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Frasi con watershed (in inglese)

1. Thus it was in many ways a watershed event.
2. The sunshine, a watershed of light beyond the.
3. I feel we have reached a small watershed, and the.
4. This was a watershed change in direction for the early community of faith.
5. This is what we want to do, a kind of watershed, a point of no return.
6. The following two companies are my favorite choices for watershed investments.
7. We in Canada are wary of talk of bulk water transfers from one watershed basin to.

8. On this watershed he stood shaking, feeling things click and crackle between lives.
9. Bog Walk is a tropical watershed forest, and another attraction is Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.
10. Then along comes the inevitable big rally or watershed decline, and all these people get thrashed.
11. Land that is considered a watershed and has an abundance of water will be the next profitable investment.
12. In Russia, uniquely, there exists hardly any memory of the 1914-18 War, such a watershed for the rest of.
13. He had twenty minutes in a break-out session on watershed management, attended by about forty experts in the field.
14. I believe that the two watershed presidential elections of the twentieth century occurred in 1964 and again in 1972.
15. Nearly half is covered by cornflower-thick forests and streams, and it also lies on the watershed of the Baltic and Black Sea.
16. The watershed of his abode was in an isolated area of the everglades and only visited by a few Indians or an occasional hunter in an airboat or half-track.
17. Kalapoewah—a Penutian tribe (Kalapooian) that lived in the watershed of the Willamette and Umpqua rivers and in the Willamette Valley above the falls, Oregon.
18. Numerous rivers reach the coast on both sides of the central watershed, many of those rising in the highlands of Pahang and Kelantan being absolutely untraced and unnamed.
19. Contributing his energy to safeguarding the watershed began to pale in comparison to revisiting the profound, provocative, exciting and fulfilling adventures he had with his dream guide.
20. He was oppressed with a sense of calamity happening, if it were not calamity already happened; and as he crossed the last watershed and dropped down into the valley toward camp, he proceeded with greater caution.
21. Why this should be so is unclear, but Arianism, the anti-Marian, dual nature of Christ belief, also had been much stronger in the eastern provinces as the apostolic age came to an end before the AD 325 watershed event took place.
22. Thailand does not accept the French-made and Cambodian-peddled map over ''Phra Viharn'' because it contravenes the Franco-Siamese agreement of 1904, which stipulated that the map was to be demarcated along a watershed line separating the two countries.

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