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Frasi con textile (in inglese)

  1. I wanted to explain about that unfortunate Textile deal.
  2. The textile industry depended on cotton grown and picked by slaves.
  3. But the promised benefits from these textile investments were illusory.
  4. He also made it a point to visit Manchester, the textile capital of UK.
  5. We had come to the Ahmedabad Textile Industries Research Association's.

  6. Owen obtained the chance to buy the New Lanmark textile Mill, in Scotland.
  7. This especially applies to the manufacturing, textile, and auto industries.
  8. A recent Business Week article stated that 250 textile mills have closed since 1980.
  9. Breathing in, she realized that the scent coming from the textile was quite familiar.
  10. Not even the powerful interests behind Textile can long maintain yesterday’s prices.
  11. He crossed a very small bridge to the canopy of an apartment tree in a textile neighborhood.
  12. Vietnam also has a strong clothing and textile export pipeline, however, that adds diversity.
  13. It was now grimy stone and concrete factories where textile machinery was made and maintained.
  14. So, she escaped to the City of the Gates and lived there as the daughter of a textile merchant.
  15. I bought Guilford Mills, which is a textile company that was going out of business in the U.

  16. Send your voting proxies to him, and he can take the Textile Company away from those now plundering it.
  17. This campaign was so successful that demand for English cloth fell and they had to close textile mills.
  18. But when he liquidated the textile operation, he got 10 percent of the stated book value for the machines.
  19. In July we decided to close our textile operation, and by yearend this unpleasant job was largely completed.
  20. And by 6,000 BC the pottery and wool textile trades were being practiced in Catalhoyuk in what is today Turkey.
  21. She said, I've read these Englisc were noted for what we'd call textile arts—weaving, embroidery, and so forth.
  22. American industries that profited off the slave trade included banks, insurance companies, and the textile industry.
  23. It was the next day, I think, that I met Mowbray Langdon and his brother Tom in the entrance to the Textile Building.
  24. Hamilton Woolen Company, another example in the textile field, is a case of individual rather than of general improvement.
  25. Some of the money came from earnings and some from reduced investment in textile inventories, receivables, and fixed assets.

  26. A refusal to invest, however, would make us increasingly non-competitive, even measured against domestic textile manufacturers.
  27. The domestic textile industry operates in a commodity business, competing in a world market in which substantial excess capacity exists.
  28. Buffett continued to invest money in the textile business for 20 years, hoping to turn it around, but finally shut down the textile business.
  29. In early 1967 cash generated by the textile operation was used to fund our entry into insurance via the purchase of National Indemnity Company.
  30. As he points out, many old industrial firms, such as steel mills and textile plants, had assets on their books that no longer produced income.
  31. I should reemphasize that Ken and Garry have been resourceful, energetic and imaginative in attempting to make our textile operation a success.
  32. The pub is a small and rather dirty place in the base of a hillside neighborhood that had been in the textile trade since the lash was grown here.
  33. This pullback proved wise: although much improved by Ken's management, the textile business never became a good earner, not even in cyclical upturns.
  34. He’d spent the night in a diner in Ozone Park, Queens, drinking refill after refill of coffee, watching the sun come up over the old textile factories.
  35. In fact, in comparison with employees of American industry generally, our workers were poorly paid, as has been the case throughout the textile business.
  36. Various designs and makes of materials of balls are available but the standard professional ball is hollow inside, rubber cover and fibre textile surface.
  37. Our connection was established soon after the development of my campaign against the Textile Trust had shown that I was after a big bag of the biggest game.
  38. Over the years, we had the option of making large capital expenditures in the textile operation that would have allowed us to somewhat reduce variable costs.
  39. With the aid of money loaned to him by a gambler friend, he succeeds the next day, by means of large purchases of Textile Trust, in postponing the catastrophe.
  40. Germany had control over practically all European industries, including textile industries that were capable of supplying the Wehrmacht with anything necessary.
  41. Its sheaves of conducting wire were insulated within a gutta–percha covering, which was protected by a padding of textile material enclosed in a metal sheath.
  42. That same year, the Chairman's capital allocation began to display his prudence; textile profits were a pitiful $45,000, while insurance and banking brought in $2.
  43. Then I sprang my sensation—that Langdon and his particular clique, though they controlled the Textile Trust, did not own so much as one-fiftieth of its voting stock.
  44. The company's intrinsic business value, however, was considerably less because the textile assets were unable to earn returns commensurate with their accounting value.
  45. Since textile technologies of that time were dependent on the oil products derived from whales, the belief was that society would fall back to the stone age, unable to recover.
  46. A man that was working in a textile factory had married his cousin, but what a pity! From their first night together and right through their relationship, he failed to consummate his marriage.
  47. Thus, we faced a miserable choice: huge capital investment would have helped to keep our textile business alive, but would have left us with terrible returns on ever-growing amounts of capital.
  48. To give an example, when Warren Buffett acquired Berkshire Hathaway during the 1960s, he bought company shares that were less than the stated book value, and book value consisted of textile machine assets.
  49. If he had bought an insurance business and liquidated the textile business immediately, those actions might have added another $200 billion net worth for Berkshire Hathaway’s shareholders over the years.
  50. Today, it exhibits, however, a chronicle of vertiginous rows of jewelry, textile, colors, sounds, aboriginal gastronomy, fragrances and above all flowers, which the Indians consider a symbol of prosperity.
  51. Further diversification for Berkshire followed, and gradually the textile operation's depressing effect on our overall return diminished as the business became a progressively smaller portion of the corporation.
  52. They include the purchase of Cletrac by White Motors; of American Viscose by FMC; of New York Trap Rock by Lazard Freres and Lone Star Cement; and the 1975 sale by Indian Head of its textile operations to Hanson Trust.
  53. You may remember that he visited here several years ago just before the war started in order to secure a supply of cotton for his textile mills; now it appears that he’s in the service of the Crown, but that’s beside the point.
  54. They could perform jobs and learn skills in the commercial laundry, the barbershop, sheet metal and welding facility, woodshop, textile repair section, graphic arts studio, and even an embroidery shop that made nametapes for various military purposes.
  55. Then I said, in the quiet tone the army officer uses when he tells the mob that the machine guns will open up in two minutes by the watch: Gentlemen, in the effort to counteract my warning to the public, the Textile crowd rocketed the stock yesterday.
  56. The uproar over the Textile Trust had become so great that the national Department of Commerce dared not refuse an investigation; and I straightway began to spread out in my daily letters the facts of the Trust’s enormous earnings and of the shameful sources of those earnings.
  57. The textile mill owners station their supervisors at the ballot boxes with lists of the names of all the male employees, and as each mill worker arrives they are recorded on the list as voting and then handed a ballot that has been previously marked for all the candidates that the mill executives wish to have elected.
  58. Like millions of investors around the world, I’ve been inspired by the story of how a humble stockbroker from Nebraska turned a failing New England textile business called Berkshire Hathaway into the fifth largest publicly held company in the world, with assets of nearly a half trillion dollars and holdings in everything from Geico insurance to See’s Candies.
  59. Or more accurately: the Science of the Oil Corporations, the Science of the Chemical and Textile Corporations… and there it is used mainly to invent, create and produce more toxic, more poisonous, more expensive substances to sell to the richest businesses, to make more unnecessary consumer products, that are lousier than the old ones, and that nobody really needs.
  60. Meantime, he has to some extent lost his hold upon his affairs in Wall Street and suddenly awakens to the fact that he has been betrayed by Mowbray Langdon, one of Roebuck’s trusted lieutenants, who, knowing that Blacklock is deeply involved in a short interest in Textile Trust stock, has taken advantage of the latter’s preoccupation with Miss Ellersly to boom the price of the stock.
  61. We remained in the business for reasons that I stated in the 1978 annual report (and summarized at other times also): (1) our textile businesses are very important employers in their communities, (2) management has been straightforward in reporting on problems and energetic in attacking them, (3) labor has been cooperative and understanding in facing our common problems, and (4) the business should average modest cash returns relative to investment.
  62. Azucena had the gift of making appeared out of nothing the most beautiful garments that the textile industry could ever imagine; not even Versace in his best times could have designed so elegant and pompous, simple and stately, coloring or monochrome, conservative or showy, opaque or brilliant, long or short garments which such delicacy and pledge! In other words there were no limits that the creative and textile magic of Azucena could not cover, in terms of textures and designs.

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