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    1. "They were under attack from deeper space was the news in the last messages we got, then the transmission stopped

    2. I suspected a Brazilian doomsday system in the kuiper belt, but I have no evidence for anything except that interstellar transmission from the Sol System has ceased, mortal transmissions only a few years before those from the Angels

    3. "We don't know, all transmission has ceased, there was a war, it's a long story and there just isn't time for it now

    4. Beside me, to my right, I could hear the whine of the transmission shaft as it ground away through the everyday time and space of the world beyond the metal box in which I was slowly suffocating

    5. We all know that Talstan interpreted the transmission of the code for that virus as a declaration of war by the Kassikan on virtual souls of all faiths and called for jihad on the Kassikan

    6. She captured another real data transmission and had more to go on

    7. The data for this transmission was mostly 5's with some clumps of other numbers now and then

    8. combined in this free transmission have been put

    9. Brownie heard the transmission and Harrington's response that they would notify the police

    10. All those people were competent, Enjteen wasn’t involved until after the transmission

    11. But now that he knows about the transmission, he has to give up the notion that he is ever going to get Tdeshi back

    12. But then of course she would have been with Tdeshi’s lover this sleep if he hadn’t mentioned the transmission

    13. The answer, however reluctant, is given with hazard warning lights and the whine of a transmission in reverse

    14. Ava knew Kelvin’s cursor was as accurate a plot of his last transmission as the system could represent to their souls, as was the image of the planet

    15. In the second of those three weeks the optical probe was found also and that ceased transmission almost immediately

    16. “A holo transmission to the Borantus main viewer?”

    17. The screen went blank and the officer handed Martin a copy of the transmission he had just seen

    18. The only evidence had been his ship’s tachyon transmission of its brief encounter

    19. According to the beacon twenty (Earth) days had passed since his last transmission request, and his time dilation was becoming exponentially greater

    20. This feed of course was old, over forty hours now despite its phased tachyon transmission

    21. Try taking out a shuttle along the path of the radio transmission, check out the whole area with an RF scanner

    22. The weaknesses were that the machines could only communicate in one direction at a time and the transmission speed was very slow, only a few characters per second

    23. As limited as it was, the ULR was the only way to communicate with Earth without a decade long transmission time

    24. Felix nodded and hit the button that would allow them to hear the transmission

    25. Infuriated, Novikov closed the transmission window and decided to get herself another coffee

    26. ‘Or it could simply have got mashed up in the transmission

    27. after its transmission was complete

    28. The signal had been sent so covertly not even the occupants would necessarily have been aware of its transmission, using modulated tachyon pulses

    29. Then would the transmission be no more than an echo from a parallel universe or would I myself have crossed over

    30. Alicia had activated the code: red transmission, a final warning, perhaps in her last moments

    31. The transmission should have evaded the disruption web, although it could still be detected

    32. The transmission was in a compression burst lasting no more three seconds, designed to insert itself, interrupting the scheduled broadcast, allowing millions of viewers to witness the true nature of those who hold power

    33. transmission, or a sticky clutch

    34. The mere fact that both the operative and the device transmission were thus far undetectable was surprising if not remarkable, given the Darangi's supposed technical supremacy

    35. That radio transmission caused mayhem as SAP vehicles responded from everywhere and struggled through the storm to reach the scene

    36. I repeat it from transcripts and you can find the rest of the transcripts on the Internet under "Green Leader Raid" if you wish to read the actual radio transmission during the attack also

    37. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I said, leaning to the side as if I were reaching for the automatic transmission knob to put the car in park

    38. Locked the brakes, put the transmission in gear

    39. We can back up the vehicle, without any need for gears or a transmission

    40. The best example of this is their objection to the construction of electric transmission lines

    41. the construction of the transmission lines necessary to bring the power generated to where it can be used

    42. miles of transmission lines in Indiana which will require 6 years to complete because of the time

    43. In prehistoric societies the probable vehicle for the transmission from one generation to another of the stories of selfless behavior of these remembered heroes would be the oral history recitations that have come down to us, through the imaginative renderings called mythology

    44. The transmission had been fuzzy and faded in and out

    45. “Thank you,” I said as I pulled out my recorder and encrypted the conversation for transmission

    46. org/ FPMT (Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition) is devoted to the transmission of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition and values worldwide through teaching, meditation, and community service

    47. With that the transmission ended

    48. “2000 it is, then,” I said and we ended the transmission

    49. ‘Five Earth years later we received a remote transmission from another part of our galaxy

    50. We were able to translate the primitive transmission code

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