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    1. In such a scenario, there's a definite need to cover for unforeseen medical expenses during the individual's working years

    2. and unforeseen things may bring more into it such as humans

    3. George then continued to Harry, “Titania and Hipolyta will be added as signatories as they reach adulthood, so that should anything unforeseen occur to your mother or me, you each will be provided for directly

    4. Britainic was to sail from Chelsea Docks on Wednesday the eleventh of April, therefore tickets for passage on the Overland train were arranged to insure their arrival in New York with time to spare should the unforeseen impede their journey

    5. Feared though it may be, it was not unforeseen

    6. Unforeseen sadness at the loss of

    7. Unforeseen advantages had come recently in the form of new ground and new fortifications under Imperial control, such as Fort Hraggstad

    8. The revenue which has arisen from it was unforeseen, and may be considered as accidental

    9. ' I accept command of this vessel until my Captain's return---an unforeseen duration

    10. That this extraordinary profit, however, is no more than sufficient to put his trade upon a fair level with other trades, and to compensate the many losses which he sustains upon other occasions, both from the perishable nature of the commodity itself, and from the frequent and unforeseen fluctuations of its price, seems evident enough, from this single circumstance, that great fortunes are as seldom made in this as in any other trade

    11. Five different events, unforeseen and unthought of, have very fortunately concurred to hinder Great Britain from feeling, so sensibly as it was generally expected she would, the total exclusion which has now taken place for more than a year (from the first of December 1774) from a very important branch of the colony trade, that of the twelve associated provinces of North America

    12. The next levels held unforeseen horrors, not least because the data had to be accessed and downloaded far more rapidly to minimise the chance of detection

    13. Years later, President Bush (1988) would similarly disappoint them, although his breach with Conservatives was not entirely unforeseen by politically astute individuals suspicious of Mr

    14. Lack of leadership always have unforeseen consequences

    15. The plan to install huge concrete blocks in the river to help sustain water levels will have unforeseen results

    16. I had made the necessary reservations to be present at that touching ceremony, but unforeseen circumstances forced me to cancel the trip and had to resign myself to a video

    17. “Trouble is, that led to a couple of unforeseen consequences

    18. Needless to say, I took full advantage of my unforeseen success in the press and now, I’ve become something of a national anti-drug hero

    19. Mikael was tightly holding his hand on the handle of his sword, being prepared for any unforeseen danger

    20. harbingers of some unforeseen ill omen, symbolic as they were of the darkness,

    21. He said that in his practice of cash acquisitions of businesses, he made it a condition to withhold 10 percent of the purchase price for at least a year—longer if he could persuade the seller—as a reserve against any claims of unforeseen liability

    22. “This was unforeseen

    23. What was the purpose of it all? Before that thought had fully ransacked her mind, she had spun a net to protect herself from this unforeseen enemy

    24. Within a few short moments, she had shared everything with him: what the Chair Maker had told her, her heartfelt response, and the unforeseen dangers that might lie around them

    25. were given to us as a means of dealing with unforeseen things

    26. Always the chance of something unforeseen, of course

    27. How can he recover from this unforeseen interference? “I have to act

    28. some inner warning of unforeseen disaster

    29. acceptably high standard when submitted to us, and that no unforeseen

    30. For the first time he cursed the convenience and wide availability of birth control that had led them to such an unforeseen situation

    31. The buffer time is taken for the unforeseen

    32. Then: to wait for the reflected ray on a shield to understand the true course (what if the companions that support you in difficult times do not arrive?) or wait for the event that you cannot manipulate, that you have not foreseen and that was unforeseen (glass man/lucky star) to decide the end of your journey? In both cases, the sole hope is that that it really is worth starting the journey, that the ticket should not be thrown away and that you must not sing: “How many vicious characters that travel through our country, how miserable life is when abusing powers

    33. Perhaps you are hit with some unexpected and unforeseen expense

    34. Von Cramm smiled as he stepped on American soil for the first time in his life, he had always wanted to see the United States of America and he now had his chance due to unforeseen circumstances

    35. There will likely be other unforeseen discoveries or developments that help us free our minds

    36. “We will not blame the lion for the unforeseen difficulties,” he

    37. They provided an unforeseen breakthrough… Literally,” Hecate concluded

    38. More adept at military planning than Warren, Alina probed the plans for flaws and unforeseen contingencies

    39. the unforeseen circumstances of any decision

    40. Relegated to the periphery by the unforeseen

    41. But José Arcadio Segundo, in an unforeseen burst of temerity, stubbornly kept on with the project

    42. Later on she was to discover the unforeseen help of odors, which were defined in the shadows with a strength that was much more convincing than that of bulk and color, and which saved her finally from the shame of admitting defeat

    43. Sometimes unforeseen accidents would happen

    44. Her frivolous and even slightly infantile character did not seem up to any serious activity, but when she sat down at the clavichord she became a different girl, one whose unforeseen maturity gave her the air of an adult

    45. It was such an unforeseen attitude that Amaranta Úrsula felt humiliated by the idea that she had given her husband the pretext that he had wanted in order to abandon her to her fate

    46. Chance, as I’ve mentioned is the unforeseen, not random

    47. This is to cover various unforeseen stuff that it's really not

    48. So, maybe 17 million Americans are chronically without health care into the unforeseen future

    49. What about unforeseen circumstances? When you plan realistically, you take those into account and then they no longer become ‘unexpected

    50. He or she can give you accurate idea of what to expect in the way of repairs and you can avoid any unforeseen surprises down the road

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    out of the blue unanticipated unforeseen unlooked-for unseen accidental unplanned spontaneous fortuitous adventitious unexpected casual