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    1. I still have my warranty for software problems

    2. warranty, but eternal y, like the construction

    3. I knew God would protect Jesus, but these other children were not under the same warranty

    4. The decking normally carries a limited warranty

    5. work and if it was in warranty, we’d have to have it repaired

    6. If he could find a way to propitiate those larger forces, a sort of warranty might be fashioned for him

    7. Other characteristic of this proposal is the warranty that the applied organizational resources won’t be consumed in infrastructures or wasted in the productive process

    8. This warranty happens because the systematics does with that every resource that enters in a process, stops being definitive possession of the organizations that incorporate goods, products and services in its process

    9. With this, products and services have the warranty of the free circulation in the market, without anybody to have the definitive possession or to do stocks improperly

    10. Every deposited value in the Current Account “Personal” is in Virtual Coin “Real” that represents the wealth of goods, products and the excellence of services with warranty of the Price “Real” so that this wealth is not lost in consequence of the law of supply and demand (oscillation of prices)

    11. Therefore, there are warranty of the quality and the certainty of the obtainment of the results for the executioners of the Project, agreed organizations, involved people in the process and mainly for the sponsors

    12. Another aspect is the reliability of the collected and analyzed data, as well as the result of the evaluation because any executed activity under XUSING Project’s dominion has the warranty that its executioners will be qualified to execute its unique task, without there to be crooked deal, job occult or slave

    13. warranty for who offers and payment warranty for

    14. Warranty period, and terms of Warranty support >

    15. Warranty period has to be understood and the plan should cover it

    16. its work with a lifetime warranty, and always

    17. We always gave a two year warranty on materials and labor when working on seats

    18. We never had a warranty claim because we restored seats to original or better

    19. At the time, Ford was losing market share in part because of the warranty introduction by other auto giants

    20. Jim Schroer was in charge of global marketing for Ford while the company was considering changing its warranty program and when the trouble with Firestone tires began

    21. •Guarantee - The manufacturer should be confident enough in the product to offer a full warranty or guarantee on the product

    22. think about warranty at the time of

    23. warranty and after sales service

    24. They are usually offered so that you would have a warranty that extends for more than just a year

    25. In most cases, a warranty for six to twelve months is already enough

    26. guarantee or warranty when you purchase items with your

    27. such an outstanding warranty on their

    28. extended warranty cost close to $700

    29. warranty expires – and you will have to buy another of the same product

    30. makes no warranty whatsoever in connection with the

    31. Three points are good for a pass to Hell’s Hell, along with a solar powered pocket fan (3200 year warranty

    32. The further two for added measure gave her an extended warranty that would see Wolfgang Blauner alias Warwick Brooke playing no further part in her life

    33. She passed him his drink with the guarantee and extended warranty easily dissolved in its sparkling content

    34. She had been in the process of extending the warranty yet again when he had collapsed upon her like a lifeless doll

    35. A description of the warranty should also be

    36. The warranty of Your favor comforts

    37. There is no warranty associated with this book, neither expressed nor implied including but not limited to warranties of merchantability, performance, suitableness or fitness for any particular purpose

    38. ” And the first 30 days is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

    39. There are a few lessons to take from this story: 1) keep track of your receipts, 2) if you are returning something under warranty, don't wait until the last minute, and 3) persistence often pays off when trying to return something

    40. warranty expenses and lower levels of repeat sales and referrals

    41. You can also expect the public not to be on your side; what with horsemeat, difficult warranty claims, product recalls, pricing consistently higher than the internet, and so on, they don’t like you to begin with

    42. warranty), calendars because the pictures

    43. · Paying for the buyer’s home warranty

    44. there? Is it still under warranty?”

    45. “I got it off a dead guy, there is no warranty left

    46. “But the warranty is expired and non

    47. No representation is made or warranty given as to the content and services provided in this eBook guide

    48. No representation is made or warranty given as to the content and services

    49. As we have warranty: her death was doubtful;

    50. "You have no warranty for such an audacious doctrine, nor any covenant to support it," cried David who was deeply tinctured with the subtle distinctions which, in his time, and more especially in his province, had been drawn around the beautiful simplicity of revelation, by endeavoring to penetrate the awful mystery of the divine nature, supplying faith by self-sufficiency, and by consequence, involving those who reasoned from such human dogmas in absurdities and doubt; "your temple is reared on the sands, and the first tempest will wash away its foundation

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