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    tree trunk

    1. It's not really very heavy for its size, it couldn't be a treasure chest, all metals are much heavier than that, it's lighter than a section of tree trunk that size and I've moved them with the rockosaur

    2. High above the town on a scrubby hill overlooking the crazy blue Aegean I came across a fallen tree trunk and there I sat, just to sit and listen

    3. Compared to them she was as shapely as the average young tree trunk, perched up on long saplings, with long scrawny arms and insect bites for tits

    4. girth of small tree trunks, and he was clearly very

    5. He went down the inside stairs and found his way to an entry hall in the bottom of a tree trunk

    6. There were numerous piles of furniture leading to tree trunks to which handholds had been pegged sometime in the past

    7. “Now who the hell could be out here in this desolation?” he muttered out loud to himself as he crouched beside a tree trunk

    8. Tree trunks probably struck by lightning were lying along the side of the house

    9. You will have to use the tree trunk propped against the wall and I will help you up

    10. ” As he hit one of the supporting small tree trunks which had held up a roof, it swayed

    11. I leaned against one of the gnarled tree trunks, almost unable to stand without support

    12. ” That was heavy flirtation, though the girl simply smiled and took him by the hand to pull him behind a tree trunk

    13. Holland found the clearing and walked over to his favourite spot, sitting down on the soft grass with his back against a fallen tree trunk

    14. Darkburst's world had condensed into a swirling kaleidoscope of shifting tree trunks

    15. The storm grew closer, punctuated by the clashing of thunderclaps– angry voices bouncing from tree trunk to tree trunk

    16. Cal leaned against a tree trunk

    17. The streamers of smoke from the ground are like tree trunks in the forest

    18. He then took the dead man by his heels and dragged him until he could roll him under a fallen tree trunk

    19. I see Marcus’s face through a divided tree trunk

    20. I gasp as I fall back, seizing the tree trunk at the last second

    21. Four long, narrow tree trunks sewed together with fraying twine did not constitute a boat in Ganesh’s mind, but no one could doubt its efficiency

    22. The tree trunk closed behind me, and I guessed that my wizards were proceeding with the rest of the plan

    23. Stopping to watch a squirrel scamper up and down a tree trunk, Jesse tilted her head

    24. The front of it smashed against the tree trunk,

    25. Those who were slow to do so were shoved out of the way, and a five meter tall troll emerged into the clearing, accompanied by two six meter ogres, all three carrying massive clubs made from tree trunks thirty centimeters thick and about three meters long, smoothed at the handle and chipped and cracked at the business end from long use

    26. Those who were slow to do so were shoved out of the way, and a fourteen foot tall troll emerged into the clearing, accompanied by two eighteen foot ogres, all three carrying massive clubs made from tree trunks a foot thick and eight or nine feet long, smoothed at the handle and chipped and cracked at the business end from long use

    27. Bolzat pulled back little Barrad’s hand and effortlessly skewered it to the tree trunk – the boy passed out

    28. Tiring of the work, he stored everything away and began on the poison ivy, treating the perimeter of ground growth as far as the sprayer could squirt without his having to tread in the poisonous jungle, the mist reaching nearly to the tree trunk

    29. Further in, disks of wood were used instead of cobblestones; cheaper and easier to replace using cross-sections cut from a tree trunk than using stone

    30. Zoe quickly hid behind the large tree trunk and grabbed her bag, which had been sitting on top of the fallen tree

    31. And that would have happened if a fallen tree trunk concealed in the long grass hadn’t abruptly stopped the front wheels, causing the car to slowly somersault

    32. The elf led Sam down a large tree trunk where they were all live

    33. Then Jane popped out of the tree trunk to let Sam know that it was okay

    34. She wore an oversized housedress that exposed only her forearms and her legs from the knees down, four limbs the size of winter bark tree trunks, blanched and colorless but for the small tributaries of blue vein lining their surface

    35. Tree trunks bisected it but they were small and it was obvious that great torrents came down this place and ripped loose whatever was within

    36. The black warrior dangled above the deck, supported by what seemed a dark pliant tree trunk arching over the rail

    37. Somebody fetched a tree trunk, and the door began to stagger under the thunderous assault

    38. “A bunch of tree trunks tied together with vines is not a bridge,”

    39. Why in hell am I here, he thought, as he followed the pit bull into the tangle of tree trunks and vines

    40. Knowing JY would be useless in backtracking he started back the way they came but found the trail indistinct where small natural openings occurred among the tree trunks

    41. Thinking he could smell his own spoor on the peeling tree trunks Samson pushed his face close to every tree in the vicinity and cou1d not pick up scent except where he had just touched

    42. Anything using the narrow trail under the big cedar would have to hit the delicate trigger stick and 200 plus pounds of wet tree trunk would crash down on the unfortunate‘s head or neck

    43. A row of freshly felled tree trunks held up the center ridge line

    44. With each step, the light of day crawled and slanted across the ground, climbed the tree trunks, and started to mingle with the leaves in the still air

    45. searching for a tree trunk to ‘hide’ my prize catch

    46. Before the doors there was a cut of tree trunk that served as a

    47. from a cage of tree trunks, bamboo and stones, “let us try

    48. She began to see native faces appear in the stones and tree trunks

    49. It was still raining quite heavily but I could see the storm damage that was all around, I made my way to the tree line seeing no sign of life, the beach was littered with fallen tree trunks, some with their roots still intact others where shattered showing the force with which the storm had struck

    50. hiding behind the tree trunks

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