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    1. As soon as she has cleared up the mess, as soon as the unthinking physical activity is done with, her brain kicks back into life

    2. Then she could be sarcastic or she could chide Jock for his unthinking bloody alpha male priorities and hormonal negligence, and then, as soon as he tries to pour oil on her troubled waters, as soon as he infuriates her with his calm, business voice, she will know that everything is fine and dandy

    3. Sometimes there is pure, unthinking happiness that for anyone is a joy to behold

    4. To this purpose, God must be expunged from the public consciousness lest His presence confound the prescribed arrangements of mechanical processes where two plus two may not necessarily add up to four nor does it have to provided such dubious calculations preserve the implausible standards of an unthinking individual who has been summarily reduced to rote

    5. Addendum to the above: Blessed are the unthinking, for they will (merely) go on ―living‖!

    6. Dizzy and unthinking I followed Jade inside

    7. doesn’t have to be much, but had to be more than an unthinking and uncaring

    8. “It just struck me funny, so I was unthinking, and I apologize

    9. “As are The Unthinking Impulsives, uh, would you prefer Your Majesty or Sir Mark?” Holanam asked with a bashful smile and a nervous toss of his black hair

    10. “You see how the thus-far unrecognized subconscious abilities of these five; magically enhanced luck and mild prescience, have led to their being Unthinking Impulsives? Without such spontaneity, they might have interfered with the function of their own talents

    11. With a hoarse unthinking shout of triumph one of the men

    12. Flustered and unthinking, I left the helm

    13. Now, ere the unthinking silence on that strife

    14. His eyes welled up when he remembered the cruel and unthinking words he had spat out one night, after too much ale

    15. Sure, Trask said a stupid unthinking man thing, plunging ahead with the first dumb notion that came to his block-headed mind, without a thought as to how his humor would affect others

    16. ” She stands and toddles over to me, and, unthinking, I bend to meet her and sweep her into my arms

    17. Evil is the immature choosing and the unthinking misstep of those who are resistant to goodness, rejectful of beauty, and disloyal to truth

    18. Set your mind at work to solve its problems; teach your intellect to work for you; refuse longer to be dominated by fear like an unthinking animal

    19. On learning how Jacob appointed himself to defend Jesus, Ganid said: "Oh, I begin to see! In the first place very seldom would any normal human being want to attack such a kindly person as you, and even if any one should be so unthinking as to do such a thing, there is pretty sure to be near at hand some other mortal who will fly to your assistance, even as you always go to the rescue of any person you observe to be in distress

    20. 4 And then Jesus discoursed on the dangers of courage and faith, how they sometimes lead unthinking souls on to recklessness and presumption

    21. 6 "When children are young and unthinking, they must necessarily be admonished to honor their parents; but when they grow older and become somewhat more appreciative of the benefits of the parental ministry and protection, they are led up, through understanding respect and increasing affection, to that level of experience where they actually love their parents for what they are more than for what they have done

    22. The seed which fell upon the rocky places, and which sprang up so suddenly, represents those superficial and unthinking persons who, when they hear the glad tidings, receive the message with joy; but because the truth has no real root in their deeper understanding, their devotion is short-lived in the face of tribulation and persecution

    23. ' And this unthinking son answered his father, saying, `I will not go'; but afterward he repented and went

    24. God in heaven did not will it, neither did the archenemies of Jesus dictate it, though they did much to insure that unthinking and evil mortals would thus reject the bestowal Son

    25. In the multitude which now clamors for the Master's death are to be found only his sworn enemies and the easily led and unthinking populace

    26. The declaration of the chief priests and the Sadducees, "We have no king but Caesar," was a shock even to the unthinking populace, but it was too late now to save Jesus even had the mob dared to espouse the Master's cause

    27. 10 His love for ignorant mortals is fully disclosed by his patience and great self-possession in the face of the jeers, blows, and buffetings of the coarse soldiers and the unthinking servants

    28. 1 Scientists have unintentionally precipitated mankind into a materialistic panic; they have started an unthinking run on the moral bank of the ages, but this bank of human experience has vast spiritual resources; it can stand the demands being made upon it

    29. Only unthinking men become panicky about the spiritual assets of the human race

    30. Of their unthinking Drums—

    31. myself what the present really was, and what our automatic, unthinking,

    32. Unthinking down grades the conscious mind from reaching its paradise

    33. Materialism is a reaction towards unthinking forms

    34. Religions authorizes the key to hell why? Because it is built on the path of unconscious soul to the its unthinking particles interact with the thinking mind

    35. His second option is to stretch out his hand like an unthinking child and pluck the fruit without using a glove, and then to put it into his mouth without peeling it

    36. The unthinking may conclude that the silence is very simple and easily attained, but it should be remembered that only in absolute silence may one come into contact with Divinity itself; may learn of the unchangeable law and open for himself the channels by which persistent practice and concentration lead to perfection

    37. With this natural skiing exercise, while many unthinking

    38. How intelligent is it to study the fossilized remains of only the dumbest apes and not the most intelligent? Moreover, how did this stupid practice of not moving away from one nesting-ground begin at all? By our ancestors having a continually burning fire? Because they could not move the fire itself without burning themselves? Or by the ingrained ritual-habit of the ever-wider search for firewood becoming a blind, unthinking cultural tradition? Africans still denude their forests and destroy their own ecological environments because they ritually make a fire every night, no matter how cold or hot it is, and eat cooked food; when there are mountains of fresh vegetables and fruits and nuts available that do not need to be cooked

    39. If a person is not constantly questioning what they perceive inside themselves and outside themselves: then normality-reality becomes a dominant unthinking, unfeeling reflex: then Abstraction eventually distorts Actuality

    40. Factories that spew toxic waste are denounced for their unthinking destruction of living organisms

    41. This way they can function purely as unthinking machines

    42. I think it stems principally from the Moslem religion and the unthinking adherence of the faithful to it

    43. How can you be truly happy if you are secretly gloating to yourself about how lucky you are not to be one of the lower class rabble who envy you? How can you be truly happy, if you are so insulated from the pain and suffering of millions and billions of humans, that you do not give a shit about? Your happiness becomes a selfish, unthinking, arrogant evil

    44. Perhaps that was inevitable given the poverty, the wretched living conditions, the lack of education and ignorance and, finally, the unthinking adherence to the religious rigor and narrow-mindedness of Islam and Christianity of the native

    45. These ridiculous lies are gobbled up by unthinking uncritical tourists without a whimper of dissent or questioning

    46. Until they become a part of our unthinking normality

    47. You fall into unthinking habits and practices; you no longer question your own habits and practices

    48. When this defense tactic against all pain, against all painful truth becomes a habit… and then after being repeated thousands of times becomes an automatic unthinking reflex… You lose all control over it

    49. When it was an unthinking blurt, a slip of the subconscious… because the reporter asking him that question was looking at him intently, and knew he was covering up what had been going on behind closed doors

    50. Bush tried to cover-up his unthinking instant reaction to the question, but it didn’t work

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    lumpen lumpish unthinking thoughtless uncaring unreflective unthoughtful thoughtlessly unthinkingly automatic instinctive reflex unconscious uncontrollable habitual