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Frasi con wearable (in inglese)

  1. Still, they were shoes, and wearable by anyone whose feet happened to be that shape.
  2. I wondered whether Alex could recommend a jeweler to make it into a wearable piece of jewelry.
  3. Cameras and camera phones should obviously be forbidden in areas where secrets are kept, but it is very difficult to identify hidden equipment especially now that cameras are starting to appear in wearable devices and have long been able to be incorporated in clothing and accessories.
  4. The offerings along that flank of the concourse were pretty much as they had been in past years, among them: Bingo Palace; Quarter Toss; an air-rifle shooting gallery; Wearable Art, where an artist with an airbrush would paint any image you wanted on a T-shirt; Face It, where you could have your face decorated with water-soluble paints in an almost infinite variety of ways.

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