resist.
  81. Still dazed by the swiftness of the unfolding drama, duty tempting him to.
  82. I know it’s tempting to ggrab some pre-cooked frozen shrimp, but it’s.
  83. Another good option is South Africa, which offers tempting medical safaris.
  84. Though it’s tempting to do so, we can’t make lying completely illegal.
  85. It was tempting to start another bottle, but about half each seemed adequate.
  86. That declaration was too tempting for me to resist and I looked over to her.
  87. Even the seawater was tempting, but I’d seen what that could do to a person.
  88. It was so tempting to give in to her hedonistic request of him to be her mate.
  89. I can’t hear it on the tracks, enticing me, tempting me to journey elsewhere.
  90. She was suddenly off balance, her face even closer, her nose a tempting target.
  91. Besides, she said as though to tempt him, I hadn’t met a tempting one.
  92. His groin tightened As tempting as that sounds I’m going to have to decline.
  93. Thus, while Staples’ growth rate looked like a tempting investment, it would.
  94. Care to join me? he purred, hot water and Jesse was a very tempting thought.
  95. It was tempting to join them but my last vestige of pride resisted such a notion.
  96. Between me and the food, which is more tempting? she asked, and I chuckled.
  97. The succulent scent of cooking food filled the room, tempting even her taste buds.
  98. It was tempting to cover your ears, but the three leaders maintained their stance.
  99. Still, the money I offer is tempting them and I expect she will accept soon enough.
  100. She nodded; having Lucky here alone was bringing back dangerously tempting memories.
  1. She was almost tempted to.
  2. That idea tempted me sorely.
  3. I was tempted to call a name.
  4. He was tempted to ‘cheat’.
  5. Don't be tempted to send out.
  6. Thomas had never been tempted.
  7. I was overly tempted to party.
  8. When you are tempted to burst.
  9. For just a moment I was tempted.
  10. Tempted to reach for the Stone.
  11. But they were not to be tempted.
  12. He was tempted to hang up on her.
  13. He was also tempted to kidnap a.
  14. Men can be tempted, he said.
  15. He was tempted on many occasions.
  16. Is there, we might be tempted to.
  17. Tempted to wake Nole to unburden.
  18. I was tempted to hang up the phone.
  19. Do not be tempted … by what? Sex?
  20. I’m tempted to ask him what I said.
  21. He stood there, tempted and tormented.
  22. He was very tempted to take a couple.
  23. Cautious, he was tempted to believe.
  24. You tempted him and he had no choice.
  25. Tempted to stay put, but family ties.
  26. Tempted to go to his room, but guilt.
  27. Our first ancestors were tempted by a.
  28. I was tempted to swear in that moment.
  29. Hans thought Eva wouldn’t be tempted.
  30. Although I was very tempted to nick it.
  31. Amaranthe frowned, tempted to let him go.
  32. I was sorely tempted to award you the K.
  33. Killer was tempted to jump over the side.
  34. That’s how you tempted him to help you.
  35. The serpent tempted them to eat the fruit.
  36. I was tempted to push it, which I did so.
  37. We know that Adam was tempted, and fell!.
  38. He was, at first, tempted to look for her.
  39. If tempted not to pray — pray the more.
  40. He was almost tempted to raise his hand.
  41. I was tempted to take the Altun Ha tour.
  42. The idea of some quick money tempted Eddie.
  43. After breakfast Harry had been tempted to.
  44. For a moment, she was tempted to ignore it.
  45. No man had the excuse that he was tempted.
  46. Satan might have thought Jesus was tempted.
  47. I was tempted to speak to him, but refrained.
  48. Jesus when he tempted Him in the wilderness?
  49. Jason was tempted to revert back to the easy.
  50. He might have been tempted to wear it had he.
  51. I was tempted to confront her, but I didn’t.
  52. In other cases, you may be tempted to try to.
  53. That’s… actually what I was tempted to do.
  54. The Devil tempted the preacher for the last time.
  55. I’ve been tempted to revisit the graveside of.
  56. Don’t be tempted to increase to 25 years again.
  57. David, I'm tempted, but I know what would happen.
  58. Would it bother you if I said I was tempted to.
  59. Write my memoirs? The idea has not tempted me.
  60. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted.
  61. It was the voice of the serpent that tempted Eve.
  62. I was seriously tempted to rethink everything in.
  63. You will be tempted to betray your family, Lucia.
  64. I am embarrassed and I'm tempted to tell him off.
  65. I think he was strongly tempted to drive me home.
  66. At the height of her beauty, I was tempted to say.
  67. I was tempted to turn on the machine but I didn't.
  68. Even though you’re really, really tempted this.
  69. He stood there, tempted to jump, tempted to leave.
  70. Tempted to promise that he was going to fight for.
  71. No man is tempted by God, for God cannot be tempted.
  72. That Magnum tempted me, would have been like having.
  73. We are also tempted when everything goes in silence.
  74. So much so, I was tempted to attack the fish while.
  75. Tempted to lose themselves, but another commanding.
  76. I did not want to be tempted to bite into her again.
  77. The woman replied, "The snake tempted me and I ate".
  78. Eventually the sun came out and we were tempted into.
  79. Thus the speaker and writer is constantly tempted to.
  80. Jesus was tempted in every area that we were tempted.
  81. Don't you believe it! If you’re tempted to short-.
  82. Most of the time you will be tempted to buy whatever.
  83. Tempted to ask for a drink, but when looking back at.
  84. Crucially don’t be tempted to dive in with a figure.
  85. This is… hard, he said, tempted to just blurt.
  86. For he had been betrayed—he said—deceived, tempted.
  87. Bulstrode should be even tempted to listen at the door.
  88. Richard and Marguerite were sorely tempted to confront.
  89. You will be tempted to spend your time online in many.
  90. I am tempted to call you a traitor, Tris, he says.
  91. You aren’t tempted to, you know, get builders in?’.
  92. He was so tempted to do something stupid, something he.
  93. Don’t be tempted to lie they will find out if need be.
  94. Monique herself had been tempted by such naive optimism.
  95. That innocence should not be tempted to scenes of guilt.
  96. He was tempted to draw the sword, but restrained himself.
  97. She was tempted, all the same, to sting him with a rebuke.
  98. I have not slipped my bonds, though I was sorely tempted.
  99. Somehow, she was tempted to believe Winnie Zuma’s story.
  100. Jesus out in the desert getting tempted to stray from her.
  1. God never tempts.
  2. But it tempts me so.
  3. He tempts you into evil for you to learn good.
  4. He knows it and the way he looks at women tempts us.
  5. This is the tidbit which tempts his insectivorous fate.
  6. It tempts one away from the spiritual treasure and so it.
  7. Spenbucks & Sons often tempts its customers with samples of the latest perfumes.
  8. This one is a good substitute for a hex, when your fear or anger tempts you in that direction:.
  9. But then a sharp drop in the index in July and August tempts us to say we are in a bearish strong trend.
  10. It's just their defenselessness that tempts the tormentor, just the angelic confidence of the child who has no refuge and no appeal, that sets his vile blood on fire.
  11. Its most malign activity is that which is devoted to deceiving the children—those little ones of whom Jesus has said, Woe be unto him who tempts the least of these.
  12. How she rules over him! And yet there need only be a discussion and she has no words of her own but only repeats his inclination which tempts us to judge those nearest and dearest to us.
  13. Mining, it seems, is considered there in the same light as here, as a lottery, in which the prizes do not compensate the blanks, though the greatness of some tempts many adventurers to throw away their fortunes in such unprosperous projects.
  14. Keep your bi-Continental chemtrails neath your own soulless feet, I wish to heal the land your conflict minerals have ravaged, as you have us, as we have each other in the throes power's lust for money tempts us, guising its harlotry with the lead painted faces of personal freedom and economic liberty.
  15. It was an inference with a conspicuous handle to it, and had been easily drawn by indifferent observers, that Lydgate was in debt; and he could not succeed in keeping out of his mind for long together that he was every day getting deeper into that swamp, which tempts men towards it with such a pretty covering of flowers and verdure.

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