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    1. Every now and then Lady Killian would ask him a question and his whole world would turn upside down with the sound of her voice

    2. who said that it had been turned upside down by Terry's magical

    3. She wasn’t good at map reading … had never got the hang of how to navigate when, to her mind, the plan was upside down, but she persevered, running her finger along the different lines on the map until she had worked it out

    4. The edge of the blade was covered in blood and Nathaniel could see that an upside down crucifix had been cut into both of the teenager’s chests, the stipes running between their breasts and the patibulum slashed across their lower abdomen

    5. newborn dangled upside down, crying in protest

    6. Thus, „cogito ergo sum," which turns reality upside down, for one must exist before one can think

    7. Frank - she was still finding it unsettling to use his first name after all the years she’d called him Mr Booker - had met with her before he’d taken the girls off to his house in Bathingbourne, a meeting that had turned her world upside down

    8. It came with an orange day glow inner so that the Air Force gunships could see us during a contact or thereafter by wearing it upside down

    9. She had just turned sixty-three the day I was born and her life was turned upside down

    10. upside down and help it breathe

    11. Back at the campsite we put the tent into its official drying-out configuration (that is, upside down), gave it a few hours, and then packed up and pushed on to Devil's Tower National Monument in Wyoming

    12. In front of each seat was a file, with a water glass turned upside down in a clear paper wrapper

    13. Inside the entrance, a man was bent over a bicycle held upside down in a rack specially built for the purpose

    14. He was working on repairs to a hull resting upside down on sawhorses

    15. He did not know what it was that they feared most: the coming battle, the Patriarch, or the sudden realization that the world had come upside down in a single night?

    16. “Nurse Marvin, I aint starving,” Bob said to him after he had stopped head spinning, “I thought I saw white shoes while I was revolving around upside down,” Bob added

    17. “What izzz doing girl?” I said as I reciprocated her body as the two of us made an upside down “V” shape out of our hug

    18. upside the head!” He shook his head, and the whole room was smiling

    19. where the truth had been turned upside down

    20. As I worked more and more of the city into the manuscript, I got the chance to rediscover my home, which was wonderful—there’s so much I don’t know about it! But my personal connections with the place aside, I also found it interesting to turn such a clean and organized place upside down

    21. 9 The Lord preserves the strangers; he relieves the fatherless and widow, but the way of the wicked he turns upside down

    22. 1 See, the Lord makes the Earth empty, and makes it waste, and turns it upside down, and scatters abroad the inhabitants of it

    23. to what I call, Upside

    24. I chased her around the garden pretending to be a ghost who would turn her upside down when she was caught

    25. tion was “those who have turned the world upside down have come here too

    26. was “those who have turned the world upside down have come here too

    27. It was also during this year that family life was turned upside down, when his mother and a few brothers were confirmed to have Tuberculosis

    28. The shark heading up is upside down and has its mouth open, displaying its white, sharp teeth

    29. Revorg then placed the child upside

    30. The Porsche was propped against a nearby building, half upside down

    31. upside in the stock price but remain exposed

    32. be stuck in the thing and it would be flipping upside down and

    33. He strapped me in the examination chair and practically tilted me upside down

    34. I could watch TV, upside down, using a rectangular mirror held between my knees

    35. It made no difference for news programs, but baseball and football upside down look extremely weird

    36. In this upside down

    37. She was also floating in the air almost completely upside down

    38. 29 If therefore that which is sown be not turned upside down and if the place where the evil is sown pass not away then cannot it come that is sown with good

    39. "You mean now, Sir?" he asked in a suddenly plaintive voice from his upside down position behind the screen

    40. His leash was still wound around his dead handler's wrist so that the dog flipped upside down from the momentum of his lunge

    41. Justin turned a table upside down with a crash

    42. On Swann's instructions Manaea and a couple troopers raised one corner of the wagon, while others rotated Brixby upside down

    43. "She didn't clout anyone upside the head, did she?"

    44. lesson home by smacking Charlie Brown upside the head with that book

    45. I had to lie almost upside down for almost

    46. Lifting its strap from his neck and shoulder, he untied the drawstring at the top of the bag and tipped it upside down

    47. The upside of Michael's mental condition is that he was behind bars and in no position to hurt me or my family--I was raised by a chronic paranoid schizophrenic step-mother who tried on numerous occasions to harm or kill me

    48. The story was completely turned upside down

    49. It connected upside his head, knocking Meanie on his ass

    50. Within seconds she was hanging upside

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