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    1. Uncover pile and turn over while spraying with the liquid seaweed

    2. pestilence and famine, who would uncover the

    3. We could uncover some simple task that in itself could be a major stumbling block to reaching success, something such as a special license, insurance or legislation

    4. that we can release now?” to uncover the existence of

    5. uncover that the universe was, for the first time, seen as the source of two

    6. I worked for a few minutes to uncover his head and when it was clear, I nearly fainted

    7. It took an hour to uncover him completely and during that time, he breathed labouredly, blinked and when he could find strength, his eyes followed my movements

    8. Helen of Troy also guesses the plot and tries to trick and uncover the Greek men inside the horse by imitating the voices of their wives

    9. We should uncover much about their civilization from that

    10. Anon walked among the apprehensive soldiers, invisible to them, but as eager to uncover the contents of the pod as any

    1. These are a few wonders of the world that I uncovered; the wonder bit is usual y meant as in “I wonder why?”

    2. The answer was later uncovered – apparently Chemotherapy in tablet form is not

    3. The most common leak left uncovered was mail, but mail didn't seem to be implemented in this universe

    4. There was a crack, and with the voice of thunder Moamar spoke, "We have uncovered some who oppose the will of God," he said

    5. Her brother was too distressed to read her papers until last year … when he uncovered the fact of your existence

    6. Berndt, one final matter; you have doubtless heard of the problem Renald Forhamm has uncovered with regard to illegal immigration

    7. I uncovered the image, tried the testing again, and…

    8. How Inherited Emotions are Uncovered

    9. I want Bunty to come alive to the reader … I want them to see the shy, sensitive girl I have uncovered … but I don’t want it to be sugary sweet, Bunty would have hated that

    10. It held a position of power to the person that uncovered it

    1. Amongst other things she was instrumental in liaising with France to put an end to the black market trade in lethal feuhlstones and in uncovering Gerisse Stowman’s illegal immigrant scam

    2. uncovering evidence which would point to the real

    3. Light feathery clouds skittered across the sky obscuring the sun, then uncovering it rapidly

    4. He removed his thick top, uncovering a black T-shirt that within seconds evaporated areas of sweat

    5. Sheena dug in the sand with her hands, uncovering a pair of flippers, some goggles and a wetsuit

    6. When federal investigators started uncovering irregularities, my name showed up on fake contracts as supervisor, and data on some of my actual reports was altered too

    7. However, the problem Hall had warned about and its magnitude became glaringly apparent when the world’s headlines announced the uncovering of the Iran-Contra Affair

    8. Due to immutable compelling reasons, Lucille, Maguerite and the children could not stay any longer in Spain to witness the uncovering of the plaque giving my name to a street in Fuentesnuevas

    9. These people here, he considered them so much more intriguing, entertaining; pure mysteries definitely worth uncovering

    10. He felt tears running down his cheeks, but he couldn’t know whether it was from the laughter or the pure and simple joy of finally uncovering what even his master could not have imagined

    1. • Powerful New Software Tool Uncovers Hot Untapped Niche Markets that Have

    2. 19 And you shall not uncover the nakedness of your mother's sister, nor of your father's sister: for he uncovers his near kin: they shall bear their iniquity

    3. 20 Cursed is he who lies with his father's wife; because he uncovers his father's skirt

    4. flakes off, uncovers white—

    5. melts away, uncovers herself—

    6. “This is a good thing,” Grant said, “If he uncovers anything about Hammond then it will help get you out of here

    7. Penelope uncovers an electric sewing machine, circa 1985 and apparently in good working order

    8. of empathic reflections and challenges, the speaker uncovers

    9. It uncovers what is happening

    10. It uncovers the ‘true’ situation as seen from God’s perspective

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