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Frasi con tracing (in inglese)

A tracing floor has to be.
Underfoot was the tracing floor.
He pulled out a map, tracing his.
Tracing the rise of Mao Tse-tung.
Tracing the rise of militant Islam.
Tracing the Growth of a Small Account.
Tracing the relationships shown in Figures 1.

And now you do, just tracing the hard facts.
Example Execution of selection sort Tracing.
Shorty went the other, tracing the main stage.
He stares at it, eyes tracing the inscription.
And so the tracing back to his old roots began.
Tom watched him tracing words with his fingers.
Tracing the Kennedy Shots After #4 and Timing.
He put his finger on her lips tracing it gently.
Think about a finger tracing a line in the sand.
It is also helpful in tracing the evolution of.
Then he saw Elfric working on the tracing floor.
Tracing the rise and fall of the communist bloc.
What’s the address? I asked, tracing the.
That began with tracing the history of the sailboat.
Sherry, he whispers, lips tracing the name in silence.
I will miss tracing those lines with my eyes and lips.
In looking at the whisperer he found his eyes tracing.
In running his fingers along her seams, in tracing the.
Meanwhile, his hands stroked her back, tracing her spine.
She did it by tracing the magic Lisa used with you, Scott.
I was busy tracing the Nautilus's course on the world map.
Jaggers, coolly tracing out the sinews with his forefinger.
The Papillon is an old breed of dog tracing its ancestry to.
What does that mean? he sat while still tracing the words.
For the following graph the steps for tracing are as follows:.
Tracing back the history of yoga we meet with some difficulties.
Velvet could feel Rosebud’s tongue, tracing the edges of her.
It can’t be real, Diana whispered, tracing the lettering.
Another detail of various versions of these tracing boards show.
As it turned out, there was no difficulty tracing the source of.
You have two of them right here, I said, tracing the short.
He again turned in place, his scepter tracing patterns in the air.
That's when a 13-day EMA of Force Index starts tracing lower tops.
The call cant be traced.
They traced the gun to him.
His lips traced hers lightly.
I traced the lines back to.
His lips traced her forehead.
He must have traced us here.
With his fingers he traced.
I traced the lines on his arm.
His lips traced kisses to ear.
He hung up but I had traced.
Nothing can be traced to our.
I need some e-mails traced.
Tony traced the Holland Tunnel.
They've been traced to London.
A sardonic grin slowly traced.
Her fingers traced his features.
Then he traced a circle in the.
It can even be materially traced.
They all bent over the traced map.
I traced it, like he knew I would.
I traced the scars with my fingers.
He traced the pattern with his pen.
You traced the money back to Paul.
We have carefully traced all Ms.
His thumb traced the indentation.
The federal policeman traced the.
Evidently they had traced the call.
She raised one hand and traced my.
We traced the cash to this location.
He traced it slowly with his finger.
He traced her jaw line with a finger.
I’ve traced the girl’s origins.
Our premier was having my call traced.
A circle was traced around the hearse.
Upon it is traced in white lines the.
Her thumb traced the arch of his cheek.
I traced the wall starting at the door.
He traced his steps back down the road.
He traced her bottom lip with his thumb.
Ava traced those equations in the logic.
I saw no traces or.
And the path that it traces.
All traces have been cleaned.
There are no traces that way.
His thumb traces my lower lip.
The so called research traces.
In fact, Ezekiel traces their.
Let me check for traces of rape.
Have there been any traces?
Where are the traces of my gifts?
Traces of the red electric energy.
Someone who traces your ancestors.
Had he left traces of it somewhere?
There were not even traces of human.
Sighing he read past the blood traces.
They’d found no traces of Norm or of.
You’ll notice that all traces of the U.
He could even smell traces of gunpowder.
Their traces were lost in the centuries.
Feeling her traces, Nuke bowed his head.
Like Atlas about to slip into the traces.
Th e traces of totemism in this or that.
There were traces there and on the brakes.
Minute traces of raindrops rested on his.
All traces of enemy organics have been.
There would be traces if one cared to look.
Guess what? He had traces in his system too.
And second, there are no traces on the sand.
Pity washed away the last traces of his anger.
After a ten mile radius, no traces were found.
The Pug traces its ancestry to 700 BC in China.
There were small traces of rust in the wounds.
There are few traces of man's hand to be seen.
M: That’s the point that it leaves no traces.
They put out the fire and hid all traces of it.
My thumb traces over the calluses of that hand.
And cast after the Milky Way with falling traces.
She wanted the traces of him completely removed.
It struck me that there were more traces of my.
Don’t tell me these blood traces are left.

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No trace of the past.
I was able to trace.
I will not show a trace.
There was no trace of.
Trace the world to its.
Not a trace of him left.
Theres no trace of him.
Maybe some trace of him.
How can I hide the trace.
He would trace them down.
This is easy to trace if.
And gently trace her neck.
There’s no trace at all.
No trace of him whatsoever.
Liam let his fingers trace.
It was only a faint trace.
There seemed to be no trace.
Not a trace of them was left.
There’s no trace of him.
She’d sink without a trace.
We may trace those words to.
And the police could trace you.
There was no trace of the boy.
Floating a trace higher than.
Trace of beauty, hint of slime.
Not even a trace that Oriana.
Her voice had a trace of panic.
There, we wil help you trace.
Our moral trace on this Earth.
I curse every trace of cancer.
No hope here, not even a trace.
It disappeared without a trace.
Of Beloso he had seen no trace.
With the first trace of madness.
It is so that no one can trace.
And lived among, without a trace.
There all trace of him was lost.
Cells were the hardest to trace.
It was little more than a trace.
Then he got away without a trace.

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