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Frasi con transaction (in inglese)

  1. Here is the transaction log:.
  2. Since my new transaction was.
  3. In this way, the transaction.
  4. There are no transaction costs.
  5. A reluctant transaction was made.

  6. It's a very simple transaction.
  7. And the transaction having been.
  8. As impersonal as the transaction.
  9. Money Transaction by the Migrants.
  10. Speed: The transaction speed varies.
  11. How can a transaction be financed?
  12. The transaction was completed quickly.
  13. Jiminy, this is a business transaction.
  14. Cash transaction reporting by branches.
  15. Business is driven by transaction revenue.

  16. Yosh finished his transaction, oblivious.
  17. This is simply a business transaction.
  18. For them, you are a transaction and the.
  19. This is a story about such a transaction.
  20. You said this was a business transaction.
  21. They all hoped to make this transaction fast.
  22. Thanks for a successful and happy transaction.
  23. Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing, The.
  24. Each reader faces different transaction costs.
  25. This value would represent a transaction number.

  26. What are transaction costs, and who pays them?
  27. This was simply a business transaction for him.
  28. The Trezor will display the transaction details.
  29. That dread transaction, or operation, involves.
  30. It’s just included as part of the transaction.
  31. Acquirer’s ability to finance the transaction.
  32. Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing, The (J.
  33. This transaction actually went forward as a loan.
  34. Probability and timing of closing the transaction.
  35. Verifying the Validity of the Transaction History.
  36. We have already explained this kind of transaction.
  37. Please type in the transaction password that Mr.
  38. In addition, it does not include transaction costs.
  39. Hardly a normal transaction, Phil, said Evans.
  40. The transaction is a complex procedure and should.
  41. Now the investor has $1,265 for the next transaction.
  42. Unimpeachable integrity was shown in the transaction.
  43. A cost of trading or an element of transaction costs.
  44. It was just your normal business transaction stuff.
  45. In a spread, each transaction is referred to as a leg.
  46. The transaction completed, my brother and I turned to.
  47. Transaction costs and bid/ask spreads are not included.
  48. Exchange transaction or executed by you outside of the.
  49. What role did it play in the transaction? I asked.
  50. And this transaction took place over a year ago?
  51. On top of the wide spreads, transaction costs were high.
  52. Mirepoix conducted my transaction without the slightest.
  53. Jerry was flabbergasted with the speed of the transaction.
  54. In less than an hour, they took care of the transaction.
  55. I’d like to find out what the actual transaction was.
  56. It is interesting to note that both transaction analysis.
  57. Spalding or have any part in the transaction we conducted.
  58. The Qualified Intermediary is assigned to the transaction.
  59. Investing Championship is not some paper transaction derby.
  60. He was surprised at how smoothly this transaction was going.
  61. The transaction is rather, um, under the table, so to speak.
  62. Fortunately, the original hedge was not our only transaction.
  63. Now, do you want to have this business transaction? Or shall.
  64. Not a soul took the slightest notice of the whole transaction.
  65. Give me the transaction reference it displays for this amount.
  66. Another benefit is that there are no (or low) transaction costs.
  67. That dread transaction, or operation, involves and constitutes.
  68. Ultimately, every transaction must be recorded on the blockchain.
  69. Closing Costs: The costs to complete the real estate transaction.
  70. We can assume a $1,000 initial investment into this transaction.
  71. Almost nothing human occurs during this transaction or exchange.
  72. The identification records and transaction data should be made.
  73. A trader should always add the spread into his transaction costs.
  74. If this is the case, it does help us by delaying the transaction.
  75. Every transaction is a transfusion, a pollution, an indoctrination.
  76. There are also transaction costs and model uncertainty to consider.
  77. The trick to any transaction was to overcome the initial objection.
  78. For example, if you had a £10 a transaction cost, you would save 1.
  79. Instead of a human interaction, it becomes an abstract transaction.
  80. Three days after the transaction was completed, Stan died after an.
  81. You can handle this transaction in exactly the way cars are handled.
  82. But you will lose on the transaction what would frighten even a Jew.
  83. The transaction involves the insured assuming a guaranteed and known.
  84. The Buffett transaction also grants Berkshire warrants to purchase 43.
  85. Commerce? There’s hardly a fortune depending on this transaction.
  86. Still, if the transaction costs are low enough, it may be worthwhile.
  87. On clicking Voucher in Transaction Menu, control has been shifted to.
  88. Pulling Nell aside he told her, This transaction is to be treated.
  89. Higher transaction costs will often lead to less frequent adjustments.
  90. Transaction costs, on the other hand, can be a very real consideration.
  91. She completed the transaction and then stepped outside to the sidewalk.
  92. In this case, try hovering your mouse over the transaction in question.
  93. Depending upon the size of the transaction, the vendor should plan for.
  94. And Money always votes for money in every transaction it is involved.
  95. The operating profit per transaction at Western Union decreased from $9.
  96. Everyone involved in the transaction benefits, no? Matthews smiled.
  97. Again in only minutes the choice was made and the transaction completed.
  98. Judge Ellis facilitated the transaction before Arkin was cold in the.
  99. Grey smiled smugly at the first successful transaction with the Russian.
  100. It is a proper transaction so long as there is no coercion or deception.

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