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    top off

    1. To top off before discharge

    2. He had found a large rare enra tree to use as the main structure, and had cut the top off it ten stories above the ground so the limbs at that level would grow new trunks

    3. “’Pixie, pixie, pixie?’ Are you crazy! Do I look like a dog to the both of you or what! Can’t you tell the difference between a dog and pixie! Do dogs wear such stunningly beautiful green clothing and top off their heads with wonderful, pointy hats like I have on? Do they? ‘Pixie, pixie, pixie

    4. Shooter put his hand on the top off my head, guiding me into the back of the police car

    5. Several soldiers were convicted and officers fired, but the top officials responsible were never convicted or even charged

    6. Groping around with Sally, that one time in the back of the barn, on a hot summer’s day, when I got her top off, things like that

    7. Elliot jumped in and knelt, closing his eyes as his brother shovelled sand on top off him

    8. Ordered to top off the Maybach, and return to the Jersey hills

    9. Presidential executive orders issued by the President George Bush (41) exist to stop offshore drilling on

    10. Sierra twisted the top off and took a swig

    11. To top off everything, they had been hit by a storm during their return and almost shipwrecked

    12. “allegations Say Some Top Officers Constantly Harassed Women Officers For Sex,

    13. Presidential executive orders issued by the President George Bush (41) existed to stop offshore drilling on our Outer Continental Shelf until 2012

    14. Over the next week, the Secretary of State traveled with Arakiel as he toured the globe and met with top officials in several countries

    15. And to top off his reasons for not eating this food – they still had a

    16. Top off with *chilled* club soda (or seltzer)

    17. She'd been in the mood, she admitted, for a brief wrestling match to top off the evening—a bit of foolishness

    18. "I can see it, a small place where boats stop off," Kimberley let go of his hand

    19. In answer, Andrew tore the track top off to reveal his missing right forearm

    20. He rummaged through the kitchen drawer, found a bottle opener, flipped the top off the bottle and took a long drink

    21. Aidan chuckled and turned his laptop off

    22. We can stop off at a late night supermarket if you want to get anything

    23. Jane had decided not to stop off at a supermarket

    24. They have replaced most of the previous government’s top officials with party faithful

    25. Was he going to take her top off? Did she want him to, in his inebriated state of mind?

    26. other search engine, a month later, decided that they also wanted to stop offering paid inclusion

    27. He popped the top off with a knife and passed the open bottle to the king

    28. Heliri spun the bulb off her Sugarstick up and fire into the Lycan’s head, blowing the top off

    29. He would report to other top officials who needed to know about this potential threat

    30. If there is any remaining paste, top off each filet with it using a spoon

    31. The Opposition Party, however, is not satisfied with the findings of the panel which they believe was biased and subject to influence from certain members of the government who wished to cover-up certain indiscretions among top officials in Whitehall

    32. That would top off his celebration

    33. Finally – Herb and I would have to present to the top officials, in the morning, our final plans,

    34. ‘We’ll do eighteen holes, Cliff and then we’ll stop off for a jar in the clubhouse’

    35. To top off the dynamic fifteenth century, just in time to fill the newly popular presses, came even more exciting news that gripped the imagination of the Old World

    36. “No need for that expense, we took the top off his cranium to expose the brain and there it was the size of a marble, a large marble

    37. My scheduled visit with the hilltop officers behind my house was the next item to cross off my list

    38. top off of the standardized tests that we give them

    39. She tried to escape, but he caught her and started to tear her top off her

    40. To top off the Italian theme, he'd made

    41. The sweet flavor of the orange will top off the meal and

    42. us if we wanted to stop off and have lunch and Dierdra said yes

    43. to stop off at Starbucks on his way to work

    44. He plopped the top off of the other package and

    45. Maximillion blows the top off his microbot canister

    46. The rainy season is almost at an end for the year, but we always have been able to top off the tanks and this year was no exception

    47. Cut the bottom and top off of the pineapple,

    48. Maybe stop off at the bar

    49. cleaving shoulders first top off towards the watchful eye and something’s nothing more

    50. Sir Robin Algar was able to report that he had already set in train plans for a special video link hot line and a one-off cipher for use during the operation, and that he was meeting a top official from the Bank of England tomorrow

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