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Frasi con wearing (in inglese)

  1. Is wearing on the mind.
  2. He was wearing only a.
  3. I was wearing a white.
  4. He was wearing a grey.
  5. He is wearing his Rolex.

  6. He was wearing a pair.
  7. He was wearing a white.
  8. One day he was wearing.
  9. I settled on wearing it.
  10. He was wearing camo and.
  11. I was wearing at the time.
  12. He was wearing a $2,000.
  13. She was wearing a t shirt.
  14. She is still wearing her.
  15. He was still wearing his.

  16. She wasn’t wearing a bra.
  17. She was wearing a yellow.
  18. Benny was wearing a dark.
  19. But this was wearing thin.
  20. They were all wearing gear.
  21. He stopped wearing a watch.
  22. I'd been wearing a purple.
  23. Still wearing his one glove.
  24. MY Patience is wearing down.
  25. She was wearing a loop of.

  26. And a sparrow still wearing.
  27. Ashley was wearing an over.
  28. Billy Graham was wearing out.
  29. Today he was wearing a suit.
  30. He was wearing a city shirt.
  31. They were wearing ski masks.
  32. He should have quit wearing.
  33. The one couple were wearing.
  34. He hated wearing dirty socks.
  35. The heavy nurse was wearing.
  36. I’m still not wearing it.
  37. She is wearing a pink lehnga.
  38. He was wearing clothes that.
  39. She's wearing a chef’s hat.
  40. They were wearing dark blue.
  41. Sammi was wearing a red scarf.
  42. She wasn’t wearing her ring.
  43. The wearing of white garments.
  44. He was wearing leather gloves.
  45. What will you be wearing?
  46. And that he's wearing mittens.
  47. While wearing the robe, yes.
  48. She was wearing this hideous.
  49. It was wearing white clothing.
  50. I bet you’re wearing a wire.
  51. How could we lose wearing.
  52. He was wearing a golden ring.
  53. The Reall couple were wearing.
  54. She was wearing her best dress.
  55. Sue was also wearing matching.
  56. She was wearing her new clothes.
  57. She was not even wearing a hat.
  58. Hester was already wearing one.
  59. A large man wearing a Stetson.
  60. Whose Glasses Are You Wearing?
  61. None of them were wearing the.
  62. They were all wearing suits in.
  63. What are you wearing, anyway?
  64. She was wearing a white cotton.
  65. He was wearing a policeman’s.
  66. She was wearing a dress and an.
  67. She was wearing a black cat suit.
  68. He was wearing a swim suit and.
  69. I just hate wearing this tie.
  70. Try wearing my skin for a while.
  71. She was wearing he cheerleader.
  72. He was wearing cheap aftershave.
  73. Vinny was wearing two pairs of.
  74. This dream is wearing thin on me.
  75. He was still wearing his helmet.
  76. The factory was wearing on Thomas.
  77. He wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.
  78. Waits at the window, wearing the.
  79. A man came in wearing a ski mask.
  80. The one that was wearing it was.
  81. Was she wearing it at the time?
  82. They were monsters wearing hoods.
  83. Just thinking about wearing the.
  84. I can’t go on wearing these.
  85. I've no idea what he was wearing.
  86. Thank god I was wearing sneakers.
  87. He remembered what he was wearing.
  88. He was wearing a stained lab coat.
  89. Neither was wearing a shirt and Mr.
  90. She was fully dressed, wearing a.
  91. I’m not wearing gray anymore.
  92. A couple wearing his and her fur.
  93. Darn it, she was not wearing her.
  94. I noticed he was wearing gloves.
  95. She was wearing his dressing gown.
  96. But you’re not wearing a ring.
  97. When he showed up, he was wearing.
  98. Surprisingly, Corey was wearing a.
  99. James and Neil were wearing tight.
  100. The benefits of wearing high heels.
  1. Was by the Son worn.
  2. We are quite worn out.
  3. I had worn a blue T-.
  4. He shoved a worn red.
  5. The main gates are worn.
  6. Your boots are worn out.
  7. A worn path crossed here.
  8. I see the cover is worn.
  9. A worn dirt road emerged.
  10. But she is worn to nothing.
  11. She looked so old, so worn.
  12. Tom should have worn spores.
  13. I am worn out with watching.
  14. My heart was heavy and worn.
  15. When our father died, worn.
  16. Or even worn a bathing suit.
  17. When I was really worn out.
  18. There was a small worn path.
  19. In Denmark's crown have worn.
  20. She hadn’t worn it before.
  21. The girls looked rather worn.
  22. One that was humble and worn.
  23. Relief Jon had worn a condom.
  24. Worn it since I started high.
  25. She could see it was well worn.
  26. The entrance had a long, worn.
  27. Worn and unhandsome as he had.
  28. The shirts are worn as armor.
  29. It was late, everyone worn out.
  30. The gold had worn off the back.
  31. Earring: A jewel worn in the ear.
  32. Worn out by anxious watching, Mr.
  33. His main car had worn out, and.
  34. Time and use had worn away the.
  35. I should have worn something.
  36. And its being worn really is an.
  37. All the others were worn and old.
  38. He felt puffy, worn out and bald.
  39. I should have worn a yellow star.
  40. It and I have worn away together.
  41. Such a pity you have not worn it.
  42. A well worn path slithered away.
  43. Everything I have is worn out.
  44. Three years had not worn its way.
  45. He felt broken, worn out and used.
  46. Weary and worn, the Heavenly King.
  47. It had been worn in the South Seas.
  48. And so it is that he is old, worn.
  49. The truth is the only garment worn.
  50. I had worn a white underwear with.
  51. But she had never worn the trinket.
  52. To me, it just looked old and worn.
  53. That is worn tenderly on the heart.
  54. It matched that worn by Guinevere.
  55. The edges of its grooves were worn.
  56. I wished I had worn my oiled cloak.
  57. She had a very worn deck of cards.
  58. You shouldn’t have worn a suit.
  59. He trod the worn steps, pushed the.
  60. He wore an old, worn sleeveless T-.
  61. It was an old voice, gravelly, worn.
  62. Her dresses were simple, worn only.
  63. He has quite worn the life out of me.
  64. The chandelier was very old and worn.
  65. Similar to the one I had worn before.
  66. Even her boots were odd and worn out.
  67. I’m worn out, that‘s the trouble.
  68. They must and shall be worn together.
  69. Worn out–Misused, over used, ruined.
  70. He was pale and utterly worn out and.
  71. Body tender, he was mentally worn out.
  72. I had never worn and would never wear.
  73. He looked as if he‘d been worn out.
  74. It was bound in leather, old and worn.
  75. She was glad she hadn’t worn a mask.
  76. It was Prussian blue and worn with age.
  77. Uar’s patience had worn thin and he.
  78. The magic of being young had worn off.
  79. His worn sandals were made of ox hide.
  80. My patience has been worn thin, Esyth.
  81. That would really have worn you out.
  82. It is the bright red that was worn by.
  83. The exterior of the building was worn.
  84. She had never worn such a thing before.
  85. She had worn a long maroon skirt and a.
  86. Her emotions were worn out, into shreds.
  87. I took the worn old bible, found in my.
  88. He was dressed in the most worn shabby.
  89. Hey, you! an old worn voice hissed.
  90. She wished she hadn’t worn her beige.
  91. He could also see the ruts worn in the.
  92. I never bothered with this as I was worn.
  93. This is another jacket worn by the devil.
  94. Yours are worn three inches deeper than.
  95. When he returned from work he was worn out.
  96. Davidson dug needfully under her worn bra.
  97. As in, they had been worn by little girls.
  98. She was so worn out after her day at work.
  99. The carpets were practically worn through.
  100. He should have worn the horns on his head.
  1. He wears a pink suit.
  2. It wears off as they.
  3. Often He wears a dark.
  4. She wears a smug smile.
  5. Upon his head he wears.
  6. No one wears ski masks.
  7. He even wears shorts and.
  8. Yes, and it wears you out.
  9. She wears a sleeveless shirt.
  10. She wears a red robe and a.
  11. Wears shoes of plaited bast.
  12. He wears white tie and tails.
  13. His horse wears the royal crest.
  14. The Spaniard usually wears his.
  15. But still the face wears a smile.
  16. Sometimes, the assailant wears a.
  17. Frequent change wears a person out.
  18. He wears his blonde hair shoulder.
  19. Her cap of tulle still ever wears:.
  20. He always wears long sleeved shirts.
  21. She wears a backpack and starts to.
  22. The death of one, Who wears the mask.
  23. That’s the shirts maintenance wears.
  24. These are the clothes my faction wears.
  25. He sometimes wears his pants inside out.
  26. Audrey wears her black Victoria’s.
  27. He only wears long sleeves and overalls.
  28. John’s wife wears a bathrobe and hair.
  29. Ok no one around here wears ski masks.
  30. He wears a coat that’s too big for him.
  31. She wears a loose beige full-body dress.
  32. He is tall, thin, and wears a dark suit.
  33. And Genius, led by Study, wears the crown.
  34. The pain he still wears, you see it’s.
  35. I see that by the slave collar he wears.
  36. She wears green too and her hands are soft.
  37. He wears his same old black-framed glasses.
  38. I loved that she never wears make-up a lot.
  39. To him who wears the strong offence's cross.
  40. Eg the old machine wears out, new quality.
  41. My mother, I see, wears the same smile I do.
  42. The fever wears down the body and then it.
  43. The light and careless livery that it wears.
  44. I didn‘t even know she owns or wears them.
  45. She wears a white button-up not completely.
  46. This ski-boy wears silk-scarf while skiing.
  47. Eh! One only wears out one's tongue with you.
  48. White guy, wears a police cap and big shades.
  49. Rico wears a suit and tie, and an eager smile.
  50. I care only about the blue armband she wears.
  51. I’ll show you as the after-lunch wears on.
  52. And I bet he wears a tatty black suit?
  53. She wears bifocals that make her eyes bug out.
  54. The Master Morya, however, generally wears a.
  55. She’s never without it and wears it around.
  56. Until the drug wears off I become another man.
  57. She wears pink scrub pants and a worn sweater.
  58. Even the greatest love eventually wears out.
  59. Sad is that man’s plight who wears the name.
  60. It grants many powers to the one that wears it.
  61. She has one she wears with blue jeans a lot.
  62. It is as if a complete stranger wears her skin.
  63. He repeated, Tell the man who wears a cowboy.
  64. Nobody here wears a name badge, said Delmage.
  65. And he wears the gray clothes of the Abnegation.
  66. Who wears sunglasses in the middle of November?
  67. But, she wears a very comforting smile this time.
  68. The black outfit he wears matches his gloomy face.
  69. He wears blue gym shorts, no shoes, and no shirt.
  70. She wears a purple dress with brown robe on her.
  71. The man driving wears a hat, a beard, and a smile.
  72. And that a lack of sex wears your soul down.
  73. And then I daresay this sort of thing wears off.
  74. He wears a battered silk hat sideways on his head.
  75. He wears dark velvet hose and silverbuckled pumps.
  76. She has braided her hair and always wears glasses.
  78. A thin guy that wears bulky clothes? he asked.
  79. The bearer of our cares, the scars we gave He wears.
  80. Tuesday wears on slower than I would like, of course.
  81. Her mind wears no barriers to turn against the idea.
  82. And wears tweed suits and brogans, with a man's hat.
  83. He wears a dark suit, polka-dot tie, and white shirt.
  84. During weekends most Expats wears shorts and sandals.
  85. He wears wonderful and many-coloured robes and jewels.
  86. The Matriarch only wears Isin's productions you know.
  87. His pants are pressed and he wears a heavy wool coat.
  88. The jester wears a hat band that is obviously way too.
  89. He wears TRUTH as a garment! And GLORY is His vesture!.
  90. The question stuns me, as does the expression he wears.
  91. The headdress it wears is teal and gold and beautiful.
  92. I pick the horses by the color silks the jockey wears.
  93. She wears a coat in Amity red, dusted with snowflakes.
  94. She wears jeans that flatter her behind and wide hips.
  95. Sure you can, when the ice we pour on you wears off.
  96. He knows, because he sees the necklace she still wears.
  97. Thatcher wears her graying hair swept up in a high wave.
  98. She wears a pencil skirt and glares at a white foam cup.
  99. The very same that Scott and the rest of the team wears.
  100. And wears man's smudge and shares man's smell: the soil.
  1. He wore a pair of.
  2. He wore a gold chain.
  3. He wore a black suit.
  4. I wore a gold chain.
  5. He wore no body armor.
  6. She wore a linen mask.
  7. He wore his hair in a.
  8. She wore a modest but.
  9. She wore a blue mini-.
  10. The stress wore on him.
  11. He wore a ring on his.
  12. It’s all wore out now.
  13. The thick walls wore a.
  14. They wore red to treat.
  15. It’s what my mom wore.
  16. His hands, that wore a.
  17. On each pinky he wore a.
  18. Then the novelty wore off.
  19. Jinkai Podo wore dark red.
  20. She wore a lot of makeup.
  21. They both wore side arms.
  22. He had a beard and wore.
  23. The "blessed day" wore on.
  24. She wore a red and white.
  25. He wore a dingy tee-shirt.
  26. He wore a hat and glasses.
  27. He wore full battle armor.
  28. Her grief wore itself out.
  29. He wore no shoes or socks.
  30. I wore and got a new look.
  31. She wore a pair of tight.
  32. She wore it until she died.
  33. Thomas wore a dress shirt.
  34. She wore a black veil.
  35. Joe wore a naval overcoat.
  36. She sat up and wore her top.
  37. He only wore finer clothes.
  38. He wore a charming summer.
  39. He wore a tall pointed cap.
  40. Look how she’s wore down.
  41. He also wore black loafers.
  42. She wore trainers, I think.
  43. She never wore it that way.
  44. Sue wore some sensible but.
  45. He also wore a long golden.
  46. They wore no clothes at all.
  47. My mother wore her best sari.
  48. He wore a uniform that was.
  49. He wore a clean summer suit.
  50. She wore a severe business.
  51. No one wore civilian clothes.
  52. She wore a wine-red slawar.
  53. Marius wore crape on his hat.
  54. The Martians wore no clothing.
  55. He wore a powder blue turban.
  56. She still wore Emory’s ring.
  57. He wore a half-sleeve white.
  58. His father wore trousers of.
  59. The short afternoon wore away.
  60. As usual, he wore his shades.
  61. She wore a puzzled expression.
  62. They carried rifles and wore.
  63. The man in the middle wore a.
  64. Eke wore a blue Hawaiian shirt.
  65. She wore her hair up and was.
  66. He wore an air of desperation.
  67. She wore a simple sleeveless.
  68. This was what they wore when.
  69. He wore a suit, shirt and tie.
  70. She wore it on her belt; she.
  71. The green tones he wore were.
  72. But at least she wore dresses.
  73. Nor her perfume, she wore none.
  74. He wore no costume and no mask.
  75. Both wore mouth and ear pieces.
  76. I wore it, she said to herself.
  77. As his confusion wore off, it.
  78. Muirhead wore a grey tracksuit.
  79. No wonder he wore long sleeves.
  80. He wore his hose beneath still.
  81. This one wore his cuffs rolled.
  82. He wore a hat and a brown suit.
  83. They were those who wore white.
  84. They wore caps decorated with.
  85. I wore simple but neat clothes.
  86. They wore what they could find.
  87. I asked my mother what she wore.
  88. He wore old running shoes, no.
  89. Ish stood up and wore his shirt.
  90. He wore his white funeral dress.
  91. Jade wore many furs and a sword.
  92. His face wore a contorted smile.
  93. He wore the insignia of a Major.
  94. He wore his fancy dinner jacket.
  95. He wore his hair loose and long.
  96. New York, all the boys wore them.
  97. She wore a bra and nothing else.
  98. She wore a shirt on top of her.
  99. She wore a blue skirt and blouse.
  100. Only half the Dragons wore armor.

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1. I need to wear it.
2. When to wear a tie.
3. POTION X to wear off.
4. Wear a cap at night.
5. I had to wear a brace.
6. Let the shock wear off.
7. You should wear a bell.
8. No need to wear it up.
9. Nothing I wear can be.
10. He has nothing to wear.
11. She had nothing to wear.
12. Youll need to wear it.
13. You can wear it a while.
14. She had wanted to wear.
15. I can wear nothing else.
16. Wear this dress, and I.
17. Wear a belt that’s new.
18. I tended to wear cotton.
19. She had little to wear.
20. It began to wear on him.
21. Wear a sunhat in the sun.
22. When to wear black suits.
23. She didn't have to wear.
24. I can wear my red outfit.
25. I hope you didn’t wear.
26. To wear out the obsession.
27. I didn’t wear a suit.
28. Wear old or tired clothes.
29. That wear our lives away?
30. The day began to wear away.
31. Going to wear his ass out.
32. He continued to wear the.
33. Wear yer gray jersey then.
34. Chapter 10: What To Wear?
35. I haven't a thing to wear.
36. They too wear animal skins.
37. These pots we have to wear.
38. Wear this, don’t wear that.
39. But at least I wear the hook.
41. What are you going to wear?
42. Hours wear out and fall away.
43. She’d never wear it again.
44. And had to wear his sister's.
45. She’d never let me wear it.
46. Dressed in all my Sunday wear.
47. But wear this now in memory.
48. In any case the judges wear.
49. The ghost warriors wear war.
50. Wear blinders if you have to.
51. None of them wear eyeglasses.
52. The ones that he loved to wear.
53. I wear a lift on one shoe, a.
54. At first we had to wear suits.
55. She has little else to wear.
56. And she had nothing to wear!.
57. Murdo, was a nightmare to wear.
58. Wear your bathers all the day.
59. Depends what you wear with it.
60. You don't wear any jewelry.
61. You should wear what you want.
62. She dared not wear them again.
63. Wear face mask and mix slowly.
64. Weeds of Athens he doth wear:.
65. They wear the team’s jerseys.
66. He had forgotten to wear shoes.
67. And they never wear bras.
68. They wear spacesuits and masks.
69. She loves to wear Sweater and.
70. I wear the color of your blood.
71. Wear it while relaxing in the.
72. You wear your suit of death.
73. He wants to wear the green one.
74. He suggested I wear a crucifix.
75. The ring you wear on your hand.
76. I have to wear it as punishment.
77. This is why golfers wear gloves.
78. It also begins to wear on her.
79. You should see what people wear.
80. Phantoms do not wear round hats.
81. Only if you want to wear them.
82. Leon can wear whatever he likes.
83. I was proud to wear the uniform.
84. So he had to wear his sister’s.
85. They wear the same size clothes.
86. I am proud that you wear my ring.
87. To wear it as the coat of armor.
88. He does wear his sox to bed.
89. He said the Greeks did not wear.
90. You did not wear spectacles then.
91. When do the planes wear out?
92. Most Arctic Fox wear a white coat.
93. It does not wear a tailored suit.
94. When they wear out their welcome.
95. She could probably still wear it.
96. Refuse to wear the mask yourself.
97. Choosing the best colors to wear.
98. Wear the darkest clothes you own.
99. I have some clothes you can wear.
100. You should wear a suit more often.