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Frasi con weighty (in inglese)

1. And now a weighty question.
2. Life is weighty beneath the sea.
3. She was almost a little weighty.
4. There was a weighty pause as he went.
5. All around was a weighty, eerie silence.
6. It is a weighty thing you are about to do.
7. This is a weighty problem, no pun intended.

8. Heaviness washed over him, a weighty gloom.
9. The law was a vast, weighty institution, which.
10. The Truth had a slight build but a weighty presence.
11. But observe his prayer, and learn a weighty lesson.
12. The smell came out, as it were, weighty with welcome.
13. Turn heads wisely to cleanse robes of dark and weighty.
14. He felt a weighty arm around his bare shoulder, but drew away in.
15. Then the Israelites planned a weighty plot against our Master Jesus.
16. Scouring the ground around him, he caught sight of a weighty stone.
17. How tempted I was to drop the weighty books on his head as repayment.
18. His handsome face had turned yellow with the strain of weighty cares.
19. He was more weighty, there was something about him that was distinctive.
20. This was weighty stuff and far more than a church secretary could handle.
21. I have here very disturbing - very weighty new information on this alien.
22. His hand had grown so weighty that it was as much as he could do to lift it.
23. Of course there was Evver, but I couldn’t add to her already weighty burden.
24. He drew up to his full height hugging the large, weighty sack close to his chest.
25. Sprague, the rugged and weighty, was, as every one had foreseen, an adherent of Mr.
26. Tannon frowned, her face a grave imitation of an adult considering a weighty problem.
27. The stone is heavy, and the sand weighty; but a fool's wrath is heavier than them both.
28. Koskinen and Kinnard stood by the platform, lifting off a weighty corrugated-paper box.
29. Then he asked for pen and paper and wrote a document of weighty consequences to himself.
30. It was known, by all present, to be the brave precursor of a weighty and important judgment.
31. I stumbled back and bumped into a weighty man, with fine hair brushed over his balding head.
32. As for people of Paradise, the Almighty revealed their state at that weighty position saying:.
33. As for the people of Paradise, the Almighty revealed their state in that weighty position, saying:.
34. The Almighty wanted to remind this group of that weighty day when they shall stand between His hands.
35. She is a weighty actress corporeally, if not artistically, and poor Mercy Merrick fared rather badly.
36. Before they had reached Bagration, the weighty tread of the mass of men marching in step could be heard.
37. Here was a weighty subject which, if she could but lay hold of it, would certainly keep her mind steady.
38. Before they had reached Bagratión, the weighty tread of the mass of men marching in step could be heard.
39. The Almighty Al'lah has revealed weighty words to His messenger that refute the falseness wherever it be.
40. As Laurence Hadford was sliding face up off the subway bench, Hudson relieved him of the weighty envelope.
41. I had discover’d how weighty and awesome a Responsibility ’tis to mother rather than to be mother’d.
42. It was Sebastian‘s turn to leave a weighty silence that went on so long Achilles felt obliged to break it.
43. Therefore God first mentioned them then He turned to warn us of that Weighty Day when we will be resurrected.
44. Pushing his weighty body from her legs, she slipped from beneath him – and free from his pain full lovemaking.
45. For his letters, say they, are weighty and powerful; but his bodily presence is weak, and his speech contemptible.
46. But, as I have attempted to show, weighty evidence can be opposed to the admission of great and abrupt modifications.
47. They were sermons weighty, according to the season, either with practical advice or with wrathful expositions of duty.
48. At the question: Should they go abroad? the doctor plunged into deep meditation, as though resolving a weighty problem.
49. The kitchen clock dropped the seconds into the weighty stillness, each moment drawing out into minutes - hours, it seemed.
50. Causative karma (weighty karma that operates at the time or moment of death, and determines the circumstances of rebirth).
51. Thus this Verse asks: ((Did We not release you from this weighty burden when We acquainted you with the way of invitation?)).
52. He found him completely surrounded; all were eager to speak to him, as is always the case with those whose words are few and weighty.
53. An instant later he was startled to hear something land with a soft but weighty thud on the floor of the chamber he had just quitted.
54. Nor should he hesitate to condemn the popular and espouse the unpopular when reasons sufficiently weighty and convincing are at hand.
55. His audience twilight, watching the first fireflies of the season moving magically through the dusk, had weighty matters on their minds.
56. Walt Rostow, who bore the weighty title of Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, sat on the couch facing them.
57. David Hume, Robert Burns, Walter Scott and Adam Smith are a few of the famous Scots that left a weighty legacy to our Western civilization.
58. The lives of the Fachee maintain the weighty sense of purpose that comes with dedication to a cause, while their occasional victories help.
59. The most weighty testimony for making the Lenaea an independent festival, even in historic times, is given by Proclus in a scholium to Hesiod.
60. If they were as small as the hoofs of the horse, his legs would not be able to bear his weighty body and so he would stumble and fall on ground.
61. The archer who delivered the barb was tall, for the arrow was long and weighty, indicating the man had an arm to match it in length and strength.
62. Sergyéy Petróvich seemed to be afraid lest his father's conversation should not be weighty enough, corresponding to the attention of the hearer.
63. Nevertheless, achieving this weighty circumstance, that is the sky’s sundering and its separation from the earth, is too easy and simple for God.
64. ONE of the reasons why Tom's mind had drifted away from its secret troubles was, that it had found a new and weighty matter to interest itself about.
65. That part of the subject (I reminded her) involved matters which could form no part of my explanation, for they were the weighty secrets of another.
66. For this reason, they find strange at the state of the unbelievers who wonder and deny the weighty demonstration this noble Prophet informed them of.
67. Thus charged with the weighty Matter of my Salvation as well as her own, she had near worn out her Knees with Praying since she came into my Service.
68. Still more, for the ample fins, I here saw but a few disordered joints; and in place of the weighty and majestic, but boneless flukes, an utter blank!.
69. Though Hassan was the scion of a rich family and being rich was a very weighty qualification for a prospective husband, Hassan was, unfortunately, a Moslem.
70. You could have heard a pin drop while the whole court-room, the whole of Puddleby in fact, waited with craning necks and straining ears to hear the weighty words.
71. It was an illuminated book, with beautiful Gothic characters, and so weighty with gold, that a servant always carried it before the cardinal on days of great solemnity.
72. The objections which have been brought against a standing army, and they are many and weighty, and deserve to prevail, may also at last be brought against a standing government.
73. A great table was set---a weighty, hulking piece---arrayed with all manner of steaming platters and bowls, bottles and carafes, bounteous platefuls and chalices kept mostly full.
74. Many books and translations were dedicated to her by her proteges, and a few of these talented individuals had published some of their own letters to her, upon very weighty subjects.
75. He may yet find himself in the enviable position of Europe's arbitrator, NATO's most weighty member, a bridge between Central Asia, the Caucasus, North Korea and China - and the USA.
76. Levin tried through her to get a solution of the weighty enigma her husband presented to his mind; but he had not complete freedom of ideas, because he was in an agony of embarrassment.
77. You well know how these leaders bind heavy burdens on your shoulders, burdens grievous to bear, and that they will not lift as much as one finger to help you bear these weighty burdens.
78. If there is no weighty karma, then the mind states generated by the performance or remembrance of wholesome or unwholesome actions in the last moments before dying will condition rebirth.
79. If we try to bring a fresh and critical viewpoint to bear upon this subject, we shall find that weighty objections may be leveled against the accepted dividend policy of American corporations.
80. But as soon as he started to yield to such a weighty feeling of defeat and entertain the notion of simply spurring back to the east, he remembered the Breton woman’s smile and her laughter -.
81. Thus the knocker indicates that call which the far spirits shall be disturbed from and the hearts inattentive of God shall tremble for on that weighty Day when the fate shall be determined.
82. But all this, of course, would have been perfectly ordinary had there been no other and more weighty reasons to disturb the equanimity of Andrey Antonovitch, who had till then been in good spirits.
83. In addition to throwing or reproductive karma (also known as weighty karma), there are three other kinds of karma that can operate at the time or moment of death: proximate, habitual, or random karma.
84. Carrying so large and weighty an amount of coin on your person might not be sensible, especially in the jewellers’ district, where footpads and cutpurses often prey upon the innocent and unsuspecting.
85. The weighty silence lasted several seconds before the Pastor said, There is nothing, absolutely nothing, more important for us to do right now than take time to reflect on our relationship with our creator.
86. She chattered away merrily, laughed at his weighty jokes and his more or less pointless stories, and even forgot to be angry when for one brief, fleeting instant his massive hand closed over her slim, aristocratic one.
87. If there is neither weighty nor proximate karma operating, then rebirth is determined by the karma of one's habitual patterns, that which one has done over and over again, which comes naturally to the mind in the dying moment.
88. Paul's weighty but neglected statement, before the Areopagus at Athens—when, standing in the very capital of paganism, the centre of the traditions of the heathen world, he surveys the past, and contrasts it with the present.
89. Against these considerations, weighty in themselves, your committee felt themselves constrained to decide, influenced by existing circumstances of a character too imperious to be resisted: these I will enumerate before I sit down.
90. The advent of a modern Eve in the masculine paradise (?) established at the Convent of San Bruno is fraught with weighty consequences, not only to the individual members of the brotherhood, but to the well-being of the community itself.
91. But how did so clumsy and weighty a mass as that same hook get fixed in that hole? It was inserted there by my particular friend Queequeg, whose duty it was, as harpooneer, to descend upon the monster's back for the special purpose referred to.
92. Be that as it may, it was Moses’ concern for the Musalmans – the congregational prayer is a weighty thing, and thy people are weak - and his advice to Muhammad to bring some sense to that which saved the day for them all for all times to come.
93. Indeed, the Messenger’s worry and sorrow for creatures were so great so that they overburdened him and tired out his back, so, this verse denotes: have We not released you from this weighty burden when We acquainted you with the way of indication?
94. This is a sample of my conversation with Brosy, weighty on my part with solid truths, while our supper was being prepared and while Charlotte answered his mother's questions as to where she had been, where she had met me, how we were related, and who my husband was.
95. Whether Catherine had spent her tears, or whether the grief were too weighty to let them flow, she sat there dry-eyed till the sun rose: she sat till noon, and would still have remained brooding over that deathbed, but I insisted on her coming away and taking some repose.
96. Whether Catherine had spent her tears, or whether the grief were too weighty to let them flow, she sat there dry-eyed till the sun rose; she sat till noon, and would still have remained brooding over that deathbed, but I insisted on her coming away and taking some repose.
97. So in God's eyes, the weighty matters are: justice, treating the cause of the hurting and broken, and working to minister to it and help them; mercy, showing loving kindness to people who are broken and in need; and faith, believing for the power of God to move, and to work.
98. A man singled out by his fellow-citizens for the honourable nickname of El Rey de Sulaco could not but receive a full recognition from an imperial democracy as a great captain of industry and a person of weighty counsel, whose popular designation would be soon replaced by a more solid title.
99. And yet, Belinda, as you know, the Child was indeed his! (And the Child was you!) Yet the Conception had occurr’d at Lymeworth, not London; at the Eden of my Childhood Home, not the Hades of the Hell-Fire Caves! Nor would I have ly’d to any Man concerning such a weighty Matter as his Paternity.
100. Sergey Ivanovitch listened attentively, asked him questions, and, roused by a new listener, he talked fluently, uttered a few keen and weighty observations, respectfully appreciated by the young doctor, and was soon in that eager frame of mind his brother knew so well, which always, with him, followed a brilliant and eager conversation.

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