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    1. His thumbs dipped below her waistline, teasing

    2. Hands are located somewhere near the competitor’s waistline

    3. My waistline will be 26 inches again! Imagine! Whatever I wish

    4. Of course, no ensemble of mine is complete without the duel Desert Eagle Long Colts secured in my khakis’ waistline

    5. I held the dress looking at it in awe, its high waistline was diamante embellished

    6. The woman dropped a bag to tug at the waistline of her too

    7. His hand, because of the looseness of her tunic under it, moved up and down the side of her waistline

    8. moved up and down the side of her waistline

    9. the waistline of her pants

    10. He dropped his eyes, and she mistook it as a reference to her waistline

    11. Not all fats are bad for your waistline

    12. You steal the key from his waistline and grip the pepper spray in your left hand

    13. "Fuck this," Grimes said pulling out the Smith & Wesson from his back waistline

    14. Lui smiled again and lifted his suit jacket retrieving a small handgun from his pants’ waistline

    15. "This is unacceptable and cannot happen again," Lui said putting the handgun back in the waistline of his slacks

    16. "I got back-up," He went to the back waistline of his jeans and pulled out another handgun a little bit bigger than the one he had in his hands already

    17. At five foot four, and one hundred and twenty-five pounds, she had always maintained her trim waistline

    18. She clutched her small bag in both her hands, holding it just above her waistline

    19. I will have to watch my waistline here in the 34th Century

    20. With negative calorie foods, you really can have "all you can eat" without worrying about the effects on your waistline! If only every buffet would offer

    21. The young man ran inside, returning less than a minute later with a small bearded man with a thick waistline

    22. This gesture could also lead to reducing the amount of food in out refrigerators and freezers, reducing the size of our waistline, reducing waste and reducing our risk of diabetes and other health problems

    23. pain in his back just above his waistline

    24. Reluctantly, she changed back into her own clothes, muttered something to the assistant about the waistline being too high, and left the shop

    25. during those periods can help you to feel satiated without expanding your waistline

    26. Another Lunchtime Meeting that Packs on the Fat: Watching Your Waistline

    27. ripped his soul from its seat at the waistline chakra, and tore it

    28. She stood behind him and placed her hands on his broad laterals, and then slid her palms down his trim muscular waistline to the top of his shorts

    29. hour heals to the cure completely- renewal or seclusion leaves the waistline on line for

    30. They went out until the water reached Ailia’s waistline

    31. It was a maroon velvety dress, with fine drooping sleeves and a silver belt that perfectly accented the waistline area

    32. His hand traveled between my breasts and down my stomach, lightly teasing the waistline of my pants as he leaned down to whisper in my ear

    33. than just losing inches off of the waistline

    34. waistline down and have a happy and healthy life!

    35. Modesty and disquiet compelled her to choose the one-piece over a bikini but it was a striking black number, with a lace effect around the neck and midriff that allowed a veiled glimpse of both cleavage and waistline

    36. The velvet burgundy bodice on the two piece gown was gently scooped at the neckline and evolved into a deep v at the waistline

    37. Paramita felt warned out sitting for hours in her kebaya, especially with the tight canvas long belt they tied around her waist to make her waistline look smaller

    38. ” It was deep apricot in color; the round collared neckline was accented with white lace trim and the high waistline dipped to a ‘V’ at the junction of the pleated belling skirt

    39. ” It was made of pure white satin, overlaid with white lace and luminous seed pearls embroidered in rosette patterns on the heart-shaped bodice, which ended with a flattering V waistline both in the front and back

    40. the round collared neckline was accented with white lace trim and the high waistline dipped to a 'V' at the junction of the pleated belling skirt

    41. The dress was pale green, with a halter neck, an empire waistline and a skirt that flowed to a knee-length hemline

    42. Hands are located somewhere near the competitor’s waistline and elbows are flared out showing the lats

    43. He gasps as she fingers the waistline of his pants

    44. The material parted all the way up to her waistline

    45. He patted his waistline; the hard

    46. Hаndѕ аrе lосаtеd somewhere near thе соmреtіtоr’ѕ waistline аnd elbows аrе flared out showing the lats

    47. In turn, it expands and makes your waistline even bigger

    48. Hit that waistline hard! Keep your weight normal

    49. It must have powerful waistline and crotch straps, a handles on the collar, and preferably be a bright yellow or orange shade for excellent exposure

    50. • Babies (up to 30 pounds) should have a lifesaving vest with a easy-to-open collars, a powerful get/grab loop, and a sturdy plastic zipper and buckle around the waistline

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