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Frasi con tether (in inglese)

  1. And with a larger tether may he walk.
  2. Cut the tether was the only solution.
  3. The helicopters tether to Gamma’s GPS.
  4. I looked around for a place to tether Dublin.
  5. An attached tether led to a spool on the wall.
  6. Copy, Beck said as he attached his tether.
  7. I have an MMU, I can get back without a tether.
  8. I’ll move my tether along, mountain climber style.
  9. Duncan was at the end of his tether, and so was I.
  10. Vernon would probably tether his horse below so he could.
  11. We’ve got eleven seconds before we run out of tether.
  12. He’s moving too fast to have a tether, isn’t he?
  13. He simply closed his hands over the tether to create friction.
  14. Had he come to the end of his tether and this had broken it?
  15. When he came back in he had one of the tether stones in his hand.
  16. By the time they got to Calais, Barbara was at the end of her tether.
  17. The pilot could not break the tether no matter how much he wanted to.
  18. Throughout the process, he had been feeding tether out of the airlock.
  19. The song was not idly named, as I was almost at the end of my tether.
  20. We need to tether the ego and throw off all of this abuse and get real.
  21. When you feel frustrated, at the end of your tether and you feel like you.
  22. You can attach your PI ships to it and tether the Class Five to make the run.
  23. I was mentally and physically at the end of my tether and Margareta talked endlessly.
  24. After a few seconds of tense, gut-feel physics, he felt the force on the tether abate.
  25. Emily went into the barn and threw a saddle on Patra, then tied the colt to a tether that she wrapped.
  26. She broke her tether effortlessly, waddled to Rob, and licked his face with her great slobbery tongue.
  27. I explored the length of my tether as I ran back and forth across the shifting platform beneath my feet.
  28. I guessed that Alex would use it as a guide, not a tether; this animal was probably too strong to tie up.
  29. The invisible tether that binds the normal people on their steady course doesn’t hold us in the same way.
  30. I had just set up a tent---In a low area of a wash, it turned out, and I hadn't seen to the horse's tether.
  31. Copy, Beck said as he hastily latched the front of his suit to the front of Watney’s with tether clips.
  32. Tether now in place, I pulled the sword that Kuri had helped me make out of its holster which lay along my back.
  33. In spite of being at the end of his tether, ‘Dusty’ Miller had not, in fact, gone home to rest as instructed.
  34. Dublin, wise and steady, had whinnied and stamped his hooves with excitement, but he hadn’t pulled his tether.
  35. But he continued to snap and snarl, pawing the air in front of him as he strained to break free from his tether.
  36. I felt oddly listless and distant, as though most of me was far away, connected to the rest of me by a thin tether.
  37. His last words were ‘Help me! save me!’ And there I was, Jesus on the end of a line, Christ at the end of his tether.
  38. And there he was at the end of his tether after having often painted the town tolerably pink without a beggarly stiver.
  39. But bound to the chairs they couldn’t do much, and they would stay bound to the chairs as long as the tether stones were near.
  40. Foemong soon had the beast at tether and indicated that they should probably proceed to the big door with the welcome sign over it.
  41. No one on the helideck could hear Collins threaten to kill the pilot, above the engine noise, so they would not release the tether.
  42. There was a small area closed in by the hills almost like a corral a little to the north of the cave where we could tether the horses.
  43. The presumption in those practice sessions was that he’d be rescuing a crewmate whose tether had broken, but the principle was the same.
  44. The big female turned sharp and brought her head to the right and I leapt toward the proffered horn hanging out in space, even as I sliced through my tether with my sword.
  45. He’s inside the one on the left, and it’s connected to the mech on the right via a short fiber-optic tether, inside a titanium-reinforced cable stretching between them.
  46. Of course, they thought me insane especially when I said one of us would have to hang from the ice until we made a hole large enough to hold all of us and tether the birds.
  47. I was worn out and at the end of my tether and I hadn’t a clue what I was going to do next but I knew one thing we would have to stay here tonight and probably all tomorrow as well.
  48. Then I heard and watched as the bullets scythed through the grass coming towards us I dropped to the floor and tugged on the tether pulling Sam down as well as the bullets went over us.
  49. In doing so, he has to tether his higher dimensional consciousness now to a lower dimensional consciousness in order to relate his 3d (experiential) knowledge to the existing 1d (analytical) knowledge.
  50. I put the sling onto Sam’s wrist now and grabbed the other end then we set off Sam following me secured by his tether and I watched as other shapes began to stand up and make their way to our trenches.
  51. A few times he managed to catch a good one and ride it as far as he could, but other times the wave would crash over his head, sending the boogie board flying as far as the tether on his arm would allow it to go.
  52. He dismounted and was looking round for somewhere to tether the horse, when one of our drivers, a Cockney carman in "civvy" life, cast a critical eye over the mount and bawled out, "Don't worry abaht tying it up, mate.
  53. The Celestia’s Prize swept past them as it groaned under the strain of its tether that soon drug it beneath the waves and out of view as its second victim took it along for the ride down to the briny depths of the inner sea.
  54. The horse having reached the end of his tether, so to speak, halted and, rearing high a proud feathering tail, added his quota by letting fall on the floor which the brush would soon brush up and polish, three smoking globes of turds.
  55. Amin continued, ‘Now take the mule and the sack of flour into the stable at my house and tomorrow morning at about ten, one of you should take the mule and the sack of flour back to the mill and tether it to a tree and leave it there.
  56. Officer Mohammad Amin continued, ‘Now take the mule and the sack of flour into the stable at my house and tomorrow morning at about ten, one of you should take the mule and the sack of flour back to the mill and tether it to a tree and leave it there.
  57. People, he knew, grew reckless when they were at the end of their tether, and flung away their remaining resources at the very moment when every shilling was precious; after which, as apparently was the case with Fanny, they expected their friends to get them out of their difficulties.
  58. In the days preceding the Hoar Frost King’s defeat, Margery enlisted Ryodan’s aid to tether a dangerous, drifting fragment of Faery that was about to demolish our abbey, and the price Ryodan called due from me the night I went to pay our debt was Sean filling in as a waiter at Chester’s for a time.
  59. Sancho ate without requiring to be pressed, and in the dark bolted mouthfuls like the knots on a tether, and said he, You are a proper trusty squire, one of the right sort, sumptuous and grand, as this banquet shows, which, if it has not come here by magic art, at any rate has the look of it; not like me, unlucky beggar, that have nothing more in my alforjas than a scrap of cheese, so hard that one might brain a giant with it, and, to keep it company, a few dozen carobs and as many more filberts and walnuts; thanks to the austerity of my master, and the idea he has and the rule he follows, that knights-errant must not live or sustain themselves on anything except dried fruits and the herbs of the field.

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