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Frasi con tier (in inglese)

  1. Let’s call it TIER ZERO.
  2. TIER 3 pages are KFCPs, too.
  3. Clare Graves calls Tier Two.
  4. Food Bank of the Southern Tier.
  5. Here’s a key point about TIER 3.

  6. A man on the fourth tier stood up.
  7. A woman on the seventh tier stood up.
  8. Column Delta, tier 2700 through 2999.
  9. Second tier means it is the second layer.
  10. Triple tier aqueducts and water for cities.
  11. In the second tier, Zelena and Tulloch stood.
  12. He dashed to the tier and blew from his palm the.
  13. So, your TIER 1 home page links to 5-15 TIER 2 pages.
  14. Off the fifth tier balcony at Charles Street Jail.
  15. They contain in-depth information for the advanced tier.

  16. And the bulk of your content will be, should be, TIER 3.
  17. I saw him once in the theatre, in the third tier of boxes.
  18. Every TIER 2 should have the above two types of text links.
  19. Strangely Gates' grades at the second school were top tier.
  20. Second tier directories are not quite on par with the majors.
  21. Maizie, standing by the first tier of seats, had been on the.
  22. This method is more useful in multi tier architecture environment.
  23. Each TIER 3 page should relate to the TIER 2 page that links to it.
  24. Then he watched in horror as Ardara stomped back upon the tier and.
  25. With that Yazadril stepped back down to his place on the second tier.

  26. An immense and beautiful animal appeared before them on the second tier.
  27. And then advance to optimizing the creative’s in the next tier of the.
  28. This is his home now, on the top tier of A-Block, Gallery L, seventh cell.
  29. In some ways, second tier directories offer greater value than the majors.
  30. Along the black walls rose tier above tier of carven, painted sarcophagi.
  31. His first tier of friends, and isn’t that a great feeling? It’s Friday.
  32. Use the same approach for the TIER 2 and TIER 3 Keyword-Focused Content Pages.
  33. Regardless of the tier, every friendship and relationship adds value to my life.
  34. The topic of each should relate to the topic of the TIER 2 page that links to it.
  35. I like to exit at least a quarter to half of the position when tier 1 is achieved.
  36. When tier 2 is achieved, another portion of the position can and should be exited.
  37. We could have continued to play the second tier for decades, maybe even centuries.
  38. Multiple Tiers: Refers to running a multiple tier affiliate program where affiliates.
  39. A TIER 3 page fits as a sub-category, or a sub-thought, of its connecting TIER 2 page.
  40. Tier 4, where the GP participates on equal footing with the LPs, is known as a high split.
  41. There are other advantages, too, that make a 2nd tier directory a valid option to consider.
  42. But once you have three niches established, there's one more TIER, above all the other ones.
  43. These 5-15 pages are called TIER 2 pages because they are on the second TIER below the home page.
  44. Others don’t have the jaws positioned at an angle that allows the tier to work with small hooks.
  45. A Theme-Based Content Site creates real content, easily accessible from your home page or TIER 2 pages.
  46. He saw a carven stone stair winding up from tier to tier of the galleries; the roof was lost in darkness.
  47. Note: These comments apply to both major directories and second tier ones (discussed in the next section).
  48. Finally he explained that nobles were the tier just below the king, although there was a hierarchy of nobles.
  49. And your TIER 2 pages each link to TIER 3 pages, back to the home page, and to TIER 2 pages where appropriate.
  50. Less adjustment results in saved time and time is money to a commercial tier should you decide to go that route.
  51. I made my way back to my yurt, which was in about the third tier of yurts, and found a cold lunch waiting for me.
  52. Talia brought Mark’s chair by Levitation, and it floated along behind and settled in the center of the top tier.
  53. Mark sat and Talia curled in his lap, while Theramin stood beside their chair and the rest stood on the second tier.
  54. They also feature a 2nd tier referral program, where you can earn 30% from both direct referrals and their referrals.
  55. The classic pyramiding plans fall under this category; accumulated profits from one tier are used to fund the next tier.
  56. Your best strategy is to investigate the free options (Zeal and The Open Directory) and the second tier directories first.
  57. Shark: Okay, so at that point holding above 40 cents, I’m pretty much Tier4, ready to add another tier through 50 cents.
  58. About the lowest tier, two hundred feet below where Sam now stood, there was a battlemented wall enclosing a narrow court.
  59. The two men made their way to the temple’s second story and cautiously eased through the second tier of smaller pillars.
  60. Your Theme-Based Content Site, on the other hand, creates real content, easily accessible from your home page or TIER 2 pages.
  61. When the door slid open they could see the Galaef propped up in a seat on the first tier at the far end of the room on the left.
  62. Crossing to the back of the room, Piers found a tier of shelving on which were enormous glass tanks with metal lids on top of them.
  63. When the ceremony starts, they will array themselves around the fourth tier of the podium, one step below the bridesmaids and groomsmen.
  64. They led up to a broad stage or roofless gallery of the same polished stone, and above it rose, tier upon tier, the castle of the Black Seers.
  65. He had climbed right to the flat roof of the third and highest tier of the Tower: an open space, about twenty yards across, with a low parapet.
  66. From one of the middle tier beds down the corridor, a blackened corpse was also sitting up, with its crooked white eyes glaring in her direction.
  67. Mark stood up in amazement with Talia in his arms, and Silaran’s back was as high as his chin, even though the unicorn stood on the second tier.
  68. There was no top tier for me to pull out of the freezer and enjoy because my wedding cake, like everything else about that day, had gone to waste.
  69. Of course, Alabama and Georgia, along with other portions of the southern tier states, were also claiming independence from the federal government.
  70. Before I was to start an assignment teaching part-time in the Binghamton School System in the Southern Tier of New York State, I had some apprehension.
  71. When and if the third tier is reached (which on a good portion of trades is not achieved), you will have a definite choice to exit or tighten your stop.
  72. Laws made by the United States Congress are sovereign, those created by state legislatures are in the next tier, and local laws are subservient to those.
  73. Yet unfinished, it required another tier of brick to create the crenellation, thus providing the defenders narrow gaps to fire upon their enemies far below.
  74. To achieve the second tier of your pyramid of happiness you need to have the one else you are settling and when you eventually meet the one you will be a no one.
  75. Each tier was named; indeed, the people of Xuchotl had a name for each chamber, hall and stair in the city, as people of more normal cities designate streets and quarters.
  76. Oh, by the way, both sides of the seating here are encased in clear bullet proof glass extending about four feet above the highest tier of the seating, or about thirty feet.
  77. Rowlandson Banking was a top tier investment bank situated in Cabot Square opposite the beautiful fountain where financial workers would sit and chat during their lunch hour.
  78. In this 2nd tier program, you will receive 20% of whatever your referral gets and another 10% of whatever their referrals gets, as long as they're active members on the panel.
  79. As his entourage arranged itself on either side of him, the crowd and the international press saw that he had brought nearly the entire top tier of the Nazi hierarchy with him.
  80. Note that plans within each color tier will not be exactly identical to each other because there is more than one way for a Silver plan, say, to reach an actuarial value of 70%.
  81. As Theramin will be conducting the ceremony, he will be the first to emerge from the room downstairs, walk down the aisle, and take his place atop the topmost tier of the podium.
  82. Motorola previously had always hired experienced lawyers from Loop firms, usually bright fellows who had been passed over for partner, and they were usually from second tier LSs.
  83. While a listing in Yahoo! is quite expensive ($299 annually), the good news is that you can obtain a decent quality in-pointing link from most second tier directories for $15-$30.
  84. I had been stuck in a small area of the gaol which consisted of two wings joined by a gate with a bout 50 or so lads in each wing, it was two tier so it didnt seem like many dudes.
  85. After it had tapered off and the last coin had settled with a plink, the pile was a meter deep in the center and over two meters wide, spilling down onto the second tier in front of them.
  86. In Tecuhltli the floors were named The Eagle's Tier, The Ape's Tier, The Tiger's Tier and The Serpent's Tier, in the order as enumerated, The Eagle's Tier being the highest, or fourth, floor.
  87. By the way, Tier 1 capital is the core measure of a bank’s financial strength! Contrary to what the media says, corporations and the ultrawealthy are not looking to benefit from anyone’s death.
  88. As they had each led their parties and turned in opposite ways when they reached the second highest tier, Mark and Talia were separated for the moment by Dilimon, the aisle, Yazadril, Nemia, and Alilia.
  89. Then you, with Dilimon as your best man, the two of you constituting the immediate party of the groom, will walk down the aisle and take your places to Theramin’s right on the second tier of the podium.
  90. I looked up at the crissed crossed steel springs above my head and realised that I was in the bottom tier of a bunk bed I saw the steel wall that Elijah was beside and realised that we were on a hospital ship.
  91. We soon discovered that we had really been the victims of an illusion, whereupon, without further delay and laughing like madmen, we ran to Box Five on the grand tier, went inside and found no shape of any kind.
  92. The gladiators were then ordered to take their positions and as they did, a priestess from the Temple of the Two Brothers, dressed from head to toe in a mass of white robes, appeared at the edge of the first tier.
  93. Then Talia, with Nemia and I as her parents and Alilia as her maid of honor, and thus constituting the immediate party of the bride, will walk the aisle and take our places to Theramin’s left on the second tier.
  94. You’d think that would not be too much to ask, but since the good students had mostly been moved to a higher tier or special schools, those who were left excelled mostly at malevolence or being the class clowns.
  95. People may have progressed from seeing truth in mind objects to seeing truth in mind object relationships but people are still not whole and are still suffering from stress and anxiety at tier one survival levels.
  96. We will then proceed down the stairs to the room below at ground level, and while we are doing that, the bridesmaids and groomsmen will take their places on the third tier of the podium at the center of the chapel.
  97. And so the city rose tier on tier between the blue-green ocean of the Disc and the soft cloud sea of the Edge, the eight colours of the Rimbow reflected in every window and in the many telescope lenses of the city's multitude of astronomers.
  98. Darting into the theatre, Ivan Andreyitch instantly scanned all the boxes of the second tier, and, oh—horror! His heart stood still, she was here! She was sitting in the box! General Polovitsyn, with his wife and sister-in-law, was there too.
  99. Next, the assembled leaders of the elven nations, with their spouses or escorts, moved with stately pace into the aisle from either side at the base of the podium, then up to the fourth highest tier, until they stood in couples in a circle on it.
  100. The path followed a fold of rock, winding interminably down from tier to tier of striated escarpment, and once, far below, Conan got a glimpse of the ruin that had fallen—a mighty pile of broken stone and boulders at the foot of a gigantic cliff.
  1. Computer designers have solved the cost problem by "tiering".
  1. He was tiered.
  2. Everyone was tiered.
  3. I was just a bit tiered.
  4. This time the three tiered shadow is waving.
  5. I looked so tiered my hair mattered and whispery.
  6. I spot Jack Kang in the front row of the tiered benches.
  7. The stadium seating had been replaced with a series of tiered.
  8. The crowds on the tiered seats stared and clapped and whistled.
  9. I too tiered of carrying the argument further drifted to sleep.
  10. Why not try cupcakes as an alternative to the traditional tiered cake.
  11. Nations of the world were tiered of extreme violence during the II World War.
  12. He sat down on the edge of the tiered pyramid and dangled his feet in the air.
  13. Nerissa counted twenty rows of tiered benches, filling rapidly with spectators.
  14. Annie started to dance around the shop, her tiered skirt flaring out as she whirled past.
  15. The track is surrounded by a myriad of tiered seating, and it appears more like an arena.
  16. I realized I was tiered as I was taking double the time in al the chores than I usualy take.
  17. Though tiered I couldn’t impediment reading, looking for any information that could be helpful.
  18. Small, hearty outdoor plants are great placed on a tiered stand or on the railing, providing visual interest.
  19. They also have a great tiered referral program, which you're credited 5-10% of everything the referral makes.
  20. After several hours of reading my eyes became tiered I close them for a second to only wake several hours later.
  21. She was turned sideways talking to someone on the first tiered level and this presented her profile to Ben’s point of view.
  22. The two tiered cake decorated with blue irises was cut and it was finally time to relax, to change into normal clothes and to be Mrs Reed.
  23. I shoved the jacket back into my pack, then ran to catch up with Lex, who was already bounding down the tiered steps three and four at a time.
  24. Some of them sit on the tiered benches that wrap around the edge of the room, but there isn’t enough space for everyone, so the rest are crowded around the Candor symbol.
  25. In the middle of the room on an elegantly proportioned drop leaf table her great-aunt had set a Royal Worcester tea service, with one of those lacy three tiered cake stands at the centre of the display.
  26. I must have forgot how many times I told him I was just tiered or I had a headache after the fifth time Tom gave up we just became sleeping partners and the lack of a sex life is enough to put strain on any normal relationship and the pain I had gone through made me far from normal.
  1. What is the Tiers Etat? Nothing.
  2. Your stops are to hit two tiers below 3.
  3. Many expert tiers use vises with heads that are.
  4. There are many different price tiers from $40-$400.
  5. She flung herself down the tiers of the lecture hall, toward Dr.
  6. The ships themselves on their ways, the tiers of scaffolds, the.
  7. It was all white, and had wings like a bird and eight wheel tiers.
  8. Midge ran as fast as he could, eyes fixed on the tracks and tiers.
  9. Each case contains three tiers with thirty-six bottles of Eglitar.
  10. After 3 TIERS and 50-70 pages, it gets tougher to get pages indexed.
  11. The spreading flat, one above another in crisp, light-dappled tiers.
  12. Somehow the tiers of tropical clouds have aligned their tiny breaks.
  13. Although there are multiple affiliate programs that are more than two tiers.
  14. Five tiers, narrowing slightly as they climbed, were the green bands he had.
  15. Tiers of wooden planks and scaffolding encased the structure like an exoskeleton.
  16. The cavernous interior had one main floor, surrounded by four tiers of balconies.
  17. The gap between first and second tiers is huge so few people actually make it there.
  18. It came from up there, Rolf said, pointing at a window three tiers up the citadel.
  19. And sometimes, somehow, the three tiers overlap and intermingle and interconnect –.
  20. Multiple Tiers: Refers to running a multiple tier affiliate program where affiliates.
  21. Forms for seventy-two tiers of seating had been built, enough to accommodate 110,000 people.
  22. Its eastern face stood up in three great tiers from a shelf in the mountain-wall far below;.
  23. They had tiers of shelves and a bench with holes in it that flushed clean every time the ship rolled.
  24. We sat for a while a few tiers up, on the granite blocks, to contemplate mans terror of death, 150.
  25. Also, we are clearing out the top two tiers of management and will run on a flat management structure.
  26. All around, people were running, scrambling up and down the tiers of desks and pouring toward the exits.
  27. Each stood in a niche in the dusky stone, and the tiers mounted up and up to be lost in the gloom above.
  28. You then get rid of the top two tiers of management and give production supervision to unskilled workers.
  29. Natasha, smoothing her gown, went in with Sonya and sat down, scanning the brilliant tiers of boxes opposite.
  30. Natásha, smoothing her gown, went in with Sónya and sat down, scanning the brilliant tiers of boxes opposite.
  31. Five semicircular tiers of seats looking down on an acting area about twelve paces across could seat a hundred.
  32. Like the rest of the city it contained four stories, or tiers of chambers, with towers jutting up from the roof.
  33. To me it will always be a place where there is a penetrating wind, a steep hill, and an iron wash-stand in tiers.
  34. Three tiers of cages lined the walls on either side of a small room with a narrow aisle running down the center.
  35. The audience were perched on flimsy tiers of wooden planks on three sides, and the stage protruded from the fourth.
  36. The main house too, was silent and uninviting; no sound from within and no movement through its two tiers of windows.
  37. The note might have fallen from all tiers at once, for Ivan Andreyitch suspected all of them of being in a plot against him.
  38. Suddenly, his foot slipped as one of the corroded tiers snapped and gave way, and he stumbled and grasped for hold, but to no avail.
  39. I looked towards the High Tiers where the Councilmembers sat in a half-moon shape with the Emperor on the side seated on his throne.
  40. Yes, it was so, it was! Young ladies and young men were sitting in all the seats vertically one above another in all the five tiers.
  41. The theatre consisted of the stage backed up to the temple pyramid and the seating being arranged in a huge semicircle five tiers high.
  42. The many tiers of dwellings carved in the face of the cliff were built as barracks; to house a standing army of the Triad at all times.
  43. Instead of turning back into the elevator shaft, he drifted further into the auditorium and let his lamp scan the falling tiers of seats.
  44. Researchers Brad Barber and Terrance Odean divided thousands of traders into five tiers based on how often they turned over their holdings.
  45. With thousands of books neatly arranged in tiers of wooden shelves stacked floor to ceiling and the top shelves accessible by a rolling ladder.
  46. The upper tiers then became so emboldened by the lower tiers' own folly that they began to climb down the stands and attack them in a furious rage.
  47. What kind of college course had a seating chart, anyway? She looked down the tiers of seats, all the other students’ faces turned up to look at her.
  48. For a moment he thought he could feel the tremor of an approaching cart, but realised that it was just the reverberation of his footsteps against the tiers.
  49. Meanwhile, back in the arena, the crowds in the upper tiers were shouting and applauding with such exuberance that those on the bottom tiers had become afraid.
  50. The flow of the crowd kept pushing them ever closer to the dais, a huge construction rearing up in tiers of steps and landings, with several railed balconies at multiple levels.
  51. He would have dashed into the box office in hope of finding from the attendant there the names of the persons who had taken boxes on all the four tiers, but the box office was shut.
  52. Old London Bridge was soon passed, and old Billingsgate Market with its oyster-boats and Dutchmen, and the White Tower and Traitor's Gate, and we were in among the tiers of shipping.
  53. Midge walked as fast as he dared, treading on the cross-tiers while trying to avoid thinking of what might happen if his feet slipped, one of the tiers broke under his weight, or a cart were to approach.
  54. There was one small iron wash-stand, a thing of tiers with a basin at the top, a soap-dish beneath it, underneath that a water-bottle, and not an inch more space in which to put a sponge or a nail-brush.
  55. A glance back showed him once again the vast, shadowy hall with its tiers of sarcophagi, the dead men sprawled about the altar; the head of the Khitan he had slain stared sightless up at the sweeping shadows.
  56. The room, which he remembered so orderly, so austere even, with its beautiful dark panelling and tiers upon tiers of books, was messed over with the remains of what appeared to be a particularly uproarious supper-party.
  57. The Orator ignored them and continued speaking, "Join me, citizens of Lycania, in giving our respects to Lord Heron and his family!" The lower tiers began to laugh as the upper tiers grew angrier and shouted down at them.
  58. Once you have considered the patterns and technicals on those time frames, you will be more prepared to estimate levels or tiers and be able to set intelligent and more reliable targets where you can scale out of your day-trade positions.
  59. In prefacing its decisions the administration stressed that the present system of representative government had evolved gradually over the years, consisting of three separate but interconnected tiers at district, regional and central level.
  60. This was only one small step in the long convoluted hidden cultural conflict and struggle between the distinct classes of the rich and the poor in Medieval Europe, as the worst practices and corruptions of each level and tier of society infected other levels and tiers.
  61. Here the people built the first altar, the first temple, the first orchestra, and instituted the first festival in honor of the wine-god, long before the new Dionysian cult was brought in from Eleutherae; and here for centuries were raised every year about the orchestra tiers of wooden seats in preparation for the annual dramatic contests.
  62. The wide tiers of welded tendons overspreading his broad white forehead, beneath the transparent skin, looked knitted together; as head on, he came churning his tail among the boats; and once more flailed them apart; spilling out the irons and lances from the two mates' boats, and dashing in one side of the upper part of their bows, but leaving Ahab's almost without a scar.
  63. The box taken by Albert was in the first circle; although each of the three tiers of boxes is deemed equally aristocratic, and is, for this reason, generally styled the "nobility's boxes," and although the box engaged for the two friends was sufficiently capacious to contain at least a dozen persons, it had cost less than would be paid at some of the French theatres for one admitting merely four occupants.
  64. The merchant who says: "Montpellier not active, Marseilles fine quality," the broker on 'change who says: "Assets at end of current month," the gambler who says: "Tiers et tout, refait de pique," the sheriff of the Norman Isles who says: "The holder in fee reverting to his landed estate cannot claim the fruits of that estate during the hereditary seizure of the real estate by the mortgagor," the playwright who says:.
  65. Again among the tiers of shipping, in and out, avoiding rusty chain-cables frayed hempen hawsers and bobbing buoys, sinking for the moment floating broken baskets, scattering floating chips of wood and shaving, cleaving floating scum of coal, in and out, under the figure-head of the John of Sunderland making a speech to the winds (as is done by many Johns), and the Betsy of Yarmouth with a firm formality of bosom and her knobby eyes starting two inches out of her head; in and out, hammers going in ship-builders' yards, saws going at timber, clashing engines going at things unknown, pumps going in leaky ships, capstans going, ships going out to sea, and unintelligible sea-creatures roaring curses over the bulwarks at respondent lightermen, in and out,—out at last upon the clearer river, where the ships' boys might take their fenders in, no longer fishing in troubled waters with them over the side, and where the festooned sails might fly out to the wind.

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