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Frasi con warming (in inglese)

1. She was only warming up.
2. On warming it forms foam.
3. As it was warming up, he.
4. The Earth was warming again.
5. They sat warming by the fire.
6. Warming up may sound strange.
7. The high bare warming trees.

8. It was warming and welcoming.
9. I’ve just been warming up.
10. Teri continued warming her hands.
11. I can see we are both warming.
12. Feels likes it warming up a bit.
13. She had a warming smile showing.
14. The next subject was Global Warming.
15. By warming up, it will ensure the.
16. I was definitely warming to George.
17. It went down smooth, warming a bit.
18. Warming of the continents are only a.
19. Not since the coming of global warming.
20. Mandy’s house warming party that’s.
21. The bidding ran on with warming rivalry.
22. She seemed to be warming to his argument.
23. Next to the warming trays, a sign read;.
24. The sound of the furnace fan warming up.
25. Human induced global warming of course.
26. The projected cost to reduce warming by 1.
27. It eluded her that the world was warming.
28. He thanks her for warming his lonely life.
29. Father was warming himself by the woodstove.
30. Economical Furnace for warming houses, 326.
31. Just poison, Global Warming, and Evolution.
32. H, Carol crowed, warming to her subject.
33. Warming bureaucratic hearts out of action.
34. It was warming and she began to feel better.
35. Return to pot, warming and stirring the mix.
36. I started warming up using the punching bag.
37. The sun was warming and the skies were clear.
38. He is warming himself there by the bonfire.
39. Warming her, bringing her back into the light.
40. Continue, she said, warming up to the idea.
41. Global warming requires increasing amounts of.
42. And this readiness is achieved by the warming.
43. There is the loss of life due to global warming.
44. Global warming is now an accepted fact with its.
45. The sun on his skin warming him from inside out.
46. Robin sensed that the company was warming to him.
47. All the energy that could have been warming them.
48. Candle, motion of the melted grease in warming, C.
49. Warming in a cold time, refreshing in the summer.
50. Peter was with them standing and warming himself.
51. Her grip tightened on the metal rung, warming it.
52. He squatted before the gas fire warming his hands.
53. At this moment Nanon appeared with the warming pan.
54. He leaned back, warming his feet and sampled the.
55. Global warming turns Easter daffodils paper brown.
56. Subsequent warming resealed the Rotaflo but blew.
57. In minutes we were warming up by the kitchen stove.
58. Gore's research on the subject of global warming as.
59. As the two Knights were warming themselves beside a.
60. She was warming her body at the fire for consolation.
61. Or maybe it was just the long walk warming her blood.
62. The hypsithermal was a period of warming in which the.
63. She was reminded of a restless prizefighter warming up.
64. He was warming himself to the sun, coming back to life.
65. The weather was warming and on some days they could see.
66. Ice ages and warming periods alternate with one another.
67. The equatorial waters were no longer warming, the ocean.
68. Stood at the window, the day warming already, he took in.
69. What seemed like hours later, he felt a warming sensation.
70. I know this, because I feel it warming, and then opening.
71. A buzzing sound indicated the printer was warming up and.
72. It was clear his tormentor was just warming up his routine.
73. For writers, the opposite of procrastinating is warming up.
74. And despite the sunlight warming his body, he is trembling.
75. Warming Party to celebrate their moving into their new home.
76. Stanislaw could feel tears warming the corners of his eyes.
77. Then follow me closely here, said the man, warming to.
78. Alex smiled as the memories flooded back, his heart warming.
79. There was no snow yet, what with the global warming and all.
80. I stared up at him, my heart warming at the look in his eyes.
81. Burning methane gas will add to the global warming problem.
82. He had been here before as a guest to her flat warming party.
83. John is still skeptical, but obviously warming up to the idea.
84. Global warming and climate change sit at the top of the list.
85. Fred rolled up his sleeves, as the day was quickly warming up.
86. Antoine watched me warming myself with respectful disapproval.
87. Permafrost is a good indicator to the effects of global warming.
88. He and Alice remained in the office warming themselves by the.
89. It is also heart warming to know of all the hard work that has.
90. The water was warming, too, her paddleboard calling to her….
91. He was the foremost spokesman of the dangers of global warming.
92. And, aided by man or not, that warming trend is welcome by many.
93. Global warming suggests the world is leaving its temperate state.
94. For those who think the problem is merely global warming, then.
95. Would you mind warming this up for me in the microwave too?
96. Thats because of global warming, said Jasmine matter-of-.
97. Either way it always drifted in with the warming of the morning.
98. It was the height of the summer-season, the sun warming her skin.
99. On top was an iron pan warming those red eggs that never hatched.
100. Computer projections are the basis of global warming predictions.
1. I warmed at the thought.
2. It warmed me up quickly.
3. Lance warmed to his plan.
4. She warmed to her theme.
5. I warmed to him right away.
6. You warmed up pretty quick.
7. The metal key warmed my hand.
8. Warmed by the memory of the.
9. Death warmed over, he thought.
10. His thin ass warmed from the.
11. Place on warmed serving plates.
12. My heart warmed at the thought.
13. Machines warmed up and a high.
14. I’m just getting warmed up.
15. The fire warmed him immediately.
16. The air had warmed up and Haven.
17. She will be better once warmed up.
18. It warmed a battered, abused soul.
19. That rather warmed him to the task.
20. He quickly warmed up to that topic.
21. The sun warmed the top of her head.
22. Another tech had already warmed it.
23. The autumn sunshine warmed his body.
24. The jug went around and warmed them.
25. Thoughts of Forbes warmed my whole.
26. The two had not warmed to each other.
27. The rush of air warmed her cold limbs.
28. Wall Street never warmed to Integrated.
29. The big gas jets that warmed the air.
30. And warmed the snowbank with our butts.
31. The intense liquid warmed his insides.
32. The Kid sat with weapons warmed up….
33. It warmed my heart to watch her enjoy.
34. The meaty broth warmed bones but could.
35. Stretch when your muscles are warmed up.
36. I seated at the campfires and warmed up.
37. The weather warmed up again for Halloween.
38. March with a look that warmed Jo's heart.
39. They talked, and he warmed to her company.
40. Rudolph warmed at the mention of the name.
41. Matt warmed his hands on the dying fire.
42. A new white sun rose and warmed his blood.
43. Just mentioning her name has warmed me.
44. Before long a roaring fire warmed the room.
45. He warmed it up, and then touched her back.
46. That brute of a lad has warmed me nicely.
47. His body warmed me and I stopped shivering.
48. Everyone laughed, as the atmosphere warmed.
49. His heart warmed to Golenishtchev for this.
50. I liked that she’s warmed up to me a little.
51. The Mandarin said this aloud, his heart warmed.
52. Where once a stout Edwardian family had warmed.
53. A flash of fear warmed my skin, but I put it out.
54. The hot water had warmed her up, but the second.
55. At once, I felt a glow that warmed me from within.
56. The sunshine warmed his tired face, renewing him.
57. Get warmed up and throw a few extra logs on the.
58. The liquid burned her throat and warmed her belly.
59. The weather had warmed, the sun was shining, and.
60. The oil is warmed and then massages into the hair.
61. Dakin’s eyes warmed a trifle out of pride in her.
62. Kay was warmed by a surge of kinship with the man.
63. We warmed up some stew for him while he cleaned up.
64. The heat of the early morning sun warmed her face.
65. If too hard, it must be cut up and slightly warmed.
66. And under her name my lazy fellow was being warmed.
67. It was a smile that warmed him through and through.
68. He put his hand over hers, and his touch warmed her.
69. Yet sleep was long in coming, even after she warmed.
70. Selma shrugged out of her parka as the RV warmed up.
71. They came to the stove and warmed their hands at it.
72. I lay in the dark, breathless, warmed and comforted.
73. I didn't know it, but Pete was just getting warmed up.
74. I think this officially means he’s warmed up to me.
75. It was amazing how quickly the temperature warmed as.
76. They sat in the office and warmed themselves by the.
77. The heat from the cauldron warmed us as we held hands.
78. His awareness that his strength was useless warmed me.
79. The palette of the sky warmed with a gleeful pink hue.
80. The exercise warmed me up but I did not swim for long.
81. When it was put this way, Caleb visibly warmed to the.
82. Ailia’s cheeks warmed from the way he called her his.
83. By the time you have that clunker warmed up I’ll be.
84. He bent over the hearth and warmed himself for a moment.
85. When I first met her, she looked like death warmed over.
86. Tender new gestures that produced a thrill, warmed 90.
87. She smiled, possibly warmed by the fire in the young man.
88. Hush, he said as he warmed the liquid in his hands.
89. It was a weird sensation, but one that warmed me within.
90. It warmed him as he thought briefly of Adorno and Duval.
91. Beside me, Whittier warmed some to the part of instructor.
92. Anne knew she was Roy's favorite sister and warmed to her.
93. They had all been so kind to him, and it warmed his heart.
94. Wade’s heart warmed to a man who appreciated his nephew.
95. My face warmed and I let go of Cliff and then turned around.
96. There was a glass of water, now warmed to room temperature.
97. As usual the blaze raged, lit and warmed me for a few days.
98. Once their bodies warmed the water, they felt less chilled.
99. A peasant was heating the stove which warmed my son's room.
100. They all laughed as the flames warmed their faces and hearts.
1. It warms at his touch.
2. Warms you when you are cold.
3. Bread warms him who eats it.
4. That also warms up the oceans.
5. Mmmm, that warms me up more.
6. The tea vapour warms my cheeks.
7. Feels good and warms your heart.
8. The sun warms its back with a ray.
9. Your confidence in me warms my heart.
10. Warms in the tint, and mellows in the shade.
11. Shines golden, and the brimming water warms.
12. This sight truly warms my heart, Doctor Shelton.
13. My heart warms at how she seems to be enjoying his company.
14. It warms my mouth and my throat and trickles into my stomach.
15. Remember when Myagi rubs his hands together and warms the.
16. As the Earth warms and glaciers melt, more natural disasters.
17. The old woman laughs: a laugh Marie-Laure warms to immediately.
18. When you haven’t disabled the heater, it warms up right away.
19. When Summer warms the hanging fruit and burns the berry brown;.
20. Her icy glare warms considerably, and she takes a step toward him.
21. It lights me, it warms me, it's the soul of my mechanical equipment.
22. In cold weather choose a shallow place where the sun warms the water.
23. It warms all four of my hearts to hear that you sympathize with us.
24. My lady, Daniel is truly enjoying the ride; his enthusiasm warms my heart.
25. Generally, they spawn when the water warms up to around 65 up to 70 degrees.
26. My heart warms as I look at a grinning Zachary, knowing he has no idea what’s coming.
27. Well the extra heat warms up this planet, melts the poles and sinks half of the continents.
28. The town of Narvik is the most northerly on earth, but the Gulf Stream warms it up a bit!.
29. In a pan, add the cooking oil and when it warms up gently, fry the chicken pieces in batches.
30. It warms us that you are willing to accompany us with Fangoz, the stone troll, in our midst.
31. That is half true, besides if it warms their jewellery, then there is no reason to begin a storm.
32. I don’t know what you came in here for, but you don’t fucking know how that warms my heart.
33. I would love to feel the warms of the sun just to clear away the cobwebs that now consume my mind.
34. Why are you here? she says coming forward, magic swirling in the air so much it warms his skin.
35. Even cut vegetation will produce some condensation as it warms up when placed in a large plastic bag.
36. In a pressure cooker, add the cooking oil and when it warms up, add the cumin and the dry red whole chilli.
37. The alcohol warms the spot by attracting a greater blood flow to it, so you get to feel better straight away.
38. In the springtime the surface of the ground warms first, its ice crystals melt and the force is reduced there.
39. It seems that the Duke of Savonne agrees with me, and it warms my heart in a way I never thought anything could.
40. While Sean leans in to give me a peck and a hug, Zachary roars the engine, and my heart warms to its alluring sound.
41. It warms my heart that the brave young men took the initiative, but the truth of it is they aren't going to last long.
42. Has the sun done anything for me? No; he warms me with his rays, and it is by his light that I see you—nothing more.
43. I’ve seen him before in ages past, his soul has an energy that frankly warms my thighs, and our relationship or situation together is and will be unique.
44. My face warms up as I recall what happened the last time we met at this door, but the nerves vanish when I notice a warm smile on his face, similar to Zachary’s.
45. It is customary at most masquerades for the arriving guests to be shy, ill at ease, and sober, and to stand around uneasily for maybe an hour before the party warms up.
46. The last episode of the story, which is intended to be most touching, consists in this, that Julian lies down in the same bed with a leper, whom he warms up with his body.
47. The main sense of all of this is that wherever you are, whomev-er you are with or whatever you do or think, you should always feel this heat, heat that warms not only your body but also your soul.
48. The charm of adventure sweetens that sensation, the glow of pride warms it; but then the throb of fear disturbs it; and fear with me became predominant when half-an-hour elapsed and still I was alone.
49. It goes down south, skirts equatorial Africa, warms its waves in the rays of the Torrid Zone, crosses the Atlantic, reaches Cape São Roque on the coast of Brazil, and forks into two branches, one going to the Caribbean Sea for further saturation with heat particles.
50. There will be simply labour and the necessary conditions of labour,—the sun which warms all, the air which they breathe, water which they drink, land on which they labour, clothes on the body, food in the stomach, stakes, shovels, ploughs, machines with which they work.
51. It is precisely so with the forest,—the hazel-bush warms the tree-boles (cut it down, and the other trees will freeze), the hazel-bush protects from the wind, the seed-bearing trees carry on reproduction, the tall and leafy trees afford shade, and the life of one tree depends on the life of another.
52. If this was true, how could they know which one was literal and which one was figurative? Are they saying literal worms cannot eat a soul that is immaterial, invisible, and has no earthly substance that literal worms can eat, but literal fire can burn this immaterial soul that has no earthly substance that literal warms can eat?
53. I put it in an envelope and locked it in my dressing-case till, unconscious of what was in store for her, she should send me her address; and then, full of the glow that warms the doer of good actions equally with the officious, I put on my bathing things, a decent skirt and cloak over them, got out of the window, and went down the cliff to the beach to bathe.
54. The animal merely makes a bed, which he warms with his body, in a sheltered place; but man, having discovered fire, boxes up some air in a spacious apartment, and warms that, instead of robbing himself, makes that his bed, in which he can move about divested of more cumbrous clothing, maintain a kind of summer in the midst of winter, and by means of windows even admit the light, and with a lamp lengthen out the day.
55. Then they both came down and sat in their places before the window waiting for Grandet, with that cruel anxiety which, according to the individual character, freezes the heart or warms it, shrivels or dilates it, when a scene is feared, a punishment expected,—a feeling so natural that even domestic animals possess it, and whine at the slightest pain of punishment, though they make no outcry when they inadvertently hurt themselves.
56. In spring the sun not only exerts an influence through the increased temperature of the air and earth, but its heat passes through ice a foot or more thick, and is reflected from the bottom in shallow water, and so also warms the water and melts the under side of the ice, at the same time that it is melting it more directly above, making it uneven, and causing the air bubbles which it contains to extend themselves upward and downward until it is completely honeycombed, and at last disappears suddenly in a single spring rain.
57. How could you lie so glaringly, as to affirm I hated the 'poor child'? and invent bugbear stories to terrify her from my door-stones? Catherine Linton (the very name warms me), my bonnie lass, I shall be from home all this week; go and see if I have not spoken truth: do, there's a darling! just imagine your father in my place, and Linton in yours; then think how you would value your careless lover if he refused to stir a step to comfort you, when your father himself entreated him; and don't, from pure stupidity, fall into the same error.

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1. Hot / warm / cold.
2. It was a warm hand.
3. Why was it so warm?
4. It was warm and wet.
5. I mean, he was warm.
6. It was soft and warm.
7. This is just warm up.
8. At least it was warm.
9. It is so warm here.
10. The feel of his warm.
11. Sort of warm and cozy.
12. It was warm out there.
13. And what is this warm.
14. It felt warm and good.
15. It will keep you warm.
16. And warm to the touch.
17. It was a warm evening.
18. He is warm and sincere.
19. Warm and aroused as is.
20. I call it warm calling.
21. It made him feel warm.
22. Warm and safe and full.
23. Her body felt warm now.
24. You feel warm all over.
25. He never used to warm.
26. As the house grows warm.
27. They are warm and send.
28. It’s like a warm fire.
29. They shall be warm and.
30. He was so warm and soft.
31. A warm glow infused her.
32. Inside it was warm and.
33. His eyes were warm and.
34. Leivers in the warm glow.
35. The gun barrel was warm.
36. Vértes is warm and dry.
37. Now there was warm water.
38. Your eyes still feel warm.
39. It was warm and welcoming.
40. Nestled in the warm damp.
41. It was a warm welcoming.
42. It was warm and watered.
43. To be sheltered and warm.
44. One warm, the other cold.
45. It was a warm, sunny day.
46. Her hand was warm and firm.
47. Warm colors are vivid and.
48. It makes one warm playing.
49. It is not warm; it is cold.
50. He’s so warm and caring.
51. Her kiss was soft and warm.
52. The other is cosy and warm.
53. The water was so warm it.
54. She was warm and inviting.
55. It was an unusually warm.
56. His mouth was warm and wet.
57. I placed my warm hand on.
58. Taka gave her a warm smile.
59. About the idle warm lagoon.
60. At least when it’s warm.
61. She felt so warm and good.
62. You're as warm as a toast.
63. With a nice warm shower.
64. In the warm womb of my love.
65. The room was warm and cosy.
66. The sea is much too warm.
67. She reached out with warm.
69. She would be warm at least.
70. It’s warm and sunny here.
71. It was a warm spring night.
72. The water is really warm.
73. His hand was warm and soft.
74. It was a warm, sticky night.
75. Such a warm and forgiving.
76. There, I will keep you warm.
77. It was a warm day and not.
78. Cut into squares while warm.
79. She was just genuinely warm.
80. The room was warm with the.
81. Not hot, mind you, but warm.
82. The cabin feels cherry warm.
83. This one’s warm and fresh.
84. But now the Mustang was warm.
85. Having her warm vital body.
86. It felt good, warm and soft.
87. My cheeks suddenly feel warm.
88. Sue’s feet to warm them up.
89. A warm feeling of happiness.
90. I was warm and that was all.
91. To warm the coldest moments.
92. They were warm from my body.
93. True, it was warm and clean.
94. We can keep each other warm.
95. It was warm and smeled nice.
96. He was so warm and inviting.
97. Her eyes were wide and warm.
98. It was a warm Autumn evening.
99. That you needed to keep warm.
100. The Sun’s warm summer glow.

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