unwavering frasi

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Frasi con unwavering (in inglese)

  1. Newton as the unwavering truth.
  2. She was unwavering in her outlook.
  3. But Yania was unwavering in her decision.
  4. And help you with an unwavering support.
  5. The shorts were flabbergasted, but unwavering.

  6. Unwavering, however, he dashed to comfort her.
  7. Joel’s resolve was unwavering on this matter.
  8. The magic ingredient to success was unwavering.
  9. His stare is dead cold and unwavering, as is mine.
  10. To show that her love and devotion were unwavering.
  11. His weapon was unwavering while Whimly came onward.
  12. His dog Kip had died, and Tom was unwavering in his.
  13. Joey pulled away and stared at her with unwavering eyes.
  14. Protecting Muslim interests was an unwavering commitment.
  15. It provides a clear and unwavering understanding of good.

  16. It can only come by unwavering self-belief and hard graft.
  17. His sacrifice for me and His unwavering, undying love for me.
  18. With unwavering concentration, with his life-breath firmly.
  19. Truth, wisdom, and justice were the unwavering and redundantly.
  20. Abraham continued telling his story in precise, unwavering detail.
  21. One who worships Krishn with unwavering dedication, that is, with.
  22. Even Michelle, whose loyalty is unwavering, doesn’t have a clue.
  23. Johnson’s hand was unwavering as held the pistol with a firm grip.
  24. The perspiration was no doubt caused by his unwavering concentration.
  25. Ursempyre’s steps were measured and slow, but steady and unwavering.

  26. Amori clung to him enjoying his unwavering strength after her ordeal.
  27. You could say that, he answered, remaining still and unwavering.
  28. One should try to control its speed and turn it to subtle unwavering.
  29. Then he raised his tear stained face to meet Ruth’s unwavering gaze.
  30. Spirits of God as signified and bounded by unwavering Truth and Justice.
  31. It was only by unwavering focus that she was able to catch glimpses of.
  32. There would be an unwavering focus and emphasis on unequivocal Truth and.
  33. Let the church goers have their fun and the unwavering power of the Pope.
  34. It was Micheq who answered the king in a mild yet strong, unwavering voice.
  35. And behind this purpose must be an invincible and unwavering FAITH that the.
  36. But the glass remained — solid, unwavering, accepting; just as my family had.
  37. Upaya wished he could help them but tangling with Surya required his unwavering.
  38. The unwavering conviction that they were funny and could make an audience laugh.
  39. Skhanda sat still in unwavering awareness before being beset by verbal critics:.
  40. Her large round eyes settled on Ruby's face, piercing her with her unwavering stare.
  41. Faith is not dying today, do you understand me? My voice is hard and unwavering.
  42. I’m not a neurologist… But then with unwavering clarity, Yes, I’m sure.
  43. Pon thought about his new family and the love they had shown him that would be unwavering.
  44. She approached calmly, her hands clasped in front of her, expression cold and unwavering.
  45. The human spirit, though unwavering in its strength to persevere in the face of calamity.
  46. Karlov held Joachim’s unwavering gaze, then his face softened as looked to the other nine.
  47. The key to its long-term success is an unwavering implementation of an investment strategy.
  48. Hence, the need for the clear and unwavering rule based on the zeal for Truth and Justice as.
  49. Truth is the prerequisite for both Wisdom and Justice, which are the Creator’s unwavering.
  50. They are the unwavering requirements and the foundations of the long-promised "Kingdom" of our.
  51. Isaac Newton and keep on teaching students about the unwavering correctness of Sir Isaac Newton.
  52. There was an independence movement in both Samoas called the Mau (Firm Strength or Unwavering).
  53. When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering, like the flame of a lamp in a windless place.
  54. Above all, at some stage at least, he seems to have developed an unwavering faith in his own destiny.
  55. Their eyes met and a short nod from him confirmed that his will to fight was as unwavering as her own.
  56. They drew back slowly the physical connection released and replaced with unsure but unwavering eyes….
  57. She knew she was a great teacher, and her students’ evaluations had always nodded in unwavering agreement.
  58. From The Rock are they forged, and with a heart like adamant stone have I made them unwavering in My purpose.
  59. So when she had arrived at the ball in her red silk gown, all eyes were turned on her, focused and unwavering.
  60. Zarko could almost feel the strength flowing from her warm, soft hands into his as her unwavering gaze held him.
  61. His faith drove him; it inspired him, steeling his determination and making him unwavering in the face of adversity.
  62. General Tizar was right; you showed them what an Imperial soldier really is: strong, unwavering, loyal and fearless.
  63. Those statements are indeed very condescending and could demoralize anybody who is not armed with unwavering courage.
  64. He ordered his people to lower their weapons, which put Lee at ease, as he became unnerved by the boys unwavering stare.
  65. Panic struck at their hearts at that unwavering advance, and they plied their bows madly, eyes glaring like trapped wolves.
  66. One of the Guinea dogs opened his muzzle and set forth an unwavering key, and the others joined in, one at a time, in harmony.
  67. The fisherman hunched over his unwavering line as if additional concentration was all that was required to catch a fish at will.
  68. And thus the kiss ended, they drew back slowly the physical connection released and replaced with unsure but unwavering eyes….
  69. This unwavering weapon, being wielded so steadily by a boy of around sixteen years-old, and his icy cold stare made Lee feel edgy.
  70. Most white evangelical missionaries hold with unwavering conviction to the Bible’s teaching that Jesus Christ will return again.
  71. Philo concentrated what little strength remained in him and smirked derisively before adding in a low but steady, unwavering voice:.
  72. The truly scary thing about the Undead - besides of course the fact that they are what they are - is their unwavering ability to pursue you.
  73. Through his unwavering patience of approximately two hours, the sight of Rhonda in full drag had finally appeared in the high-powered lenses.
  74. And after a couple of minutes of seeing him with that fixed expression and unwavering intense stare, she knew he was not going just walk away.
  75. Despite his unwavering interest in the market and in technical analysis, Navin became tired of the brokerage business and moved back to radio in 1984.
  76. Loofah squirmed with indecision – he even looked to the rhododendron bush for guidance, though got nothing from it other than blank unwavering fury.
  77. A couple of feet separated us from the unwavering madness of this uncaring place that assaulted any form of life with the same deliberate indignation.
  78. I thought of my promise to Geoff, of Lisette’s unwavering support, of graduation and the job and the house and the wedding and the children I didn’t yet have.
  79. There was something unwavering about the way he stood and his mocking grin into the camera, at least that is what Blomkvist imagined, and again he thought of Salander.
  80. Seal of the living God–Same as the Seal of God, which are the Spirits of Life, which are the Seven Spirits of God as signified and bounded by unwavering Truth and Justice.
  81. The chandelier stopped suddenly but swung back and forth with the crystals still clinking a dissonant tune, and the candles burned perfectly motionless, the flames smaller but unwavering.
  82. It was quite impressive how well he managed to carry himself in light of the morning’s revelations—his head held high, his walk strong and unwavering as though nothing would stand in his way.
  83. Those banks had the one single commodity that topped his wish list: money! Building a bankroll for expansion was his obsession, and doing it with no financial or equity partners his unwavering method.
  84. Aware that it might take him years to adjust to Josie’s absence from his life, he started to work diligently towards giving his children a sense of security and showing them unwavering fatherly love.
  85. The children must be taught to be self-reliant in accordance with their capacity and needs so that they will be prepared to meet obstacles and stresses with an open mind, willing hands and unwavering feet.
  86. Loofah could still feel the unwavering will of the Under Manager forcing him onwards to his date with destiny, like some science fiction force-field beam controlled from her hiding place a hundreds behind.
  87. When she started to protest, Joel raised his hand in an authoritative manner which requested silence, as he continued, directing an unwavering look of command towards each of his fellow band members at the same time.
  88. Put that back lass, I’ll no’ be needing it… Kathy knew better than to protest, for these words had been accompanied with an unwavering glint in the man’s eyes, which underscored the implacability of his words.
  89. Faith Is unwavering belief in the truth and validity of one’s adopted premises and conclusions without any observational testing by anyone to either verify of falsify the truth and validity of those premises and conclusions.
  90. Only a group capable of strict discipline and unwavering faith, that could pass these gifts on to their children, and their children’s children, could be expected to survive a trip that would take tens of thousands of years.
  91. His most belligerent detractors on the Left have never quite forgotten his role in the Watergate cover-up although if the truth were known, ―Alger Hess‖ was the underlying catalyst behind their unwavering contempt for the man.
  92. Roger’s unwavering dedication to International Education stems from his sincere belief that it fosters friendships among peoples of different languages and cultures and contributes in a very positive way to world understanding and peace.
  93. Though the story resurrected many traumatic memories that still haunted him, Lord Ashburn proceeded with dignity and unwavering courage, telling of the horrors of watching his men slaughtered before him and of the wounded crying for help and mercy.
  94. How often Moses must have thought of giving up, especially when his own brother and sister turned against him, but an unwavering belief in what he was doing, in the direction he was moving, in spite of the many calls to return to Egypt, kept him going.
  95. The chill and damp from the tunnel walls crawled across his skin in unpleasant waves of spiders legs, he thought of sun, of warmth, away from the damp unwavering track, he was approaching another station he could see the flicking light off from the tip of his vision.
  96. Today it is the not-yet mothers and the already-mothers and their little ones who sink beneath the waves, while their mates and fathers stay high and dry in well-stocked lifeboats provided by our national worship of greed and unwavering attention to a bottom line.
  97. An advance south might have compelled the heretic Hanth to abandon his steady, grim advance along the Sheryl-Seridahn, but it would never have diverted Greyghor Stohnar and Cayleb Ahrmahk’s unwavering determination to destroy Bahrnabai Wyrshym’s army once and for all.
  98. Nevertheless, centuries of fine and proper blood were coursing through her adrenalin swollen arteries, and with her unwavering sense of indignation on behalf of underdogs everywhere, she steeled herself for the physical punishment that was about to pour forth upon her head.
  99. These laws show how an absolute faith and belief in Sacred Scripture and the absolute unwavering compliance of these rules may inevitably lead to further ‘physical’ and psychological harm, compromising psycho-spiritual health, and ultimately, the murderous killing of humans.
  100. Falcon was too preoccupied with Henrietta and the unsettling thoughts he was having about her, to really comprehend what was being said, and Henrietta had just become aware of Falcon’s unwavering stare, and was feeling flustered by the unreadable expression in his eyes as he did so.

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