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    top dog

    1. ringleader, the top dog

    2. “I would be the top dog, with all at my beck and call

    3. They simply replaced the old system of greed and corruption by another, with themselves as top dogs

    4. He had worked his way up the ranks since then to top dog, and still liked to think that the police controlled everything

    5. “We’re here to see your head shorang, top dog, you know

    6. returned, the man who could stop dogs from peeing up lampposts,

    7. “How would I know? You’re the top dog here, I

    8. After James had decided to hire me (old school ties, he was Chicago LS ‘65!), the top dogs in OGC changed their minds twice as to my destination

    9. I had no realistic chance of moving up from #2 to top dog in Law Department any of the three times that the job became vacant after I returned from rehab

    10. He was the top dog and suspected the

    11. Had I heard my teammates’ advice, I would have been the top dog in my weight class among the military and prep schools we competed against

    12. Top dog, he likes to think

    13. “I thought that your beloved Stephen Hawking was the top dog in

    14. Coco was but two thirds of Dacha’s size, but she was the top dog

    15. It follows, given that there’s a ranking, that someone has to be the top dog, the kingpin, el supremo, the yokozuna

    16. You’re the God, the top Dog, the only player on the block

    17. ” snickered the top dog

    18. of the top dogs registered in the American Kennel Club listing

    19. certainly give us a shot at one of the top dog fighters in the

    20. what were would call the top dogs

    21. For once, he would be top dog

    22. There was only one top dog in the Hargrave world and that was the man himself

    23. These are the top dogs on Twitter that you should follow no matter what & you should never unfollow them

    24. worry me, to make clear to me that he was the top dog

    25. Top dog" he

    26. This was just to make it clear who was top dog round here

    27. pissed through officer college, and you were top dog in

    28. use in adding more when you have the top dog in the Catholic Church

    29. There are other high up Catholics who have made statements like this one but I see no use in adding more when you have the top dog in the Catholic Church

    30. the wife comes out top dog, what?

    31. There was a particularly nice shot of the entire family with Uncle Langdon and Aunt Chloe at Coney Island that I used to have on my desk at the NYPD, but I didn’t want to emphasize the familial relationship here, with my uncle being the top dog

    32. “The CSM? I thought they would have rolled out the top dog for us

    33. Top dog at a crime scene, he does a first-class job without grandstanding or getting in our way

    34. There have always been ‘dog whistles’ but more recent ‘ultrasonic’ battery-operated devices claim to stop dogs in their tracks

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