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    1. After the stop outside West Newton, the sky changed from fading light to darkness as night took over

    2. He couldn't remember whether he'd left his laptop out when he'd last been here, which

    3. Six spears whistled above them and bounced harmlessly off of the wall behind them, one entered the tunnel and clattered to stop out of sight

    4. Why the hell would they stop out here in the middle of nowhere? No houses, nowhere to hide

    5. Two hours passed before the Diamond T ground to a stop outside the pumphouse at Half Moon Lake

    6. disconnect the other top outlets and any

    7. Brazilian corporation, and to stop outsourcing to others and in addition he needed a

    8. winds on Earth top out at about 110 meters per second

    9. What yonder moving lights are these?” I was propelled through open space as though I were an agile bird that knew instinctively to stop outside a wall of glowing blocks, which I saw through to giant halls where liquid flowed alive with light

    10. The plane came to a stop outside the terminal and the detective gathered up papers that he had been studying on the plane, put them neatly back in his briefcase, got off the aircraft and walked into the terminal

    11. “You never did answer me; are you coming in for coffee?” asks Suzy as Lewis pulls the car to a stop outside her bungalow

    12. As they drove into town Jane said to her bodyguard, ‘Can you stop outside The Bridge Hotel please

    13. growing operating margins that would potentially “top out”, when all efficiencies were

    14. Of course, when it comes to education, American charts pretty much top out

    15. yanked the lap top out of the man's hands and stared at the

    16. We came to a puzzled stop outside Argos while we paused for breath

    17. “The bus stop out there,” he pointed

    18. He’d spied her at the bus stop outside the university and immediately fell in love with her tall, slender body and long, golden-brown hair

    19. Seven minutes after he left the police station, he brought the police vehicle to a sliding stop outside a high chain fence

    20. Jake spoke excitedly of the new track-hoe Bryce’s father had bought; Danny was explaining to his father one of the myriad of ways he could stop outsiders from accessing the files on his server; and school was Christina’s favored topic

    21. My eyes barely opened when the car pulled to a stop outside of the Victorian

    22. I scan the rooftop out of habit as I slowly approach

    23. cities around the world are trying to stop outlets from using trans fats

    24. These I will stop out of what I have belonging to your worship, and I'll return home rich and content, though well whipped, for 'there's no taking trout'--but I say no more

    25. She is about to say more when footfalls in the hall stop outside the laboratory door

    26. This is a place where the mentally ill are allowed to wear uniforms, call themselves constables, drive cars with flashing lights, stop out-of-state drivers, and sometimes even haul them to jail

    27. It might seem as though a good plan would be to get a position as close to a level as possible, and to stop out a tick on the other side of the level

    28. Because this is a countertrend trade, your risk point is clearly defined so you can simply enter anywhere into that first pullback with a stop outside the existing trend extreme (i

    29. Another approach is to set a much wider stop for the purposes of position sizing and risk management (see Chapter 8), with the idea to stop out before the level is reached if developing price action contradicts the trade

    30. Many traders will get into a trending trade and will then stop out when price touches or, in some cases, closes below a moving average

    31. For instance, a simple plan might be to stop out of an uptrending market on the first down close, at the lowest low of three days ago, or on two consecutive downward closes

    32. There will be exceptions, but discretionary traders will know when to stop out of trades before the rule-based level is reached, or will also know that sometimes they should let the trailing stop’s level break without actually exiting the trade

    33. Many traders will place the stop outside the previous trend extreme, but this can result in considerable slippage

    34. Some traders look at trades like this and reason that they should not stop out of the first trade

    35. Once Silver went fully parabolic, my plan was to basically stop out under the previous day’s low—a very tight stop in a volatile market, but also a reasonable risk point

    36. In other words, if positioning in a daily range using a 30-minute Anti, perhaps set the stop outside the daily range

    37. In other words, he can top out implied volatility with his purchase, sell it back out 10 points lower, and make money if the index itself is sufficiently volatile

    38. Normally, this indicator tends to top out near 75% and bottom out near 25%

    39. The second the Glaive’s shields dropped, it slid to an instantaneous stop out ahead of me, near the hangar’s cavernous center

    40. In this case, the market has begun to “prove” itself and risk can be more clearly defined by using a “stop out” point below this reaction low (charts 19

    41. While too many on the desk waste energy with “oh, damn it! Stopped out of xyz,” Shark can withstand that stop out and quickly take the other side of the trade

    42. I have noticed him catching a quick spike in the opposite direction than his original bias, while others are moaning about the stop out and missing the better next trading opportunity

    43. WITHIN MINUTES, two blue-and-whites screeched to a stop outside

    44. The wagon slowed to a stop outside Scully’s barn, where the evening’s festivities had begun

    45. Ito had told him to stop outside, but he was unsurprised to be disobeyed

    46. ” If he would have been able to stop out during regular market hours he also could have locked in some gains

    47. “So if I risked, say, 1% of total capital per trade in a month, and had three stop out with losses for a total of $3,000 and five wins that made $5,000, because they were all equal, then I would have a 2% gain that month?” asked Jack

    48. When trading a single security, a day trader might decide to stop out when the price falls by (for example) 20 points, and will hover his mouse cursor over the sell button in case it does

    49. Analysis of the MAE on your previous winning trades may help you to set appropriate stop levels on your future trades, so that you do not stop out prematurely before a trade has realised its true potential

    50. But with a day trade, your stop is a lot closer, and you can stop out in a flash

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