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    1. to thrash her legs around wildly

    2. Skewered by the staff, the beast continued to thrash about in pain -- Brontes continued to rain down blows, carving the creature with his Oneness

    3. When he finds a satisfying cause for punishment, he seems the sort who’ll thrash me within a dactylos of my life

    4. “Yes, I sympathize, but what would you have me do? Promise Tragus I’ll thrash him if

    5. The beast appeared to lash and thrash at the stone above their cave and that which flanked it

    6. He made little snorting noises and the woman began to jerk and thrash about wildly as he worked her cunt rapidly

    7. As the man started to wear down and thrash less, Sebastian grunted at Russell

    8. “Do I have to?” he pleaded stopping in mid thrash

    9. She tried to thrash free, all sense of strategy forgotten in pure desperation

    10. Then spotting a sandbank, he found a last reserve of energy to thrash his way onto the low ridge

    1. They all pulled and the water thrashed mightily

    2. That got it's attention, it shuddered and thrashed about with it's tentacles

    3. Several times he cried out and thrashed about, Big John had to hold him down

    4. The beast thrashed and twisted his powerful body, but Ash would not let go

    5. It seemed that the boys were always getting into trouble for something or other; one particular story of their raid on a house of ‘red ladies’, attempts to get souvenirs, being thoroughly thrashed by the said 'ladies' was extremely funny

    6. With a swift kick, she toppled the legs to the earth where they thrashed about in an attempt to stand

    7. Around them, the limbs thrashed against an invisible barrier

    8. But she thrashed with dreams about her family’s bitter

    9. Meanwhile, the red-haired man in Sebastian’s arms flung curses and thrashed about

    10. He thrashed his grey servo mechanical arm, knocking over some bleeping monitoring equipment

    1. John thrashes about as if in a trance

    2. He thrashes feebly in the water, begins to sink

    3. Berndt appears for lunch and the three of us pretend that nothing has occurred, spending a pleasant afternoon taking it in turns to play the board game Berndt taught me on the barge … as then, he thrashes both Joris and I mercilessly

    4. Christina thrashes, but Molly is heavy and doesn’t budge

    5. Edward thrashes again and I say it louder, sterner

    6. drink, but she mostly just thrashes around and knocks

    7. The peasant beats it, beats it savagely, beats it at last not knowing what he is doing in the intoxication of cruelty, thrashes it mercilessly over and over again

    8. The miller thrashes him with his whip, and for once this gallant does not march in the classical style

    1. He stops thrashing about, his eyes focus on Clarisse

    2. When Tig and the alien twisted around again, the blade of magnetically focused plasma had sliced a Squidy into a pair of thrashing hose and ribbon tangles that shot a mix of snowy atmo and alien blood out mortal wounds

    3. Then horrible thrashing erupted in some nearby water, and a scream that turned Alan's hair white and made his nuts crawl up inside his belly

    4. Yiannis was merciless, grunting and thrashing and shouting at his opponent, but no sooner had he hammered home his death blow than he leaped aboard his chariot and licked his lips, 'OK, my friend, so you want to go to Stephanos main town, yes?'

    5. She was thrashing about and he feared that she would injure herself

    6. Her father went berserk when he was informed that Tiffany was helping the police with their enquiries and was quite ready to give her a good thrashing and to call her all sorts of nasty names

    7. enquiries and was quite ready to give her a good thrashing and to

    8. I could see that you were trying, but your subconscious was thrashing around like a caged bull

    9. thrashing and snapping at the men surrounding her, when she

    10. The thrashing she had received when her mother found out about her uncle’s activities had been the last – she had left home as soon as possible after that

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    thrash bat clobber cream drub lick flail lam thresh convulse jactitate slash thrash about thresh about toss mosh slam slam dance strike beat hit lash cane flagellate flog